How to be an Article Writer in 2023


    Writing for the web or offline can be a great way to make a name for yourself. But it’s not easy – it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to produce high-quality content. If you want learn ‘How to be an article writer’, you need to follow these tips.

    In this post, we’re going to discuss the different steps you need to take in order to become an excellent article writer. From research to drafting to editing and publishing, we’ll cover everything you need to know in order to produce high-quality content. So read on and start writing your next great article!

    how to become a article writer

    Extensive Reading

    • Reading, reading, and reading on a daily basis is the key to becoming a great article writer. Nobody can stop you from becoming an excellent writer if you are an avid reader who considers books to be friends. 
    • You should read as many different topics as possible. It is a universal fact that authors in specific genres are enthusiastic readers.
    • Readers all over the world are unanimous about this fact. They believe reading helps you imbibe the qualities of awareness and compassion too.

    Intense Research

    • To become an article writer, you must conduct extensive research on the topic matter. When creating an essay, thorough research with correct facts and data is essential. 
    • For example, if you are writing a biography of someone, you must conduct extensive research in order to make it engaging and readable.
    • When you start researching, you will discover fresh angles and viewpoints that you had not considered before. It allows you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the article’s topic.  Thus, research is a very important part, while writing an article irrespective of age and experience.

    Knowledge of current affairs

    • To become an article writer, you must conduct extensive research on the topic matter. When creating an essay, thorough research with correct facts and data is essential. 
    • For example, if you are writing a biography of someone, you must conduct extensive research in order to make it engaging and readable.
    • When you start researching, you will discover fresh angles and viewpoints that you had not considered before. It allows you to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the article’s topic.  Thus, research is a very important part, while writing an article irrespective of age and experience.
    • There are several article writing formats. You may believe that knowledge of current events is not required for your specific area of expertise.
    • Keeping up with current events will help you improve as a writer. It allows you to learn new things about a variety of subjects. This also offers fresh data sources for you to use in your article, regardless of the topic.
    • Current affairs, like research, assist you in producing higher-quality articles increasing your output as an article writer.

    Jot down important points

    • While reading when something captures your attention, pen down the significant points. 
    • There is so much to research, that you will definitely pitch across material that will be useful to you.
    • If you do not take notes or strive to memorize them, you will eventually forget the material. Taking thorough notes maintains all of the information in one location. It allows you to access it whenever you want.
    • On the other hand, if you simply write notes and keep them locked up, they will be useless. As a result, you’ll have to make an effort to access the notes you’ve made. That’s how you remember them.
    • One of the techniques here is to write significant elements from your notes on sticky notes. You may then adhere the sticky.

    Simple language

    • While writing, keep an eye out for grammatical and spelling issues.
    • An excellent command of the language is essential for becoming a good writer.
    • So, when writing, keep the language simple for easy readability.

    Watch informational videos

    • Reading is just as vital as watching informative films on various topics. Informational videos include a plethora of information that, unexpectedly, may be put to good use while writing various articles. Whether your piece is a blog, how-to, descriptive article, review, or narration, you may supplement it with intriguing data.
    • This will help to get the attention of your intended readers. You will have a significant influence on them. By introducing new components, you develop and add originality to your work.
    • Anything you write will always be there. You must engage your creative side. Try to understand how you feel about the issue.

    Write Topic of Interest

    • Before you begin your adventure as an article writer, you must first discover the areas that spark your interest. There are so many themes to pick from, in so many categories.
    • You must use extreme caution while deciding where to work. You will have no experience when you first begin. Furthermore, other than your portfolio, you will have nothing to build your qualifications on. Now, your portfolio will be a crucial part of your career as an article writer.
    • So, pick a topic on which you can write in an interesting manner.

    Types of Article Writing

    Listed below are the different types of article writing courses which would fuel your imagination power and enhance your writing skills.

    Creative writing 

    how to be an article writer

    It is an art and typically involves fiction, poetry and story writing.  The writer has the freedom to pen down their imagination, emotions and invention in a very fascinating manner. Creative writing focuses on original style of writing and not defined by pre-existing structures and formats. 

    Although this concept is somewhat ambiguous, creative writing is often defined as any sort of writing that is original and expressive of oneself. It is usually distinguished by a concentration on narrative craft, with an emphasis on components such as character development, narrative, and plot, infusing its framework with creativity, inventiveness, and tale.

