The 10 Best French Language Courses Online in 2023



Why learn French of all immense choices? Are there any graces associated with the language? Learning one’s language is inadequate, especially in today’s world, which is multi-faceted in all spheres of human endeavors. obtaining the French language will only open doors for All!

The French language enchantment extends beyond the French cuisine, history, tradition, culture, arts, literature, places, customs, and the like.

Top 10 French Language Courses Online in 2023

On all five continents, French is the only language spoken. French is the sixth most widely spoken language globally after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic.

It is the second most widely taught language globally after English and one of the most frequently used tongues on the internet.h

To start learning French has top best reasons.

First and foremost French is an international language. France is the top destination for Indian students. The French language has international connections and relations. The French language has a  space in the hotel, travel, tourism, and hospitality Industry. The French language has a wide scope, demand, career, and job opportunities. French is the language of art, culture, love, and literature. It is the center of attraction and to impress others. The French discover a new aspect of their personality. The French language helps in immigration to France, Canada, and Francophone nations. French is not a complex language to master.

The basics of  French and become proficient in the language.

Level A1- The beginner’s level

Level A2- The upper Beginners

Level B1- Intermediate

Level B2- upper intermediate

Level C1- The advanced level

Level  C2- Proficiency

1. Henry Harvin language Academy

Henry Harvin is a reputed institution for excellence and innovative teaching methods. It offers French language courses online which are career-oriented. Its training program is designed to make the employees feel competent and to improve their skills.

Course Duration

There are different levels in the French language and there is a specific duration for each level. The course is designed to help the students to comprehend topics and lexis in French. The course will improve the student’s French prowess besides learning grammatical concepts and vocabulary. The participant is able to speak the language fluently and able to write an array of texts.

A1 -The beginner level- In the beginner level, the basics of French vocabulary, greetings, basic grammar, including nouns, pronouns, verbs, plurals, and adjectives. The course offers 30 hours of instruction and the fee structure is INR 8999/

Level A2- The Beginner‘s level- In this level, The participant will be able to learn to express, make comparisons, determine a chronology, express certainty. The duration of the course is 30 hours and the course fee is INR 8999/

B1- The intermediate level- In this level, the participants will cover the skill of writing, reading, and listening. They will learn how to shape sentences in French. The course contains 40 hours and the fee structure isINR11999/

B2- Upper – Intermediate level- In this level, the participants learn the French dialects and complex texts. They will learn how to create complex explanations in French and create long speeches in French. The duration of the course is for 40 hours. The course  fee is INR 11999/

C1- Advanced – In this level, the participants learn to understand the implicit meaning of longer texts. They will be able to learn how to express themselves quickly. The course  required hours is 40 and the fee structure is INR14999/

C2-proficiency-In this level, the candidates were able to comprehend virtually anything they read or hear. The participants should be able to concoct data from different sources, including written and oral materials. The  course  duration is 40 hours and the course fee is INR 14999/

Highlight  of  course

  1. There were plenty of French languages and implemented projects. Henry Harvin’s internship program gained much experience in the French language. The regular boot camp sessions over the next 12 months for an exotic journey of French learning. French language courses students receive one-year Gold Memberships to

Henry Harvin Language Academy. They have access to exclusive LMS from anywhere.

The trainers of Henry Harvin

The faculty members have 15 years of experience. They are industry veterans and the most renowned in the field. The company’s work has been recognized by many organizations as well as training partners.  Henry Harvin Language Academy’s domain experts present over 350 lectures.

Gold membership

Henry Harvin Language Academy, the participant can join for 1 year

And get -learning through recorded videos, games, projects, CPD Pe studies, etc. The participant will be one of the 3,000,000+Alumni across the globe who have earned the prestigious Henry HarvinAlumni status. The participant will get more than 10 job vacancies per week. They can appear for that and can grab the dream job. Industry projects were considered to be a very added advantage in their resume, during the training

Henry Harvin‘s Affiliations

Henry Harvin‘s top corporate Training Award and the game-based learning Company award by under 40 Business World Awards.HenryHarvin’smembership with the American Association for education in Foreign Languages, the Ministry of corporates Affairs, the UKAF, UKCert, and the Project Management Institute (PMI), in addition to that it holds an ISO 29990:2010 certification. 

Career Benefits of Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin’s French language course has a wide variety of job opportunities. The participant can get hired by top brands in the industries like Google, Amazon, and JP Morgan. Once the French language Training program is completed, the participant will get High paying Freelance or Full-Time jobs. The learners from other cities can also take the French Language Course online in other cities like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Noida.

2: Duolingo

Duolingo is the top online French course. It is not a single course. It is the APP, to learn basic to advanced French-speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. The learning materials are built around games, through which the participant can earn virtual coins and it allows the participant to unlock more levels of learning. They can learn and review vocabulary and terms related to people, food, places. Duolingo presents information that is adapted to the learning style. The participant gets immediate feedback on their performance which helps to improve French skills very fastly. This App gives the learners great flexibility for learning new skills. The 

The affordability of the course is free. All the course materials are online in the app for easy access. It is the learning level of beginner to advanced.

3 . Study in France; French Intermediate course  B1- B2

Ecole Polytechnique and Coursera course is the intermediate course which is intended for students that will study in France. And it covers all the different aspects of French like oral and written comprehension, oral and written expression, vocabulary, and grammar. The course is divided into six detailed lessons. Each lesson needs 7-8 hours to finish and such a quite lengthy lesson. This online French course provides an enchanting experience. The participant can learn French in multiple formats, including texts and lesson videos. They get the chance to learn about French culture and the education system. The course is gained as a free course. It is affordable. and highly flexible. The level of learning is intermediate.

