HENRY HARVIN vs KPMG IFRS Course Review (Don’t Ignore)


Henry Harvin’s IFRS Course seems to be a better choice than KPMG’s IFRS Course. How can I make that claim? Well in this blog, I have justified this claim as to why I rate Henry Harvin better than KPMG so far as their IFRS courses are concerned.

Let’s find out why?

There are a lot of programs that become popular with the increase in global opportunities. One such course is IFRS which stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. 

The course has been in demand for quite a time now. Of course, one should be learning and exploring several aspects of available subjects but one should also not deny what the global market is seeking. And IFRS is one such course that is making a lot of heads turn, globally. This means it has initiated the shift of opportunities beyond territories and all we need to do is to make space for the learning. 

So do we follow the demand of the era? Of course, we do. Only then we can witness individual and overall growth. As IFRS is creating some real buzz in the finance world, a lot of enthusiasts are aspiring to get guided on the same so that there can be an exposition of opportunities. 

But before doing so you would definitely want to look for a platform that guides and supervises your growth to the best of its ability. How do we find that? There are so many platforms offering similar courses. How do we know which is going to be a perfect fit according to my needs? 

Well,you can count on us for this. We only serve our readers with the best choices. And we did not fail to do that today either. To fight your confusion on choosing the IFRS course we have two contenders that are very competitive which you will find as we progress ahead. 

IFRS courses by KPMG and Henry Harvin are considered to be the two best platforms that provide quality learning and promising opportunities to their learners. Now which of the two is going to be your perfect fit, you will eventually find it as we progress ahead. 

So without any further ado let us begin. 

What is IFRS? 

International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) is a Financial Program that is specially designed for people involved in Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting and several other similar aspects. The need for the finance sector has always stayed high and thus has led to various opportunities globally. Henceforth a lot of enthusiasts are taking this course in order to make an impactful career in Finance. 

Reports claim that candidates get hired in this firm to earn around INR 8 – 15 lakhs per annum. Experienced candidates receive higher remuneration. 

Now that you have understood what an IFRS course means and what importance it holds in an aspirant’s life. It’s time that we talk about platforms that offer these celebrated courses. 

KPMG and Henry Harvin Education are two major platforms that provide some major quality courses on the subject. So here goes their list of expertise. 

Henry Harvin IFRS Course Review

Now that you have had quite a clear idea about the IFRS course by KPMG, it’s time to understand and acknowledge what Henry Harvin IFRS course has to offer its audience. 

Henry Harvin Education is a gigantic platform for learning and exploring. The platform has managed to understand the need and the demand of the generation and thus is successfully creating a vast subject-oriented platform for the learners where learning is made accessible to anyone and everyone. 

The platform is extremely well versed with quality study materials and well-trained industry-relevant trainers. The learners here are already gainers because not only are you exposed to theoretical aspects but are also exposed to opportunities that are practical based. 

The organisation has managed to successfully train 40000+ learners and has often ranked as the No.1 training institute. There are several courses you can explore here. It is well segregated in order to help the learner choose the one that is effective for him/her. 

Courses at Henry Harvin Education:- 

  1. Analytics Academy
  2. Writing Academy
  3. Finance Academy 
  4. Law Academy
  5. Management Academy

Henry Harvin Education conducts 700+ Live Sessions Every Month. It has 150+ Corporate Partners and 80+ College Partners. It has expanded its reach to 7+ Countries and has reported 87% of learners from the Academy have either received a job or a promotion. 

Henry Harvin IFRS Course:- 

As already mentioned Henry Harvin is truly dedicated to introducing courses that are in high demand. The Global Market of Today is highly looking for professionals with International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) certifications to join their finance team. The course has managed to space up some major opportunities in this era of a competitive market. 

Thus, a lot of finance enthusiasts are taking initiative to complete the course and begin their successful career in the field of Finance.

Henry Harvin Training Methodology:- 

Henry Harvin Education uses a certain teaching methodology that helps learners here to gain quality knowledge. 

  1. Live Projects

Live Projects are conducted by Henry Harvin to personally guide and train the learners. This helps learners enrolled in the program to get a wider understanding of the subject briefed. 