    In this sense, creative writing may be defined as any writing of modern, original composition that is not restricted by established norms and employs a wide range of materials in its craft.

    Types of Creative writing

    • Biographies
    • Essays
    • Scripting
    • Novels
    • Short stories
    • Speeches

    Scope of Creative writing

    Novels, memoirs, travelogues, and other genres may all be written by good creative authors. The scope of creative writing extends into today’s industries, as well as a few more, discussed below:

    Job Titles includes

    • Copywriters
    • Scriptwriters
    • Academic writers
    • Novelist
    • Columnist
    • Ghost writers

    In an academic context, creative writing classes are usually separated into fiction, poetry, or scriptwriting, with an emphasis on writing in a unique manner that is not defined by pre-existing structures and genres.

    However, learning the basics of creative writing can make you use the language in a way that expresses their ideas and emotions in a meaningful way.

    Medical writing 

    how to be an article writer

    It dedicatedly focuses on scientific and health information, medical communication including research reports,  consumer  information and regulatory documents. 

    Besides, medical writing is a respected field. Medical writers explain documents, communicate news, and conduct research that improves health outcomes and saves lives every day. 

    Types of Medical writing:

    • Regulatory writing
    • Scientific publications
    • Health communication 
    • Medical communicators

    Scope of Medical writing

    The career prospects in medical writing are vast. Now the career is not restricted to doctors and scientists in medicine. Now  there is huge opening in medical as a medical writer with various job opportunities described below:

    Job Titles includes

    • Associate medical writer
    • Senior Medical writer
    • Consultant medical writer
    • Freelance medical writer

    Their responsibilities and possibilities change all the time, whether they’re authoring peer-reviewed publications about clinical trials, promoting cutting-edge equipment, or teaching health care professionals and the general public. It is a satisfying and booming career for students from the science stream.

    Seo content writing 

    how to write a blog post

    It is described as creating optimized content in order to rank higher in Google search results. It is the art of writing that delivers targeted visitors from search engines to your website. 

    Types of SEO content writing

    • Website blog writing
    • Product writing
    • Descriptive writing
    • Personal blog writing
    • Social media writing
    • E-books
    • Newsletters

    Scope of SEO writing
    SEO writing is comprehensive writing and is in great demand nowadays. Every Industry requires a SEO content writer to write an impressive blog for the growth of their online business to rank on top of google search engine.

    Job Titles includes:

    • SEO content writer
    • SEO copywriter

    To rank on Google, SEO writing requires high-quality material that is optimized around certain keywords. Nevertheless, SEO focuses on increasing a site’s rating in the organic (non-paid) segment of search results.

    Technical writing

    how to be an article writer

    Writing or composing technical communication utilized in technical and vocational domains such as computer hardware and software, architecture, engineering, chemistry, aeronautics, robotics, finance, medical, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and forestry is known as technical writing.

    Types of Technical writing

    • White papers
    • Case studies
    • SDK documentation (software development kit)
    • User guides
    • Business writing

    Scope of technical writing

    The scope of a technical writer is growing every year. People understand its significance and are becoming more serious about it as a career path.  The average technical writer salary scale ranges between INR 3 lakhs to 10 lakh per annum

    Job titles includes

    • Content developers
    • Content writers
    • Documentation specialist
    • Manual writers
    • Policy writers
    • Product writers

    Technical writing is the art of providing a detailed – oriented instruction to help users understand a specific skill or product.

    Business writing

    how to write a blog post

    It is a writing that is used as a communication tool by corporates and other professional entities. Business writing is defined as purposeful written professional communication with the goal of informing, directing, explaining, requesting, or influencing the recipient’s behavior. 

    Types of Business writing

    Scope of Business writer’s

    For the growth of the business writer’s should plan and write the business strategies in a very calculative way.  The scope for business writer’s is in demand with the competitive approach in the business world.

    Job titles include

    As a result, the writer must have a message that is legible and understandable to their target audience.

    What makes an article great?

