upGrad Data Science Review in 2023 (Don’t Ignore)



All aspect of human life is modified to data by the electronic equipment people handles daily. The increased data is directly corresponding to the development in apparel devices, loT, Tweets, mobile communication, etc. Google drives more than 60,000 searches per second, Twitter handles 5 lakh tweets per day, more than 160 million emails were sent each day. these are collected into the database. This accumulation is ever known to humankind. The concept of big data is getting bigger every second. The impact of data in the Indian economy is becoming significant day by day.50% of the Indian economy will be constituted by the data-driven digital market in 2030. Upgrad has an aesthetic and dynamic path who were looking to switch their careers to data science because of its very effective branding and advertising strategy.

What is Data Science?

In the digital markets, the major hurdle is finding data perception. The surplus data makes it difficult for organizations to identify the right perception of data. The unstructured raw data collected by various sources can be easily dealt with in data science and data analytics. A combination of mathematics, statistics, programming, and capturing data in innovative ways, the activity of cleansing, and aligning the data are called the study of data science. This is a canopy of data manipulation techniques to infuse information from data. Data analytics is the science of examining the collected raw data to generate useful information. The algorithmic or manual process to attain perception into the data.

 Examples of Data Science

upGrad data science and data analytics applications have a huge influence on our life. In an internet search, digital advertisements are primary examples of data science’s application. All digital advertisements gradually transfer from television to the internet. One who contributes their time on the internet then they are creating their own data of the behavior patterns helps the advertisement companies to analyzes and reduced a specified advertisement to the social media page. The health care industry is an innovator in the data analytics field. One of the first industries to tackle the technological advancements of data analytic techniques in the healthcare industry. For research and development purposes the industries like Travel and tourism, gaming, oil, and natural resource management use data analytics and big data. 

Application of Data Science

In our everyday routine Data science has become an extrication

1. Recommender systems

Do you remember, the suggestions about similar products on Amazon? They not only help the user to find relevant products from billions of products available with them but also adds a lot to the user experience.  The user’s previous results suggest recommendations.

2. Internet Search

Data science algorithms are used by search engines to provide the best search result for searched queries in a fraction of seconds


Today fitness trackers and apps help people to lead a life that is more active, eat healthier and control their weight. There are devices that monitor heart rate, sleep patterns, and provide a diagnosis. Prevention is the best cure with big data science, eve to keep the health in check

4. Supply chain management and delivery

  Logistics companies DHL, FedEx, UPS, which had improved the operational efficiency have discovered the best routes to ship, the best suited time to deliver, the best mode of transport. The usage of Data science provides a lot of possibilities that these companies generate using GPS installed.

5. Image Recognition

Today face recognition is not big a deal. It offers to tag other friends on social media photos; it uses goofy masks in Snapchat, Instagram, and webcam programs.

Importance of Data science career and its importance

Data science is becoming important. It is the period in technology where everyone wants to master this technology. It pays high when compared to other industries.

Data science will remain stable even if the world moves on to AI because the knowledge of data science background is needed. Data science is gaining popularity among new aspirants. The domain of data science has vast expansion and it brought a major transformation in the way businesses work. In this digital era, many companies are making use of Data science as a way to increase productivity. This transformation made the organization face an entirely different leadership challenge. Data science for leaders will introduce new technologies and tools to ensure that the business’s future is fixed in the digital age. By learning Data science the learner can identify new skills and abilities. They can develop a strategic plan to manage change within the team or organization.

A wide range of industries automotive, entertainment, healthcare, media, retail, and telecommunication needs professionals with the skill of data science.

Potential job titles for leaders with  data science skills

  • Analytics consultant
  • Analytics specialist
  • Big Data developer
  • Chief  information officer
  • Chief technology officer
  • Digital product director
  • Digital innovation officer
  • Director of the strategy
  • Program Analyst, Program Manager.
  • Some of the courses related to Data Science
  • Postgraduate  DataScience course
  • Data science with python
  • Data Science with R Course
  • Python for Data Science course 
  • R course for Data science course 

1. upGrad‘s PG Programme in Data Science

This program is India’s first executive postgraduate program from IIBT developed by NASSCOM. It is government-approved. This program has 9 segments and each segment has different assignments. It is a 1-year online program. The faculty of the program is an alumnus of the prestigious institutes, IIMand IIT. They were experienced and were experts in their domain. They share real-life job experiences.