  • Unique Pedagogy

Henry Harvin Education uses several tried and tested teaching techniques that keep their learners interested and attentive throughout the tenure. Maximum engagement during the session is what the platform truly works on. 

  • End to End Engagement

The engagement of the students during the course tenure is the most focused point by the platform. It ensures to keep their students productively engaged throughout the session by providing reverse presentations, group activities, brainstorming sessions and hands-on experience on both Statistical and Non-Statistical Tools. 

Trainers here are extremely worthy and are masters in their respective fields of interest. Utmost focus is shared with the students in order to attend to the smallest of their doubts or questions. Below are a few points that briefly describe the Trainers at Henry Harvin Education. 

  1. Trainers here are the most respected industry experts, holding some 15+ years of working experience. 
  2. The trainers before being appointed go through several screenings and thus only the best are boarded to join the rest of the team. 
  3. Trainers who would be assisting you throughout the course here have been invited for 150+ keynote classes for IFRS training classes. 
  4. The trainers are extremely efficient in delivering lectures and have delivered 350+ lectures by now

Thus, you can feel extremely confident enrolling and trusting the trainers of the Academy. 

The International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) which is issued by the International Accounting Standards Board ( IASB ) is setting up some serious benchmarks in the world of Finance. Since the implementation of IND-AS and IFRS, India has made it necessary for every responsible CA and Finance Professionals to have knowledge of IFRS. 

The Curriculum designed at Henry Harvin Education is completely based on the curriculum of the ACCA – Diploma in IFRS Course. Thus, the platform of Henry Harvin trains learners enrolling in the course to prepare for the IFRS exam conducted by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ( ACCA). 

Clearing this exam will clear ways for a lot of national and international opportunities for the learners as the certification is globally acclaimed.

Continue to scroll down to know more about the IFRS course by Henry Harvin, so that you can make an effective choice between KPMG IFRS Course v/s Henry Harvin IFRS Course. 

Who Should Enroll For The IFRS Program? 

It is always better to know every detail about the course in advance to avoid any chance of misinformation. When you are looking for a course you just cannot randomly apply for it. There are certain aspects that need to be watched and fulfilled. Like, understanding the eligibility of the course. Is any and every course accessible to everyone? No. It depends on what, why and how efficient you are for the program. 

So the platform of Henry Harvin had made a very clear and composed mention regarding who should be choosing the course in order to avoid transmission of misinformation. Below mentioned are the lists of who can apply for the IFRS course by Henry Harvin Education. 

  1. CA, CS, ICMA and several other relevant finance professionals. 
  2. Semi Qualified Finance Professionals
  3. Accountants and Finance Managers
  4. MBA in Finance Professionals
  5. Professionals in Private sectors and M&A

These are some lists of professional positions who qualify for the course according to Henry Harvin Education. 

Have you ever wondered why we pursue a particular course? Well, we do it to stay updated with the new and innovative introductions of the Global World. But I think there is one major point that we are missing. It is, pursuing a course exposes us to various undisclosed opportunities globally. There are a number of opportunities and projects that will surely come your way after completion of the course. Check the list below to know the benefits you can avail. 

  1. Certified IFRS professionals are in huge demand, Globally. 
  2. The professionals who have IFRS certification have a better understanding and vision than the non-certified ones. 
  3. IFRS certification will expose you to 100+ Nations and will open uncountable opportunities. 
  4. The entire curriculum of the IFRS course is timely updated thus the demand for certified professionals will always surge. 
  5. The finance sector often witnesses change at a rapid pace. Thus, professionals who are IFRS certified always remain up to date with the changes occurring. 

Enrolling for courses with Henry Harvin Education has several benefits. Few mentioned above are already proof of that. Apart from this, the academy has a uniquely customised 9 in 1 Course which briefly talks about the benefits that one can avail of from just 1 single course. 

  1. You will be receiving 60 Hours of Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions + 20 Hours of recorded sessions. 
  2. Access to undergo projects in Financial Reporting, Accounting Policies, Income Tax and much more. 
  3. Internship opportunities will be provided by the team to gain real-world experience. 
  4. After the completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of IFRS training from Henry Harvin which is Government recognised. 
  5. You will also be liable to receive a 100% Placement Guarantee for 1 year after successfully completing the course. 
  6. Get E-Learning Access with Abundant Tools & Techniques, Video Content, Assessments and Many More. 
  7. Regular Boot Camps for over 12 months from the date of joining. 
  8. You will also receive free access to #Askhenry Hackathons and Competitions. 
  9. Receive 1 year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Finance Academy for the IFRS Training Course. 

