Top 10 Stock Market Courses in Kolkata


Stock market courses in Kolkata offer valuable knowledge and skills for both beginners and experienced traders. These courses cover a wide range of topics, from fundamental analysis to technical analysis, helping individuals make informed investment decisions in Simpler form. Discover the top 10 stock market courses in Kolkata, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in investing.

How Does Stock Market Works?

The stock market is where people buy and sell shares of companies, which represent ownership. Investors hope for share prices to rise for profit or get dividends from company earnings. It’s influenced by company performance, the economy, and investor feelings, making it unpredictable. Firms use it to raise money, and individuals invest to grow wealth but need to research and consider risks and goals.

Investing in stocks is a smart way to grow wealth, but it’s not a leap you should take without guidance. Stock market courses are essential. In Kolkata, there are excellent options to boost your skills. Here, we’ll highlight the top 10 stock market courses in Kolkata for your consideration.

1. Henry Harvin Stock Market Specialist Course

Stock Market Specialist

Henry Harvin provides a well-liked stock market course in Kolkata that focuses on key skills for effective investment. This program teaches students how to properly navigate the stock market. Join to improve your investment abilities.

Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive learning: Covers various aspects of the stock market.
  • Practical approach: Emphasizes hands-on training and live market experience.
  • Industry-recognized certification: Provides a certification that’s valued in the job market.
  • Experienced instructors: Taught by seasoned professionals with industry expertise.
  • 100% job assistance: Helps with job placement and career growth.
  • Upon successful completion, participants receive a certification from Henry Harvin.
  • If you are not happy with our Stock Market Specialist Program after the first session, we will refund your complete payment.

Course Duration

  • Course duration ranges from 32 hours to 3 months, depending on the program.
  • Both online and self-paced training are available.
  • Course fee Rs.15000/-(online training) and Rs 13500(self-paced).
  • Membership: 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Analytics Academy.
  • Access to recorded films, games, projects, and case studies via e-learning.
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Stock Market Course

2. The Wall Street School India- Stock Market Course Training in Kolkata

The Wall Street School India is a renowned institution that offers stock market courses in a simplified manner. Their goal is to help students grasp financial market concepts by offering practical knowledge. The Wall Street School India is a valuable resource for those looking to gain expertise in the stock market.

Key Highlights

  • Emphasizes practical knowledge of financial markets.
  • Taught by seasoned experts in the field.
  • Prepares students for real trading and investment situations.
  • Provides support in job placement and career growth.
  • TWSS has prebuilt templates for analyzing a company’s financial health.

Course Details

  • Course Duration of 50 hours with validity 1 year.
  • The cost of a course varies based on the course we choose.
  • Simple course for non-finance candidates, with little jargon.
  • Active student community for posting questions and addressing problems. Monthly live session by TWSS promoters to discuss recent insights.
  • Online and offline classes, as well as self-paced training are available.

3.Share Trading Class- Stock Market Course

Stock Market Course

Share Trading Class Kolkata is a stock market course in Kolkata that simplifies the complexities of share trading. It focuses on providing practical knowledge and skills to help students understand and excel in the world of stock trading.

Key Highlights

  • Emphasizes practical skills and hands-on experience.
  • Expert Instructors: Taught by experienced professionals in the field.
  • Interactive Learning: Engaging teaching methods for better comprehension.
  • Real-world Scenarios: Prepares students for the actual stock trading situation.

Course Details

  • May offer Course Duration may vary based on the program ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months.
  • Course fees vary depending on the course we select.
  • Lifetime support and practice software will be provided.
  • Both online and offline classes.

4. NICS Computer – Share Trading Course

NICS Computer in Kolkata offers stock market courses that simplify complex financial concepts. They focus on practical learning, helping students understand the stock market effectively.

Key highlights

  • The course is meant for Investors or Active Traders who want to raise their game and have greater control over their investment/trading strategy.
  • Practical comprehension of stock market topics is prioritized.
  • Taught by experienced specialists in the field.
  • Using engaging instructional strategies to aid comprehension.
  • Designed to accommodate students from all kinds of backgrounds.

Course Details

  • NICS Computer offers two stock market courses: a Certificate in Stock Market, Short-term Courses, and a Diploma in Stock Market.
  • Classes are usually scheduled for two days a week, and each class lasts for 2 hours.
  • Course fees are listed on their website.
  • Options for Flexible Learning may provide both online and offline classes that meet different needs.
  • Study materials and online access are provided at no additional cost.

5. Kredent Academy – Stock Market Course for Beginners

Stock Market Course

For beginners, Kredent Academy’s “Stock Market Course for Beginners” is an excellent choice. This course provides a strong foundation in stock market fundamentals.  It’s an excellent choice for those looking to grasp the basics of stock trading.

