Top 11 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Delhi In 2023(Leaked)

Six Sigma Certification

Often in the corporate world, and also in regular daily life, we go over and hear the topic Six Sigma. Only a few individuals understand the power and outcomes cherished in the two words: Six Sigma

The term was first coined by American specialist Bill Smith while working for Motorola in 1986. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with organizations around the world utilizing Six Sigma to improve operational efficiencies. 

But first, what precisely is Six Sigma? Broadly speaking Six Sigma is a bunch of methods and tools for measure improvement. Six Sigma methodologies try to improve the nature of the output of a process by distinguishing and eliminating defects and limiting impact variability in manufacturing and business measures. It utilizes a bunch of quality management tools, essentially observational and statistical techniques, and establishes an environment where, inside an organization, individuals become topic experts. 

Each Six Sigma process utilized within an organization has specific targets and follows a particular sequence. These include: – reducing process duration, reducing expenses, expanding customer loyalty, and expanding profits. 

In layman’s terms, a Six Sigma process is one in which 99.99% of all opportunities to create few highlights of a section are genuinely expected to be free of defects.

As far as the targets of Six Sigma are concerned these declare to continuous efforts to accomplish stable and predictable outcomes which are of fundamental significance to business achievement, and manufacturing and business processes that have attributes that can be defined, estimated, analyzed, improved, and controlled. Processes that work with Six Sigma quality are accepted to create long-term defects below 3.4 defects per million opportunities.

The DMAIC process

Difference Between Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma   

Lean management and Six Sigma are two ideas that share comparative tools and techniques. Both are affected by Japan but are two unique ideas. Lean management centers around taking out waste utilizing a bunch of proven standardized tools that target hierarchical efficiencies while incorporating a performance improvement framework, while Six Sigma’s emphasis is on eliminating defects and decreasing variation.

Lean Six Sigma 

In recent times, few people have consolidated Six Sigma thoughts with Lean assembling to make a construct named Lean Six Sigma. The Lean Six Sigma philosophy sees Lean Manufacturing, which tends to handle process flows and waste issues, and Six Sigma, with its emphasis on variety and plan, as complementary methodologies pointed towards promoting business and operational excellence. 

Both these philosophies are in high demand in India going from manufacturing, transportation, administration sector, education, the energy industry, pharma sector, retail industry, finance, medical care, IT, the government, and military sectors among others. 

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Types of Six Sigma

The Six Sigma certification hierarchy

Before we get into some of the complexities of Six Sigma it is essential to comprehend that there are different types and levels of Six Sigma certifications one can accomplish, each coming with its attendant advantages and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at these certifications.

White Belt certification is the most fundamental degree of Six Sigma certification that manages with essential Six Sigma ideas. White Belts uphold change the executives in an association and engage with local critical-thinking groups that help with projects.

Yellow Belt certification is a decent method to gain the basics of Six Sigma. It is ideal for those who lead restricted improvement projects, ie the individuals who are supporting improvement projects in a restricted role in a Six Sigma group. Six Sigma yellow belts know the particulars of Six Sigma, and how and where to apply it. Yellow Belts uphold the project group on critical-thinking tasks.

Green Belt certification is ideal for the individuals who are important for Six Sigma Management Team, ie the individuals who are helping with information collection and investigation for improvement projects. Green Belt training permits one to execute Lean Six Sigma proficiently. Green Belts understand the advanced investigation and can resolve issues that affect quality. Green belts additionally lead projects.

Black Belt certification is for the group pioneers who manage large improvements. It likewise aids critical-thinking projects. With a Black Belt certification, one will have an intensive comprehension of all parts of Six Sigma. Black Belts are specialists and problem solvers. They give training in addition to leading projects.

Master Black Belt certification is the most elevated level of Six Sigma certification/accomplishment. At this level, a Master Black Belt will shape methodology, create key measurements, act as an expert, and mentor Black and green belts.

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Benefits of Six Sigma For Individuals

Major advantages of Lean Six Sigma incorporate consumer loyalty, cost reduction, revenue growth, and product upgrades. Lean Six Sigma also gives superb analytic and process abilities. These abilities are applicable to top-management positions. Thus, having a Six Sigma certification is a must-have as it gives you a preferred position over competitors, it gives critical-thinking and leadership capacities to its professionals is a respected expansion to one’s resume, and opens up numerous avenues for higher job advancements and increments as well as opportunities to earn a higher wage by jumping jobs. Six Sigma experts additionally are familiar with various ways to reduce costs and increase revenue for their organizations and rationalize processes and enhance staff contributions in outcomes. 

