Top 10 French Language Courses in Chennai: 2023

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French is the second most spoken language by non-native speakers after English. Additionally, it is taught around the world the most. As a result of its official position with global influencers such as multinational companies, the UN, and other international committees, it has become so.

As a business, education, and people’s interests criss-cross like never before, as well as collaborations among nations across continents over global concerns like Climate Change & Security, the necessity of speaking at least one other primary language besides English is imperative.

Fluency in French opens the door to studying, working, living, or doing business in France and other predominantly French-speaking countries.

Our blog will be talking about French courses at their best, aiming to make learners articulate and well-versed in French as quickly as possible. The classes are designed to address different purposes behind learning French. Thus, they are suitable for Professionals who wish to learn Corporate French, Students who want to study French or to pursue educational travel in regions where French is a common language, as well as leisure travellers and language enthusiasts.

Eligibility is not an issue. It isn’t mandatory, but a good base in English is helpful in reverse since many French words have been adapted to English. Even a tiny spark will go a long way.

Top 10 French language courses in Chennai

1. Henry Harvin Language Academy

Henry Harvin offers a French Language Course in India for all proficiency levels, from A1 to C2. In any other learning center, the language levels are also taken separately, and each new level assumes the preceding one as a prerequisite.

Industry veterans with 15+ years of experience designed and taught this course.

Fees-Duration-Schedule: based on competency level

  • INR 8,999 for Level A1 and INR 8,999 for Level A2 [Week. Days or Week Ends] [Starts Every Week]
  • INR 11,999 for Level B1 and B2 each [Week. Days or Week. Ends], [Starts Every Week]
  • C1 & C2, each 14,999 (Weekly Days or Week-Ends) 40 hours (Each Week)

Certificate: Henry Harvin Course Certificate with sufficient knowledge to attempt official French certification exams (TEF, DELF, DALF, TCF, etc.)

Modes of Learning: Classroom or Online with Live Trainer, or Online Self-Paced

Learning Method: Get into the shoes of the French by engaging in everyday conversations, social interactions, culture, literature, societal issues, political scenarios, objective and subjective discussions, logic arguments, debates, etc.

Additional Advantages: One-year Gold Membership at Language Academy, which includes a guaranteed internship for experiential French, access to learning materials, games, projects, hackathons, etc.


Let’s Speak French lessons are not only a preparation for the official French certification exams (conducted by Alliance Française) but also practical and aware of learning French as a language. A standard class curriculum is based on the French curriculum of Alliance Française. French language books are used for each proficiency level: SAISON A1, A2, B1, B2 & C1.

Although this course follows a typical schedule and has a specific duration, it is flexible enough for students to tailor it to their needs.

Learning Modes: Classroom Training, and Online Classes (as short as 60 days) with flexible schedules and durations

The Institute provides a course certificate

The French classes are a prerequisite for getting certified in official French exams DELF (Levels A1-C2) & TEF.

Pedagogy: Learning by Speaking and conversing//Flashcards//Listening to Native Speakers//Training by native French speakers


French at Alliance Française is a standard course in and of itself, with appropriate infrastructure, course design, and delivery.

Fees-Duration-Schedule: based on competency level

In this schedule, classes are held every month. Other than Level A1, all different levels can only be taken online.

All taxes are included in the fees. The cost of the textbook ranges between INR 1,000 and INR 2,000

During the course, these hours may be used for self-study using online materials or sessions

We conduct tests to grant certifications based on various levels of French language proficiency. Alliance Française is the only authorized body in Chennai for issuing official French National Education Ministry and Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry-approved certification examinations.

*Lifetime Certifications include DELF evaluating A1 through B2 levels, DALF evaluating C1 through C2 levels, DELF Junior evaluating A1 through B2 levels. Also included are e-TEF CANADA A1 to C2 and e-FAQ.

Our teaching method is based on the infusion of culture (French), contextual application, phonetics – the sound and manner of speaking, and grammar & vocabulary basics taught by trained & experienced teachers.


At Sprachlingua, French classes are intensive and serve the specific purpose of learning the language. Learning French would require considerable effort on the part of the learner. However, the result will be a given: Reading, Writing, and Speaking in French.

This French class is unique in that it emphasizes non-rote learning without books.

Costs, duration, and schedule: The course is fast-track and intensive at an affordable price.

Get in touch with the institute in Chennai to learn about the different levels of French their courses can cover and for more information regarding Fees, Schedules & Duration.

The Institute provides course certificates

Both classroom and online modes of training are available

The teaching method is to develop communicative skills of the language/Give a foundation to master the language/Foster openness in using the language without hesitation


InaWord has taught French since 2000. The teachers all have at least ten years of teaching experience. We limit classes to 8-15 students so that each student can receive adequate attention.

*Flair & Affinity programs include all levels of French, except C, i.e. l, even A1-B2, which are incorporated, but taught separately.

Fees-Duration-Schedule: is only available for upcoming batches. The institute must be contacted for information about other levels of French language training. With 50 hours of duly accorded learning for each level of French, InaWord Flair can be offered as a supplementary program (5-6 hours/week) or fast-track (10 hours/week).

Online training is the preferred method of training

After passing assessments, attending all classes and participating in all activities, the Institute awards a Certificate of Completion.

Participating students in Listening, Speaking and Expressing via Role-Play’s with regular assessments/Developing Francophone skills across all 4 areas of comprehension and delivery – Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking/For future DELF A1-B2 exams.


In this course, you will be taught French from beginner to mastery levels, which is A1-C2. This course also uses Live, Industry projects to teach French.