Key Highlights

  • Covers techniques for entering and exiting trades.
  • Helps students choose a trading style that suits their goals.
  • Emphasizes real-world application of knowledge.
  • Taught by qualified experts in the field.
  • Certificate will be provided on completion of the course.

Course Details

  • One-month course with classes on weekdays in Kolkata (offline classes).
  • com provides online classes.
  • It offers flexible course timings to cater to the diverse schedules and needs of its learners.
  • Students can freely access a library with books on stocks, investments, trading, finance, and biographies.
  • Dedicated support team and placement assistance will be provided.

6. Booming Bulls Academy- Stock Market Course

Stock Market Course

Booming Bulls Academy is a top stock market institute in Kolkata, known for its beginners and simple stock market courses. It offers valuable insights and resources to enhance your trading journey.

Key Highlights

  • Covering various aspects of stock trading, including technical and fundamental analysis.
  • Hands-on experience and real-life case studies to apply theoretical knowledge.
  • Taught by skilled specialists in the field.
  • Programs like Forex trading that are currently popular worldwide are covered.

Course Details

  • Their website lists different course costs and schedules.
  • Three times a week, at 7.30 p.m., lessons are held throughout the week, and at 2 p.m. on weekends.
  • Our academy offers revision classes to review concepts, and you can attend them with upcoming live batches.
  • Online and offline classes are available.
  • Six months of WhatsApp and email support, course updates, and performance feedback.

7. SMTC Kolkata- Stock Market Training

SMTC is a leading offline stock market training platform in India, with a focus on financial market education in Kolkata. Their goal is to provide students with strong technical analysis skills for financial market success, while also encouraging their creativity and analytical ability so that they may excel as investors and traders.

Key Highlights

  • It offers high-quality course content and classroom training to provide step-by-step, authentic trading and investment education.
  • People who live in Kolkata and desire to learn their regional language can take part in this intensive program.
  • Courses ranging from beginner to advanced are provided.
  • Dedicated team of experts.

Course details

  • Duration and course fees may vary based on the specific program.
  • Only offline classes and a few record classes are available.
  • Provides Flexible Batches For Various Student Types.
  • weekend classes for working professionals who can’t attend on weekdays.
  • Offline stock market training in Bengali is offered by SMTC.

8. ElearnMarkets- Stock Market Courses

Stock Market Course

Elearnmarkets offers a wide range of courses catering to different aspects of the stock market. They have courses for beginners, advanced traders, and investors.

Key highlights

  • It teaches marketing strategies and many trading techniques for today’s market conditions.
  • Provides certified financial education and is jointly approved by the NSE Academy.
  • Basic Short-term and advanced courses.
  • Team qualified experts.

Course Details

  • The duration and course fees may vary depending on the program.
  • Self-paced short-term courses and certified online courses are available.
  • Free Basic learning from ELM school.

9. NIFTY Trading Academy- Stock Trading Course

NIFTY Trading Academy in Kolkata is known for its top-notch stock market courses, making it a trusted hub for stock trading in the city.

Key Highlights

  • Covers equity markets, derivatives, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.
  • Skilled team of instructors with in-depth stock market knowledge.
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools for a realistic market experience.
  • Offers NSE-recognized certification.

Course Details

  • Duration varies with flexible schedules to accommodate different commitments.
  • Course feels details available on their website.
  • Students benefit from continuous guidance from industry experts.
  • Assistance in navigating stock market complexities and making informed decisions.

10. Learning Sharks- Stock Market Course

Stock Trading Course

Learning Shark in Kolkata is well-known for its stock market education, which teaches vital trading skills and expertise, making it an excellent choice for aspiring investors.

Key Highlights

  • Offers courses in the basic of the stock market, technical analysis, and derivatives.
  • Provides 10+ courses tailored for beginners
  • Features 15+ experienced mentors who are also traders.
  • Prepares students for jobs and NISM/NCFM exams.

Course Details

  • Duration and fees vary depending on the module we select.
  • Both online and offline classes available.
  • Live interaction session and hands-on projects are part of the course.
  • Certification is provided once we complete the course.


In short, these top 10 stock market courses in Kolkata offer practical skills and expertise that will help you navigate the world of investments. These courses provide a solid foundation for success in the stock market, despite of your degree of experience or want to enhance your trading methods. Explore your alternatives, pick the one that best meets your needs, and start down the path to financial stability and prosperity.


1. What does the stock market course cover?

The course covers topics such as equity markets, derivatives, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis.

2. Do we need prior experience?

No, Courses are suitable for both beginners and experienced individuals.

3. How long is the course?

The course duration varies but offers flexible schedules to fit different time commitments.

4. Will we receive a certificate?

Yes, upon completion, we will get a recognized certificate.


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