In United States, a Six Sigma Black Belt certified professional can earn up to US$ 167,000 every year. The normal compensation of a Six Sigma professional inside the United States is $93,000 per year. In Europe, Six Sigma certified Black Belts made more than their non-certified peers. In the United Kingdom, Six Sigma Master Black Belts earned an annual normal compensation of USD 138,851 that was above and beyond the compensation of their non-certified peers.

In India, a Six Sigma Black Belt certified specialist earns anywhere between INR 4,16,790-INR 15,01,590 on average indicated by Those having a Six Sigma Black Belt and having few years of experience can earn between INR 20-25 lakhs per annum.

Salaries aside, the most unsettled question is which exact job roles and functions benefit the most from Six Sigma certifications. Here is a rundown of such positions:

. Business Process Manager

. Group Leader

. Supervisor

. Manager

. Program or Project Manager

. Examiner or Business Analyst

. Continuous Improvement Manager

. Quality Assurance Manager

Benefits of Six Sigma to the Organization

The appropriate use of Six Sigma philosophies impacts all parts of businesses positively. A few are as follows-:

Customer Satisfaction

A business will execute updated processes and improve quality control with Six Sigma. These outcomes in the improved finished product and higher client satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty 

Happy customers are faithful to the brand as they come back to make future buys. To accomplish customer loyalty, the item should remain consistent in quality.

Improved Bottom Line

Good verbal references are given by happy clients. Happy clients always return for additional. All of this converts into an improved revenue stream. 

Employee Satisfaction

One of the advantages of Six Sigma is that it can guide employees to a typical reason. Six Sigma offers pioneers an opportunity to explain and justify the message. Additionally, improved outcomes can make a sense of brotherhood and friendship, which prompts to better outcomes for the firm.

Better Partnerships

Whenever an organization does well, different firms associated with it can use upgrades. This can prompt long-term associations between both the firms as well as having them receive similar Six Sigma strategies.

Top 11 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Delhi

  1. Henry Harvin Management Academy: 

Henry Harvin is one of the top organizations offering Six Sigma green belt certification programs. It is trusted by in excess of 160 Corporates and 70+ Colleges. 

The program is adjusted to the IASSC Book of Knowledge which is universally managing the program and is followed around the world by all the institutes. 

Henry Harvin offers combo courses of 5-in-1 course (Lean Practitioner + Green Belt + Black Belt + Data Analytics utilizing R + Tableau ) which are the highest level course in the industry-recognized via Training 360. 

You will get experience with Lean and Six Sigma ideas. You get job support and free admittance to Membership of Management foundation & Analytic Institute for a year getting brush-up meetings, internship, weekly warnings with job opportunities, and helping with interview skills.

Duration: 78 hours

Location: Noida, UP

Format: Virtual Live training and classroom training

Average Ratings: 4.7/5

2. Benchmark Six Sigma: Benchmark Six Sigma is the pioneer in contribution to Lean Six Sigma Certification in Delhi programs for Lean Six Sigma Green belts, Black Belts, and Master Black Belts since 2001. They have the energy and an objective to drive business excellence. They use successful strategies and encourage improvement in business results. 

They have a group of trainers who are specialists in their industries and have some years of experience in their relevant field. About 1600+ Green belts are trained each year. 

Benchmark offers internet training with the top tier class training materials and you will be furnished with pre-training preparatory materials as well. A universally recognized certificate with lifetime validity will be granted at course completion and is authorize by Exemplar Global.

There is an online test to give at the finish of the course. You should solve 80 various multiple-choice questions in 2 hours and 200+ practice questions will be provided for your preparations. 

The Corporate Program is altered according to your requirements or may utilize the Standard program format.

You can pick either a continuous or stage-wise training pattern. 

Tools used: Graphical tools, Statistical Process Control, Process Performance Measurements, FMEA, Hypothesis testing, Design of Experiments, etc. 

Duration:6 Meetings (4 hours for every meeting) only Saturday & SundayLocation: Noida, Delhi

Fee: INR 11,210 + GST (Green Belt) INR 25,000 + GST (Black Belt) 

Format: 24 hours of teacher-led live online training 

Average Ratings: 4.9/5 

3. Isel Global: ISEL Global is an establishment for skill and upgrade program and is an International Society for Executive Learning.

Isel global has its Corporate office in Dubai, Canada, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, India, Australia, and Bangladesh.   

Experts who have been certified by Isel Global are currently working with top 500 fortune companies. The courses are completely accredited by the public authority of India and are certified by a recognized certifying body. 

