Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon


As the Digital Marketing industry is gaining a lot of boosts nowadays due to its vast and trending benefits in terms of career and financial independence, various certification courses and diplomas are provided by different digital marketing institutes which help upgrade your skills in many aspects of Digital Marketing. 

Gurgaon is known as the city of finance and technology, there are plenty of institutes or firms that offer Digital marketing courses in Gurgaon, and selecting the best institute among plenty gets much confusing and complicated. To make things easy, below we have listed some of the best institutes in Gurgaon to learn Digital marketing. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Gurgaon

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin, which is among the best institutes of education provides a Digital Marketing course that ranks 1st amongst the top 5 trending digital marketing courses by India Today. The details of the CADM (Certified Agile Digital Marketer) Digital Marketing Certification course offered by Henry Harvin are as below:

  • The duration of the course is 32 hours of live virtual training sessions and free Bootcamp sessions throughout the year.
  • The trainers or the mentors of the course have approx. 10+ years of expertise.
  • Membership for a year of Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy consisting of e-learning hub, videos, assessments, case studies, follow-up sessions, etc.
  • Internship guarantee with Henry Harvin or the partner companies.
  • More than 10 job opportunity options every week.
  • Live industry projects for hands-on experience while training
  • Takeaways of this Digital Marketing course is tips, knowledge, the study material provided during the 32 hours of online training, the opportunity to work with known firms, Hallmark next to your name of CADM (E.g. Vikram Shah (CADM)), great knowledge related to marketing and the strategies about different social media platforms.
  • There are no prerequisites to avail of this course which proves to be an excellent chance for individuals or any professionals such as entrepreneurs, bloggers, business owners, etc.
  • The course curriculum covers every aspect of digital marketing starting with an introduction to webpage designing, SEO, social medial platform marketing, soft skill up-gradation, and Resume Writing 

2. UpGrad

Another platform for higher education programs, UpGrad which ranks as one of the best institutes is providing a digital marketing course in Gurgaon. UpGrad offers a digital marketing course named as Advance Certificate in Digital marketing and communication, the details of which are given below:

  • 32-50 weeks of self-paced study duration which consists of 180 hours of content.
  • Around 15 nos. of different projects and case studies.
  • 15 nos. of Live training sessions
  • Certification in Digital marketing provided by MICA and Facebook
  • A Library of videos along with 70+ tools
  • Plenty of Job roles opportunities such as SEM Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO specialist, and many more
  • Learning or up-gradation of skills such as SEM, SEO, Content marketing and strategy, social media, analysis of the market, and Branding.
  • The minimum eligibility for applying for this course is Bachelors or any equivalent degree.
  • Professionals who can benefit from this course are Freshers, Entrepreneurs, Brand managers or communication managers, traditional marketers, or sales executives.
  • There are 4 different specializations which you could choose from: Branding and communication, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Communications, and Social Media & content marketing each of 6 weeks duration along with 2 assignments.

3. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is an online learning platform that has helped plenty of students, professionals, and firms to get trained, certified, and acquire their respective career goals. It offers digital marketing course in Gurgaon that proves to be a vast learning path which is divided among 7 courses, details of which is given below:

  • Course 1: Topics such as SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Analytics and PPC 
  • Course 2: Topics such as Social Media, Social medial marketing, Digital marketing strategy and Mobile Marketing 
  • Course 3: Topic on Advanced Web Analytics
  • Course 4: Mastering concept of Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Course 5: Advance program on Pay Per Click (PPC) 
  • Course 6: Advanced Social Media along with voucher of Facebook Blueprint 
  • Course 7: Case studies of Harvard business publishing for Digital Marketing

All these courses sum up the master course of Digital Marketing that covers vast digital areas such as Search engine optimization, PPC, digital analytics, social media, content, conversion optimization, mobile, and email marketing. 

