Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Noida: 2023 (Exposed)


    Preface to Content Writing

    Content writing is a fast-growing industry in the digital world. Free-lancer, Content writers are the fantastic best jobs of the vital world. The content writers, the content writing careers has a high demand with infinite opportunities. Many companies hire good content writers who deliver quality products. The quality of the content is most important for the upgrades.  

    Digital writers learn many types of content. Modern content writers need technical writing, creative writing, research writing SEO writing, e-book writing, white papers. To get a great privilege, the writers have to implant the techniques, tips, tricks, tools, strategies, and best practices in their content.

    Pandemic had created the big platform for a trending career opportunity, Content Writing. since content writing is a part of digital marketing, paved the established path to interact with people through websites. The content writing course is for the students and the businessman, housewives, and all.

     Fine, this blog /article will help you to find the right choice of content writing courses in Noida. I have listed out the top 10 institutions in Noida

     we come to the details of the Top 10 content writing course in Noida.

    1.Henry Harvin‘s Writing Academy

    The best writing academy in Noida is the Henry Harvin’sCDCW course. Henry Harvin education is one of the pioneers in proclaiming professional and technical certifications in India. They make educated more skilled. They were ranked 1as a Best corporate training platform awardee. Their certified courses add value to the portfolios of working professionals and students.

    Salient features of Henry Harvin’s CDCW course

    Henry Harvin CDCWcourse ranks top #5 in 2021 by India Today. By learning 30 + content types, the participant can transfer themselves into a content strategist. By enrolling in Henry Harvin,s writing academy, we can avail exclusive benefits like 1-year gold membership, E-learning access, Boot camp session, internship, and job opportunities.

    Fee structure 

    The participant who enrolls in Henry Harvin’swriting academy can get a live online classroom with a fee of INR15,000. They have partnered with financing companies to provide finance options at an o% interest rate. The hallmark ofCDCW. next to the name is testimony to the ability to create content on digital platforms.The trainers of the CDCW course are highly skilled.

    Henry Harvin’s writing academy’s curriculum

    Henry  Harvin’s writing academy content writing course curriculum is well designed with 12 modules. The students will learn 30 + content types, SEO Tools, Language skills, Internet skills, Business and Marketing writing, content strategy, technical writing, research writing, academic writing. The participants are able to create their website They can build the essential language skills with an effective content strategy.

    Other courses of HenryHarvin’s writing academy.

    • Postgraduate program in content writing
    • Postgraduate program in technical writing
    • Copywriting course
    • Creative writing course
    • Articulate storyline 360 course
    • Art of Negotiation course

    Keep in touch with Henry Harvin education at

    IND: +91 90 152 66266   | US: +1-4086207686 | [email protected]

    2.Information Developers Foundation 

    Information developers foundation is an academy, that provides all types of writing courses. With the course in IDF, we have the benefit of getting an IDFcertification.The writer can become a member and they can join the users’ groups and forums.IDF provides guest blog platforms. The article submitted by writers gets featured on that platform. One of the best content writing courses in Noida is Information developers foundation.

    The salient features of IDF

    • The main courses at IDF are a Master’s in technical writing and a Master’s in content writing.
    • IDF offers a master’s content writing course at INR 9,999.
    • The contents development lifecycle
    •  Finally, content distribution and marketing.
    • These are the syllabus of content writing courses in IDF.

    We can reach the Information Developers foundation @

    .Eco Tower, plot no.A14,

    7th-floor sector 125

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh.201301

    Ph; 7840841999

    3. Skills Upgrader

    Skills upgrader, is the industry-recognized learning path for content writers who have the thirst to achieve their career goals. It is a consultancy and counseling company. They are proud to features all the important tools and knowledge which content writers need to excel in today’s dynamic field.They were committed to core values like innovative learning, customer delight, open Q&Aplatform

    Salient features of skills upgrader content writing course

    • The content writing course is credible and interactive.
    • It is live online classroom training of 4 weeks.
    • It has 16+ hours of classes and 70+ hours of practical assignments
    • It provides lifetime support.
    • Portfolio development for freelance/jobs is the highlight of the skills upgrades content writing course.
    • It offers 3 months of content writing Internship with placement support and freelance writing opportunities.
    • After completing the course, the participant can grab content writing certification and prepare themselves for content marketing certification from Hubspot

    The curriculum of skills upgraders content writing course

     The curriculum is very interactive with 14 modules

    It is highly updated.