Learning Benefits of Henry Harvin IFRS Course:- 

The IFRS program is shaping the Finance sector globally. Therefore the demand for the course keeps on increasing. Below are a few points that describe the learning benefits one can receive during the ongoing course. 

  1. Learners pursuing the course will get brief insights on the Framework of IFRS. 
  2. You will be able to create effective Finance Reports by applying relevant Financial Reporting Standards. 
  3. Effectively will be able to apply Disclosure Requirements in the Financial reports of the Company. 
  4. Will be able to prepare Group Financial Statements for the companies and or different ventures. 
  5. Get a brief understanding of the Interim Financial Reporting. 
  6. One to One understanding of Operation Segments and Financial Instruments. 
  7. Chance to get acquainted with the knowledge of events and the Reporting Period. 
  8. Effectively know every detail about Earning Per Share and Separate Financial Statements. 

These are some basic benefits you can avail during the tenure of your course. 

So now that you have been already introduced to several perks that Henry Harvin Educations International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) course offers, it’s time to know, understand and acknowledge the important Takeaways that the learners can take back. Check the list below to get all the required information on the same. 

  1. You will have access to 60- Hours Online Training, which will consist of A Virtual tour on IFRS strategies, principles and implications. 
  2. Chance to have access to the Learning Management System (LMS).
  3. Receive a recorded video of the sessions. 
  4. You will also receive 100% Placement, Internship and Project Support exclusively entitled to IFRS professionals. 
  5. Get Hallmark of IFRS Training Certified Professional. 
  6. A wide spectrum of knowledge on Global Accounting Standards. 
  7. Opportunities to work with prestigious firms. 

These are the opportunities that Henry Harvin IFRS Course provides its learners with. Of course, the experience will only enhance with time. 

KPMG IFRS Course Review 

KPMG has emerged as one of the biggest learning platforms for the audience of today. Enormous exposure to quality learning, opportunities and platforms for young and vibrant leaders of today are a few key highlights that KPMG truly believes and works on. 

It has successfully curated its website to an interactive platform for aspiring young learners to learn and explore. The platform offers 90+ learning programmes on various aspects of the modern world. It’s not just any normal training session, instead, it has a lot to do with upskilling your confidence, talent and artwork. 

So anyone who is looking for a platform that can help you discover and rectify your aspirations, passion or anything similar can definitely scroll down their website and surely find something that is worth analysing. 

One can attend several courses here but majorly will get to explore areas related to Finance, Leadership, Management and People, Forensic, Risk, Governance and Compliance, Performance, Process, Service and Quality, Digital and Technology and many many more. 

The platform not only gives you a theoretical gist of the working world but also tries to keep you connected and known to the real practical world. As the platform has extended its reach globally the learners here also get an opportunity to experience exposure to globally acclaimed subject-related theories and practical hacks. 

So this is a wonderful platform to learn and explore your area of interest and desire. 

Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) – ASSOCIATION OF CHARTERED CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS ( ACCA) Approved. 

This course by KPMG is designed for all those enthusiast aspirants who are not able to take out time and run to regular classrooms. But education should not stop and thus, the platform has managed to come up with this unique Diploma Course. 

So now you do not need to worry if you cannot reach classrooms because KPMG has made learning accessible at the comfort of your home allowing you to learn, implement and question your doubts at your own comfortable time. What else could a dedicated learner ask for? 

The demand for IFRS is constantly rising. Opportunities have opened its arms globally to welcome candidates who are relatively well versed and experienced. 

Thus, after careful motorization of the demands and needs of IFRS, pursuing a Diploma by KPMG is definitely going to be worthwhile. The diploma course provided here is ACCA approved which means it is globally verified and accepted. And therefore pursuing this particular course becomes more important. 

Doing this particular program already gives you a chance to globally learn and explore the world of Finance. But it doesn’t end here. It has a lot of surprising perks to offer you. 