Course is designed by experts in the field, using French professionally, and is praised by more than 50k learners. Graduates from any industry who are looking to up-skill and get placed in global companies that place value on multilingualism will find it ideal.

The course covers all aspects of learning – fun, hobby, professional, educational, etc.

For the purpose of aiding in decision-making, a demo class is available and an advisor is available for consultation.

Enrolling in a course provides lifetime access to online content materials, including course and helper videos. Additionally, you can prepare for French interviews with trainers.

Cost-Duration-Schedule: 40-60+ hours for basic French (A1, A2). Additional information is available upon request.

We do not quote fees, but they are affordable.

Certificate of Completion by the Institute, which is recognized throughout the world

Additionally, enough preparation for official French certification exams like the DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, and TFI is included as part of the course curriculum – *mock exams for the TFI and TEF are part of the course curriculum.

We offer online and classroom training with Fast-track, Individual lessons, and Custom Training options

A Live Project is taken from Industry, which makes learning more interesting and challenging. Learning modules include Translation of French passages into English and vice versa, and French comprehension through reading and writing passages in French.

There is a list up. What next? We will now get started about actually learning French from a center of choice, hopefully from the list above, or not. We wanted to get people started on French. The benefits of learning French are many, but why not just learn a new language to push limits of one’s person. “As you speak, so you think” – Sometimes only good and entertaining thoughts can come from thinking in love’s language.


Students at The Lingua Academy have given positive reviews to the French course; there have been no negative comments on the course design or teaching.

The French course is a general French course. Nevertheless, given the many options for learning and the expertise of the faculty, French for Business or Study may be available on request. The levels of French covered are A1 to B2. The institute needs to clarify the coverage of C1 and C2 mastery levels.

Learning is supposed to be enjoyable, fun, and effective.

Details about the fees, duration, and schedule are unavailable

A completion time of 6-8 weeks has been cited for Level A of French.

*We offer Online and Classroom Training, as well as Fast-Track, Tuition, Custom Training, and Offline WhatsApp classes on the go based on a daily schedule

Students will be able to obtain global French certifications (DELF, DALF, TEF, TCF, etc.) through this course.

Learning with A/V aids, music, movies, and role-plays provides a smoother path to specific language use – Read, Listen, Speak, Write, with ease


When searching for the best courses, this is one of the few that includes Live Projects as part of French training and placement support. The teachers have a combined experience of over 10 years and are native French speakers. Intensive French classes are offered at all levels to ensure students are proficient in French and ready for official exams.

Learners can attend a pre-decision demo class.

A detailed breakdown of fees, duration, and schedule is not available. However, there are plenty of upcoming sessions every week. For learning beginner-level French, 80 hours are recommended.

The training is offered both online and in the classroom by instructors.

Awards and certifications: Certificate of Excellence from the Academy and readiness to take official exams (DELF, DALF, TEF, etc.).

Training Techniques: Building conversational competence in grammatically and phonetically correct French through a combination of foundations, live examples, audio-visual aids, and more creative ways to learn, based on balanced theory and practice


The French language classes is offered in two categories, General and Business French, based on the purpose of learning.

  • For Professionals who need to use French for business collaborations, French Language Professionals like Translators, Interpreters, Teachers, Freelancers, etc.
  • French for School/College Students, Casual Learners, Hobbyists, Cultural Enthusiasts, Aspiring Migrants to France, etc.


  • Learn Business French Levels A1-B2 in six months with our immersion program

*Each level of A1-B2 is taught separately, and students can choose which level and how many levels to take

  • Business French Levels A1-B2 diploma, plus 6 months of weekday classes and 15 months of end of week classes in French

Certification(s): DFP Affaires certification for Diploma in Business French.

Online and classroom training is available.

It’s a simple and effective method for teaching the language, with practical communication in all its spheres, taught by Indian French Professionals & Native French Speakers, whether it’s General French or Business French/Non-traditional learning techniques and fun activities are used.

The French Programs

Immersion program – Short-term results are achieved through intensive training. The program consists of two parts.

First, the Immersion Program Pro lays foundations with Level A (A1.1, A1.2, A2.1) and builds on them with Level B (B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2). The program is completed in 180 days.

In addition, the Immersion Program Core provides a better understanding of French with a Level C (C1, C2), bringing one close to being French in French. Both India and France can be used for this program. With Level C2 completion, one can practically understand everything about French.


The French course is marketed with the tagline “Learn French in 30 days”. This is probably a basic level course. Language learning at Communiqua is positive, whether it is French or another language. A variety of learning requirements can be met.

You can request a free demo class.

Fees-Duration-Schedule: should be determined by the level of proficiency. However, the details of these things are not explicit, so an inquiry with the institute is necessary. If you search french language course near me, you will find better results. 


Here are a few French language training centers and courses. These institutes offer French classes that range from beginner to advanced. There are multiple training centers in Chennai and online support is also available. You can enroll in any of the training institute’s batches depending on availability and need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is CEFR Levels

The CEFR stands for the Common European Framework of Reference. It applies to linguistics. It is divided into Basic, Independent, and Proficiency levels. Language standards are divided into six levels. There are four levels of knowledge, ranging from A1 to C2.

 2.  What is the importance of CEFR level

Language levels indicate how much knowledge a person has of a language. They can include speaking, writing, or reading skills. Language learners frequently use these levels to indicate their proficiency in a language. Certifications make the levels official. Certifications are obtained through examinations.

 3. What is Level A?

Levels A1 and A2 are divided into beginner and elementary levels, respectively. The learner can understand the basics of the language and use basic expressions and can have a basic conversation at A1. The learner can introduce themselves and ask questions about others.


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