HENRY HARVIN vs KPMG Six Sigma Course Reviews (Leaked)


In my search for Six Sigma courses, I came across two main institutes. One is Henry Harvin and the other KPMG. I did my research before enrolling on one of the courses. Let me tell you I found Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Course way better than KPMG’s. In this blog, I am going to draw comparisons between both the courses and explaining the reasons behind my conclusion.

My Search for the best Six Sigma Course

Six Sigma Courses are booming globally and making quite a wave in the professional sector as these courses straight aim to create professionals who in and out understands the overall functioning and maintenance of a particular firm. 

While I myself being in the professional sector was looking for an advancement that could help me place myself in a better position in the firm I choose to work. Not only it’s about the position and remuneration that the course can help you achieve but you personally somewhere feel confident and aware when exposed to tiny details of your responsible firm. 

I tried to look for a number of courses but nothing really matched to what I was wanting myself to prepare for. But then suddenly I was introduced to a course called Six Sigma Courses. Six Sigma is the umbrella term and has numerous branches associated. 

I researched, had discussions with people who I personally knew and they particularly knew the in and out of the course. I was quite convinced to take up the course but then was taken aback by thought on how to choose the correct platform to pursue your advancement course. 

Because I personally believe as a working professional or even as a beginner we hope and wish to receive quite a lot from the course enrollments we make. And choosing any random one is surely not going to give me the taste I want. 

My research went on for days and felt like it would continue for another few days. But again somehow I was enlightened by my friend who recently got himself graduated with the course. I was happy to at least find someone who could give me the true in and outs of the program along with the institution. He mentioned he struggled just like me to find a proper Six Sigma Course that could benefit him to a great extent. On asking, what conclusion did you come to; all he answered was Henry Harvin. It’s all you need and what they offer is above and beyond. 

From getting the best trainers to your placements it simply is a journey to surely experience. You can see I am a changed man now. With constructive understanding to leading one of the most celebrated positions; Henry Harvin just guided me the best possible way. I was quite convinced by the wise words he spoke but had my own doubts too. I somehow finished my research and scheduled a call with Henry Harvin professionals. To my surprise, I had the best time of my life. They knew what to talk and how to talk. I was convinced that I would want to go with the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course. 

But just like everyone else, I had my second option too. It was a KPMG Six Sigma Course. But in the end, I still decided to stick with the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course. Wonder Why? 

To understand why I chose the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course and not the KPMG Six Sigma Course. Continue to scroll down and I pretty much bet you would give it a thought too. So let us begin by understanding what both the platforms have to offer in terms of their Six Sigma Courses. 

Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course

When figuring out which to choose out of the two options I listed, I honestly felt quite confident while making my final call. But trust me the risk did turn out to be one of the most constructive decisions I ever made. 

What even kept me worrying was the presence of KPMG as compared to Henry Harvin. But after a detailed survey and few references, I locked Henry Harvin Education for the most talked Six Sigma Course. 

Henry Harvin Education has emerged as one of the leading Edtech platforms of the time and has been constantly striving to provide its best stroke every single time. From training some wooing number of learner’s to expanding itself globally; it has come a long way in just a few spans of years. Majority of the courses offered at Henry Harvin Education is ranked as the number one platform when compared to its other contemporary platforms. These mentions are made by numerous celebrated firms of the industry. Having received these mentions provides an acknowledgement to the academy which eventually benefits learners graduating from here.

Henry Harvin has partnered with top firms of the time that confirms strong contribution to the global economy. Moreover, the benefits associated with the program after enrollment and completion of the program is really commendable. There are so many courses offered by Henry Harvin but they ensure the benefits are to be introduced in each and every course so that learners are able to avail it’s outcomes to the fullest. 

It’s not only the achievements of the academy that excited and motivated me. The quality teaching that they offer along with numerous job opportunities to explore is what caught my attention. So let us see when looking for a Six Sigma Course what special Henry Harvin has to offer. 

When looking for Six Sigma Courses at Henry Harvin Education you will find a variety of courses meeting similar criteria. A few of them are mentioned below:- 

These are a few courses that you can choose to learn and explore with. According to your desire, you will find numerous other relative courses that will fit your needs and the current market perfectly. 

When you head onto one of these courses the major centre of attraction is the course being mentioned as one of the strongest platforms among 05 similar others by renowned firms like Best Course News. Having seen that I personally somewhere felt proud and confident of the choice I was about to make. The Six Sigma Courses at Henry Harvin Education are truly based and curated with the best references and includes all the recent updates of the time. 

The syllabus is well prepared in order to give the learner the exact experience as any other top-notch University would bring to them. 

During your training program, you will be introduced to assignments/tasks that are related to the firm. This is something that really excited me because I was going to be introduced to the working environment and be guided on how to effectively implement the teachings learnt here for the betterment of your respective firm. This also brought me to the conclusion that I will be able to analyse what works within a firm and whatnot. 

Moving ahead you could also request for a complete brochure of the course that included every single point that was a part of the program. This gave me an idea of the subjects that I will be learning here throughout my program tenure. Thus, I felt quite confident while going through their entire set of information plotted. 

As already mentioned, learning at Henry Harvin is quite fun and beneficial. Each course here comes with numerous constructive benefits. Choosing 1 program for your career at Henry Harvin Education welcomes you with 9 major benefits that truly shapes and influences your overall career and learning experience here. The benefits included are mentioned below:- 

  • Training
  • Projects
  • Internship
  • Certification
  • Placement
  • E-learning Access
  • Bootcamps
  • Management Hackathons
  • Membership

These are some of the best benefits introduced by Henry Harvin that shapes the learning experience of every individual enrolling here. 

