Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in India (Don’t Ignore)


Do you want to know which digital marketing courses are the best in India and their comparisons? Take a look at the top offline and online digital marketing courses that I curated! In terms of both time and money, enrolling in a digital marketing course is the best thing one can do for their career. People’s buying habits have changed and will continue to change. Businesses need to have people who can put their products/services in front of their target audience.

As the digital marketing industry in India is expected to grow greatly in the coming years, and as many students, recent graduates, and young professionals look to get on board, digital marketing courses are in high demand since they provide the necessary training for success in this field. As usual, I’ll go a bit in-depth and compare the top 10 digital marketing training programs in the nation. With this blog, you’ll be able to cut through the clutter and determine what’s best for you. Henry Harvin is one of the best digital marketing course providers in India. I will discuss a depth about their course in this blog. 

What are the best places in India to learn Digital Marketing?

Here is where Digital Marketing Institutes come into play. Students and professionals can learn about every aspect of digital marketing at these digital marketing institutes. They provide them with practical training and job opportunities. However, there is a question:

How many digital marketing institutes are there where you can learn this skill? In addition to increasing demand for digital marketing courses, there are also more institutions offering this course to aspiring candidates. 

Despite the extensive list of institutes, it is not easy for anyone to select the best institute. Below are the 10 best Digital Marketing Courses offered in India to help them out:

This is a list of the top 10 digital marketing courses in India

The following are the top 10 best digital marketing courses in India based on an analysis of 

  • Different available courses.
  • Faculty expertise & course curriculum
  • Students’ and industry experts’ reviews/recommendations
  • Affiliations
  • The value of their certifications 

Let’s start with the best digital marketing courses right now –

1. Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the best digital marketing course providers in India. Among Henry Harvin’s qualifications are ISO 29990:2010 Certified Recognitions from UKAF, UK Cert, American Association of EFL, MSME & Project Management Institute (PMI).

More than 150 corporates and 60 colleges trust them globally. There is a lot of industry recognition for Henry Harvin and all their courses.

Furthermore, what exactly a Henry Harvin digital marketing certification course is and what it covers.

Among the most popular are Henry Harvin’s Digital Academy and its Certified Agile Digital Marketer (CADM) program. The Digital Academy also offers Google Adwords training that is the ultimate in Google Adwords training

Aspirants will learn about the technology-driven digital world and receive a handsome package after completing the Certified Agile Digital Marketer (CADM) program by Henry Harvin® Marketing Academy.

Become proficient in digital marketing tactics and gain the in-demand skills to get higher in your current organization and stand out among competitors with their CADM Training Program.

As a CADM candidate, you have the option of expanding your own business, building a career, or increasing your clients’ business.

Why You Should Take Henry Harvin’s digital marketing course in India

  • A 32-hour live session will be presented by Henry Harvin 
  • Teachers at Henry Harvin were experts in their fields. Combined, they have more than two decades of industry experience.
  • The training is well-structured and highly engaging. A variety of tools and updated content are also included.
  • One year’s access to Henry Harvin’s marketing academy
  • Take classes from the Henry Harvin® Digital Marketing Academy (as a Certified Advance Digital Marketer [CADM]), Google (Adwords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, and Display Advertising certifications), and Facebook (Facebook Marketing).
  • The course fees are just 12500 rupees
  • Internships and practical assignments based on research
  • Support for 100% of placements
  • Certificates in 15+ industries (including Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Amazon)
  • A Q&A forum has been created specifically for students to clarify their doubts.
  • There are several free tools for digital marketing 
  • A certified trainer of Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, Henry Harvin provides comprehensive training to corporations to boost their business.
  • One-year membership in the Henry Harvin Marketing Academy
  • Regular brush-ups are free of charge
  • Material for studying
  • LMS (Learning Management System) access
  • Video recordings of the sessions
  • All placements, internships, and projects are exclusively reserved for digital marketing professionals.
  • An excellent understanding of social media marketing
  • An opportunity to work with renowned companies

Businesses use digital marketing to launch campaigns, promote them, and earn lifetime customers.

You will be prepared for these tasks by completing the CADM from Henry Harvin:

1) Reach a broader audience – This course teaches you how to select marketing methods according to your budget and reach a larger audience for less money.

2) Checking Conversions – Using a simple method that allows you to measure your conversion rate in real-time, you can track your conversion rate online. The number of viewers who convert into leads, then into subscribers, and then ultimately end up purchasing the product or service.

3) Optimize social media platforms with digital marketing tools – SEO, Social media marketing, and Email marketing have high conversion rates because they can create quick and effective channels of communication with consumers.

4) Digital-marketing-graph- This course equips you with the skills necessary to reach out to your prospective customers. Since not all visitors to your website are fruitful, digital marketing allows you to reach out to only those who need your kind of service, improving lead conversion.