4 Babbel’s Advance course

In Babbel’s course, each class has multiple lessons. They are broken down in terms of subject and learning level. Many of these courses are kick start for beginners. This course builds a foundation of understanding and enables the learners to develop strong language skills. The approach of learning French, able to read dialogue that’s read aloud.Skills tests that examine the learner’s understanding of grammar and vocabulary. Babbel French courses online are one of the most popular ones. This course is highly flexible. The learner can learn at their own pace. The lessons are very short and get easy access to Babbel via the smartphone app. The level of learning is advanced.

5 Elementary French I

Open learning initiative

The beginner Course from Carnegie Mellon University’sOpen Learning initiative is a complete French course. And it is uniquely designed to assist new French learners to advance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the French language. Each lesson has a high sequence with the recognition of words and phrases, grammar and pronunciation, written and spoken exercises. The learners can learn from audio recordings, videos, and exams. This online French course has a wide range of activities. This lengthy course has 15 lessons. At the time of writing the participant has to pay $ 25. This course will take a whole semester to complete. course materials were available online and the learner can work independently at their own pace. It is very flexible. The learning level is at the beginner level.

Elementary French II

Open learning initiative

This course is still a beginner course. Through this course, the learner can learn more advanced skills. This course enables them to speak and understand French much better. The learner can expect to learn about speaking about one’s family, parts of the body, Transportation, and trip planning. The learners learned to explore topics like politics, ecology. This online French course has 14 lessons and it begins with the video introduction, interactive activities, and tutorials. The videos were authentic with French speakers. This course helps to read, write and speak in French. This is affordable at $25 and highly flexible. It is independent and self-paced, the learning materials help to understand the concepts better. The learning level of the course is beginner.

6 InfluentU

InfluentU offers a unique French learning experience. In Influent U, the lessons are video-based. these videos are real-world- movies, music videos, news clips, and If the learner has real, engaging content to watch, they can learn the language in a better manner. Through this course, they can learn skills like interactive captions for videos, on-demand word definitions, and sample sentences. It provides the opportunities to test your skills with lesson quizzes. At the same time, They also get access to a video dictionary, audio recordings, and flashcards. It is very flexible and affordable, for one month $20/ the learners have to pay at the time of writing. It is the self -paced course. The learning level is a beginner to advanced.

7 Rocket languages 

Rocket languages is an open online platform. In Rocket, learning is like a journey language. They offer Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, etc. The level1 course from Rocket languages will be good for the new learner of French learning. This is a paid course and offers extras which make the price tag well worthy. It provides 172 hours of lesson time. It has 3840 phrases with voice recognition. This course has 33 interactive Audio lessons and 53 language and culture lessons. This course provides interactive sessions and it is very helpful for the learners to learn French more quickly. With these activities, they will be able to learn French faster and retain more information.  They can tailor their learning experience which includes 5-minute exercises for vocabulary. They provide 30-minute interactive audio lessons. This French course is for one hour and it is affordable at $59.98, the learner has to pay at the time of writing.

This course is self-paced and highly flexible. once the learner purchased the course they get instant access to the learning material. This French course is App-based. The learning level of this course is the beginner. The experienced industry professionals will deliver the training. They issue the certificate after, all the requirements are achieved.

# 8 World Languages center

World languages center is highly skilled and the qualified instructors make the world languages center one of the best centers for foreign language training. It offers the best educational and comprehensive courses, 

The faculty provides an aesthetic environment. They. taught the students how to think critically. They use the latest technologies and methodologies. This course covers reading, listening, writing, and grammar aspects. The audiovisual system is used in the language lab. The institution has its own library and it allows the students to do research. The course is for 3 months. The fee structure is INR12,000/

9  European Institute of Foreign Languages

European Institute of Foreign Languages is known for French-language education. Another name for it was Foreign Language Guru. The Institution offers Foreign language and international studies courses. It allows students to learn foreign languages easily and fastly. The course duration is three months. The fee structure is INR 18,000/

10 Institute of Foreign Language

Institute of Foreign Language is not only for students but also beneficial to business people, housewives, exporters, etc. some lecturers are from other countries to teach the participant. The primary objective for students is to have adequate communication skills in the new language. This institution offers real-life situations. They provide individualized attention to every student

All about the French language

The French Language is the Leader, in terms of food, literature, and tourism. Learning the French language helps to obtain a deeper understanding of the world and its culture. French grammar has been influenced by English grammar and vocabulary. Speaking the French language helps to develop the necessary skills for work or travel. French is the official language for more than 29 countries that speak French as their official language. The French Language is known around the world for its business, its trade.


 Every new language has a new platform. The learning of a new language has the space for various situations. Learning of French language makes to achieve success in various fields.

 One who is proficient in French and English then they can easily find a job with various multinational companies, The French language is widely used in retail, automotive, luxury goods, aerospace, and tourism industries. In spite of its thriving economy, France invites entrepreneurs, students, teachers, researchers, and tourists.

Academic benefits of French

Well-known universities of France provide education in the French language. An international perspective recognized postgraduate course in French can teach French to other students. The third commonly used language is French on the web.

Final words

French is spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco, and the United States. It is a very common language learned worldwide. Travel, business, and tourism attract people to France from around the world. I strongly recommend Henry Harvin’s French-language training course for its special features.

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