Top 15 Stock Market Courses in India: 2023



In today’s world, Investment plays an important and decisive role in determining the financial independence of an individual. Of all the investments that prevail in the market, investing in the stock market seems very promising. This makes it imperative to have a fair idea about the top 15 stock markets in India. While investments are necessary, it is all the more important to have a fair knowledge about the same. Stock Market courses help in creating powerful knowledge regarding the various tools and techniques to understand the functioning of capital markets. Students get a basic insight into financial jargon like Equities, IPOs, Derivatives, Technical Analysis of the stock market, Macroeconomics, and Financial Planning. Let’s explore the Stock Market Courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin’s Stockmarket course is a specialist course where you can get trained by experienced stock market professionals. This stock market course in India is one of the best stock market courses. You can become a stock market expert and generate wealth through equity markets. It helps you gain practical knowledge in analyzing Capital Markets. In this course, you get to know the legal framework of RBI & SEBI and invest in the Indian Stock Market.

Key Features

  • Henry Harvin’s Stockmarket course is a nine-in-one course with a comprehensive curriculum using popular GCAO Pedagogy.
  • The highlight of this stock market course is that you get 100% hands-on practical training on stock market specialization.
  • Yet another advantage of this stock market course is the 24/7 lifetime support and access. This is followed by live projects, guaranteed internships, boot camps, and many more.
  • Henry Harvin offers a 100%money-back guarantee after completion of the first session if you are not satisfied with their Stock market Specialist Program.
  • The Trainers at Henry Harvin are the most respected industry experts with 15+years of working experience.

What does this course offer?

The stock market course for beginners gives the candidate an extensive understanding of the functioning of the capital markets. The candidate gets insights into financial terms namely Stock Markets, Equities, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis. Additionally, this course equips the candidate with theoretical and practical knowledge about wealth generation through equity markets.

What are the eligibility criteria to enroll in the stock market course?

Graduates and candidates who have an MBA in the Financial sector can enrol in this stock market course.

Aspirants for Financial Advisor jobs in securities markets will find this stock market course interesting. Candidates wishing to pursue a career in the stock market can benefit if they enroll in this course. Professionals who want to redefine their career in the share market can definitely enroll in this course. This course helps in earning income through share trading as one gets a better understanding.

What are the learning benefits of Henry Harvin’s Education?

 The learning benefit of Henry Harvin is that the candidates get to know about the different approaches to Stock Investment, Derivatives, and Futures. They gain a conceptual understanding of Technical Analysis. There is a scope for learning about the Investment and Risk management of Equity and Debt. The candidates get to analyze companies, balance sheets, Financial Statement and Learn Ratios.

What are the career benefits of this stock market course?

The top Stock Market Firms hire candidates as they get exposed to millions of jobs globally in the stock market. The course completion Certification of Stock Market Specialist Course gives you a distinguished profile and better job security with exceptional growth opportunities. The candidates have an opportunity to become highly -paid freelancers or full-time professionals.

These highlights make Henry Harvin’s Stock Market Course in India a must-try on your list as it falls under the top 15 stock market courses in India.


National Institute of Financial Market is one of the top institutes in the financial market, stock market, and accounting taxation sector. This institute offers offline and online classes in Stock Markets courses With long-term and short-term job-oriented skill-development courses. This Stock Market Course is a good option to choose as it offers promising results. There are short-term crash courses on Stock Market, share market, commodities market, forex market, etc. The highlight of this institute is its promise of Quality Education.

The demand for trained and qualified Financial Market Professionals is drastically increasing as a result of rapid growth in the Economy of India. NIFM has designed the courses to suit the Industry-needs of the Stock Market through research and analysis. This helps the candidates who enroll in this institute gain greater knowledge in the field of Stock Markets. This institute has many centers spread across India and will be expanding on a PAN India basis very soon.NIFM is one of the best institutes offering Stock Market Courses in India.This institute comes under top 15 stock market courses in India.

Key Features 

  • NIFM is a pioneer in introducing short-term job-oriented certification programs in with state-of-the-art facilities in the Financial Market industry.
  • This institute is a one-stop hub for training and education in financial markets. They provide you with a complete solution to become a successful investor in stock and financial markets and also become a wealth manager.
  • They aim to equip the candidates with quality education in stock markets and provide infrastructure to multiply their money.
  • This institute strives to inculcate in students the best creative, analytic, and technical qualifications in financial areas. They endeavour to promote life skills and management competencies to become industry leaders.

