Top 10 English-speaking Courses in Kolkata


The best English-speaking courses in Kolkata are rare, but let it not stop you from learning English

Language should never be a barrier to knowledge. We live in the era of the 21st century, where science, literature, and almost every commercial deal that happens on a day-to-day basis are in English. So if we want to make ourselves progressive in the world. The basic necessity for that is that we need to learn the global language of English. You don’t need to guilt-trip yourself for not doing it earlier. The English speaking courses are always available and open to people of any age, any background, and at any time. All you need to invest is your time and a genuine desire to learn.

Why should we learn English from English-speaking courses?

Is there really a need to attend English-speaking courses if you already understand English and can read English? Absolutely yes. Now let’s know “why?” The benefits of English-speaking courses actually outweigh the grammar that you learnt in primary school. First of all, you have to understand that knowing English and speaking English are two different things.

Why is learning English important in a city like Kolkata?

Kolkata is fast growing metropolitan city. Many IT firms and multinational companies are settling here. Job opportunities are increasing day by day. But most of us are left behind just because we are not confident in speaking English or because we don’t know English. We have to understand that learning English is not rocket science. There are English-speaking courses in Kolkata available offline as well as online. These courses will level up your English and make you ready to face job interviews.

Who should learn English in Kolkata?

Kolkata is a progressive city. It could become a new age in Mumbai with the growing importance of education and employability. As multinational IT firms approach this city, the basic requirement from them is that candidates should speak fluent English. Anyone who is hunting for a job in Kolkata and doesn’t know English should make it to the end of the listicle to find themselves an English speaking course in Kolkata as per your requirement. Generally, as Indians, we adore our ethnic language and refuse to learn a foreign language for the same reason. The senior citizens of a metropolitan city like Kolkata fall under this category. Learning Bengali is an emotion for senior citizens in Kolkata, but learning English from English speaking courses in Kolkata is a necessity to live an independent life.

The adolescents and the younger children of Kolkata have tremendous opportunities to grow in the fields of science, technology, and healthcare. Most of the books, fiction and non-fiction, that spark interest in this field are in English. So if you are a parent from Kolkata of a young exploring mind, then admitting your ward to the English speaking courses in Kolkata is the best decision you will make at this tender age.

The 10 best English speaking courses in Kolkata (online & offline)

1. Henry Harvin

English speaking courses in Kolkata

The language academy of Henry Harvin offers English speaking courses in Kolkata online. The most important feature of this course is that the English Speaking Course follows the Common European Framework (CEFR).

Now let us get into what this course is all about and how it can be beneficial.

The course that is offered by Henry Harvin is a 9-in-1 course, which includes the nine following benefits:

  • Training- Henry Harvin provides live instructor-led training sessions. The training hours for an English speaking course depend on the level of the course that you are opting for.
  1. 1st level 40 hours
  1. 2nd level for 40 hours
  1. 3rd level for 40 hours
  1. 4th level for 40 hours
  1. 5th level for 50 hours

6th level of 50 hours

9 benefits of 1 program

  • Projects: they assign multiple projects such as rhetorical questioning sessions, presentation sessions, etc.
  • Internship- guaranteed internship support from experienced English speakers
  • Placements- Henry Harvin guarantees placement assistance for 1 year after successful completion of the course.
  • Certification- they issue a hallmark certificate in the name of the student.
  • E-learning access- this is something that any English speaking courses in Kolkata offline cannot offer. The e-learning portal has various presentations and notes. From there, students can go through and revise the syllabus covered during their live sessions.
  • Masterclass- this is basically a crash English speaking course where students learn from field experts apart from their trainers.
  • Hackathons: Henry Harvin hosts hackathons in which students use the hashtag # askhenry to ask questions about the course, placement, or anything else relevant. Obviously, this is just an additional way to encourage students to ask questions. However, most of the questions are already answered during the live sessions.
  • 1-year gold membership—in 1-year, students can have access to multiple training sessions, all the masterclasses, hackathons, a guaranteed internship for a year, and live boot camps for resume-building skills.

The second most significant thing about this English-speaking course is its curriculum.

Beginner level

  1. Beginner level A1- there is a total of 4 modules in this course. Here, a student is equipped with the ability to speak English in normal day-to-day life. Students, after completion of this level of English speaking course, will be able to introduce themselves, greet others, talk about food, clothes, and weather.
  1. Beginner level A2- there are 4 modules in this course as well. Here the students learn the art of description and detail. They are able to form short paragraphs of details about any event or family. The assignments are generally allotted as such, in which students are expected to detail a past event in their life.

Intermediate level

  1. Intermediate level B1-again a course with 4 modules. Here the start of the course is taken so that a student, after completion of the course, can converse with a native speaker. The students are given a fair idea of professional vocabulary. Now, this helps students in job interviews. Also, students are trained to converse with their peers in a group. The assignments given in this module are about healthcare.
  • Intermediate level B2-this course also includes 4 modules again. This time, the trainer tries to inculcate professional etiquette and spontaneity in the speaking of a student. After successful completion of this level, the student will be able to understand complicated texts, such as newspapers and local broadcasts. Also, the student can speak about complicated areas such as finance and healthcare on his own.