Talking about the trainers at Henry Harvin Education they tend to be the reason for many learners to enrol blindly. That is because the trainers serving here come with extremely prolific backgrounds and highly acclaimed professional experiences. These trainers are globally Certified trainers with a minimum of 18 years of experience. 

When you have such trainers assisting you and guiding you throughout the program you eventually turn to get better with every step. Thus, a lot of people feel confident choosing Henry Harvin Education as the trainers here are the greatest asset of the academy. Also, having such prolific trainers on board allows us as a student to understand the working dynamics of various firms effectively. 

And therefore I believe the training faculty at Henry Harvin influenced my decision to join here too. Which of course I am proud of now.For someone who is inquisitive just like me would definitely want to know what are the takeaways or learnings we as learners will get to take along after the completion of the course. Well to have your question answered continue to scroll down. 

My Takeaways at Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course

  1. Gain detailed knowledge on overall firm management. 
  2. Learning to spot the area of errors and eradicating them minutely. 
  3. Being the team leader and keeping the working power of the firm together. 
  4. Understanding different fundamentals of Management, Production, Sourcing and many more. 
  5. Mastering tools that ease and enhance the overall performance of the company. 
  6. Implementing new and tried, tested methods to boost the company’s performance. 

These are some very basic detailings you will be learning here and educating yourself to be the asset every company looks for. Moreover, you will get to be a part of numerous industry-related projects which again will help you receive in-depth knowledge of the real-life working and implementing dynamics. 

As a learner, these aspects really fascinated me to the core. What even fueled the decision was the job opportunities and Internships offered here. That was simply an eye candy moment for me. We invest in special programs so that we could be able to avail better platforms and Henry Harvin exactly introduced you to those. 

From getting internship opportunities during your program tenure to receiving job opportunities after the successful completion of the program; I just couldn’t ask for anything more and just went ahead and enrolled on the program and today I am a very happy and proud learner. 

Why Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course? 

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A lot has been already mentioned why Henry Harvin has been a clear winner out of the two options I had. But just to make it more clear I would jot down the points that immediately drove me to click the enrollment button. 

  1. The brief description of the courses mentioned on the website sounded crystal clear and to the point for me as a learner. It wasn’t actually hard to understand or ask for a reference from a known professional. 
  1. The presence that the Henry Harvin Six Sigma Course has as compared to the other similar platforms was really impressive. From marking effective Media presence to being ranked among the top 5 platforms dealing with the Six Sigma Course really impressed me.
  1. Trainers at Henry Harvin were another addition to the list of why I particularly should be choosing Henry Harvin’s Six Sigma Course. Extremely professional, well experienced and several life lessons. These combinations I guess just would serve as a miracle to anyone and everyone out there. 
  1. Internships and Job Assistances provided by Henry Harvin Education have honestly been my major contributing reason towards making the decision that I made. The platform guarantees job assistance after the successful completion of the program while internships are part of your training program. And this sounded really fruitful to me. So I just grabbed it. 
  1. Last but surely not least would be the teaching standards at Henry Harvin. I have had the best experience of my life by now. Updated and well-structured syllabus, practical inclusions and what not. This is a complete package for anyone who is wanting to achieve mastery over the Six Sigma Courses. 

So go ahead and grab it! 

KPMG Six Sigma Course:- 

KPMG is one of the most celebrated platforms among the serious learners of today. When you visit the platform it speaks for itself. All necessary elements are well placed for the learners to find out exactly what they are looking for. 

The platform of KPMG India came into existence about 27 years ago with an aim to Educate, Uplift and Glorify every individual who is wanting a transformation. Since then KPMG has been serving the audience in the wisest way ever possible. 

Talking about the Lean Six Sigma Courses offered here, you will find the mention of each associated course briefly in order to meet your immediate needs. 

The Lean Six Sigma Courses offered here are as follows:- 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification

Lean Six Sigma Green, Black and Master Certification

According to your choice, one can choose from the above courses and begin their journey to a well-settled career by today itself. 

The syllabus introduced here works as the greatest asset for the professionals who wish to start from scratch. It is curated in the most comprehensive way that can be easily understood and implemented by the professionals going through the program. 

Each course offered here is a specialisation in its own way and provides you with all the needed elements in the most detailed way. From briefing you with the tiniest details of the manufacturing processes to eliminating frequently occurring errors, the KPMG is your complete guide to mastering several aspects of Six Sigma Courses. 

The academy provides a well-prepared brochure to the new aspirants wanting to explore the field of Six Sigma Courses. The trainers at KPMG are another delight to watch. The trainers are highly trained and experienced in their respective industries. They simply tend to know the best and guide you equally well. 

Overall KPMG is one fine Institution you can trust and rely on. But what made me not choose the program at KPMG. As earlier mentioned, I am someone who is into analysing what the institution can provide me as an individual after the completion of my course. And Six Sigma Courses at KPMG are well structured but lack opportunities for the aspirants, I feel. 

There aren’t enough opportunities to explore through the platform. Which turns out to be my major reason for turning down the program. Also in terms of media presence and acclamations, the platform lacks a step behind when compared to Henry Harvin Education. 

Overall the program seems to be quite beneficial in terms of exchanging terminologies and understanding them briefly. The only point that made me think otherwise is the opportunity exposure to the learners enrolling. 

Final Words:- 

The above data is mentioned based on my personal experience. While deciding which institution to choose, I was equally confused and nervous. But reviews like these shaped my decision and my career for a big time. Therefore I wanted to be one of those torchbearers who could open doors of guidance and suggestions to other aspirants looking to create something similar to what I did. 

I hope this piece of information helped you find answers to your questions effectively. If in case you still have any doubts or queries please feel free to voice them using the comment section below. I will get back to you at the earliest possible with the best knowledge available on the same. 

Thank you. 

Keep Reading, Keep Exploring! 

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