These features make NIFM one of the best top 15 stock markets in India to consider.

3 BSE Institute Limited

BSE Institute focuses on creating talent for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector) . This institute is spread across multiple domains grooming young talent. They train them and make them job-ready for a successful career in the BSFI Industry. This institute focuses on developing employability skills, educating developing talents, and Innovation driven by job-creating entrepreneurs. This institute offers a cutting-edge curriculum to embark on building your career in the BSFI Industry or Capital Industry. So if you have plans to upskill yourself, here’s the right course for you. You can consider this course as it comes under the top15 stock market courses in India.

Key Features

  • BSE has over 150 courses across its catalog and formats. 
  • The learning philosophy of this institute is hands-on learning with practical experiments in the markets.
  • BSE offers a variety of courses to educate and train some of the best finance professionals in India.
  • BSE promises to create an immersive learning journey through their top-notch pedagogy and the latest learning technology with the best  subject matter experts(SMEs)
  • Cutting-edge curriculum, global recognition, 300+world class practitioners as faculty members, and an iconic campus are the key highlights of this institute. 

Academic Partners

DCU, UC(University of Canterbury), Western Sydney University, Techno India Group, and Chitkara University are a few Academic partners to name who have tie-up with BSE Institute.

Recruitment Partners

Axis Bank, Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered, Angel Broking, BNP Paribas,integron, and AnandRathi are some of the Recruitment partners.

BSE Institute truly is a gateway to international opportunities and is definitely a good option to choose if you are looking for a Stock Market course in India as it ranks in the Top 15 Stock Markets in India.

4. NSE Academy

NSE Academy aims at providing financial education facilities to beginners or amateur investors.

They provide different courses to aid individuals to gain knowledge in finance and also to make career choices in the finance industry. This course provides you with in-depth knowledge about the sectors that are covered in the financial industry. You can gain the right skills and expertise by enrolling in this institute.

NSE Academy Certification in Financial markets (NCFM) is an online testing program based on the practical knowledge and skill required for operating in the financial markets. There are other certification programs also available here. By clearing the exam and obtaining the certificate, you are capable to get into a great position in the market. 

Hence it is a great idea for young aspirants to take up a stock market course at NSE Academy as it ranks in the Top 15 Stock Market courses in India.

5. Nifty Trading Academy (NTA)

Nifty Trading Academy is a great platform that provides education in the live market session based on Technical Analysis Study. The teaching pattern and the courses offered are unique.

If you want a career outside of the stock market, choosing this institute is makes a good choice. Also,  you will gain full expertise as you will gain hands-on experience with practical knowledge in the live market. 

They offer qualitative courses that assure you in learning the essence of Stock Markets in an expert fashion. It makes you a full-time professional trader and helps you benefit greatly.NTA Stock market course is ISO certified and hence largely reliable.

Key Features

  • Upon completing this course, you will be able to read the charts. You will get complete knowledge about the stock market and start trading on your own.
  • Both online and offline facilities are available which enables the opportunity for many.
  • This course also helps you gain mastery over Intraday Trading.
  • Apart from giving you the trader confidence in making good profits, it also puts you in a profitable situation by predicting the market right.
  • You get to access plenty of study materials and worksheets that can be used as reference notes.

In short, NTA assures you the maximum profits from the trade by making you well-disciplined in order to gain experience in the market. Hence choosing the NTA Stock market course is a great choice as it falls under the Top 15 Stock Market Courses in India.

 to keep oneself updated in the area of the stock market. With this aim, NISM assess gaps in learning needs and offers appropriate educational initiative in bridging such gaps. NISM is now embarking on a self-paced eLearning platform by offering high-quality content with self-paced learning which could be accessed from anywhere and anytime. NISM offers a rich and rigorous platform with a consistent, cohesive, and quality learning experience. The benefits of eLearning are numerous such as faster delivery, no geographical constraints, effective learning, and lower costs . E-Learning platform, undoubtedly, will continue to be an effective self-development instrument in the years to come. So if you are a student considering a career in finance, or a professional already working in this field, procuring a certificate will prove to be an asset to your career. Furthermore, it enhances your ability to move up the ladder quickly. 