    There are a few things that make an article great. These includes:

    • Concise and to the point: An article should be neither too long nor too short. The reader should be able to get the main points in a few sentences.
    • Interesting and engaging: The reader should be able to stay interested in the article even if it doesn’t have a lot of meat on the bones.
    • Good grammar and spelling: You should make sure your grammar and spelling are correct, as mistakes can easily turn readers off.
    • No plagiarism: Unless you have the written permission of the original author, you should not copy their work. This will give the author the opportunity to get their work out there and be noticed, rather than you are getting credit for it.

    What are the benefits to be an article writer?

    Nowadays, the growth as an article writer is tremendous and can be taken as a full-time career by the ardent writers.

    Besides, article writing is the hottest and most rewarding career. The writing is not limited to any particular field.  You can write anything that you are well-versed with. 

    Writing has an infinite number of themes and may be pursued as a profession by a student, a homemaker, a retired person, or as a part-time employment by anybody who has a talent for writing.

    On the contrary, the growth of article writing is on an increase and candidates from all genres who have a passion for writing are moving towards becoming an excellent writer in their respective fields. 

    However, the salary of a writer is based on its article and experience. Whether fresher or experienced, you can earn an average salary between Rs.2.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs initially. 

    Also, there are several advantages of taking up an article writing course to improve your writing abilities and become a great writer.

    A glance at the benefits of becoming an article writer

    • You can begin a freelance career in article writing and serve in various industries.
    • Increased brand awareness
    • Increased website traffic
    • Contribution to online and offline audience
    • Freedom & power to put up ideas in various ways.
    • Will be able to serve SEO & digital marketing content requirements.
    • Learn blog writing, article writing, product writing, SEO writing by creating high quality and impressive articles.
    • Your ability to create topics on different subjects will increase.
    • You can become a reputed writer in the market
    • You will be able to create an impeccable blog post with quality information for the readers.
    • This profession will allow you to earn a decent monthly package.
    • Write intriguing articles that will impact the readers lives.

    How to write a blog post?

    If you have spent time on the internet, you must be familiar with the blog posts. You can write a blog on your area of expertise. Blogging can serve multiple purposes. There are various subjects you can write a blog on such as food, health, social ideas, tourism and many more. There are no boundaries for writing a topic you are passionate about, and driving traffic to your website in an effective manner.

    Here is an effective way to ‘how to write a blog post’:

    • Choose a Topic of interest- for example if you have traveled to a beautiful destination do write on the experience of your travel experience and the place.
    • Do a thorough research on the topics facts and figure – always make sure that the information given on the blog is of relevance and useful for readers.
    •  Informative blogs – anyone can write a blog post, but not everyone’s blog is worth reading. Some blogs may be very long, and the reader might not read the entire blog. 
    • Make a fascinating storyline – by giving examples and making it intriguing for the readers!
    • Ensure that you write a blog that has catchy headlines.
    • Finally, your blog is ready to get published

      Moreover, you need to pay for the following if it is your personal blog:
    • Hosting
    • Domain name
    • Website design services (unless you plan to design for yourself)

    Hence with the above-mentioned tips for the blog, you can become a successful article writer in 2023. Article writing is nothing but playing with simple words.   With the help of this article, you can  begin your career as an article writer. it ‘s never too late to begin a career


    We hope you enjoyed our blog post on how to become an excellent article writer. Becoming an excellent article writer doesn’t require a lot of experience or special skills; it simply requires taking the time to learn the basics. In our blog post, we outlined the steps you need to take to become an excellent article writer. We hope that this article was of help to you, and that you will continue to develop your writing skills. 

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    Q:1 How long does it take to write an article?

    Ans: It really doesn’t take long if you understand the subject. If the length of the article is longer, then it will take 1-2 days, and if the content is shorter then it can be written in a few hours.

    Q:2 How do you research a target audience?

    Ans: Use Surveys to collect data, perform market research, and look at competitor analysis to target the ideal audience.

    Q:3 What are the common mistakes in article writing?

    Ans: Too long or too short content length, plagiarism, lack of variation in sentences, writing with passive voice, monotonous topics etc. are some of the common mistakes in article writing.

    Q:4 What points to remember when writing an article?

    Ans: The topic should be catchy, and the writing should be done in an active voice. Write with the intended audience in mind and avoid plagiarism to generate a distinctive piece.

    Q:5 Is there any criteria to become an article writer?

    Ans: No, there is no specific criteria to be an article writer. The only thing required is passion for writing and willingness to learn and grow.


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