Top 5 GST Books for Mango Man in 2024


GST or the goods and services tax is a government initiative, applied to both goods and services. GST brings all the indirect taxes under one umbrella, thereby abolishing the cascading effect of multiple taxes. In addition, this type of tax system helps in eradicating any fraudulent business transactions. Therefore, each one of us needs to have an idea about GST. Read this blog to know about the top 5 GST books for mango man in 2024. The list of books mentioned below is a great choice for laymen to understand the benefits of GST easily. 

Best GST books for mango man: 

1. GST in a Nutshell: Henry Harvin

This book explores different aspects of GST such as laws and regulations. In short, it is an introduction to GST; therefore, it is one of the best books for laymen. “GST in a nutshell” provides a detailed explanation of the tax laws, rules, and regulations in India and other countries trying to build their economies. In addition, the book essentially concentrates on the fundamentals of GST and the way it affects our economy. Positive as well as negative aspects of this tax system are explored in this book. If you are new to the concept of goods and services taxes, then this book is for you. “GST in a nutshell” is one of the best GST books for mango man. 

Henry Harvin is an ed-tech company initiated in 2013 to provide training and advisory services to students and organisations. Since its founding, it has seen magnificent growth and now has a portfolio of more than 800 course programs in 27 categories. Among many other best courses, GST courses are one of their finest. They have 3 different course programs on GST, namely GST practitioner course training, GST plus course, and professional certification program on GST. 

This book can be found in-

2. GST for the laymen:

Author:  Apeksha Solanki

This book helps you understand how GST impacts your daily life. This book is for everyone interested to know about the new tax system. It covers all the aspects of GST; hence, everyone, from a homemaker to a student or an entrepreneur has a lot to learn from this book. “ GST for the laymen” explains the fundamentals of the GST law interactively and simply. Also, it addresses the effect of GST on everyday situations, businesses, and basic issues one faces in everyday life. In addition, this book provides tips that will help you make wise decisions and help with fundamental GST compliance. Hence, it is one of the best GST books for mango man. 

3. GST explained for common man:

Author: Sumit Dutt Majumder

GST in India impacts the life of a common man. Therefore, this book primarily explains the critical issues and concepts of GST in a storytelling format. Most importantly, it addresses concepts like Input Tax credit, supply, and IGST for inter-state trade. Furthermore, it explains subjects like composition levy, reverse, and charge mechanisms along with the business processes like registration, return-filing etc. Besides learning about manufacturing, services, and trading one can also learn about GST application issues in areas like education, healthcare, tourism, etc. To make you understand better, the book also includes an FAQ section along with the narration. This is among the best GST books for a mango man as it is a treasure of the author’s rich experiences. Therefore, if you are a beginner among the GST officers, consultants or students, then this book is exclusively for you. 

4. Goods and services tax (eleventh revised and updated edition):

  1. Author: Dr. H.C. Mehrotra, Prof. V.P. Agarwal

This is a comprehensive textbook on GST that covers amendments in GST made by the Finance Act 2022 and the Finance Act 2023. In addition, it includes important notifications issued by the central board of indirect taxes and customs up to June 30, 2023. Most importantly, this book incorporates complex GST laws presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Also, the topics that are included in the syllabus of various universities are included in this book. To add to the perfection, the authors have also included MCQs that would make the learning engaging. Above all each chapter provides suitable examples, wherever required along with solved illustrations. Therefore, this is one of the best GST books for mango man. 

5. Goods and Services Tax I & II Fundamentals of GST:

  1. Author: Shivakumar Basavaneppa Upavasi

This book is exclusively written to throw light on the subject of GST one nation and one tax. GST related to various sectors like medical, education, hotels, government, real estate and many others are covered in this book. Fundamentals of GST are explained along with problems. Therefore, this book is useful for students, the common man who pays taxes as well as consultants. Hence, it is one of the best GST books for mango man.

Significance of Goods and Services Tax on Indian Economy:

Lately, there have been enormous amounts of debates on whether the impacts of GST on the Indian economy are positive or negative. The main aim of introducing GST was to simplify the tax system in India. GST has brought multiple indirect taxes under one single tax, thereby; making it easier for a lot of businesses. However, not everything was peaches and cream when GST was first introduced. Quite a few businesses had a problem adjusting to the new system. Nonetheless, let’s look at the bright side of GST’s impact on the overall Indian economy. 

Importance of GST:

  • Primarily, replacing multiple taxes with a single tax has streamlined the tax system in India; thereby, decreasing the complexity. 
  • Thanks to the GST’s technology-driven processes like online registration, online return filing, and e-bills, they have increased tax compliance. 
  • In addition, bringing all the indirect taxes under one roof has also propelled the economic growth of our country. To be precise, simplifying the tax code, and eliminating interstate restrictions and entrance tax at the state borders have significantly improved efficiency and decreased logistics. 
  • Most importantly, the introduction of GST controlled the cascading effect of multiple taxes. With GST, the tax burden is reduced, for both consumers and businesses. 
  • Besides encouraging businesses to enter a formal tax system, GST decreased tax evasion and increased tax collection. 

To sum up, reading GST books can help you gain in-depth knowledge about this tax system. Today, there are plenty of GST books for mango man to help you understand the basics of GST. 


Whether you are a student, businessman, or a tax consultant, it is essential to know the fundamentals of GST. In fact, even the common man must be aware of the tax system in India. Luckily, there are plenty of books available in the market to help us guide through the tax system. The aforementioned GST books for Mango Man are exclusively designed in an easy-to-understand manner to help you with the basics of GST. Choose the one that you like to learn about GST and its impact on our economy. 

1. What is GST?

Ans. GST or Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax applied on the goods and services used by the consumers.

2. Why was GST introduced?

Ans.  The main aim of GST is to bring all the indirect taxes under one roof in order to reduce tax compliance, control the cascading effect of indirect taxes and promote the country’s economy.

3. Which is one of the best GST books for a mango man?

ans. lthough, there are plenty of books available on GST, “ GST in a nutshell” by Henry Harvin is one of the finest books to the best of my knowledge. Along with fundamentals on GST, the book also covers laws, rules and regulations in India. 


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