    It also incorporates everything that is needed to become a professionally qualified content writer.

    The fee structure of the course

    The course fee for live online classes is INR 6,999+18%GST

    To get started with skills upgrader

    The participants can connect with a career counselor or they can join a demo class or they enroll in the skills upgrades content writing course.

    Feel free to connect

    [email protected]


    4.Digital Edge Institute

    One of the digital marketing institute in Noida is the Digital edge institute. It offers a content marketing training course.DEI courses enable the students to improve their skills.

    They have trained more than 10,000students across the country. It provides quality training and resources.DEI offers one of the best content writing courses in Noida.DEI offers digital marketing courses, programming courses, and content marketing courses. Participants were able to understand their writing skills. And also able to understand the content strategy.

    The salient feature of the Digital Edge Institue Content writing course.

    • The content marketing certification training program of DEI is for 2 months.
    • It has a training of 20 +hours.
    • The trainers of the DEI were highly talented and trained from google and bing certified.
    • DEI training course provides an excellent learning environment, training on live projects, and placements assistance.
    • Personality development and mock interview preparation were provided in DEI training programming.

    DEI course curriculum

    • Introduction of google Adwords
    • Understanding advertising goals
    • Bidding strategy
    • Search advertising module
    • Mobile advertising module
    • Keyword planning for paid marketing
    • Campaign designing
    • Campaign optimization 
    • Conversion optimization
    • There are 33 modules to learn from the DEI course

    DEI Certification

    1. Google Analytics certification
    2. Bing certification
    3. Hubspot inbound certification
    4. Semrush certification
    5. Ad words fundamental 

    For quick contact to digital edge institute

    406,4 the floor, Sector 62,

    Noida 201309.

    info@ digitaledgeinstitute. Com


    Digital edge Institutes are one of the most reputed, in Noida. They empower for personal and professional growth of the participants.

    5. ETC

    Education and career times (ETC) is the only training organization recognized by India’s government. The participants can join ETC courses to learn theory and work on live projects. ETC offers content writing courses, digital marketing courses, communication skills, and personality development courses.ECT course offers an internship opportunity.

    Salient features of ECT content writing course

     ECT content writing course is 3 months duration.

    It is 32 hours of class training or live training.

    50 hours of e-learning and videos.

    It offers the opportunity to work on 7 different assignments.

    ECT’s course includes 100% placement assistance with lifetime support.

    Work from home opportunities.

    Curriculum ofECT

    Introduction to content writing 

    Improving the vocabulary

    Master the art of storytelling

    Understanding business writing skills and technical writing skills.

    How to monetize writing skills.


    ECT’s content writing certification is globally recognized. The ECT organization is recognized by the government of India.

    Fee structure

    The content writing course fee is INR15,000 at ECT.

    Quick contact ;




    Nest soft is one of the leading training institutes in Noida. Nestsoft teaches people how to create content and help them to improve their skills and enhance their career.

    The content writing strategy of Nestsoft

    The foremost strategy of Nestsoft is identifying the goal and analyzing it. Then creating enormous ideas and collecting them. The collected ideas were structured for squeezing in sequence. last but not least making it error-free and in proper grammar.

    Nest soft is introducing training sessions for content writing. It is a very useful course for marketing managers, literature students, and those who want to pursue careers in content writing.

    Nestsoft content writing curriculum

    This course provides vi modules like essentials of writing, before you write, write right after you write, publishing project work, career development for writers Nestsoft offers flexible timing,100% placement assistance. The certificate will be provided for the completion of the content writing course.

    Get in touch with Nestsoft

    Phone; 9895490866


    7.Training class

    Training class provides professional certification training courses. It also provides corporate training with job orientation.

    The training class is one of the leading digital solutions. The training class offers one of the best content writing courses in Noida.

    They provide training in digital marketing, analytics, non-IT, IT, and graphic designing.

     Salient features of training class’s content writing course

    Content writing course in training class provides practical and theoretical learning. The aspiring candidates learn the complexity of content writing with the help of trainers who were industry experts.

    The participants get a certificate upon course completion.

