Top 10 German Language Courses Online In India

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Why are German language Courses so popular nowadays in India?

German is the 2nd most trending language after French. People are joining German language courses in India for better job opportunities. In India, the scope of the German Language is really good. Because many leading german companies are setting their feet in India. For some business reasons, they want german fluent people to communicate with Indian customers or non-german speakers. Moreover, German fluent can have jobs in the German Embassy, as a German teacher, translator, content writer, and jobs in foreign also. The other advantage of learning the German language is that it is elementary to learn and practice. Most leading schools teach German from class 5th or 6th as a third language. 

german language course
German language courses

This article will provide you with all-inclusive knowledge of the top 10 German Language courses in India

1. Henry Harvin

At no 1, of the top 10 german language courses in India, Henry Harvin has been serving for nine glorious years.  They are conducting 7000+ classes per month which may surprise you. It has earned 1st rank amongst the top 5 upskilling Courses in India by India Today & The Tribune.

About the Course

  • Henry Harvin has designed the course in a creative way that it comprehends all the topics very effectively and easily. You will get to learn the vocabulary simply.
  • Additionally, you will learn grammatical concepts to enhance your control over the German Language.
  • However, they cover all the levels of the German Language from A1 to C2.
  • Moreover, you will be able to crack the German Language Exams like DSH, TestDaf, and Goethe-Institue Examination.


  •  Well-known qualified trainers with 15+years of experience.
  • Moreover, They will make you able to decipher authentic German texts.
  • In addition, World-class 2d live interactive sessions are taken by their trainers for better comprehension.
  • Trainers at Henry Harvin offer real-life projects to gain more confidence in the Language.
  • Henry Harvin provides top-notch internship assistance for hands-on experience.


  • You will earn a certificate of German Language Course recognized by the Govt of India by Henry Harvin.
  • Other than that, you will get weekly job assistance, recorded videos, one year of gold membership, boot camp sessions, hackathons, and many more.

In the table below, you will get a clear picture of the fee structure of the German Language Course online –

LevelDurationCourse Fee
A156 hrsINR 12500/-
A256 hrsINR 12500/-
B166 hrsINR 15500/-
B266 hrsINR 15500/-
C166hrsINR 17500/-
C266hrsINR 17500/-
German language courses

Other Courses provided by Henry Harvin are the Korean Language course, French language course, Mandarin language courses, Medical Coding Course, Digital Marketing Course, Accounting Taxation Course, Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Medical Writing Course, and more.

German Language Courses

2. Language Pantheon

At no two, in the list of top 10 german language Courses in India, Language Pantheon has been serving for the past 15+ years. They conduct various types of classes for different capability levels of students. Like, regular classes for people with ordinary learning capacity, and fast-track classes for fast learners. Likewise, super fast track classes, and special batches. 

german language course
German language courses online

About the course

  • They support the finest german language course for all levels from A1 to C2.
  • You can choose either online or offline classes as per your choice.
  • Classes are conducted on weekdays and weekends as per your choice.
  • Furthermore, they prepare you for the entrance exams of Aufnahme and TestDaf.
  • Plus, they provide proper grammar notes to all levels of German Language Courses.


  • They have 75+ experienced teachers from all over the world to give quality education.
  • The good thing is that their devoted staff is available 24*7 to support their students.
  • In addition, You will have access to the Whatsapp group where teachers and students can connect at any time.


  • You will get all your certificate from Max Mueller Bhawan. Here, they prepare you for the Goethe exam.
  • Language Pantheon will provide all the information regarding the Goethe exam; you don’t have to worry about that.

Have a look at the chart below to know about the fee structure of this German Language Course

levelDuration Course fee
A1140 hrsINR 15000
A2140 hrsINR 15000
B1140 hrsINR 16000
B2140 hrsINR 16000
C1140 hrsINR 16000
C2140 hrsINR 25000
German language courses

3. Edusky

The genuine institute among the top 10 German Language Courses in India, offers an exclusive program to give access to the basic German language. Their course is based on three attributes learning, practicing, and interacting. They focus on comprehensive explanations via presentations with exercises and revision.

German language Course
German language course

About the course

  • They administer the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 levels of the German language.
  • They have a fast-track program for fast learners.
  • They mainly concentrate on the mouldable program in practical German, which is necessary for daily life in Germany.
  • Flexible access to grammatical facts for better understanding.
  • The curriculum is designed so that a student can also learn about German culture and civilization.
  • Here, you will learn to write about yourself, prepare a resume and fill out forms in German.


  • Trainers at the Edusky German language Course are highly qualified and experienced.
  • Here, they keep the class size small so that teachers can focus on students individually.
  • Their trainers are Goethe Institut Certified.
  • Other than that, they focus on listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • Apart from this, Trainers give extra classes for doubt clearance and detailed information.


