Content Writing Courses in Dubai

    Content writing courses in Dubai

    Content writing courses come under the demandable skills in every industry. Content writing refers to providing information to the readers. Different forms of writing are required in other industries. Everything is getting digitalised nowadays. In order to provide lots of information to the reader, the content writer plays their role.

    Are you thinking of upgrading your skills by becoming a content writer? But you may require the proper knowledge to build the foundation. Different institutes teach content writing courses in Dubai. But as a budding writer, you may find it difficult to choose the top institutes. So this blog will help to reach the different content writing courses in Dubai.

    1. Henry Harvin

    Henry Harvin is the best institute to provide content writing courses in Dubai. It ranks as the top institute offering content writing courses. “Value Creation” is the company’s main point upon which the whole institute works. Henry Harvin is known by the top newspaper, which has placed the institute at the top. The institute is known for its extraordinary quality, where it upgrades the students’ skills with different courses.

    Henry Harvin Content Writing Course

    Why should you select Henry Harvin? (Top Content Writing Courses)

    • The institute provides the option of 9-in-1 courses, which comprises of 
      • Training
      • Projects
      • Internship
      • Certification
      • Placement
      • Bootcamps
      • E-learning
      • Hackathons
      • Gold Membership
    • Students get the best facility of 24 *7 Lifetime Support & unlimited access to the LMS portal.
    • After registering for the course, every learner can benefit from a one-year gold membership.
    • Top industrial experts experienced in Content writing and providing the best course materials.
    • Trainer experts with 10+ years of working experience in different industries background. 
    • Students get the best placement opportunities from the writing industries.

    How to become a Certified Digital Content Writer?

    • Institute provides different batches on weekdays and weekends. So, first of all, select the batch as per your availability.
    • Every institute provides a counsellor who helps in the enrolment process.
    • Then start attending the live interactive sessions of the Content writing course.
    • In between the sessions, you will be required to complete all the assignments and projects given by the trainer.
    • After you complete the classes, you can apply for the certificates. You will also get the option of doing an internship through this course.

    Course Modules of the Content Writing Course:

    • The course module comprises different modules which contain complementary skills also.
    • The total duration of the content writing course, as per the institute, is forty hours.

    More Courses Offered:

    • Creative writing
    • Medical writing
    • Technical writing
    • Management courses
    • Accounting and taxation courses

    2. Skills Upgrader(The best Content Writing Courses)

    Skills Upgrader is one of the best companies for upgrading the skills of every student. It is a consultancy and counselling company whose vision is personal growth. Every professional fulfils their goals by taking the courses of their choice. The duration of the content writing course that the institute provides consists of four weeks of live online training. There is no restriction in entering into the course. The eligibility criteria are simple, allowing every individual to learn the course. Institute gives the option of three months of guaranteed internships after completion of the course. After completing the course, every student gets the international certification from Skills Upgrader and the content marketing certification from Hubspot.

    3. Edarabia

    Edarabia is the Middle East one of the top education guides. The top companies of the world trust this institute. There are no specific levels of education as the institute provides all levels of education and no boundaries to type of institutions. Personality development is one category where the institute provides the students which all knowledge to writing skills. Different types of writing are covered here, irrespective of the age group.

    4. Edoxi Training Institute

    Edoxi Training Institute believes in nurturing students’ careers with the right knowledge. The institute’s vision includes providing the best professional training in the Middle East. They believe in bringing positive results with constant effort and dedication toward every student. Edoxi lays the foundation for every writer by providing killer content ideas. There are various benefits of taking the course from Edoxi. They train students through internship programs and can work as freelancers after completing the course.

    5. Education and Career Times(ECT)

     ECT is an educational institute recognised by the Government of India which provides premier training to students. Every student gets to learn from the trained experts in different courses. The course duration is three months, whereas the live session comprises thirty hours. The student also gets work-from-home benefits after taking the course.

    6. Coursera

    Coursera is one of the good mastering institutes for providing content writing courses. The education institute partners with over a hundred universities and organisations to hold flexible, affordable, job-relevant online reading for human beings and businesses worldwide. They offer reading opportunities—from hands-on tasks and courses to job-ready certificates and degree programs.

    Why should you select Coursera?(Best Content Writing Courses)

    • World-best training session
    • Affordable charge structure
    • Job profession skills
    • Top business expert trainers

    7. Udemy(Top Content Writing Courses)

    Udemy is a global organisation which teaches various courses to students. They have the best course structure, and a work culture thatch motivates employees. They keep researching new concepts, and students can get the chance to learn through the course. The content writing course is one of the top courses under the different categories provided by the institute. The fee structure is affordable and gives a variety of topic options to the readers. The self-paced courses allow the students to ask questions through the chat box.

    8. Digital Academy 360

    Digital Academy 360 gives the kickstart to every digital marketer in the world. But apart from that, as content is the king, it prepares the student for content writing specialisation. Digital Academy 360 enhances the knowledge of every student by providing courses online. It focuses on every level which students require to learn the course. Different level classes are available for different courses by the Digital Academy 360. Even working professionals can study and develop their skills through live classes. Digital Academy 360 is one of the best digital marketing and content writing institutes.

    9. Skillshare

    Skillshare is the best platform for learning new courses through short videos. The institute feels pride in having the best tutor who is an industry expert. The routine set by the institute fits the right timing per the candidate. Skillshare provides the best content writing classes with the course structure and upgrades the skills of every child. Different videos make the mind sharp by learning different writing skills. The content writing course is the best in which the institute provides different teaching modules.

    10. Vskills(Best Content Writing Courses)

    Vskills is India’s largest professional body, providing different courses to every student. It provides different courses to every student and conducts exams at the end. Students get recognition from the top institute and also placement opportunities. Many companies are hiring candidates who have Vskills certifications. Vskills have made it possible to pass the exams as it conducts mock tests for preparation. In the beginning, students learn the course from the study material. Study materials are available in hard and soft materials per the Vskill course structure. Then they apply for the Vskill exam. After clearing the exam, they get the certification and the badge in Monster India as Vskills certified students.


    The above blog includes the details of different content writing courses in Dubai. But do you still get confused in different forms of writing? Research about the different institutes and then apply for the content writing course. You will build the foundation for your writing journey. Nowadays, content writers are highly demanded due to generating social media traffic. Content writing gives a golden opportunity to every student to build their career in the writing journey. If you are looking for the best content writing course, then without any delay, start enrolling on it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I learn content writing courses free of cost?

    You can watch the demo lectures if you want to learn content writing courses. Or else many institutes provide the skills at a reasonable price.

    What is the demand for content writers in Dubai?

    In the digital world, there is high demand for content writers. Every company wants writing skills to pitch to the target audience and boost sales. Content writers get the chance to learn many new things by working in top companies.

    Is there any distinction between copywriting and content writing?

    Yes, there are different forms of writing where copywriting differs from content writing. Copywriting mainly concerns with the focus on marketing or advertising. The writer prepares the content and helps increase the company’s brand awareness. At the same time, content refers to the information provided to every reader.

    Do I need any degree to become a content writer in Dubai?

    To become a content writer, you do not need any prior degree from the institute. You can get the course and, after completion, appears for the exam and get the certificate.

    How can I get admission to the content writing courses?

    There are many institutes available who are providing content writing courses. There is nothing specific like colleges or entrance exams for learning content writing.


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