The significance of the program

The program offers provision for six specializations, the learner can choose anyone as per their background and career aspirations.upgrad PG program has14+programming Tools and languages in its data science course. Predictive Analytics using python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data, Natural Language processing are the top skills taught in this program.

The benefits of the program

The one-to-one career counseling and mock interviews help to enhance personal development, confidence, and career essential soft skills. This program provides a complementary python programming Bootcamp which is designed for working professionals. The fee structure of the course is 2,99,000.

2. upGrad ‘s Master of Science in Data science

This program is associated with a master’s from Liverpool John Moores University. LiverpoolJohnMoores university online program offered by upgrad at1/10th cost of the offline program.Upgrad offers access to the digital library of liverpoolJohn MooresUniversityand the course is NASSCOM certified. The duration of the course is an 18-month online course. This course is divided into 11 parts with different assignments in each part. The faculty are from Liverpool JohnMoores University who was highly expertise in their domain.

The significance of the program

The program is an online course for working professionals. Statistics, predictive Analytics using python, Machine Learning, Data visualization, Big DataAnalytics, etc. Engineers, marketing and sales professionals, freshers, domain experts, software, and professionals prefer this course. It offers global access to opportunities and has 500+hours of learning.

Benefits of the program

The program has the benefits of fortnight group mentorship with industry mentors. It is an industry-based education institute that provides 360-degree job assistance with topmost firms. This program is recognized by WES. The fees structure of the program is Rs 4,99,001/

3. upGrad’s Master of Science (Data Science)

This course is associated with Chandigarh University. The online program of Chandigarh university is depicted and delivered by the university can inaugurate its online degree program. National Assessment and Accreditation Council have awarded A+grade university for Chandigarh university. It is UGC entitled and AICTE approved. The duration of the course is2- a year online course and it is divided into four semesters, each semester has assignments and projects.

The Significance of the program

The program offers a master’s degree in Data Science online. Fundamentals of programming(R/Python)Data visualization, statistical methods, Design, and Analysis of algorithms are the top skills taught at Upgrad.

It helps in placement assistance in the search for a job.

The benefits of the program

The post-completion of the program provides 5 interview opportunities and placement and internship. The free career essential soft skills and aptitude coaching, mock interviews, and resume building are offered with placement assistance. In the third semester, guidance from industry mentors is provided, and in the fourth semester, there are industry-based projects. The course provides1-month free access to the contents of UPgrad.RS1,20,000 is the course fee.

4. upGrad’s Professional certificate program in data science for Business Decision making

This course is associated with Kozhikode. In India, NIRF has ranked 6thplace for IIM Kozhikode. Data Analyst Manager, Data science leader, Business Manager are the job position available after completion of the course. The duration of the course is 8 months online which is suggested 8-10 hours a week.

The significance of the program

The program has 20 + live sessions. It has 5+expert coaching sessions with 3 industry projects. It offers access to e-content of 200 +hours. Excel, Tableau, and python are the bases of this course. Business problem solving, Basics of statistics, Machine learning, and Data Science are the top skills that the students will learn at Upgrad. The program fee is INR1,50,000/

5. upGrad’s Advanced certificate program in Data science

This program is from IIITB. The students will receive an Advanced certificate program in data science from IIIT Bangalore.after successfully completing the courses in this program. The student can get the job at the position of Data Analyst, Data scientist, Data engineer, product analyst, Machine Learning engineer, Decision scientist. The duration of the course is7 a months online program in the form of interactive classes and videos, cases, and projects. The faculty of the program is an alumnus of IIT andIIM, a prestigious institution. Statistics, python programming, predictive analytics using python, EDA, basic and advanced machine learning algorithms.

The fee structure of this course is  Rs 99,000/

6.upGrad’s Executive program in DataScience

This executive program is from IIIT Bangalore. The students who achieve 3+ CGPA in the program will receive an additional Honors certificate. The duration of the course is a 1- year online program in the form of interactive classes with 12-15 hours per week.

The significance of the course

This program is designed for working professionals. It includes python, MySQL, Tableau, and more. It provides 60+ plus projects and e-learning content with timely doubt resolution. It also provides optional modules for upskilling, The program fee for this course is Rs 2,60,000.


There is a great deal of comprehensive material in upGrad programs. Excellence in academics and industry are brought together in the Up grad program. Data scientists are highly responsible for determining business success


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