Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Delhi: 2023 (Leaked)


Creative Writing is innovation and articulation of our thoughts. It is a type of writing that propels you to indite and show creativity in the write-up. It includes poetry, plays, movie and television scripts, Fiction (novels, novellas, and short stories), songs, speeches, Memoirs, and personal essays. The magnificent write-up can entice avid readers and help to explore the segment of writing.

Creative writing courses in Delhi can help you to comprehend the basic concepts of this course.

Top Online Creative Writing Courses in Delhi

1.Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin is the renowned and ranked number one institute that helps you to perpetuate an incredible form of writing in your mind. It is one of the most discerning creative writing courses in Delhi that assist you to compose engaging Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Drama, and poetry that will intrigue readers from the start to the end of your piece of writing.

It enhances the core techniques of writing skills and helps you to move forward in your career. It provides a hundred percent practical training in creative writing. It uses incredible methods of teaching. You can comprehend the principles of writing after enrolling in Henry Harvin. You can build up strong foundations and create realistic fictional characters. It can help you to imbibe the qualities of a creative writer as it shows you the right direction in creative writing. They can assist you in this course by offering various facilities. 

Benefits of Creative writing courses from Henry Harvin

  • This online creative writing course will help you craft a Cathay write-up to mesmerize your readers. Moreover, they also expedite your writing skills to become a successful creative writer.
  • It gives you hands-on experience in the creative writing segment. You can learn diverse avenues of writing with Henry Harvin to fascinate your target audience. 
  • You can also become proficient in creative writing courses in Delhi that help you to gain recognition in the market.
  • You will get the most rewarding certificate of CCWS that will help you flourish in your gleaming career. Henry Harvin assures you the best platform to learn the different styles of writing and augment your performance. It is the best time to touch the skyscrapers and fulfill your dreams with Henry Harvin.
  • It is rightly said that learning is the modification of behaviour and, you can even learn on a virtual platform at your own pace. Furthermore, you can explore creative writing courses for your better upcoming.
  • You can improve your way of writing by using idioms, similes, metaphors, and dialogues, etc. It will help you to improve your writing skills. You can learn at your own pace and become an expert writer and reach the milestone of your career.
  • Fees for this course are affordable, that is just Rs.- 8550. 

Henry Harvin offers other courses to select your area of interest.

  • Content Writing Courses- It helps to comprehend the tips and tricks of writing. Moreover, it will help you to develop your content strategy.
  • Medical Writing Courses-  Henry Harvin enables you to understand pharmaceutical regulatory as well as medico-writing.
  • Technical Writing Courses- They help you to understand the drafting of the technical documents.

2. Wesleyan University Creative Writing Specialization- Coursera

Coursera is one of the best options for creative writing courses that teach learners effectively. Trained instructors will guide you through the learning process and ensure the best service. It gives exposure to the fundamentals of creative writing courses for beginners.

The creative writing courses provided by this institute don’t conduct screening for the students. Anyone can enroll and expedite their skills. You can learn and acquire knowledge of creative writing courses at your own pace. Online creative writing courses in Delhi can lead you to achieve success in this course.

Facilities to reach the pinnacle of your career in creative writing.

  • The Online writing community scribophile proffers a 30% discount on their membership.
  • There will be no screening for the candidates that can reduce your pressure.
  • Instructors will teach at the beginners level so that you can comprehend the basics of creative writing.
  • Assignments are judged at a superficial level. Learners will avail online video lectures and online assignments.
  • You can handle critical hands-on projects. Furthermore, You can attend different workshops for your better upcoming. You can analyze the write-up and augment your cognitive skills. Develop the skillset in creative writing and rise in your future.
  • It covers the prominent parts of creative writing like short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs.
  • The duration, of course, is four weeks long. It is a free writing course.

3. Xavier Institute of Communications

Xavier Institute of Communications offers the best creative writing courses in Delhi. This course is taught in Mumbai. They can effectively teach you and use different methods to give them exposure to different writing styles.

Advantages in Creative Writing Courses

  • This institute proffers a course named creative writing workshop. It is taught for eight sessions of two hours each for a better understanding of the learning process.
  • Well-qualified instructors will guide you through live instances and interactive sessions.
  • Creative writing courses from this institute are affordable for everyone. Moreover, it has flexible timings for the convenience of students.
  • Renu Balakrishnan and Himali Kothari are two instructors who guide students through various instances.
  • This institute does not merely help students to comprehend the basics of the mode of writing. However, It helps you to understand the core concepts of the writing segment.
  • This institute will make your writing effective. It will also motivate you and give you the best platform to rise in the writing field.
  • It will help you with the precise knowledge of creative writing. Furthermore, equip you with a variety of writing for your further growth in this field.