    The training class offers interview assistance and placement support. They even guide them on freelancing.

    Get in touch with the Training class at 

    H-91,Sector 63,

    Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301

    Phone -8744830253

    8.IQUOR solutions

    Iquor solutions is a digital marketing agency. It provides service and solutions for business to business, business to customers

    Iquor solutions is an encyclopedia for web designing, application management, networking solutions, SEO services.

    Iquorbsolutions offers training in web designing courses, graphic designing courses, digital marketing courses, content writing courses, and open source training.

    The salient features of a content writing course at Iquor solutions

    Iquor solutions content writing course covers the features of article writing, technical writing, news writing proofreading, editing, and much more.

    Iquor solutions can reach out at

    B-108, office number -2, ground floor,

    B-BLOCK road, sector 63, Noida ,uttar pradesh -201301

    Ph; 88-0050-0739.

    The, leading digital marketing training institute, career darshan education private Ltd is Digital payout. since 2008 the students were trained by  Digital to payout. The institute thinks that conveys the knowledge through courses which is innovative and interesting.

    The institute provides corporate training and in-class training. The faculty members are well experienced in the industry with Google certified. They enroll a limited number of students in each batch to deliver their best.

    Digital Payout offers courses for Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and video marketing. and also a course on content marketing.

    Digital Payout also offers one of the best content writing courses in Noida, since it is in the field of digital marketing training.

     The process of creating and distributing original content is  focused on the content marketing course

    Digital Payoutprovides a certified course in content marketing.

    The institute focuses on building the writing skills of the participants. It develops technical skills. the trainers of the institute are experts from the industry. It encourages creative skills. It helps to improve the research skills of the participants.

    Digital Payoutprovides a demo class for the content marketing course.

    Digital Payout is at:

    301 JOP Plaza

    Sector-18, Noida-201301

    Phone: 92121-44112

    10. IIDE

    Indian Institute of Digital Education is India’s premiers school for digital marketing. It is considered one of the country.s best Digital Marketing institutes. They trained more than 60,000 students. They provide online classes, offline classes

    They offer digital marketing programs

    1. MBA level Digital marketing course. The  11 months. is the duration of the course.
    2. Online Digital marketing course. The  3 months is the duration of the course.

    They also offer short-term certification courses

    1.SEO course online

    2.Social media marketing course online

    3.Learn Google Analytics course online word press course

    5.copywriting course online

    6.EMail marketing course online E-Commerce course

    8.Content marketing course online

    They offer digital marketing courses across the world.

    The salient features of the IIDE online digital marketing course

    • Live online sessions
    • 1 on1 mentoring
    • 70+ hours of the live class
    • 40+hours of videos
    • 20+industry tools mastery 
    • 100% placement assistance

    The fee structure  and the duration of the course 

    The course fee is INR 67,795+taxes

    EMI options starting at INR12,499

    The duration of the course is 3 months /12 hrs a week.


    Introduction to digital marketing

    Website planning and 

    E-commerce development

    Search marketing


    Creating marketing content

    Campaign planning

    Organic social media marketing

    Online short-term certification course for learners who wish to master specific digital marketing skills. They offer each module per course. The duration of the course is 1 week. Fees start from INR 6,500. Their short-term certification is open to all aspiring learners. Graduates, working professionals from all backgrounds who are all looking for career growth opportunities.

    Certification IIDE certification is highly valued. Along with the IIDE certificate, the learners will receive a Google certificate. They can increase the chance of getting high pay jobs

     Let us get some of the highlighting aspects of content writing, content writing tools, and content writing career.

    Content writing, How does it work?

    When we speak of content writing people often think of writing an article. In web pages, content is an important term. It is a piece of information. There are different types of content formats such as writing blog posts, scripts for videos, podcast titles, Email newsletters, social media posts, white papers, web page copy, landing page, and even youtube descriptions.

    Content writing is all about planning, writing, and editing web content, especially for digital marketing purposes. Twitter and Reddit are some of the special platforms.

    The marketer’s main goal is to reach a target audience through well-crafted messages. The business professional was likely to hire professional writing content. It is important to produce high-quality content. And also it is most important to turn site visitors into satisfied customers.

    Content writers: what do they do?