Advance level

  1. Advance level C1- again a 4-module course, but this time the student will start sounding like a native speaker already. The student can give speeches and presentations in English. The student, towards the end of this level course, will learn the art of sarcasm and how to use it subtly in speaking English.
  1. Advanced level C2- surprisingly this course consists of two modules. Trainers here do not focus on vocabulary and other parts of English as this has already developed in students by now. Rather, they improve the speed and accuracy of English speakers. The student, after completion of this level course, will be able to speak English without any hesitation. The student will become completely proficient in English.
  1. Henry Harvin will never fail to surprise you. The two complementary modules where you work on your soft skills and resume building are incredible parts of this institute.

You must be wondering if you are at a certain level, then how should you advance from there? Right. Don’t you worry, Henry Harvin has got you covered here. You can take up any single-level course, or a combo of 2 levels, 3 levels, 4 levels, or 5 levels, or in fact, all six levels.

This was about the curriculum of the course. Now if you want to know whether this English speaking course is for you or not? Hang on, we will discuss the benefits which will surely make you realise if this bit of your life puzzle is missing or not.

Benefits of an English speaking course in Kolkata by Henry Harvin

  • You can avail student F1 visa.
  • Apply for international exams in English.
  • Get admission to top-notch global universities.
  • Be an excellent, flawless, fluent English speaker on international platforms.
  • You have an opportunity to learn from the best trainer in the field, which would help you to become one of those trainers in your locality.
  • Expand your social circle on social media.
  • You can evolve with the trends of the western world once you understand their language and read their news.

The best benefit of all is

You can avail yourself of all the above-enlisted benefits without even stepping out. Yes, this is a completely online course. All the expertise from around the country is brought to your home in Kolkata. These benefits surpass all the others offered by English speaking courses in Kolkata. The interactive sessions will never let any doubt go unresolved, and the trainers are skilled enough to encourage you to interact through an online platform as well.

Let’s now come to the final part of the course.

To conclude Henry Harvin’s English Speaking Course is a certified course that will turn a student into a proficient English speaker and provide innumerable support during and after the completion of the course. These benefits are to make sure that the student progresses in his/her career. This course can be done from any corner of the world, making this course the best English speaking course in Kolkata.

The last and most loved brownie point of this course is that a student can learn one-on-one with an instructor at INR 1400/Hr.

2. The British institute

English speaking course

This institute has offered a spoken English course since 1935. They have a legacy of 87 years of English-speaking courses in Kolkata. The course material offered in this course is from the Oxford University Press. The course is designed in accordance with the common European framework (CEFR). After completion of the English speaking course from this institute, students are assessed based on the British English spoken test.

There are a total of six courses offered in this area, as follows:

  • Level 1: This is a beginner-level course that covers the basic level but not the whole range of English. In this, students are made familiar with the shapes, shades, and nuances of English.
  • Level 2: In this level. They enrich the vocabulary of the students and work on the essentials of grammar. This course helps a student who knows English but hesitates to speak it due to incorrect grammar and a lack of vocabulary.
  • Level 3: The students enrolled in this level are equipped with a professional level of English. The students are expected to speak with adequate fluency after the completion of the course.
  • Personality development- here the students with fair vocabulary and grammar are employed with public speaking skills. This skill, over and over, enhances the personality of the learner.
  • Soft skills training programme: this course has a holistic approach towards the professional and personal growth of students. After completion of this level, students will cater to the demands of professionalism on a global level.
  • Business English (for managers)—the managers and leaders in this course are equipped with the ability to face the challenges of global workforce management. Various managerial-level English concepts are included in this course.

After completion of each of the levels, the student is assessed based on a British English spoken test. The details of the course are available on the website.

3. The FITA Academy

English speaking courses in Kolkata

The FITA academy offers English speaking courses in Kolkata both online and offline. The online course is an instructor-led course, and the offline mode is a classroom setting for the students. The learners in this course have evolved from a very basic level to an advanced professional level of English speaking. They begin with phonetics and pronunciation and progress to professional vocabulary and fluent English speaking.The trainers in this course have experience of 10+ years and have been certified. They also train students for advanced English examinations such as IELTS.

With these courses, students are offered an opportunity to learn from real-time projects and gain deep experience in this field. The best part about this course is that it runs with great flexibility — early mornings, late evenings, whatever full-time students and professionals find best for them. FITA Academy claims to offer the best English speaking courses in Kolkata at the most affordable rates.

At the end of the course, students receive certifications as well as job opportunities with the small and medium-sized company tie-ups of FITA academy.

  1. Fast info

This is an English speaking course in Kolkata. It has an online mode of delivery. It is basically a course where you can better your language skills. The syllabus of the course consists of the following:

  1. Improve accuracy in grammar
  1. Refines and development of reading skills
  1. Correct pronunciation
  1. Personality development
  1. Art of conversation
  1. Communication skills
  1. Presentation skill
  1. Interview preparation
  1. Personal grooming
  1. Business counselling.

