Henry Harvin Vs Simplilearn Six Sigma Course Reviews (Leaked)


Henry Harvin is one of the best Six Sigma Course providers in India. The closest competition of Henry Harvin in this field is Simplilearn. In this article, I will be taking you through the detailed comparative account of both the institutes and reach a conclusion as to why Henry Harvin is the more preferable choice.

Six Sigma provides tools and techniques to reduce wastage and improve the capability of business processes. Initially, six sigma was used in manufacturing organizations. In recent scenarios due to its utility, it is being adopted in almost all industries and services. In simple terms, we can say it is a quality control mechanism to optimize output and reduce wastage.

In today’s scenario, it has become an industry requirement an and the professional practising six sigma has to accredit certifications. There are different levels of certification awarded as per the qualification. ( yellow belt, green belt, and black belt.)  

With the start of six sigma in 1986 in a manufacturing company, it has undergone many improvements. It is now associated with financial analyst and project management, It works on the philosophy that all the industrial processes can be measured and has a scope of optimization.

A method is devised for six sigma known as DMAIC – define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. By the use of this approach, the various process of business improvement is optimized. 

Six Sigma Certification

It is not a mandatory requirement for jobs but it is recommended to have one. Just like an added advantage. A certification is a means that you possess the skills required for the job. It endorses the skills of six sigma.

A certification from a renowned institute always helps. It comprises options for better projects, better Trainers, better internships, and better jobs. There is no standard curriculum for six sigma, The standard is set by the institutes and it provides a certain level of exposure to its students. A fee is charged for six sigma certification. Nowadays proper there is a proper format for the six sigma course. There are various modes to provide six sigma certification with some require successful completion of exams and some require successful completion of projects and some also require both.

Many institutes are offering six sigma certification as now certified six sigma professionals are preferred. With the growing need for six sigma professionals, it has become the first screening tool for the job position. Six Sigma certification can be obtained from any of the recognized institutes. In this article, we are going to discuss the two leading institutes providing six sigma certification. Henry Harvin and Simplilearn. A comparative analysis to highlight the positives and negatives of both institutes is presented.

Henry Harvin Vs Simplilearn Six sigma Course Reviews

# Fees:

Henry Harvin: At Henry Harvin the course fees are inexpensive. Professional certification of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training costs Rs.17500 and the course starts every week. There is enough time for you to decide and get enrolled in the program. The weekly frequency of the program reflects how successful the course is.

Simplilearn:– The fees of Simplilearn Lean Six Sigma Expert is a bit less than Henry Harvin It is Rs.11000 and Rs.8000. The course is in three structures – self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, and corporate training the course starts every fortnight and you can register for the course. There is only 2 batch per month for the lean six sigma course. And the examination fees are charged separately for undertaking the exam to get the certification. In case you do not clear the exam a re-examination fee isis charged as well.

 We can observe that the course fees of Henry Harvin are slightly high than Simplilearn and also that the frequency, of course, is weekly. The course delivery and the curriculum at Henry Harvin include all the practical aspects of Industry The certification fee is included in Henry Harvin’s course.

# Duration:

Henry Harvin:  At Henry Harvin, the course is 28 hours of the live class and it imparts 360 degrees of training, there is a facility for worthy projects and well-supervised internships. The regular Bootcamps and e-learning access provide an update to the students on the regular basis. The 28 hour includes interactive sessions. The training and projects are done post-classroom training. The course is designed in the alignment of IASSC BOK.

Simplilearn:-  With 56 hours of applied learning the course includes 4 simulation test papers and 4 real-life projects. The course is self-paced learning, online Bootcamp, and corporate training it is designed by industry experts. The course offers a package kind of deal wherein there is a basic course – self-paced learning and medium version online Bootcamp and advance version corporate training. 

# Faculty or Trainers:

Henry Harvin: Has the finest trainers they are industry experts with years of experience. They are carefully selected and are acknowledged by different organizations. The 28 hours of the instructor-led classroom is an interactive class where students have every chance to clear their doubts.

Simplilearn:- The faculty at Simplilearn is also experienced but since the course is a self-paced course the doubt sessions are held to take further clarification. 

# Relationship manager, a designated person sorting all the queries related to the course is very considerate: At Henry Harvin, the relationship manager is appointed and it provides 24X7 support At Simplilearn 24X7 assistance is provided. 

Henry Harvin: Henry Harvin is very caring for its students, at the start of the inquiry of the course it appoints a relationship manager. The relationship manager guides the students throughout the course. From enrollment to job assistance solving all the queries and doubts regarding the course. Having a separate relationship manager helps you to connect informally.