 NISM is a great choice for Stock Market Courses if you are vying for a great opportunity, as it falls under the Top 15 Stock Markets Courses in India.

6 National Institute of Securities Markets(NiSM)

The National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is an educational initiative of SEBI( Securities and Exchange Board of India, a regulatory body of the securities market in India.

NISM offers extensive knowledge about the financial industry that is important for the market participants. The Institute offers full-time residential academic programs for post-graduate students, short-term training programs, and faculty development programs for market participants.

This institute has six schools of excellence that work in synergy towards creating professionalized securities market.

The securities market is ever-changing and dynamic. So it becomes imperative.BSE Institute focuses on creating talent for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance sector) . This institute is spread across multiple domains grooming young talent. They train them and make them job-ready for a successful career in the BSFI Industry. This institute focuses on developing employability skills, educating developing talents, and Innovation driven by job-creating entrepreneurs. This institute offers a cutting-edge curriculum to embark on building your career in the BSFI Industry or Capital Industry. So if you have plans to upskill yourself, here’s the right course for you.

You can consider this institute if you are looking for Stock Market Courses as this ranks under the top 15 Stock Market Courses in India.

7 National Institute of Wall Street(NIWS)

National Institute of Wall Street is one of the best stock market institutes in India. It is a Banking and Financial Market domain with a wide range of Stock Market Courses of NSE, BSE, SEBI, NCFM, and NISM modules for smart investment, trading, research, and data analysis. The course modules are designed from Banking, Finance, Stock Market, Wealth Management, Technical analysis, and Fundamental analysis in Share Market. 

NIWS, an institute with an experience of 15 years, has engaged professionals in the domestic and international Stock Market.

Key Features 

  • NIWS aims at helping students secure career opportunities and 100% job placement.
  • Professionals get to achieve their career goals and aspirations in Trading.
  • The faculty at NIWS consists of a group of brilliant minds. They have a wide array of experience in share trading, portfolio management, and investment under the share market belts.

NIWS offers courses both online and in-classroom format. The career opportunities in the broking and financial industry are an added advantage. All successful candidates get better placement opportunities on successful completion of the course. NIWS provides short term job-oriented courses in share market, stock market, capital market etc. This institute also offers certification courses for technical and fundamental analysis, NSE,BSE,NCFM,SEBI certification modules and preparation.

Those who plan to embark on a journey in the Stock market can confidently enrol in NIWS ‘ Stock Market Course as it falls under top 15 Stock Market Courses in India.

8.Booming Bulls

Booming Bulls trading course provides you with the much-sought-after information about the stock market right from the basics. You get to learn the way the market operates and earn simply by putting all logical thinking into action. This course helps you earn and become financially independent. This academy has evolved over a period of time . This institute guarantees that anyone without experience and prior knowledge about the markets can even become a consistently profitable trader. They can bring about an improvement in your financial situation.

Key Features

  • There are dedicated client managers helping out the students during their training period.
  • Students get to enjoy 6 months membership along with many other benefits.
  • There is premium Email support, revision classes , FAQs Sessions etc.

There were more than 8700 students who have been mentored.

The students are getting 9/10 profitable trades.

Students aspiring to take up Stock Markets Course can definitely consider Booming Bulls as it falls under Top 15 Stock market Courses in India.


The stock market experts at DICC have designed the Stock Market Course in a meticulous fashion.This course is available both online and in-classroom format. It aims at providing you with basic to advanced knowledge of all the stock market concepts.The course includes concepts such as Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Optional Analysis and Derivative Analysis. This Stock Market Course content covers all forms of market concepts such as equity market, currency market and commodity market. On completion of the course, You will be eligible to take up profitable traders from the stock market. You will be capable of designing your own strategies and will have complete knowledge and understanding of the charts, patterns,bollinger bands, oscillators etc.


The stock market course in DICC is designed on the NSE based patterns. On completion of the course, you can also apply for NSE exams and clear it, then get certificate. DICC also provides the certification to its students on attending their own exam. Hence,this course along with making you skilful in the stock market industry helps you get a certificate.

What are learning outcomes by joining in this institute?

On enrolling in this institute, you get over 50 lectures and around 55.5 hours of video content.