5) Developing Brand Reputation – The course will teach you strategies that will help you establish a reputable brand. A company with no scandals attached will always be preferred by customers.Creating a personal connection with your customers is at the core of Digital Marketing today.

6) Solution of Customer Problems– Digital marketing teaches you to quickly resolve issues that could lead to losing a customer. Whether you’re using email marketing or social media, you can always offer the customer solutions to their problems and engage them by even providing live chat access. You can use the website and social media pages to promote your brand and gain a positive association with the consumer.

7) Engaging with mobile customers- Since Google’s mobile-first update, nearly all companies are making their websites mobile-friendly as well. Since virtually everyone has a smartphone these days and most people shop on it as well.

8) Learn how to gain trust and generate good reviews for your brand-

Since you promote and launch your brand on all social media platforms, your customers can rate your services based on their experience. Positive reviews left by satisfied customers cause new customers to convert immediately. Consequently, the new consumers can develop a strong image of the brand, leading to increased conversions.

9) How to maximize your return on investment – You have been taught how even a small investment done through email marketing can result in customer engagement. Business owners can gain valuable insight into their website’s ROI by using web analytics.

10) You know how to run your business efficiently and cost-effectively

It is possible to reach many customers at one time through digital marketing, within your budget. By following a marketing strategy that fits your budget, you can only use marketing channels that fit your goals. When budgets are limited, it is best to target niche audiences.

In addition to providing you with all these skills, Henry Harvin also provides you with an internship facility so you can get hands-on experience of how a marketing professional works with all the digital marketing skills.

Businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and professionals looking for employment could benefit from the Henry Harvin Digital marketing course. 

In these cities, Henry Harvin offers digital marketing courses

Recommended course:

2. DSIM (Delhi School of Internet Marketing)- Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

Over 59000 experienced professionals, 4500+ successful batches, and 10+ years of trust underpin DSIM. It began as a hybrid model with 70% of courses being taught in a classroom and 40% in an online format. 

As well as live classroom training, DSIS offers executive and entrepreneur programs. Training in its three verticals ranges from corporate training to classroom instruction.

In India, 15+ centers have been established over the years.

Due to high-quality content and experienced trainers, it has been delivering all of its courses online for the past 2 years and has experienced tremendous growth and success

India’s number one provider of digital marketing courses, DSIM offers a master’s program in Digital Marketing that combines four courses into one. 

  • The digital marketing industry
  • Analyses and strategies for advanced marketing
  • Online affiliate masterclasses
  • Modules of specialized knowledge

Why You Should Take DSIM’s digital marketing course in India

  • They guarantee 100% placement
  • Up-to-date content for life
  • Certifications totaling more than ten
  • 25446+ professionals trained worldwide
  • Ratings are given by trainees: 4.8/5

3. Digital Academy India – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

Digital Academy India was founded in 2012, but it was acquired by Digital Vidya in 2015. Currently, it works under Digital Vidya, so candidates can expect the best training and learning facilities from Digital Academy India. 

There are also internship opportunities at NASSCOM FOUNDATION and Digital Vidya through this institute. Through this effort, a candidate can gain practical experience in digital marketing. Additionally, it guarantees 100% placement. Over 2000 professionals have been trained by Digital academy India across the country, according to their statement. 

Among the digital marketing courses offered at this institute are a Digital Marketing certification course, a Corporate Digital Marketing training program, Google Adwords certification courses, and a Digital Marketing Associate course. 

The Digital Academy in India has locations in Delhi, Pune, and Gurgaon. 

Why You Should Take Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing Course in India

  • Curriculum designed by industry experts
  • The duration of Digital Academy India’s digital marketing course is three months, while its six-month option is available. Approximately 49,900 rupees are charged as a fee.
  • Lifetime membership to the course content is available to participants
  • Works on Live Projects in a personalized manner
  • Offers internships exclusively
  • Providing 24×7 support
  • Become a Google certified professional

4. National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT)  – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

A variety of courses have been offered at the National Institute of Information Technology for nearly 30 years. It introduced a digital marketing program in 2012 at this institute. 

It is a well-known institute in the education industry. By Trust Research Advisory (TRA) in 2017, its training brand was named India’s Most Trusted. 

NIIT offers a full-stack digital marketing program. The courses are Google accredited and based on the current interactive learning curriculum and industry standards. NIIT has invested billions of dollars in prominent information technology and digital marketing firms in India and around the globe. NIIT also offers the best web content development courses in the world. You can take courses in digital marketing and other parts of IT at NIIT if you wish to pursue a career in those areas.