Other than this, the takeaway of these courses are:

  • Facebook Masterclasses which includes Facebook blueprint voucher
  • Live and interactive training sessions by industrial experts
  • Lined up to the best 5 Digital marketing certifications such as Google Ads and Analytics, Facebook blueprint, HubSpot, and Hootsuite
  • More than 45 projects and case studies

4. Imarticus

Imarticus Learning is a leading educational institute offering many courses related to Data Analytics, Finance, and Data science which proves to be one of the best institutes in Gurgaon for learning Digital marketing. Imarticus provides a digital program called Digital Marketing Prodegree, whose details are given as below:

  • The duration of the course is 120 hours of online learning
  • Weekly instructor-led live training sessions
  • Various practical projects for hands-on training and in-depth knowledge sharing.
  • Working with big consumer brands (Tata Motors, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Cadbury, etc.) case studies to gain their challenging advantages.
  • Simulated projects giving knowledge of essential marketing concepts such as Social media, SEO, SEM, etc.
  • Working on Capstone project in which real problems need to be solved for live websites which enhances your experience stepping into the Digital Marketing world.
  • Digital Marketing Seniors or veterans shares the latest trend or knowledge of the digital industry and their opinions which are very helpful. 
  • Guidance from the mentors to help with your queries or doubts.
  • Certificate co-branded by Digitas (knowledge partner of this program) after completion of this course. The Digital Marketing certificate adds a fair amount of value to your professional credentials.

5. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing (DIDM)

Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing is a known educational institute that offers one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Gurgaon. DIDM provides various courses on Digital Marketing whose details are given below:

  • Master in Digital Marketing
  • In-depth practical training sessions on digital marketing as well as hands-on experience on live projects
  • Course duration is 3-5 months with classroom/online live sessions
  • 2 months of internship and guaranteed job placements
  • Advanced Digital Marketing course
  • The course duration of 3-5 months
  • Live training sessions providing knowledge on all the aspects of digital marketing
  • DIDM certifications after completion of the course
  • Professional in Digital Marketing
  • 3 level customized modules with training mode as classroom/online
  • Course duration is 1-2 months
  • Live projects, DIDM certification, and job placements
  • Online Digital Marketing course
  • This course is further divided into 3 parts: Advanced, Master and Customized course
  • Advanced course costing Rs. 33490 with 50+ modules and 118 hours of online training
  • Master course costing Rs. 38490 with 50+ modules and 500+ hours of online training
  • Customized course costing Rs. 14846 with customized modules
  • All these courses cover study material, live projects, and case studies with different types of add-ons according to the 3 different levels of digital marketing course.

6. DMC Infotech

DMC Infotech is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes in New Delhi and Gurgaon. It offers a Digital Marketing Master course that suits every professional such as students, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The details of the course are mentioned as below:

  • Course duration is of 3 months
  • Practical training sessions with flexibility of batches
  • Live projects for hands-on experience  
  • More than 20k nos. of tools
  • Covers digital concepts such as overview, website development, email marketing, social media optimization, and knowledge about platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization, Photoshop, video editing, affiliate marketing, blogging, and many more.
  • Job assistance and placement guarantee 

7. Being Digitally

Being Digitally is a known institute that offers a digital marketing course in Gurgaon. This course delivers the strategy of digital marketing in a very easy and understandable manner. This course consists of 4 different types of batches: Regular batches, online batches, weekend batches, and Sunday batches. Further details of the course are mentioned as below:

  • Regular batches can be attended on regular basis every 4 days of the week.
  • Online batches can be attended online every 4 days of the week.
  • Weekend batches can be attended every Saturday and Sundays
  • Sunday batches can be attended on Sunday with the prior discussion of timings.
  • Tools worth Rs. 21000 that is completely free.
  • The course includes all aspects of digital marketing.
  • Course curriculum includes concepts such as Digital marketing fundamentals, web designing which can be learned without coding, E-mail marketing, and mobile marketing, Google Ads, Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce, content marketing, marketing strategy, freelancing, blogging, Inbound marketing, etc.
  • Practical classes as well as live projects for hands-on experience.
  • 100% job placement assistance and mock interview preparation.
  • Internship and work with top multinational companies.
  • Backup classes and recorded videos of training sessions
  • Mentors or experts with more than 8 years of experience
  • Online support for 5 days
  • 20 modules and 10 certifications.

