Top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses Bangalore in 2023

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Learning new things is the most ideal approach to scale up abilities. It can assist an individual with acquiring information and give experiences into business necessities. So, the Six Sigma Certification course in Bangalore can help to give another point of view towards the business environment, requirements, measures, and goals.

Six Sigma Course and Six Sigma Certification

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma refers to all the methods needed in management to improves the flow, quality, and efficiency of the business processes.
It also centers around improving the business culture like internal environment, employee inspiration, cooperation, and correspondence between various branches of the company.
The fundamental aim of Six Sigma is to diminish the defects, flaws, roadblocks that are available in the business environment preventing the business to arrive at its definite goal.

  • Improves Quality of administrations or products
  • Business processes
  • Makes Business Environment better for Employees
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Achievement of Business Goals

What is a Six Sigma Certification Course?

Six Sigma Certification course In Bangalore is a course that gives business experiences to working experts in a corporate world to improve the business cycles and upgrade the efficiency of the business.
This course gives an alternate point of view to the experts about the work process of the business and helps them to think out of the box to decrease varieties in the business systems and processes to accomplish business goals.
There are different Six Sigma courses like White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. The degree of difficulty of the courses increases as one goes higher in the progression of Six Sigma Courses.

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What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma Certification In Bangalore is a certification that assists in giving an edge to the working experts belonging to any field to get positions in their dream organizations. This certification is accomplished exclusively after the effective finishing of Six Sigma Examination directed after the completion of Six Sigma Course.

Top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin Management Academy

Henry Harvin gives both classroom and web-based training for Six Sigma courses. The course is conveyed by Industry specialists who have specialization in Lean Six Sigma Certification in Bangalore and give helpful experience to the candidates who apply for this course.

Duration of the course:  Live Online Training will be provided for 20 hrs.  An online assessment is led after 15 days of training to test the information, exercises learned after the completion of the course. A certificate is granted dependent on the performance in the Examination.

Cost of the course: Rs. 15,000/-


  • Evaluation and Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze 
  • Improve 
  • Control
Features of  Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Course:
  • Ranked Number 1 via Training 360
  • Complete 100% Practical Training
  • Gain experience of 12 Projects
  • 1- Year Membership of Management Academy
  • IASSC Book of Knowledge
  • Trusted by 70+ Corporates and 160+ Colleges

2. ExcelR 

The Six Sigma Certification Course provided by ExcelR is a Live Virtual Training program. It is given to people and corporate representatives by ExcelR. Training for Lean six sigma certification is given by experienced and industrial specialists in ExcelR.

This Lean Six Sigma course In Bangalore includes lean and six sigma ideas that mean to diminish waste and decrease varieties in business respectively.

The competitors who enroll in this course will get a  Six Sigma certification from TUV-SUV board from Germany after finishing Six Sigma Course Examination. 

Duration of the course: 2 days

Cost of the Course– Rs.26,000 + 18% Tax

Discounted Price- Rs.16,000/- Incl Tax.


  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Enterprise-Wide deployment
  • Organizational Process Management and Measures
  • Team Management
  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Design for Six sigma Frameworks and Methodologies

Features of the Six Sigma Course:

  • E-Learning
  • Industry Expert Trainers
  • Peer Support
  • Tailored Course Curriculum
  • Mixed Training Model
  • Post Training Support

3. ASQ

ASQ is the American Society for Quality which gives Green Belt Six Sigma Certification and Black Belt Six Sigma certification. The Six Sigma course is planned by specialists who have the theoretical aptitude and practical involvement in Quality, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement. ASQ gives both Classroom Training and Virtual Training.

Duration of the course:

  • Green Belt Six Sigma Course: 8 Days
  • Black Belt Six Sigma Course: 15 Days

Cost of the course:

1. ASQ Members:

  • Green Belt Six Sigma Course: Rs.30,800/-
  • Black Belt Six Sigma Course: Rs.56,000/-

2. Non- ASQ members:

  • Green Belt  Six Sigma Course: Rs. 32,550/-
  • Black Belt Six Sigma Course: Rs. 59,500/-


Green Belt Six Sigma Course:

  • Organization-Wide Planning and Deployment
  • Six Sigma–Define
  • Six Sigma–Measure
  • Six Sigma–Analyze
  • Six Sigma- Improve

Black Belt Six Sigma Course:

  • Organization-Wide Planning and Deployment 
  • Organizational Process Management and Measures 
  • Team Management 
  • Define 
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Framework and Methodologies

Features of the Course

  • ASQ certification which is a sign of excellence all around the world can be accomplished with the assistance of this Six Sigma Course.
  • DMAIC technique is utilized for critical-thinking and doing improvement in your work areas for improving processes and expanding performance.
  • Statistical ideas are for constant and advancement improvements.
  • Advanced career and lift an organization’s primary concern through mastery of value improvement skills.