Why You Should Take NIIT’s Digital Marketing Course in India

  • The course lasts for 20 weeks
  • Industry practitioners and digital marketing experts designed the program
  • Offering Placement Assurance for jobs with a minimum CTC of ₹3LPA*
  • Skills including building a marketing problem structure, Google keywords & SEO, paying for SEM, and optimizing ROI are among the listed skills you will learn.
  • It costs 60000 rupees

5. UpGrad – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

The UpGrad platform offers digital marketing courses for aspiring marketers. Ronnie Screwvala founded it in 2015. Through various skills, upGrad aims to develop the potential of its students. 

A few of the best features of UpGrad are their training, case studies, and curriculum that help make this platform a great choice for aspiring students, entrepreneurs, sales professions, etc. 

Why You Should Take Upgrad Digital Marketing Course in India

  • Mentors from industry, teaching assistants, and graders will provide students with unparalleled guidance
  • Each student will receive one-on-one feedback on their submissions and feedback on how to improve them
  • Resolving doubts by industry experts and peers on time
  • Ensure quality learning with 100% expert-verified responses
  • Expert feedback on assignments and projects tailored to your needs
  • Experts provide regular live sessions to clarify doubts about concepts
  • A series of fun and informative workshops, featuring industry professionals and professors
  • Participate in group activities with your peers and alumni
  • Experts present live sessions on a variety of industry topics
  • Meetings with industry mentors for one-on-one discussions and feedback
  • A salary hike of 42 percent on average, a salary hike of 125% on average, and more than 300 hiring partners
  • In this course, you’ll learn about Facebook ads, Google Ads, Stukent, Unmetrics, Google Analytics, WordPress, Mailchimp, and other tools.
  •  The charges for upGrad are INR 87,750 + GST. The PG communication degree takes five months to complete, while the executive management degree takes four months. 

6. Digital Nest – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

As a Google Certified and Awarded Institute of the Year by Times of India and Silicon Awards, Digital Nest concentrates on helping students, entrepreneurs, and freelancers learn, enhance, explore and soar to the top of their careers. Madhapur, Panjagutta, and Ameerpet are their training centers across India, with the corporate office located in Madhapur, Hyderabad.

The company adheres to the same belief and applies the same principle in delivering classroom, online, and e-learning training programs. They designed and developed their training programs in a practical manner that worked on enhancing the candidate’s technical and behavioral skills, thereby making them conquer this competitive field.

. Their unique expertise, extensive knowledge, and comprehensive analysis have made them a leader in the training industry. They have gone above and beyond to render students the best learning experience by industry experts due to the demand for Digital Marketing in the Digital era. 

A Digital Marketing Course Includes SEO Training, Google Adwords Training, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics & 360 Degree Implementation. Classes are offered at Ameerpet and Madhapur in Hyderabad, India. As part of their E-learning initiative, they have implemented Recorded videos of trainers that students can access at any time.

Why You Should Take Digital Nest Digital Marketing Course in India

  • More than 100 hours of learning
  • Mentorship is provided to each student one-on-one
  • Internships are available for 2 months
  • Over 65 assignments will be given to students
  • Six Google and one Facebook certification are provided by them
  • There is a 100% placement guarantee
  • They teach 28+ skills that are relevant to the industry
  • Trainers are experienced with over 12 years of training
  • Videos and backup classes are available
  •  The option of 0% EMI is available
  •  Guests lecturing on specific subjects

 7. Manipal Prolearn- Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

Manipal Prolearn assists young learners in achieving their educational dreams.

Email marketing, mobile affiliate marketing, and other platforms, as well as a search engine and social media marketing, are also covered. Learning the principles of digital marketing is facilitated by using real-world scenarios, live business ventures, webinars, and case studies during the course.

Because Google India designed the syllabus taking into consideration the global Google Adword industry, I consider this course to be world-class. World-class training is crucial for students who plan to pursue a career abroad or in India.

Why You Should Take Manipal ProLearn’s Digital Marketing Course in India

  • Manipal ProLearn and Google India created this course together.
  • The course will be led by Google Certified trainers with over 5 years of experience.
  • This course is designed to teach students how to market online using real-world projects.
  • Taking this course will also prepare the student for Google Adwords certification exams.
  • Every class ends with a self-assessment test to ensure that you have understood the material.
  • Alternatively, students can take online courses that are spread over 16 weeks.
  • Training sessions are held live by industry experts on weekends. 
  • Among the six cities where courses are offered are Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi. The cost is Rs. 34,500.

8. Digital Scholar – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

In India, it is the only digital marketing training institute that offers agency-style learning as a premise. Since Digital Scholar’s inception in just under six months, it has put scores of aspiring digital marketers on the path to success. With the approach of agency-based learning, it is the only institute to prepare jobseekers for digital marketing. The company offers a 3 Month advanced program in digital marketing.

The Digital Scholar flagship course, which covers all aspects of digital marketing, runs for three months. For the full digital marketing package, the course offers dedicated certificates for each segment.