8. Skill Circle

Skill Circle is one of the pioneer educational institutes in Gurgaon with a primary goal of self-employment as well as financial freedom for all. It offers different programs for digital marketing. Key highlights of these courses are:

  • Accessibility to Harvard case studies
  • Dedicated support to students
  • More than 10 nos. of live projects
  • Assistance related to career
  • More than 500 nos. of hiring partner firms
  • Guaranteed job placements

Skill Circle’s different digital marketing programs are:

  • SkillDegree in Digital Marketing:
  • The course duration of 3 months
  • Program fees of Rs. 35000 + taxes
  • Accessibility to live campaigns 
  • Master Degree in Digital Marketing:
  • The course duration of 6 months
  • Program fees of Rs. 55000 + taxes
  • Practical digital marketing training sessions
  • MBA in Digital Marketing
  • The course duration of 11 months
  • Program fees of Rs. 205000 + taxes
  • Entrepreneurship as well as bonus courses start-ups

These programs cover all the digital marketing concepts such as Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Influence marketing, Content marketing, E-mail and mobile marketing, and many more. 

9. AIDM (Asian Institute of Digital Marketing)

Asian Institute of Digital Marketing is a well-recognized educational institute in the area of digital marketing. The ultimate focus of this institute to provide relevant training and certification to individuals as well as professionals proves to be very beneficial to people in the digital industry. It offers a Digital Marketing course, the details of which are given below:

  • The course duration of 2-3 months where the recommended time is 12 hours per week to complete the course
  • In-detailed training sessions that give to complete understanding of the digital marketing concepts
  • Well qualified trainers or mentors with more than 10 years of experience
  • Live projects training of real-time projects
  • Digital marketer Certificate authorized by Google and Facebook as well as 14 other certifications from Hubspot and Rankwatch
  • Assistance in profile or resume building, mock interviews, and tests to get prepared for the real digital world
  • Extra classes provided if needed for any students
  • 100% job placement guarantee and alliances with more than 167 corporates for the hiring process
  • Trainers providing end-to-end assistance in the training
  • Free digital marketing tools worth Rs. 25000.
  • The course is divided into 24 modules that cover topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Online reputation management, Blogging, Digital startup guide, Google Adsense, Mobile marketing, Affiliate marketing, lead generation, Social media marketing and optimization, interview preparation and many more. 

10. 99 Digital Academy

99 Digital Academy is a digital marketing institute in Gurgaon providing a series of courses that covers all the concepts of digital marketing domains. It is one of the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Gurgaon for mastering the skills of the top 8 domains of the digital arena such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Analytics, Email marketing, Content marketing, etc. 

A series of digital marketing courses are offered, the details of which are mentioned below:

  • Advanced Digital marketing course:
  • Customized training program 
  • Small-sized batches for proper understanding and increased comfort
  • Practical projects
  • Advanced SEO training course:
  • 3 months of course duration
  • Projects for hands-on experience
  • Detailed SEO knowledge
  • Social media marketing course:
  • 3-month course duration
  • Live projects
  • Knowledge of social media marketing as well as optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing course
  • 2-3 month course duration
  • In-depth knowledge of search engine marketing
  • Corporate training for digital marketing course:
  • Training sessions for employees in corporate companies of PAN India
  • Digital training modules for B2B and B2C businesses. 

Other than these courses, 99 Digital Academy imparts many benefits such as:

  • Personal level training from industry experts
  • Customized and flexible timings of batches
  • Guaranteed job placement after course completion
  • 100% money-back assurance if not satisfied with the course
  • Study materials and presentations
  • Live projects along with assessments for better learning
  • Lifetime access to the recorded classes 


Today, we live in a world that is dependent on technology and we reach on to the internet with all our queries or doubts. Most people have started their businesses online to reach their target audiences. Customers or consumers gain trust through proper engagement and interaction with an individual’s brand or business. 

Digital marketing is more affordable than any other medium of marketing. Gurgaon is one of the top cities in India to adapt to digital marketing easily, making it a center of various digital marketing institutes.

The above-mentioned 10 digital marketing institutes are among the best digital marketing courses in Gurgaon that one can trust for the best educational training. 


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