Top 10 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Courses Mumbai in 2023 (Exposed)

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


Six Sigma Green Belt are the expert who is project owners who work under the management of Black Belt or Master Black Belt. Six Sigma Green Belt is the principal of technical training. It is generally useful to candidates having industry exposure of 1-3 years. The fundamental occupation as a Six Sigma Green Belt expert is to give statistical data analysis. Green Belt training includes an in-depth study of statistical concepts of distribution, central limit theorem, hypothesis testing, and examination. As the majority of the green belts are middle managers, project heads, quality heads, so they likewise learn kaizen and waste disposal process.

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The Importance of Green Belts in Deploying Six Sigma

Many organisations actually ask the question – is it a wise idea to choose Green Belt?

If that be the saying of your association then you need to reconsider twice before you name an employee to convey Six Sigma. You need to address yourself – Do I truly need to get all mentioned advantages in a single bouquet – strategic advantage, customer advantage, financial advantage, etc.

A talented Green Belt expert helps in bridging the barrier between theory and practical use of Six Sigma. The primary job of Green Belts is the collection and investigation of data.

Any task or department cannot be run without a supervisor. Six sigma Green Belts, selected as a project manager or quality manager, works an anchor to an undertaking. They lead the project group; produce out more and more positive and efficient approaches to finish a project. They then forward the information to the pioneer for additional decisions. Such choices, when concluded, are given to Green Belts as a team leader to flourish for the decided goal.

In conveying Six Sigma one needs to have the necessary specialized edge of information, which can only be expected from an individual with full acumen of the subject matter .i.e. a Certified Six Sigma Green Belt. A progressive organization does not need to be reminded that this cannot be expected from any normal team leader.

Green Belts help convey and translate the practical usefulness of Six Sigma in the workspace. Green Belts are the main force of Six Sigma in team structuring and project execution.

Green belts have the chance and position to directly interact with business pioneers and senior management to comprehend their objectives of outcome from a project. Accordingly, Green Belts ends up being the best source to convey Six Sigma in a project as they can implement improvements within each process at ground level.

Green belts have all that important ability to deploy Six Sigma. They form the connection between senior management and the ground employees to send the quality improvement mission in an association. Green Belts as an arrangement pioneers bring in the Six Sigma culture in an association and nurture’s it to bring out the best from the team.

Profile of a Six Sigma Green Belt

Green Belts experts have their main focus is around improving interaction quality. They apply their insight of the six sigma philosophies to genuine circumstances. To be certified as a green belt, individual needs to experience specific training that will help can be applied to the tasks.  

Six Sigma certification is for those people who are keen on continuous improvement and waste decrease.  Green belt experts help associations in controlling expenses, improve outputs and contribute to better outcomes. Green belt experts have inside and out information of the overall process and ideas. Their primary responsibilities are;

  • Work under the management of a Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Analyze and resolve problems
  • Six Sigma project support rather than direct leadership.
  • Coordination with the project information collection process team
  • Team assistance and head improvement team
  • Development of SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, and Output)

Best Institutes for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Mumbai

There are numerous foundations in India providing Six Sigma Certification. In the article, attempted to list down the best institutes from where you can manage Six Sigma Certification in Mumbai.

Rank#1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin is a certified establishment that offers training and consulting for professional courses around the world. They give just training courses and not certificate courses. Henry Harvin gives result oriented training and also instruct how to get precise results.

Upon effective clearance of the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam, members can recognize their profile with the worldwide credential of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification — CSSE (Certified Six Sigma Executive) and showcase ability by utilizing the hallmark of CSSE close to your name. 

Rank#2. American Society for Quality (ASQ)

ASQ offers off-the-rack and modified training with capable quality experts from across a range of industries and experiences and courses designed with every learning style. ASQ’s training is made by instructional designers/developers and industry specialists; at that point, it’s peer-reviewed to accomplish the most significant level of accuracy and importance. Courses are instructed by industry specialists with incredible industry and educating practice. Regardless of where your business is on the planet, ASQ can convey training arrangements right to your location.

ASQ India offers;

  • Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) (Duration: 8 Days)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) (Duration: 15 Days)
  • Weekend (Sat-Sun) classes. Weekend classroom training is conducted in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune. There is the choice for distant learning from any part of the country through online delivery (WebEx)

ASQ South Asia and IIT Kharagpur have mutually built up a special on-campus residential contribution to build capability in LEAN and Six Sigma (Green & Black belt) to be held in Kharagpur.

Rank#3. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

It’s an administration organization. Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) is an academic foundation of public importance as perceived by a 1959 act of the Indian Parliament. It offers training programs, which are certified by the actual Institute. There are three courses Green Belt, Black belt, Masters Black belt.

The strategy of Six Sigma targets coordinating all cycles throughout the associations to achieve customer loyalty and subsequently guaranteeing business growth. 

Rank#4. Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark Six Sigma turns out to be the greatest provider of LEAN Six Sigma programs in various parts of India since 2001. The only other supplier in Mumbai around then was Motorola University from the USA. The program has been advancing and is reconsidered each year. Benchmark has executed 500+ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programs, many Black Belt programs, scores of one of kind Business Excellence capabilities, and fourteen Master Black Belt Programs. You can discover their name on the profiles of thousands of Leaders in the corporate world. Benchmark oversees one of the biggest learning networks in this domain.