  • They facilitate their candidates with course completion certificates, but it is to be cleared that their certificate is not recognized worldwide.
  • But they prepare you for Goethe Certificate Examination.

Go through the chart beneath and know the duration of the course, but the institute does not provide the fee structure, to know more call the center- 092664 05050

levelsDurationFee structure
A1 (weekdays)10 weeks Not mentioned
A1(weekends)12 weeksNot mentioned
A2 (weekdays)10 weeks Not mentioned
A2 (weekends)12 weeksNot mentioned
B1 (weekdays)10 weeksNot mentioned
B2 (weekends)10 weeksNot Mentioned
German language courses

4. Goethe Institut

Among the top 10 German Language Courses in India, Goethe Institut is recognized worldwide. This institute follows a higher standard of teaching. Their main focus is on broadening the student’s vocabulary and practicing, listening, and reading despite speaking.

german language course
German language courses

 About the course

  • At Goethe, they cover levels A1, A2, B1, B2, or C1.
  • One-to-one online sessions so that you can interact with the group and your teacher.
  • Customized courses for better understanding and fast learning.
  • The German language Course is divided into chapters to lessen confusion.
  • Grammatical facts are provided with each chapter.


  • Highly qualified teachers are available 24*7. You can connect with them any time you need
  •  They also provide a self-guided learning app on your smartphone for self-help.
  • Here you can learn at your speed, you don’t need to catch up with their speed.
  • .
levelsDuration Course fee
A170-85 hrsINR 4500
A270-85 hrsINR 4500
B170-85 hrsINR 4500
B2 or C170-85 hrsINR 4500

German Language courses
german language course
German language courses

5. Evolanguage

Among the list of top 10 German Language Courses in India, Evolanguage has been taught in a stress-free and simple way for the past 19 glorious years. They make it fast through their Rapid Immerse Method. They teach the language with a wide range of topics for better clarification with one-on-one learning sessions.

About the course

  • They offer all the levels required to reach proficiency in the German Language from A1 to C2.
  • Live and online courses with tailored crash courses.
  • Here, you will get study material, recorded videos, a German grammar e-book, standard survival kit of the German language.
  • Additionally, They will make you learn the native language through plays, discussions, presentations,s and essay writing.


  • Skilled and expert trainers will improve your vocabulary (200 words per week) and expand your grammatical understanding.
  • Here, teachers will boost your confidence and motivation to communicate in German.
  • Plus, Teachers’ preference is to practice hard to break the barriers of a new language.
  • In addition, teachers organize short weekend trips to enhance communication and connection with other leisure activities.


  • You will be prepared for the certification of telc, TestDaf, and DSH exams.
  • The certificate of participation is also allotted to the candidate after the end of the course.

A chart is given below to inform you about the fee structure and duration of the course 

German language levelsDurationCourse fee
A11 month379 Euros
A21 month379 Euros
B11 month379 Euros
B21 month379 Euros
C11 month379 Euros
C21 month379 Euros
German language Courses

6. DeutschAkademie

Now moving forward in the Top 10 German Language Courses in India, DeutschAkademie is serving high-quality courses from many parts of the world. They give real-life experience through role-plays, dialogues, writing, and listening exercises. They form groups of a maximum of 12 participants for less divided attention of trainers. Your success is their top-most priority.

german language course
German language course

About the course

  • The academy effectively teaches the german language levels from A1 to C2 with fun.
  • Plus, one-to-one interaction is offered via video conferencing.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you feel unsatisfied after the first class.
  • In addition, you will have user-friendly software to enhance efficiency.
  • Their course is structured according to CEFR for language.


  • Trainers at the academy are proficient and helpful from their native country.
  • The trainers conduct free placement tests.
  • Moreover, they provide online assistance for help during the training period.
  • Plus, teachers are selected based on their education, experience, and personality.

In the chart below, you will know about the fee and duration of the course.

levelsDurationFee structure
A1 (A1.1+A1.2)2 monthsEUR 295*2
A2 (A2.1+A2.2)2 monthsEUR 295*2
B1 (B1.1+B1.2)2 monthsEUR 295*2
B2 (B2.1+B2.2)2 monthsEUR 295*2
C1 (C1.1+C1.2)2 monthsEUR 295*2
C2 (C2.1+C2.2)2 monthsEUR 295*2
German language Courses

7. SmarterGerman

Next in the list of top 10 German language Courses in India, SmarterGerman is the leading institute owned by Mr. Michael Schmitz, who has 20 years of teaching experience. Here, you can reach level B1 in no time. SmarterGerman uses an innovative method of teaching, unlike other institutes. The best part is you can join this course even if you cannot afford it. We can say that SmarterGerman is helping needy students this way. Plus, it completely depends on how long you want to continue. 

german language course

About the course,

  • SmartGerman covers levels from A1 to C1. If you know nothing about the German language, go for A1, and if you are at a particular level, you can go for the next level.
  • Their course is totally customized that is based on the curriculum of CEFR.
  • They provide an inclusive online program that means you learn anytime or anywhere.
  • The logic is deciphered behind every exercise they provide.
  • Here you will get to learn grammar with catchy songs rather than regular methods.
  • Once enrolled, you will have access to their course for 5 years.