You also get research based training and different case studies.You get practical assignments at the end of every session.Students also can enjoy practical learning experience with live project work and examples. This course is best suited for beginners as well as advanced level users.After the completion of the course, the examination is conducted and you get the certification.You get to enjoy an endless list of learning outcomes on enrolling in this course. These features make DICC an unavoidable choice for aspirants to take up a Stock Market course as this institute falls in top 15 Stock Market Courses in India.

10 IBBM(Institute of Bulls and Bears Management)

IBBM is a premier capital market institute and is one of the most trusted trading skills educators of the Indian trading industry.IBBM has been into the operations for more than two decades.They are one of the leading Financial Services Organizations providing Financial and Investment related Servicies and Products.

IBBM is one of the pioneers in financial markets -related programs in the country.Their programs have set a benchmarkfor industry academia interactions.The mantra of IBBM is “ TO PROVIDE FINANCIAL EDUCATION TO ALL”. In this institute they teach that investment is not a way to earn money but to multiply it.

The financial and capital market training prepare the inquisitive mind for a challenging career in the Indian stock market.Their programs deliver excellent all-round training along with practical experiences.

Why should you choose IBBM?

  • You get to learn from Market Stalwarts. 
  • You get an unforgettable real-time market study in live market infrastructure.
  •  students get to read one of the best study materials in the industry.
  • This institute boasts of best trainers with highest number of in-house Stock Market professionals.
  • The vision and mission of IBBM is to spread financial education to all. 
  • IBBM is dedicated to excellence in a life-long journey of learning experience and empowerment in this field.
  • They promise to provide competent and quality-based learning opportunities to its candidates, resulting in better and improved investment decisions.
  • Through their cutting-edge knowledge and research, IBBM is rising to become a center for excellence in financial education. 
  • They help candidates achieve their career goals with latest technological advancements and practical learning scenario.

To put it in nutshell, If finance is your question, then IBBM is the answer ! come and join the league of Stock Market Course,  as it definitely makes it into the top 15 Stock Market Courses in India.

11  ISM( Institute of Stock Market)

The students at ISM get a meticulously designed curriculum, covering precisely all major aspects of Stock Market Courses.

The students get to experience a live trading eco system, aiding them to adapt easily, improvise and mould themselves consistently.

They equip the students with the means to astutely tackle the challenges and manage the risks involved in the world of stock market trading .At ISM, you can dive into your Trading and investing interests and develop your passion in the field of stock market.They offer Stock market Courses in both online and offline mode.So novice traders, moderate investors and full-time traders can take up this stock market course and benefit.They offer Regular courses,fast track courses, specific modules, advanced courses etc. The faculties here hold unmatched expertise in share trading arena and have always set new  benchmarks through innovatively designed curriculum.This institute continues to strive to be a notch above and deliver quality education to passionate students. .

They have a strong belief in effective mentorship coupled with a desire to learn, that paves the way for the relentless pursuit of excellence.This is what the institute aims at as well.

The ISM Stock Market Course makes every effort to offer the course in the best way possible.

They offer internship programs,library membership. The job openings are many as many land up in a very good job after completing this course.

The institute has a team of capable educatorswho possess decades of rich experience in analyzing, studying and simplifying the market .They lay the grounds for nurturing the future in share market.

The qualification is a minimum of 10th and the age requirement is 18 and above.

The students get an additional advantage to be part of the internship provided.The copilot program is an highlight in this institute.

ISM is definitely an institute to consider if you are looking for Stock Market Course as it falls under top 15 Stock Market Courses in India.

12.EDU COGNI (EduCogni)

EduCogni is a well-established institute of Stock Market and Trading Courses that offers a number of coursesthat help learners get hands-on experience in financial market strategies.EduCogni provides online as well as in-person training.

The courses are well-designed and structured for aspirants with dreams to establish an entry into financial market. The courses include Stock Market Courses, fundamental analysis, commodity trading , intra-day trading etc.All these courses are certified and well-recognised .

Why to choose EduCogni ?

  • The courses are well-equipped with powerful knowledge helping you emerge as a professional in the market.
  •  They teach practical implementation and help in understanding the stock market terminology.With these advantages, this institute offers  the leading Share Market Course. That attracts a large number of aspirants.
  • This Stock Market Course gives you an exposure to become a trader in various segments of the capital market.
  • Students get personalized learning with the help of potential instructors who share intensified knowledge for immediate use.
  • You can get your practical exercises and access to on-demand videos any time and anywhere.