4. British Council of India

It is the leading institute in Delhi and Kolkata. Candidates who ought to enroll in this course have to pass a level at the center which costs Rs 600. It offers different creative writing courses in Delhi. The total fees for these courses are cheap; it is just Rs 13,000. It will provide a conducive learning environment.

Appealing Approach for the Aspiring Learners

  • It provides a nine-week intensive course to equip you with detailed knowledge of creative writing.
  • You can attend classes two days a week. Moreover, you can schedule the classes at your convenience.
  • Timings for this institute are before 6 pm and classes will be conducted on Weekdays.
  • This is the best platform for you to write the different varieties of write-up and accelerate in the writing segment. Aspiring learners will get the certificate after completion of this course.
  • The course fee for this course is INR 10,000 per participant.
  • You can avail a special discount of 10% on the course fee if you are a British Council library member.
  • Many workshops are conducted for creative writing courses to make your concepts more clear. It highlights the unique features of creative writing.

5. Symbiosis Center For Distance Learning

Symbiosis creative writing courses aim to nurture learners’ aptitude and polish their writing skills. It helps candidates to learn different forms of writing like genres, poetry, screenwriting, and memoir. You can stimulate your creativity after completing this course. Dwell yourself in the fantasy world and bring out mesmerizing insights through writing. Online creative writing courses in Delhi can help you to reach your destiny in creative writing.

Journey to achieve a radical approach in creative writing

  • You will get the opportunity to express yourself. Moreover, you can learn varieties of lexis. It also teaches you an introduction to creative forms of writing.
  • It will also help you with the preparatory process of writing and practices and sources of creativity.
  • You can visit our website for more information and it will help you to make the right decisions at the right time.

6. Oxford University

You are curious and ought to explore new genres? You can satiate your curiosity in creative writing after enrolling in Oxford University. You can embark on the career and comprehend the beginner to experienced level of this course. Creative writing courses in Delhi can help you to improve your writing skills.

Online Creative writing course Benefits

Oxford University provides two formats in which you can learn different writing styles.

  • It uses Microsoft teams as a virtual classroom. Weekly classes will be conducted weekly at a specified time for interactive sessions between candidates and the instructor.
  • You can learn at your own pace as it offers flexibility that will occur in a conducive learning environment.

Online creative writing courses in Delhi cover genres like fiction, poetry, memoir, creative nonfiction, drama, writing for young adults, and critical reading. Class sizes will be small so that learners can get individual attention.

7. Udemy

Udemy is one of the recognised institutes and supermarkets of online learning. Udemy covers the basics to the expert level in writing. It provides knowledge of different parameters in the writing segment. Instructors will help you to flourish in writing and comprehend the grammatical part which is the root of the English language. Creative writing is all about fascinating the target audience. They will give you different tips to entice readers for your better career prospects.

Pinpoints of creative writing courses offered by Udemy.

  • Writing classes of this institute entails the recorded videos of sessions that can be supported by PowerPoint presentations for your better understanding. Moreover, it provides updated study materials for your reference. You can explore the reviews of Udemy and make the right decisions. Existing candidates are satisfied with the teaching techniques.
  • They proffer self-paced learning. Moreover, trained instructors guide the candidates for more exploration in content writing.
  • Henry Harvin ensures hundred percent success in creative writing courses. Furthermore, you can gain novel insights into this course that will help you to enhance your knowledge.
  • You can accelerate your propensity towards learning with Udemy. Online creative writing courses in Delhi help you learn at your own pace.
  • You can comprehend different formats of writing after enrolling in this institute.

8. Gotham Writers Online Writing Classes

Creative Writers can evolve their craft and investigate more creativity with Gotham writers’ online writing classes. It enables you to write different types of writing styles such as blog basics, blog writing, business writing, children’s book writing, creative nonfiction, Dialogue, Essay & Opinion Writing, Feature Article Writing, etc. It helps you to take the steps in a writer’s community. Moreover, it allows you to connect with your fellow writers and take different ideas to pen down a magnificent write-up.