ISEL Global gets ready and makes you qualify for accomplishing your professional objective with its certifications which are as per International and industry-important standards.

They provide training to both Corporate and individual experts and give online and offline study material along with practical assignments. They likewise give job placements and employability support by partners. 

Duration:8 days (Saturday & Sunday) 3 hours per session. 

Location: Delhi

Fees: INR 15,990/- Green Belt & Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Format: Live teacher-led training by experts with 24*7 support

Average Ratings: 4.9/5

4. BSI Management Systems India Private Ltd: BSI has been an accomplice for business improvement for more than 100 years. With long years of involvement with helping organizations across the globe, it has implanted greatness in each business, boosting the capability of each sector in every industry important for feasibility development.

It has its presence in 31 nations across all continents and its customers range from both private businesses to enormous and universally recognized brands.

The training programs in BSI have assisted customers with creating ability, encourage trade, improve efficiency, assemble client trust, manage risk, and so on.

Green Belt Six Sigma certification course is joined in the training projects to comprehend the basis of Lean and Six Sigma and add to critical thinking to improve the quality of the processes in an association.

Duration: 5 days 

Location: Delhi

Fees: INR 35,000 + GST 

Format: Virtual live training 

Average Ratings: 4.2/5

5. Institute of Fundamentals in Quality (IFQ): IFQ institute is one of few foundations in Delhi that centers around the essential parts of Quality of Six Sigma certifications.

The training program is centered around transforming people to empower them to solve issues, face difficulties, and create interpersonal skills and relationships. 

Students work on activities while in training over the 4-8 weeks period, during the Measuring phase of the program to further foster their self-confidence and situate themselves with the acts of the business.

So every member gets the early information of demonstrating the learning phase and use of Six Sigma tools and procedures.

IFQ conducts the program holding to all the ASQ Six Sigma standards for Green Belt and Black Belt.

All examination materials are given and in excess of 4000 students are prepared in respectable industries such as KPO, IT sector, and Manufacturing sector, and so on.

Duration: 6 meetings (Saturday & Sunday) covering 26-28 hrs. 4 hours every meeting.

Location: Delhi

Fees: INR 15,0000 (inclusive of taxes)

Format: Online and Offline

Average Ratings: 4.6/5

6. Gengyan Lean Six Sigma Training and Consulting: GenGyan is a main Six Sigma certification provider, around the world recognized for giving excellent process education and certification programs to Corporate and people. 

The training programs incorporate all the levels of Lean Six Sigma, PMP, and ISO Certification with placement openings. In addition to this, it gives Project Consulting and Re-Engineering services to its customers around the world.

Its team comprises more than 20 individuals who are well-trained Six Sigma experts with over 25 years of experience and have the best of information in the field of Lean Six Sigma & Quality Assurance.

More than 7 million professionals and in excess of 30,000 Project Mentors were trained by them around the world. You can choose the schedule of your preferred location to attend your classes for all the various belts.

Duration: 2 days (24-28 hours) 

Location: Delhi

Fees:online: INR 15,000/-, Offline: INR 17,000/-

Format:  Live Virtual sessions or Classroom sessions

Average Ratings: 5/5

7. QC Service: QC Service foundation was set up 36 years back and is a main and great consultancy organization in manufacturing management. Since the time it has been into training and has been implementing improvement-situated endeavors in manufacturing management. Apart from this, it has also been reducing expenses with the use of present-day manufacturing methods and employee involvement. 

They have a history of executing Statistical Process Control, TQM, Vendor Quality Improvement and Self Certification, Value-Adding Management, 5-S, Productivity Enhancements through strategic styles, Worker association through Quality Circles, Kaizen & Training.

Also, now they are introducing current ideas of Quality, Productivity, and Employee Involvement in several associations.

They have a top-tier staff with huge experience in the manufacturing & service sector who trains Six Sigma experts in the Green Belt and Black Belt.

The organization gives all the study materials and essential direction as you work on your projects. It’s guaranteed that you will have advancement in your career after you complete the certifications which are universally recognized.

Duration: Green Belt: Every day for 9 days 9:00 Am to 11:00 Pm. Saturday & Sunday 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

Green Belt: 9 Weekends (2 hours Saturday evening IST & 3 hours Sunday morning IST)  

Location: Delhi

Fees: INR 16,000/-

Format: Online live training

Average Ratings: 5/5

8. KnowledgeHut Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification: Knowledgehut is a quickly developed training provider and Management Consulting service provider.

Their subject matter incorporates Project Management, Risk Management, Agile Management, Quality Management, IT, Big Data, IT Security, Finance, and Soft Skills approved by leading professional bodies. 