  1. The program is entirely taken from the ACCA syllabus. 
  2. The major focus of the program is to successfully train learners to get through the Diploma IFRS examination that is eventually conducted by ACCA. 
  3. The sessions of the program here are held during the weekends. 
  4. The entire course is designed into 75 hours which includes direct interaction with your trainers and industry experts through online virtual mediums. 
  5. The modules introduced here will not only talk about your respective subject but will also introduce you to several other related aspects, giving you a wider spectrum. 
  6. To help you understand and analyse your own performance, tests and mock examinations will be carried throughout the course tenure. 

Every course offered here is different in its own way. Thus, the below-given points define the key points that make this course different and worthy from others. 

  1. The learners here will get access to 1 year Learning Management System ( LMS ) right after the date of Batch Commencement. 
  2. Throughout the course, learners will be provided with – 
  • Sessions Presentations
  • Summary Of Standards
  • Session Videos
  • Points of difference ( Explanation & Guidance ) 

3. The sessions during the course will be guided and supervised by extremely trained and industry-specific qualified trainers. 

4. The platform of KPMG has successfully trained 9000+ participants by now across various corporations. 

There are firm Learning Objectives organised by KPMG that they responsibly follow and request learners enrolled to follow as well. They are as mentioned. 

  1. The main objective is to Understand and Explain the structure of the framework of International Accounting. 
  2. Applying and analysing several relevant financial reporting standards to the key elements of financial reports. 
  3. Identifying and Applying Disclosure requirements in your financial reports and notes. 
  4. Preparing group financial statements by excluding group Cash Flow Statements and including Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures. 

There are several benefits that you could avail yourself of by enrolling yourself on the course. 

  • Learners accessing the course will receive a well-organised package that will consist of all necessary components required for effective learning. 
  • Learners here will get to learn and understand the global approach and demand of the subject. 
  • The e-learning content is timely updated with the new and latest information. 
  • The platform provides you with High-Quality Training at a very affordable rate. 
  • After successful completion of the course, candidates will receive Certification of Completion. 

Now that you are amused at the benefits served by KPMG, you will definitely want to know if you could be a perfect fit to enrol in the course or not. And to help you know that the platform clearly mentions a section that briefs the user about who should attend the program.  

  1. Enthusiasts interested in pursuing a career in Finance and similarly other related aspects. 
  1. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
  2. Finance Directors 
  3. Strategic Planners 
  4. Accountants & Analysts 
  5. Consultants, Chartered Accountant Practitioners. 
  6. Cost and Management Accountants (CMA) 
  7. Finance & Accounting Professionals 
  8. Graduates or Postgraduates who are involved in a Finance or Accounting Team. 

Eligibility is another important factor to look for when enrolling on a program. That allows you to have a clear idea of whether to invest your time and effort or not. 

  • If you are a working professional serving the position of an Accountant or an Auditor in a business and are qualified according to the National Accounting Standards then you definitely are eligible. 
  • If in case you are a working professional but not qualified then you still can apply for the program by proving the below-mentioned aspects. 
  • 3 Year relevant Accounting experience. 

( The proof should be duly filled and should be signed and stamped with ACCA experience from the employer. ) 

  • Relevant Degree with 2 years of working experience
  • ACCA certified in International Financial Reporting with 2 years of work experience. 

Important Aspects Of KPMG IFRS Program

  1. Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all the students who enrol for the course and record 90 per cent attendance for the sessions designed. 
  2. The Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is offered at the package of INR 32,608 excluding GST. The cost combines all the necessary study materials required during the course. 
  • NOTE:- Examination Registration Fee is Payable to ACCA for the Diploma in IFRS examination. 

3. The entire Diploma in IFRS will be evaluated by a single three hours written examination which is held twice a year. One in the month of June while the other in December. The examination requires some calculative solving and written answers. 

4. The Online Registration for the program should reach AACA by September 2021 with all the necessary copies and supporting documents for December 2021 examination. 

KPMG and Henry Harvin are two major platforms that are serving the most demanded course in the best possible way. One would definitely want to know and understand what makes them better than the other because naturally as a learner you cannot be choosing both courses. 

As I stated in the introduction, for me Henry Harvin scores better than KPMG and I would put my money on Henrey Harvin.

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