Rank#5. AIG

AIG is a premier training association occupied in giving Six Sigma and other quality-related training. It is perceived worldwide yet they give only training for eg. just participation certification.

The Green Belt Six Sigma Training Program Certification can be taken up by people who need to or are engaged with measure improvement. Today, improvement is required in each industry, every area, and domain. Regardless of which job or designation you belong to, in order to survive and get achievement, improvement is everybody’s job.

Green Belt experts frequently support Black Belts and contribute to process improvement activities of the association with their understanding of measurable devices and process improvement approaches. The Green Belt program @ AIG is a developed training program, that centers around understanding the execution as opposed to simply theoretical concepts.

Rank#6. GreyCampus

Six Sigma is a well-recognized arrangement of rules laid by the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Through GreyCampus Six Sigma Green Belt program, members will acquire information on the DMAIC approach characterized by ASQ, along with statistical instruments to evaluate process performance. Our Six Sigma Green Belt course plan is lined with the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Body of Knowledge.

Pass the Six Sigma Green Belt certification test and become a certified professional in Quality Management.

Rank#7. TUVSUD

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the primary level of formal training, covered under the Lean Six Sigma philosophy. It gives a thorough comprehension of process improvement activities, under the direction of a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt professional. The course offers inside out training on the information demonstration of Lean Six Sigma devices, to additional empower enable employees to plan their day to day work and improve efficiency. 

TÜV SÜD’s Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is ideal for experts whose key center territory is Quality Management. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is for any individual who wishes to improve their abilities as a pioneer in an association while figuring out how to change business measures for the better.

Rank#8. Icert Global

Icert Global is directing the Six Sigma Green Belt certification training course in Mumbai, India. Our six sigma green belt certification training course incorporates three full-length recreation tests with answers and clarifications given by mentors to guarantee your accomplishment in the six sigma green belt examination. We will likewise give a 35 contact hours certificate to finish the course.

Six Sigma certification showcases your responsibility towards improving the business of your employer and makes you stand apart from the group as a certified professional. Improve your career development possibilities with a Six Sigma certification in Mumbai. 

Rank#9. Simplilearn

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Mumbai is the second stage in the Six Sigma Masters program. You’ll get familiar with the center standards of Six Sigma, how to actualize quality projects and applications, and how to utilize the Minitab tool for effective statistical examination. The course is adjusted to the IASSC test, incorporates lean and DMAIC approaches utilizing case analysis and genuine models, and will give you the abilities to engage your association for continuous improvement.

This Six Sigma Green Belt Training in Mumbai gives you an outline of Six Sigma and the DMAIC approach and is adjusted to the main Green Belt certifications at ASQ and IASSC. In this Six Sigma Green Belt course, you will figure out how to measure current execution to distinguish process issues and how to plan solutions.

Rank#10. AADS Education

Improve measures, drive income development for organizations with AADS Education’s Six Sigma Green Belt Training in Mumbai. Get trained by Certified Master Black Belts to gain proficiency with the best techniques and practices to deal with six sigma projects freely. Enroll in this course to find out about DMAIC, DFSS procedures to improve existing processes and look after quality. Before the finish of this training program, you will master the best six sigma practices and accomplish worldwide percieved Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Our Six Sigma Green Belt certification training course in Mumbai is planned and directed with the goal of improving member’s abilities to turn into an important resource for their association by actualizing best Six Sigma practices into projects and minimize errors independently. Our course is lined up with TÜV SÜD educational program, which is an internationally recognized certification body for quality investigation and testing, which helps members feature that they are a certified Six Sigma Green Belt professional.

Company NameHenry Harvin EducationASQBenchmarkAIGISI
Training Fees12,500/-25,000/- plus taxes23,500/-plus taxes12,800/- plus taxes8,500/- plus taxes
Examination FeesIncluded in Training Fees$400Included in Training FeesNANA
Duration4 Days9 Days4 Days1.5 Months (30-35 hours)3 Days

Comparison of Best Institutes for Six Sigma Certification Courses

Many associations including the above are giving six sigma training due to Covid-19. Further, different online platforms can be investigated like udemy, simplilearn, coursera, six sigma online, and so on for learning about six sigma.

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  1. The Six Sigma Green Belt certification courses in Mumbai featured on this platform provide a strategic advantage to individuals aiming for career growth. By acquiring a deep understanding of statistical tools and methodologies, participants can effectively identify and eliminate defects, optimizing business performance.

  2. The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course in Mumbai is a comprehensive program that covers a wide range of topics, including statistical analysis, project management, and team leadership. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, this course can help you enhance your skills and achieve your career goals.

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  16. Our family has been in the grocery chain business for almost 50 years. Now the business environment has changed and to update me I did thisSix Sigma Green Belt Course. Now we are planning to change the tactics in the method of our business. Thanks to theSix Sigma Green Belt Course.

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