They have been conveying high-esteem training with innovative and practical methodologies for a very long time and catered to more than 30,000 experts everywhere on the globe covering more than 70 nations.  

They offer licensed Six Sigma Certification in Delhi (Lean Six Sigma Green belts, Yellow Belts, and Black Belts) for corporate and experts across industries and sectors to grow new expertise essential for recognition and growth in the worldwide corporate world and assist people to bridge their knowledge and skill gaps.

You will get full support through phone, email, and chat, and you will get free access to Lean Six Sigma e-Learning for 180 days for all belts. 

Duration: 6 days (4 hours) daily online training + E-learning hours  

Location: Delhi

Fees: Green: USD 295

FormatVirtual interactive teacher-led classroom training

Average Ratings: 4.7/5

9. Star Agile: It has been only 4 years since its establishment and now it has made some amazing progress to become the main giant in Training and Consulting management services.

It has assisted students and experts with their services in over 25+ nations across the globe to get certified in Six Sigma certifications with their top-notch and world-class training quality conveying it in class and online. The nations incorporate the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Australia, India, and so on.

With the ever-changing technological advancements, Start Agile has been satisfying the guidelines and are advancing with a commitment to accelerate your professions and raise your excellence level.

The trainers have prepared more than 1,12,000 students and experts in various areas and that incorporates Agile and Scrum, Project Management, Quality Management, and so on. 

As a facilitator Star Agile is growing its extension and is constantly evolving to create newer skills in experts and bridge the information and skill gap in them to meet the worldwide necessities.

The Six Sigma certification course for Green and Black Belt is lined up with ASQ & IASSC. With the certificate you get, you will acquire practical information with Case Studies & simulations.

Duration: 40 hours (4 hours per session) 

Location: Delhi

Fees: Green Belt INR 18,898/- 

Format: Virtual Live Training

Average Ratings: 4.9/5

10. Skillogic: Skillogic is a reputed IT consulting and certification giving foundation in India providing training in PMP, ITL, PRINCE2, SAP, CAPM, Cloud Computing, Six Sigma certification courses, and many more to experts, aspiring candidates, and corporate.

It is devoted to delivering its administrations towards growing new aptitude in experts and catering its services worldwide nations including Netherlands, UAE, UK, USA, India, so on. It has trained more than 10,000 experts in more than 35 nations universally and gives 6 months of LMS self-study access.

It is spent in various domains of project management, IT service management, quality management, business analytics, and modifies training proposals to line up with their quality norm. 

The Six Sigma prospects they follow are lined with ASQ-BOK, which is a worldwide standard in Six Sigma, and the certification is internationally recognized by TUV.

Duration: 5 days weekdays 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Location: Delhi 

Fees: INR 28,000 Green Belt

Format: Online interactive teacher-led classroom training

Average Ratings: 5/5

11. Six Sigma Online Aveta Institute: This establishment was established in 2004 by process improvement professional, Craig Joseph Setter and was established after a thoughtful cycle.

To get a Six Sigma certification at that time was inaccessible as it was extremely extravagant. So an appropriate option was to lead it online at an in-expensive value to make it open to every individual who needs to strengthen and stand out in one’s career and improve the nature of the administration and process improvement.

Quality training is great and giving adaptable certification is an extra advantage to the customer. And that was when it became the No. 1 web-based training provider saving each student a large number of dollars.    

The Six Sigma certification program they have had productively affected few significant organizations all over the world. They have the most extensive collections of customized industry-specific training programs in the Six Sigma industry.

The course is custom made to meet the particular requirements that set it apart from other online course suppliers and is the pioneer in giving online E-learning and Six Sigma Certification in Delhi.

With e-learning, you get familiar the course at your speed and time and video recordings are given in the course module. Email support is also given in the case of any questions throughout the program. 

Location: Delhi

Fees: INR 29,465/-

Format: Online 

Average Ratings: 4.2/5

So, what did we learn?

Thus, we now understand the significance to be a Six Sigma Certified expert. It is benefiting not only you as well as the organizations in general. Both the workers and associations have to grow in the process.

Learning Six Sigma philosophies can help impact your profession. And as you move from different levels you are upgrading and improving yourself. With your abilities, inputs, and expertise it will accomplish to do more useful for the company and encouraging it in its advancement.

On the other hand, the certification can support your employability to obtain better-paying jobs, and get better positions in an association. Moreover, your resumes will thus reflect the commitment you have towards improving your analytical skills and foster your overall development and progress in your performances. More than that you become an indispensable individual in the organization.

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