Top 10 Medical Writing Courses Online: 2023 (Don’t Ignore)


Medical writing is the area of writing scientific documents in the field of medicine by the writers also known as “medical writers”. Medical writers may not be the original scientists who did the actual research, but they cooperate with the doctors and scientists involved in data generation and help to present the knowledge in a relevant way. It is mandatory for the medical writer to have a clear understanding of the scientific concepts and ideas and to present the data in a way that the target audience understands it. Additionally, writing must fulfil certain obligations for various types of documents.

Medical writing plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry because it requires extensive understanding and skills to be capable of writing systematic and presented scientific documents. In the last few years, the market for medical writing has expanded tremendously.

A medical writer has to apply clinical research principles in evolving clinical trial documents that productively describe research results, product use, and other medical information. Medical writing is a rewardable job because you get to interact with many scientists and professionals and gather the information that will help to improve the health of many people. You can contribute to developing the field of medical science and be part of contributing to the well being of humans.

Currently, there are plenty of medical writing courses available for those who are willing to have a career as a medical writer. You can now get certified as a medical writer just by sitting at home and attending the online medical writing course. There are plenty of available courses that will help you get the proper training with certification. You will also get exposed to various tools and techniques along with job opportunities globally. All those who are interested in Medical writing should take a look at some of the online medical writing Courses available. The following is the list of Top 10 Medical Writing Courses Online

  1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin is an incomparable Medical Writing course that helps you get in-depth knowledge about pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-marketing writing. This course will allow you to strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a medical and scientific writer. Applying for this course will help you to improve your writing skills as a Medical Writer. The Medical writing course will make you aware of the ethics in scientific communication. The Genres of Medical Writing is something worth your learning.

The online medical writing course by Henry Harvin will expose you to the importance of a scientific background as well as you will be able to effectively communicate the Medical details to a Non-Medical audience with the help of your abilities that you will acquire after the Completion of the Medical writing course by Henry Harvin. The following are the key features of the Online Medical Writing course:

  • Acquire the necessary traits to succeed at freelance Medical Writing
  • Know about what Medical Writing is and what it is not
  • Get exposed to the steps required to build a successful career in Medical Writing
  • Essential Ethics for Medical Communicators
  • Elements of Medical Terminology

The Online Medical writing course by Henry Harvin is one the finest course in Asia and below is the reason why it is the best course:

  • It is 16 Hours Training + 24hrs Live Online Brushup Sessions + 50hrs E-Learning Access
  •  Most knowledgeable Industry trainers with decades of working and training experience
  •  Experience Industry Projects during the training
  •  Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy.
  • Get the E-Learning Access which includes recorded videos, games, projects, case studies
  • 12 months Brushup Sessions
  • Job Opportunities and Internships to get practical experience.

The Medical Writing Course by Henry Harvin has updated study material and you can get access to the Learning Management System (LMS). You will be provided with 100% placement and give huge job opportunities globally.

2. Clinical Research Course Online Medical Writing

This course is carried out to deliver industry-oriented training. This live critical medical writing course aims at the basics of clinical research. You will get to amplify your career to the elevation by expanding your technical knowledge with industry standards. In the past few years, the institute has observed the participation of many science students and professionals all of whom are willing to take part in the medical writing online course. Most of them are now working with Fortune 500 and global CRO, Pharma and IT companies.

This course is imparted by an ISO 9001: 2015 certified clinical research training institute where students attend live lectures and get LMS access. Clini India is now becoming a pivot for clinical research as the stipulation for these professionals is growing rapidly. This makes it a fascinating career option with enormous growth potential. The clinical research industry is all set to become the next big thing in India.

This course will help you to get innovative ideas and updated knowledge in the field of Medical Writing. The online medical writing course is very well structured and the teaching methodology is very smooth and efficient for the students to understand. The online sessions are interesting and worth the time and money. Applying for this course will benefit you with many job opportunities.

3. Freelance Medical Writing from Udemy

This online medical writing course helps you to decide whether medical writing is a suitable career choice for you to pursue. There are the prerequisites for taking this course are an advanced degree in science (eg. MD or PhD), English fluency and writing ability. The medical writing course is for professionals who are in a scientific or medical career and are experiencing burnout or they just want to spend more time at home.

Medical writing online courses is a profession that helps you to acquire a strong science background and writing ability. Medical writing is a great way to earn a considerable income working in your comfort zone. In this medical writing course, the students will be introduced to medical writing as a career choice. The key features of this course are the hot topics such as what medical writing is, its perks and disadvantages, genres of medical writing. Apart from the acquired knowledge, you will be supported with an internship to get practical experience. You will be benefited from job opportunities worldwide.

4. Coursera

Coursera offers an online medical writing course. This course offers an opportunity for scientists to become more successful and efficient writers by acquiring all the theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The online sessions conducted covers the topics that  include

  • Principles of good writing
  •  Tricks for writing faster
  •  Format of a scientific manuscript
  • Ethical issues in scientific publication and writing for general audiences. 
  • 59 hours of duration to complete.
  •  The course content comprises 8 units of study material that covers all the aspects of scientific or medical writing.

 This course is very comprehensive and among the most popular courses for medical professionals to take. Through this medical writing online course, the student will furnish his medical writing skills along with science communication and writing skills.

5. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India

This institute also manages an industry certification in a medical writing course. The program is designed keeping in mind the enthusiasm and passion among industry employees to know and experience work areas other than their own. This skill improvement and extra training help in gaining the updated knowledge.