4. Skilllogic

Skill logic is a European Company that gives Six Sigma Certification that is perceived by International Bodies like ASQ in America and TUV in Germany.  The schedule of the Six Sigma course is lined up with ASQ.

Training given by Skill Logic gives a magnificent useful experience in regard to Quality Management and Improvement. Skill Logic gives Green Belt and Black Belt Six Sigma Course through Virtual and Classroom Training.

Duration of the course: 5 days for Online Learning, 2 Days full-time classroom.

Cost of the courses:

  • Cost of Live Classroom Six Sigma Course: Rs. 16,000/-
  • Cost of Online Six Sigma Course: Rs. 13,000/-
  • Cost of Self-Learning Six Sigma Course: Rs. 11,900/-


  • Six Sigma Introduction
  • DMAIC Framework
  • Define- Concepts, Tools, and Techniques
  • Measure-Concepts, Tools, and Techniques
  • Analyze-Concepts, Tools, and Techniques
  • Improve-Concepts, Tools, and Techniques
  • Control- Concepts, Tools, and Techniques
  • Six Sigma Case Study


  • Globally Accredited Course- TUV from Germany
  • 16 long hours of PDU certificate
  • Industry Best Trainers- Case Study based training approach
  • Price Includes all: All training and certification fee
  • Mixed Learning Model
  • Case Study Approach

5. iCert Global

iCert Global gives a Green Belt Six Sigma Certification Training in Bangalore. This course gives three full stimulation tests for the effective completion of the principle assessment in the Green Belt Six Sigma Examination to get Green Belt Six Sigma Certification.

Six Sigma certification encourages the candidate to stand out from different experts and makes the candidate capable enough to improve the nature of business services.

Duration of the course: Access for 180 Days

Cost of the course: Rs.4,500/-


  • Overview: Six Sigma and the Organization
  • Six Sigma: Define
  • Six Sigma: Measure
  • Six Sigma: Analyze
  • Six Sigma: Improve and Control

Features of the course:

  • Intense classroom training
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  •  24 PDUs Offered
  •  Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Exam Fee Included
  •  2 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt simulation exams
  •  3 months Online Exam Simulator for test preparation
  •  Quizzes towards the End of the Chapters
  •  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Test papers
  •  Real-World Examples
  •  Industry based Case Studies

6. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut’s Six Sigma course is a thorough course that gives in-depth information about Six Sigma methodologies and objectives.

It will assist the candidate in acquiring information about the nature of the items and services, quality improvement, and execution of quality improvement processes. Green Belt Six Sigma Certification test covers all the themes of the Green Belt Six Sigma course In Bangalore.

Duration of the course: 6 days

Cost of the Course: Rs.16,000/-

Discounted Price: Rs.13,000/-


  • The Basics of Six Sigma
  • The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
  • Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • The Lean Enterprise
  • Process Definition
  • Six Sigma Statistics
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Process Capability
  • Patterns of Variation
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data
  • Hypothesis Testing with Non-Normal Data
  • Simple Linear Regression 
  • Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Lean Controls
  • Statistics Process Control
  • Six Sigma Control Plans

Features of the course:

  • Complete Intense training for IASSC Certified Green Belt (ICGB) test
  • Continuous 3 days training conveyed by Qualified Experts as well as E-learning
  • Exam planning support and assistance
  • Attain competence to contribute to organizational accomplishment by applying the Six Sigma philosophy
  • Provision of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification through PEOPLECERT
  • KnowledgeHut is an Accredited Training Organization of PEOPLECERT
  • Free admittance to Lean Six Sigma Green Belt e-Learning for 180 days
  • E-learning Access to 100+ courses for free

7. Invensis Learning

Invensis Learning gives a top-notch Green Belt Six Sigma Course which is directed by Quality mentors having Quality management experience. This course is helpful for those individuals who are looking forward to gaining knowledge of different strategies of Six Sigma. Invensis Learning gives both Virtual training and Classroom Training.

Duration of the course: 8hrs each day, Availability on weekends, Schedule is 4 Days.