Why You Should Take Digital Scholar’s Digital Marketing Course in India

  • They provide 120 hours of live instruction plus live sessions
  • A guaranteed paid internship will be provided to students 
  •  The Advanced Modules in this course cover 18+ topics.
  • Discover how Google and Facebook partner agencies can help you 
  • 24+ certificates will be awarded to students 
  • During this course, you will get to experience Live Projects
  •  They guarantee 100% placement assistance
  • Interactive online classes over the weekend
  • With 18+ Advanced Modules and 3 Specializations
  • A two-installment payment plan is available for 39500 rs.

9. IIDE – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

The IIDE is India’s leading digital marketing institute. The company is known for providing quality education in Digital Marketing. With the award of “India’s Best Digital Learning Institute” from the Indian Education Congress and Awards 2020, IIDE is now going global and raising the bar for education globally. With an advanced teaching method and 13+ Certifications, IIDE offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing Course online. Every subject is taught by a professional who practices what they teach. Therefore, students learn from top industry experts while also gaining valuable insights into corporate life. 

Why You Should Take IIDE’s Digital Marketing Course in India

  • This digital marketing course in India lasts about 3-4 months and involves approximately 12 hours of study per week. There is an EMI option available for a fee of INR 67,795 + taxes. 
  • Video learning for over 40 hours
  • Learn live for more than 70 hours
  • An in-depth look at 20 different tools for industry
  • The Seven Modular Assignments
  • More than 13 certifications
  •  8 brand projects will help you leverage your brand
  • Mentoring one-on-one
  • One final project
  • Placement assistance of 100%
  • Recruiting 250+ companies
  • Option to pay with 0% EMI
  • There will be super sessions
  • Professors who are experts in their field
  • Information about careers
  • Take advantage of experts’ knowledge
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Developing a resume and interviewing skills
  • Upon completing every module, you will receive a certificate of completion from IIDE. By watching all modules, you’ll receive 12 Certificates. After that, you will be required to submit seven assignments and one final project.
  • The certification in Advanced Digital Marketing will be awarded upon submission. Students are also prepared to appear for Google’s Certification. 

10. All India Management Association (AIMA) – Best Digital Marketing Courses in India

An apex body for professional management has been created by the All India Management Association (AIMA). This initiative has been supported by the Government of India. 

AIMA offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, which is approved by AICTE. Those aspiring to become entrepreneurs and seeking employment should consider AIMA. 

Why You Should Take AIMA Digital Marketing Course in India

  • Many of the marketing tools are covered in the digital marketing course offered by AIMA. In addition to SEO/SEM, PPC, affiliate marketing, digital displays, mobile campaigns, video streaming, and social media analytics, it encompasses other channels as well. 
  • Experts with extensive knowledge of digital marketing fundamentals have developed this program, which includes a statistical tool for analysis and execution for analysis and execution.
  • This association’s primary objective is to provide excellent placement opportunities for its participants.
  • AIMA’s placement team works diligently to provide the best placement opportunities for its students.
  • The AIMA program allows students to complete a Capstone Project during the second semester or to spend three months on the job. Additionally, AIMA provides placement assistance to students who pass their first semester exams and attend classes regularly.
  • One year is the duration of the course
  • There are 6 to 8 hours of class time per week
  • There is a tuition fee of 31000 per semester 

Growth of Digital Marketing Career in India

close up on man hand holding smartphone with futuristic of social media marketing icon for internet network technology and business concept

Nowadays, digital marketing has become ubiquitous. Mastering digital marketing skills are important for career growth or maximizing your business presence. 

Additionally, recent trends in digital marketing indicate that digital mediums are becoming more and more popular around the world, for example, it is expected to increase by 22.47 per cent by 2022 to reach Rs. 23,673 crores.

A study conducted by CII and KPMG estimates that there are nearly 20 lakh new jobs in the digital marketing space and it will soon outpace the available talent pool. 

As these numbers show, the digital marketing industry is multiplying, and it is expected to grow more in the coming years. 

Additionally, Covid-19 has incited a shift from offline to online and work-from-home working culture, and in such a scenario, Digital Marketing not only naturally fits in but also optimizes profits and profit margins.

Digital Marketing Courses Wrap Up!

A good digital marketer needs to know a variety of skills. As a concept, online marketing encompasses a wide range of topics that span all platforms. Finally, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have digital marketing experience before you apply.

You should do your analysis and research before deciding on a digital marketing institute: evaluate the timeframe, the instructor profile, the cost, and the available curriculum modules. 

Choosing the best course ultimately comes down to which features are ideal for you. 

To help you select the most appropriate course as per your specific requirements, the above list of 10 digital marketing courses is provided.

Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing Course covers all aspects of digital marketing comprehensively, using practical exercises and training to help you become a skilled digital marketer

Why not start today?


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