There are many other related courses which the institute offers, along with an NiSM certification course .

By enrolling in this renowned institute, you can definitely make your dreams come true. So EduCogni’s Stock Market Course is an excellent choice as this institute falls under top15 Stock Market Course In India.

13 Professional Traders Academy(PTA)

Professional Traders Academy helps you master the market.This institute helps in directing  its students in the right path towards stock market techniques.There are many skills which a student can develop in Tecnical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis etc.The learning outcomes are many and varied.The student , on learning Trading Strategies, will be capable to Understand, Plan and Implement the strategies successfully.This institute offers many related courses also.

Professional Traders Academy( PTA)  is incorporated to provide right education to students about Stock Market Courses, commodity, Future Options Forex and Share Market Courses. 

Aspirants looking for looking for a stock market course, can definitely consider PTA as it falls under top 15 Stock Market CoursesinIndia

14 Finance IQ

Finance IQ designs and delivers the industry’s most up-to -datetraining courses in the fields of portfolio management,operations,capital markets,financial accounting, regulation and risk-management. They also provide  many additional related services.


Finance IQ is a registered association with National Association of State Boards of Accountancy(NASBA) 

The Stock Market course provides participants with a thorough review of the functioning of capital markets function, the securities and the key risks for market practitioners. This course walks through the participants through numerous real-world examples. It teaches  the way equities, bonds,currencies,asset-backed securities and derivatives are structured and valued. A significant feature of this course is the identification and analysis of the risks associated with the different types of securities and its implications.

Learning Objectives

  • This course helps in identifying and discussing the key risks involved in trading.
  • It helps identify and describe the main securities in equity, debt and derivative markets.
  • Students get to understand as to how various markets are structured and operate.
  • They learn the function of capital markets which encompasses a wide array of topics.
  • Their innovative courses help demystify the most important and complex components of the universe comprising of the capital markets.
  • This program gives a brief history of investing in emerging markets in today’s environment.
  • The course also highlights the risks within emerging markets as well as the products that are used in gaining market exposure.
  • The participants have an advantage of gaining a thorough understanding of the role that the emerging markets serve in today’s global marketplace.
  • The course combines innovative descriptions and examples with modern-day real-world applications.

Aspirants exploring Stock Market Courses can confidently look upto Finance IQ as it comes under top 15 Stock Markets Course in India.


Udemy’s complete Stock Trading Course is designed to bring you all the best performing trading tools, strategies and hacks that can be applied right away in order to profit from the stock market. This course helps you get a strong foundation in technical analysis . You will master how to use over 8+ powerful technical indicators that work incredibly well for stock trading.

Learning Outcome

  • You will learn all the Stock Trading Tools and Strategies with Real -World examples and master your Technical Skills in a very short time.
  • The candidate will be able to build a solid and  strong foundation for Stock Trading
  • You will learn ways to trade the Stock Market profitably.

 Membership Benefits

You get lifetime, unlimited access to this course.

You get access to up-to-date learning resources.

Students receive dedicated support from the course instructors and the learning community round the clock.

You are also assured of thirty-day money-back guarantee .

What more! If you are serious about money-making online by investing in the Stock Market , this Stock Market Course is definitely an option to consider as this falls under top 15 Stock Market courses in India.


The benefit of taking up a Stock Market Course is the opportunity to receive hands-on learning.By enrolling in the right stock market course, one can gain a lot of knowledge and expert advice.You can learn the techniques of Trading and learn tactics of reducing the chances of risk while investing.Most importantly you get to understand better about the stock market terminology which guides you through in investment.


Is it important to take up a course on Stock Market?

Yes it is important to take up a course in stock market .It is better to get trained before stepping into the world of stock market.It is essential to have a complete and deep knowledge and understanding so as to achieve success in this field.

2. What is the content of Stock market Course ?

This course gives a basic insight into financial jargons like Equities,IPOs, Derivatives, Technical Analysisof stock market, Macro economics and Financial Planning.

3.Are online Stock Market Courses beneficial?

You can take up a Stock Market Course online as many of the well-known institutes offer them.

4. Is stock market a good career?

Absolutely, a career in share market might prove to be a very good option besides vastopportunities for growth.With the steadily growing market in India, it is evident that those dealing with market shares can make a rewarding career.


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