Resplendent ideas of Online Creative Writing to reach the milestone

  • Skilled facilitators will guide you with different approaches to writing. You can practice different writing techniques with well-qualified instructors.
  • Online creative writing courses in Delhi can be useful to learn at your own pace. It will be a self-guided course.
  • They conduct seminars and workshops for your better knowledge in this course.
  • You can explore more about the course with the help of catalogues. Online classes are conducted in two days. Limited seats are available for the vigilance of candidates.
  • You can learn from any side of the world and utilize your time to do something creative. You will get recorded videos and written material so that you can refer to them in the future. It ensures a hundred percent success rate and satisfaction after completion of the course.
  • This course helped every student to achieve a goal in their life. If learners are eager to learn, this institute is the right place to flourish. In online classes Gotham writers take initiative for their students to inspire them to plunge into their careers.

9. Indira Gandhi National Open University

IGNOU is a renowned distance learning platform from where you can learn the concepts of creative writing. It gives you understanding, prowess, and professional knowledge of creative writing. Creative writers should have flair for writing. The course from this institute is comprehensive, and they provide updated study materials for your better understanding and knowledge. IGNOU helps you to understand the details of creative writing.

Explore creative writing with IGNOU

  •  Creative writing courses in Delhi help you to learn at your own pace. The curriculum offered by this institute will be coherent to impart instructions in progressive stages. Moreover, you can learn the writer’s art of writing and develop new styles of writing.
  • The course of IGNOU comprises two mandatory and four elective courses. The minimum, duration, of course, will be for 1-year and the maximum duration will be 4-years.
  • The course fee is on the cheaper side and it is only Rs. 3800 + Rs.200 for Registration fee.
  • All candidates who have a 10+2 pass can enroll in this course.
  • You can learn the different types of imaginative writing skills in addition to feature articles, book reviews, writing short stories, scripts for TV/Radio, and writing poetry. Moreover, the most important part is there will be no age limit for the students. Anyone can apply for this course. Creative writing courses in Delhi can give you a way of success in this course that is open to all.
  • You can learn all possible content of this course with the assistance of this institute. It can be the best course to learn online and touch the skyscrapers with IGNOU and endeavour to become a successful creative writer.

10. Writers Village University

Writer’s village university is one of the most iconic online learning in creative writing. This institute will ensure a hundred percent success in your writing segment. You can make your level high and comprehend the secrets of creative writing. Moreover, this course will help you to grasp the knowledge and set your goals in life. This institute is mostly aimed at fiction writers. It is the oldest class that believes in quality writing rather than quantity. They offer over 200 different short classes which you can take at your own pace.

  • Sessions from the institute will be interactive that will give you a chance for healthy competition. They allude to many topics in their curriculum such as writing poetry, crafting thrillers, essay writing, and many more.
  • Instructors will give you assignments to infuse a witty approach in your mind and propel you towards your goal. They motivate you to strive and submit assignments for your better understanding and practice.
  • Creative writing courses in Delhi can assist you to learn at your own pace. It costs $ 30 of a 30-day trial. Subsequently, you can think for a one-year trial period. It costs $ 99.
  • You can earn a rewarding creative writer certificate after completion of this course. You can expedite your writing prowess and achieve your destiny to become a writer.


You can ponder the above institutes to make the right decisions at the right time in creative writing. You can learn the importance of creative writing and its different writing modes. Sessions of this course can be buzzing for interested writers. This course will help you to move ahead in your career. This blog can help you to acquire information about different eminent institutes. Moreover, you can come to know the facilities available for aspiring writers. 

You can thrive in creative writing with your ceaseless efforts with any of the institutes. The courses available for candidates can be both online and offline. This is the best opportunity for your career growth. You can enroll in this course and get a serene environment of learning that will help you to glitter like a star in the writing world. You can even get a rewarding certificate after completion of this course from any reputed institute. Furthermore,these institutes have value in the market from which you will learn valuable skills of writing.

You can think of salary benefits after completing this course. It can alter your job life drastically. It will mould you from naive to expert in writing. Whatever, you will invest, you will get more. You can advent with the exquisite side of your life and become more confident. Most importantly, they will revitalize your writing prowess and infuse creativity. You can be popped up with a creative mind and learn to reach the epitome of different writing aspects. These institutes prop up the learners for their better upcoming.


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