    Indeed content writer has a lot more to do. The content writer needs to have a good understanding of their product content writing,” the expression of ideas in the form of writing”.The content writer’s primary job is to develop content in such a way that it reaches a huge audience and influences to take an action or make a call or just for the information or the sake of knowledge.

    The primary task of the content writer

    SEO or searching engine optimization is a very im[portant practice for content writers. The companies prefer the professionals with the latest skill of SEO practices to work. The professional has to make their content rank higher on search engines. Their content must be visible to all the people who are searching about that certain particular topic. Indeed, this is why the brands require professional content bring more reach. All aspiring content writers must have this skill. The success of the content is measured by its reach to the people.

    Effective content writing

    • The content writer has to write about demand-driven topics.
    • The incredible skill of the writer is to keep their readers engaged.
    • The writer should write unique and original content. This means the words should not bean mere copies from other websites.
    • The content writer has to maintain a catchy post title with keywords. And this is the first thing that readers see before they read the post. It applies an H1 heading tag for SEO optimized theme.
    • Interlinking is a good way to convey the audience and it is good for SEO.

    Content Matters

    Some writers can create engaging content. Some others can create SEO friendly. The impotence of engaging content and SEO-friendly content begins with researchers.

    1.The various keywords of the search query, are entered into a search engine.

    2.A search query has high-rank content and the SEO has strengthened through keywords.

    3Meta description creates the impression with the attractive title.

    4.Then, the most valuable asset of the writers is their content, it engages the audience.

    The quality of the great content writers

    • The profound and magnified researchers know the quality and credibility of their work. The great content creators are great at research.
    • Good content creators serve the reader. The best writer understands their reader and they satisfy their need.
    • Great content creators make their content clear and simple.
    • Great content creators are ferocious readers.
    • The ideas are important as well as interesting for good writing.
    • The organization of ideas should be logical and effective.
    • The writer’s personality is expressed through words which are known as voice.
    • The writers should choose the fluency of sentences to express their articles effectively.

    Best SEO writing tools

    SEO is to enhance writing skills. It is the process of increasing the visibility of a website.SEO is used to boost overall website traffic. The writer’s nitty-gritty is to increase their viewership and produce their digital writing success.

    As an SEO writer. the content rank higher on a search engine, They can use the best SEO writing methods. using the search engine optimization tools, they can brush up on their keyword density and writing skills. 

    Here are some of the best SEO writing tools for optimized online content 

    • Google keyword planner
    • Woo rank
    • Plagiarism checker
    • Semrush
    • Keyword density checker
    • Grammarly
    • Social animal
    • Read-able
    • Linkody
    • Topic
    • contenteum
    • Heming way app
    • Yoast SEO
    • Copy scape
    • Co schedule headline analyzers

    With the help of these best SEO writing tools, the writers can easily take their writing to the next level. They can improve the readability of their content and strengthen their keyword.

     Career Opportunities for a Content Writer in 2021

    Today, in the web medium, there are plenty of career opportunities for content writers. Content is the main source of online forums. The online avenue has become all-pervasive.

    Here are some of the top dynamic careers of content writing which can be extremely rewarded.

    • SEO writing
    • Social media writers
    • Blog writer
    • News writing
    • Copywriting
    • Technical writing
    • Academic writing
    • Scriptwriting
    • Freelance writing
    • Corporate communication writing

    Wrapping Up

    Noida, the city has become the hub for internet marketing. The flourishing industry is content writing. The city has the best content writing course in India. The content writing course in Noida has been very fruitful for aspiring learners to boost their careers. Content is one of the parameters in every business. Since the growth of the business relies on online business.

    Content writing, the name is very closely related to Henry Harvin Education. I recommend the Henry Harvin content writing course. they offer online and offline classes. It is an excellent institution for curious learners. Henry Harvin has successfully trained more than 5000 professionals via its content writing courses. The students with quality skills training and with expert trainers pave the path for a great career as content writing professionals. Henry Harvin, the best content writing Institute in India has come up with a pioneering content writing course online.

    Henry Harvin understands the progressive content, the high demand for online content writing jobs. They provide a content writing course online to all aspirant learners with full learning resources and valuable certifications. The participants by becoming certified authors can make a way to the professional level and in addition to that, they can grow with their business.


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