Simplilearn: A 24X7 assistance is provided where you can discuss all the queries and get guidance regarding the course. A toll-free number is provided for their helpdesk to provide any kind of help needed. It is a formal kind of relationship.

# Job Asistance:

Henry Harvin:  100% job assistance is provided and guaranteed internship is also provided to the students. Apart from the course Henry Harvin provides complimentary modules of soft skill development and resumes writing along with mock interview sessions to infuse confidence in the students, At Henry Harvin’s focus being on the course curriculum, soft skills are also treated with great importance. 

Simplilearn:- on various portals I have not found anything related to job assistance through the site mentions high-paying jobs. There is no such description of assistance to a high-paying job. 

# Practical training-

Henry Harvin:  The objective of Henry Harvin is to bridge the gap between academics and industry requirements. The result of training here is the practical aspect and how to implement the theoretical concepts learned in the training. At Henry Harvin, the course makes you ready for the industry so that you don’t feel new to the job.

At Simplilearn the course is a professional certification course including academics and projects as a part of the curriculum. The course is based on applied learning. There are 2 types of certification exams enrolled by Simplilearn-  Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (IASSC) certification and Simplilearn’s Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (ASQ ).

The fees for both the certification is charged separately and both the certifications are independent third party certifications.

# Course content The course content of Henry Harvin and Simplilearn is very similar both are based on the DMAIC process.

Henry Harvin’s curriculum includes a bit extra as compared to Simplilearn The basics of six sigma are explained in a more precise manner. The tools and techniques used, The curriculum is designed based on IASSC BOK as this is followed globally. The tools and techniques are taught academically and later its implementation through projects and internships.

At Simplilearn, the course content includes DMAIC and six sigma introduction. It is almost the same but a little less than Henry Harvin. As an extra module, it has added lean maturity benefit, a 22-minute module to provide the basic knowledge.

# Added benefits:

Henry Harvin provides access to 35 PDUs(  Professional Development Units) it is a one-hour block of time that you spend learning, teaching others, or volunteering. There are 12 projects over 12 months, the course is based on 100% practical training. 1-year gold membership that includes live projects recorded videos job support interview skill enhancement eLearning access all for 1 year.

Simplilearn The course is focused on its curriculum and imparts  4 projects and an academic curriculum including tools and techniques.

# The objective of the institute-  Every institute has a purpose, a line of action which it follows.

Henry Harvin:  The objective of Henry Harvin is to bridge the gap between the industry requirements and academic qualifications. It adopts the  Popular GCAO Pedagogy and focuses on Experiential Learning. The Edutech has a clear aim to impart an empirical aspect of the industry requirement.

Simplilearn has a motto “Get Certified, Get Ahead with Our Programs”. The edutech is based on providing certifications through their programs and getting ahead in their career.

# Certification:

Henry Harvin is Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institute and  Based on the IASSC BOK course curriculum Henry Harvin provides a Certificate of CSSE-GB from Henry Harvin®. 

Simplilearn: it arranges Simplilearn Six Sigma Green Belt (IASSC) certification and Simplilearn’s Certified Six Sigma Green Belt (ASQ ). For certification the enrollment is done at IASSC and ASQ, The fees for both the certification is charged separately and both the certifications are independent third party certifications.

IASSC certification is knowledge-based certification and needs you to clear the exam it is a third-party certification and ASQ requires confirmation in the form of affidavit for completion of certification coordination of these agencies are required for enrollment and completion of the exams.


I can say is Henry Harvin has an advantage over Simplilearn. By referring to the various aspects you will find Henry Harvin better than any other institute. Henry Harvin has an edge over other institutes all because of its effort to stand out and cater to the students in an effective manner. The certification at Simplilearn is a third-party certification for which the institutes charge separately for attempting the exams. Henry Harvin conducts in-house exams ( no extra fees is charged) and provides certification for the same.

Most of the curriculum that is there in the course remains the same. however, the extra that Henry Harvin provides is no match. The trained faculty that deliver the course and the internship opportunity are the finest.  The relationship manager is always there to help you even after the course completion the mentor and trainers that you can always rely upon. The objective of this edutech has made its existence very clear it is for the students to guide and to help through their career. Many a time some aspirants are not clear on their career needs. Henry Harvin is a platform that provides career guidance and certifications to shape your career. #ASK Henry is a platform launched by them specifically to provide career guidance and counseling

In the present scenario, the certification has become a necessity as it endorses you to poses a skill and shapes your career.

I can only say that Henry Harvin values their students and is willing to go the extra mile, A relationship with it is a relationship for a lifetime.

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