IGMPI offers an industry certificate in medical writing online course. In this program, the time-related concerns and issues of working candidates have been solved in a great Manner. The Mentors of the thoda course are well experienced and have an enormous amount of knowledge and make efforts for the students to give their best. This e-learning program offers benefits like 

  • Online learning which is very interesting and useful for the students.
  • Executive learning
  • Focus on strengthening the concepts

 Overall this course focuses on strengthening your abilities and improving your writing skills.

6. James Lind Institute

This institute also has a professional diploma in medical writing course. This is an online medical writing online course that provides students with an in-depth understanding of both pharmaceutical regulatory writing as well as medico-marketing writing. As a student, you can interact online with the faculty members and fellow students to network and to discuss important topics via e-Campus.

The faculty prompt answers all questions related to the study in the Online Campus Tutoring Center(OCTC). Towards the end of the program, placement assistance will be provided if required and career development support via the ‘Student Success Team’. Let us take a look at the other facilities that will be available during the course:

  • The course will boost your skills as a medical and scientific writer.
  • It is a four to six months self paced program which can be extended until eighteen months.
  • This training program is suitable for both new graduates and working professionals who wish to grow further in their medical writing career or who wish to make a move to medical/scientific writing from any other related sector.
  • You may also require your mobile phone to talk to your trainers.

7. Symbiosis Six Month Certificate Program in Medical Writing

Requirement of well trained & qualified medical and scientific writers who can accurately script and interpret complex medical, research, and statistical data & tailor the information for regulators, policy makers, scientific community, investors as well as the general public is growing exponentially.

Proficiency in medical and scientific writing is now a prerequisite for teaching career aspirants. Catering to the paucity of credible learning options, this programme aims at providing comprehensive insights on medical, regulatory and scientific writing to those aspirants wishing to add a significant value to their career. Students who are graduates in life sciences or medical sciences from any recognized university/institute are eligible to apply for this course.

8. Medical Writing for Healthcare – Udemy

This course will give healthcare professionals everything they need to launch their medical writing business. Be a healthcare professional (pharmacist, nurse, doctor, physical therapist, etc) interested in pursuing medical writing. This course includes a 3-hour on-demand video with 7 articles and 7 downloadable resources, with full time access to these. On completion of the course, you will be awarded with a certificate which will add value to your career. 

Let us list down some of the gains from this course:

  • How to build a medical writing business from scratch.
  • How to grow your business to a part-time or full-time income.
  • How to efficiently write, so you can complete your work faster and keep your editors happy.
  • The basics of taxes and law, including what to look for in a freelance contract.
  • Maximizing your current clinical role

9. Emediwrite Pvt. Ltd.

Objectives of this training is an overview of good scientific article writing; understanding differences between article types. Training will enable participants on how to begin with search, search methodologies; compilation of data and actual writing of the data.

Some of the important features this online certification will provide are:

  • Practical hands on experience is the best way to learn medical writing.
  • Medical writing is a good field for science and medical graduates and especially for young mothers that get busy with child raising for some part of their careers. They can easily do this working from home after they have learnt the necessary nuances of medical communication.
  • As long as you have good command of the writing English language, good clinical knowledge, and excellent PC skills you can get into this promising field. We encourage people who desire a career into medical writing to foray into this field. Getting work is usually no problem as global connection barriers are easily overcome.
  • You too can make a difference in the lives of many people by communicating the best of health information in the best possible way and get it into the mainstream for global acceptance.

10. Biomed Informatics

Online Medical Writing Training in Hyderabad, India includes the best Medical Writing Training online Institute that imparts knowledge about Clinical Trial Documents. A medical writing certificate course is valuable for professionals to scale up their careers. Training in Online Medical Writing is very much helpful for the professionals planning to switch over their jobs or even for fresh jobs too.

With the rising innovations and the rapid growth in the healthcare sector, the demand for medical documents especially pertaining to clinical research has been increased. Medical Writing, as a profession is therefore, constantly growing and is now in the spotlight in the pharmaceutical industry & IT industry. Overall, medical writing is one of the most promising careers nowadays, owing to the growth opportunities.

Some of the offerings through this course are:

  • Web based classroom
  • One student/faculty member
  • Placement support
  • Flexible timings
  • Skype/ TeamViewer training


Q1. How to do Medical marketing of Healthcare products as a Medical writer?

For doing Medical marketing of Healthcare products, you will have to write Salesforce training manuals, e-learning modules, write promotional literature targeted at healthcare professionals, product monographs, brochures, handouts and produce internet content keeping in mind the target audience i.e. for both physicians and patients.

Q2. For whom do Medical writers work?

Medical writers mostly work for pharmaceutical or healthcare product companies including medical device companies. They are often hired by Contract Research Organizations, Scientific content and healthcare communication companies, Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies. They also work for Healthcare Websites, Media & Publishing companies and Medical Journals Academic medical institutions.

Q3. What are the qualities of a good medical writer professional?

Qualities like Domain knowledge, knowing who you are writing for, writing skills like data interpretation and presentation, data integrity, keeping up to date with the new reforms, and clarity, etc. make one a good medical writer. As a medical writer, one must be able to produce a structured document that depicts information in a clear and concise manner.

Q4. How do I get clients as a new medical writer?

As a Medical writer, networking and emails are the two best ways one can get clients. Referrals are also a vital source of new business. However, it takes time to build a strategic network and get referrals. Direct email lets you choose the high-paying clients you want to work with and attract them.

Q5. Is medical writing a good career?

A career as a medical writer can be very lucrative and exciting. Not only do medical writers find employment in pharmaceutical companies but they can also work with healthcare journals, healthcare online portals, hospitals, newspapers etc for providing medical and scientific writing support.


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