  • High-quality recorded videos of well-known teachers are provided which will give you the experience of a private instructor.
  • However, there are no live teachers here but you can join an online meeting weekly with the founder of the institute.

Now, have a look down the chart to know the fee structure and the duration-

Levels DurationCourse fee
A130 to 50 hrsUSD 249
A230 to 50 hrsUSD 249
B130 to 50 hrsUSD 249
B230 to 50 hrsUSD 249
C130 to 50 hrsUSD 249
German language Courses

8. Ajinorah

The most desirable course among the top 10 German Language Courses in India, Ajinorah brings everything you need to set up your career in India or abroad. The finest institute assists and prepares you for overseas education and jobs. You can hear thousands of success stories from their happy students. 

german language course

About the course

  • You will get here coaching for all the levels from A1 to C2.
  • They give you the facility of online classes in which you can interact with your trainers one-to-one.
  • Even, you can opt evening or morning batch as per your priority.
  • Here, you wouldn’t feel like an outsider, everyone from the staff treat each student in a respectful manner.
  • Plus, They offer world-class sessions, discussions, and debates.
  • Their mission is to show you the path to success on which you can start your journey.


  • Proficient and experienced trainers help you achieve your goals of learning the German language in a convenient way.
  • Trainers have structured innovative courses for students with different levels of ability to attain the highest scores.
  • They guide each student individually and study material is also given personally.
  • Trainers are available at any time for students with different time zone.
  • Here, the faculty believes in mutual growth and benefits.

Fee structure and duration of the german language course

Now let’s talk about the duration and fee structure, Ajinorah doesn’t have a fixed duration for any course. It is up to you, how much time you take to complete the course. And the fee is charged 5000 INR per month. This means if you complete 1 level in a month then you will have to pay 5000 INR per level.

9. Yes Germany

german language courses
German language courses

One of the best academies, among the top 10 German Language Courses in India, yes Germany is serving for 17 splendid years. They have made the trust of the people for decades. They never compromise with quality. Their goal is to satisfy the customers. They provide online and offline classes to anyone, irrespective of age. 

About the german language course

  • Yes Germany offers German Language levels from A1 to B2 which is sufficient for a comfortable living in Germany and getting a job.
  • They have many centers in various cities of the country for remote candidates.
  • They believe in the different personalities of every individual that’s why they organize entire batches accordingly to support each student.
  • It is a certified course so you will get the certificate of yes Germany to prove your ability. 


  • Here, the faculty team members teach the german language in an innovative manner.
  • While teaching they continuously motivate candidates to keep their enthusiasm alive from beginning to end.

Fee structure and duration of the german language course

Yes Germany has not mentioned the fee r duration but they clarify that if you feel unsatisfied with the course within 15 days, 75% of the fee will be refunded, and 50 % after 30 days, and so on.

10. Institute of German Studies

try hard to learn german language course
join the German language course to fulfill your dreams

Last but not least, in the list of top 10 German Language Courses in India, the Institute of German Studies serves high-quality education to all age group people. They have a specialized program for young students. They will not teach you just the language, but German lifestyle, and culture too. 

About the course

  • They provide coaching for levels A1, A2, and B1 which is sufficient.
  • On the contrary, they don’t prepare you for any entrance exams although they conduct test series for your assessment.
  • Besides, the study material is also provided for home practice.
  •  Plus, Mock tests are also organized for regular assessments.
  • You will also get doubt-clearing sessions if you are stuck at any point.
  • Moreover, a revision session makes you perfect.


  • Best teachers from India and abroad are hired for quality services.
  • Friendly and dedicated teachers to provide you with a  homely environment.

Now its time to check the duration and fee structure to have a clear picture of the institute-

levelDurationtionCourse fee
A12 monthsINR 12000
A22 monthsINR 11000
B12 monthsINR 12000
German language Courses


As you all know that everyone has different personalities similarly these top 10 German language courses are different too by their methods, duration, fees, facilities, etc. However, these courses try to serve best in their field, but you will have to choose which one suits you more. Although. One thing is confirmed, these courses are purely authentic and have no fraud. So, to pursue a career in the German language, shift to Germany, or just for fun, join any of these courses to fulfill your dreams.


Q2- What percentage of students get success in Goeth exams?

Ans- Almost, 90 percent of students get success in the Goethe exams.

Q-Are German Language Courses challenging to learn?

Ans- In starting, every language is difficult to learn. However, when we invest time and show enthusiasm, nothing is difficult. Although, German is considered to be an easy language compared to other native languages.



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