Cost of the Course: Rs, 38,500/-

Cost for Early Birds: Rs-34,500/-


  • Six Sigma ideas, usage, and objectives
  • DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement, and Control) methodology
  • Predicting, preventing, and controlling deformities in a process
  • Elements of waste
  • Variations in processes
  • Using factual process control, and more

Features of the course:

  • Interactive teacher-led Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training
  • Adherence of Lean Six Sigma Course to Global standards
  • Get information about industry best practices and case studies
  • Get 30 PDUs certificate
  • Highly qualified, ensured, and licensed trainers
  • Student Study Guide made by subject matter experts
  • Prepare better with mock sample tests
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training plan on Weekday and weekend according to convenience

8. Simplilearn

SimpliLearn gives Lean Six Sigma Course which gives a general experience about Six Sigma and its procedures which is in arrangement with Green Belt Six Sigma Certifications at ASQ and IASSC. In this course, candidates figure out how to recognize issues and bring out answers to the issues.

Duration of the course: 56 hrs

Cost of the course

  • Self Paced learning: Rs,13,999/-
  • Mixed Learning: Rs,17,999/-


  • Course Introduction
  • Six Sigma and Organizational Goals
  • Define Phase
  • Measure Phase
  • Analyze phase
  • Improve phase
  • Control Phase
  • Tips and Tricks

Features of the course:

  • 56 long hours of high-quality mixed learning
  • 33 PDUs offered
  • 4 simulation test papers, 4 genuine projects
  • Aligned to ASQ and IASSC

9. Indian Statistical Institute

The Indian Statistical Institute gives Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Black belt Six Sigma Course In Bangalore. It gives Classroom training for all the previously mentioned Six Sigma Courses and gives the Six Sigma Certification after the completion of the Sigma Sigma course and Examination.

Duration of the course: 5 days

Cost of the course: Rs.29,500/- with tax


  • Introduction to Six Sigma Methodology
  • Identification, Prioritization, and Selection of Improvement opportunities
  • Roles & Responsibilities in Six Sigma implementation
  • Six Sigma Project execution [DMAIC (Define- MeasureAnalyze- Improve & Control) Overview
  • Development of Business Cases
  • Data Collection planning
  • Understanding of Prioritization Matrix and/or FMEA
  • Process Mapping essentials 
  • Selection and prioritization of solutions for the validated causes including the idea of risk analysis
  • Development of interaction control plans
  • Evaluation and observing mechanism (SPC)

Features of the course:

  • The Sessions are held from 09:30 hrs to 17:30 hrs (Extendable),
  • Highly Qualified Experts from Academics/ Industry and Specialists from Indian Statistical Institute
  • Diploma/Degree holder in any order with basic information of Quality Management can attend the Six Sigma Course. Experience of involvement in improvement projects is desirable.
  • Qualifying certificate by a) 100% Attendance in the sessions, & b) Achieving 70% and more in the test conducted after the Six Sigma course completion.

10. Anexas

Anexas gives the best Six Sixma Certification in Bangalore. It gives practical information and experience through live projects. The course is led by specialists who have 8+ years of experience in building ongoing six sigma projects.

Cost of the course:

  • Green Belt Six Sigma Certification and Training: Rs. 16,500/-
  • Black Belt Six Sigma Certification and Training: Rs. 22,500/-
  • Master Black Belt Six Sigma Certification and Training: Rs. 42,500/-


  • Introduction to Six Sigma Green belt
  • Project Charter, VOC to CTQ’s, Kano Model, SIPOC
  • Process Stratification, Capability, and Segmentation
  • Measurement framework analysis
  • Box plot, moved throughput yield, measure map analysis
  • Pareto, the concept of lean, C&I matrix, theory testing
  • Fishbone diagram, data collection plan normality study
  • Run chart, control chart, sampling technique, regression
  • Correlation, TRIZ, C&B matrix, mistake proofing, FMEA

Features of the course:

  • Corporate training
  • Classroom Training by Instructor
  • Online Test for Six Sigma Certification
  • 30 Projects
  • Free online project guidance
  • Course Material
  • Life Time membership to Anexas Alumni Group

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    Ensuring that every single student is meticulously carved out and well-polished by the end of the curriculum and is ready to face the challenges posed by the world. Individual-directed & student-specific counseling provided by highly-experienced people goes that extra mile in grooming & ensuring.
    Thanks, ASQ Team..:)


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