The institute claims to have experienced teachers and to provide 100% placement assistance. The course is for 3 months and the monthly fee is 299 INR, in addition to the one-time admission fee of INR 499. This institute has ISO certification and is a government of India recognized English speaking course.

4. Udemy


The Spoken English Mastery course is an English speaking course offered online. The duration of the course is 15 hours. The fee structure for the course is INR 799. This course was created by Yogesh Vermani. He is a chartered accountant by profession and has been training students in English speaking for about 12 years now. There are various aspects of speaking English that are covered in this course, especially the technique that the author has learned over the years for speaking English. The modal auxiliary is also covered. Do not expect this course to be extensive. It’s a comprehensive course that will give you an idea of all the aspects of English speaking.

5. Awal English


The creator of this English speaking course teaches in Hindi to make it understandable to the students. He offers this course in 3 ways: a 6-month plan, a 12-month plan, and live classes. The fee structure for the three of them is INR 999, 1499, and 4999, respectively. All of them have 60 hours of classes in which the recordings are available for the duration according to the plan opted. In live classes, activities are done to give live demonstrations of speaking, listening, and writing English. Here the instructor starts from the very basic level and those who understand Hindi well can consider this comprehensive yet certified course. The course is certified by the government of India under the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). The instructor simplified the course for a smooth learning process.

6. Ignite plus English


This institute offers online artificial intelligence-based English speaking courses. They have quite a unique way of dealing with the methodology; there are regular revisions, assignments, and application-based activities. The assessment contains an entropy-based questionnaire, which means there are a variety of questions based on the same problem, which teases the mind to learn and retain. They also have experts with decades of experience in this field. The course is available as a 1-month or 3-month course. They cost INR 1499 and INR 5499, respectively. Both of the courses have 3 classes per week and a test series.

7. The oxford academy


They have three branches in Kolkata and have been offering English speaking courses in Kolkata since 1999. They have offline courses only. Three types of courses are available with them: beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level. The duration for each of them is 6 months, 8 months, and 10 months, respectively. They charge students a monthly fee of 1000 INR for 3 classes every week. The syllabus covers basic grammar, pronunciation, retelling, colloquial English, idioms, and public English speaking. They have impromptu, extempore sessions of application-based learning, which is probably the best way to assess students for their learning abilities. This academy offers English speaking courses in a quite old-school manner, but the experience and discipline make it worth learning from them.

8. The career speak academy

It’s a one-year certificate course starting from the foundation level to the advanced level. Three classes per week. The curriculum of the course is as follows:

  1. Foundation level- basics of grammar and conversational sentences
  1. Basic level-grammar in detail, word stock and daily life conversation
  1. Intermediate level- advanced grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, conversations, topics and Group Discussions
  1. Advance level- This level includes public speaking, impromptu and extempore, mock interviews, presentation skills, pronunciation, and business English.

This is an English speaking course offered in Kolkata offline.

9. Spark academy


This is a well-known academy in Kolkata that offers English speaking courses offline. They have a few decades of experience in training students in English. Generally, limit the number of students per batch to enhance the quality of teaching-learning. There have three types of courses: standard spoken English courses for 6 months, advanced spoken English courses for 6 months, and a combo of both for 1 year. There are usually take 3 classes per week. The curriculum of their standard spoken English course is as follows:

  • Question-making skill
  • Articulation exercise
  • Vocabulary builds up, including daily used phrases.
  • Speaking practice in different situations
  • Speech initiator
  • Short responses
  • Hesitation overcome technique
  • Applied grammar (syntax, tense, prepositions, modals, etc.)
  • Intonation

Let’s brief it

We have already seen various types of English speaking courses in Kolkata by now. In contrast to different courses, English speaking courses have differed in curriculum and assessment style from each other. It is so because when it comes to English speaking individuals, they have different types of requirements to be fulfilled. Some people might know English but don’t know how to speak it, whereas some people know how to speak but fear speaking. Otherwise, there are people who don’t know English at all. So one has to make a critical choice about taking up a course that will serve their purpose well enough economically.

When you look at a variety of courses with approved curricula online and better practical insights compared to offline English speaking courses in Kolkata. It’s obvious online has more to offer than offline with better rates, better expertise and minimum efforts. Now don’t procrastinate the decision just because you have got these many choices. You know, the best decisions never happen if you keep procrastinating. So go ahead. Maybe the world is waiting to hear your thoughts in the global language on a global platform. Conquer it!!!!

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Q1. Who should take an English speaking course?

Anyone who is enthusiastic about learning English. Anyone who finds English to be a barrier in their career path.

Q2. Which English-speaking courses in Kolkata are better, online or offline?

Online instructor-led interactive live classes are always better because the instructor can provide personal attention, unlike offline.

Q3. Can a non-native speaker become fluent in English?

Absolutely yes. If you take up a course and follow the instructions diligently, then it is likely that you will end up a fluent English speaker.

Q4. What background do I need to have to take an English speaking course?

Specifically, no educational qualification and no ethnic background are required for learning English.

Q5. Which age is the best to learn English?

Any age at which you feel the need to learn. However, the earlier the better


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