Medical Writing Courses in Mumbai

Medical Writing Courses in Mumbai

 Are you looking for some high-ranking medical writing courses in Mumbai? You’ve landed at the right place! 

The demand for medical writers has been growing tremendously and so does its competition in the job sector. Clinical research organisations, hospitals and other healthcare domains offer many career and job opportunities. In order to make a place for yourself as a medical writer, you need phenomenal training. Therefore, I have given below a list of the best medical writing courses in Mumbai. These will give you an insight into what these courses include as well as their benefits.


1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin is a leading Ed-tech company with a global reach and customer base in 97 countries. It ranks among the top 500 Ed-tech companies in India. Therefore, Henry Harvin offers one of Mumbai’s most promising medical writing courses. There are 200+ courses available for individuals, corporates as well as colleges. The medical writing course by Henry Harvin is designed and taught by experts. Hence, all the training programs are flawless and insightful. 

Why choose Henry Harvin?

  • The most favourable thing about this institute is that it offers courses in many cities like Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune etc. Furthermore, it provides online training programs with personal assistance. 
  • Henry Harvin renders a 9-in-1 program that consists of E-learning access, boot camp sessions, placement, certification, projects, hackathons and 1-year gold membership. All these facilities prove that this institute goes the extra mile when it comes to education. 
  • The Gold membership allows free access to all the learning material and e-learning websites for one year. This membership also benefits you to gain experience through industry projects and guaranteed internships.
  • Henry Harvin allows a refund after the first session if you’re unsatisfied with the medical writing course.
  • The company benefits you by providing exposure to jobs globally and professional development. Accordingly, a certified medical writing course will improve your CV as well as your LinkedIn profile. The training program is not only designed to give you knowledge but also to make you ‘industry-ready’. 
  • In this course, you will learn the different genres of medical writing and ethics in scientific communication. It will explain to you the importance of scientific background and how to communicate details. Furthermore, the course will train you for your future by teaching the steps to a successful career as a medical writer. 

Fees: Rs 15,000

 Other related courses by Henry Harvin 

2. James Lind Institute 

This is another top-tier institute providing one of the finest medical writing courses in Mumbai. This institute is based in Geneva, Switzerland and started operating in India first. Therefore, it offers online courses in Mumbai and many other cities in India. This institute was established in 2009 and provided 54+ online courses besides medical writing. These include clinical trial management, clinical research, pharmaceutical medicine, and more.    

Benefits these medical writing courses in Mumbai

  • The medical writing course here is designed to be career oriented. It focuses on guiding the learners on how to develop a path in this field of education. For this reason, it prioritises experiential learning and career assistance. 
  • James Lind Institute has opted for an ethical approach when it comes to teaching. It aims at teaching integrity and social responsibility through the act of transparency, openness and trust. 
  • This institute keeps in mind the ongoing and possible changes in the industry. Hence, it prepares its students to be flexible and face every problem smartly. 
  • The students are provided with Smart Job Portal which allows them to search for relevant jobs. In addition, this platform includes mock interviews and CV preparation. This institute also renders placement assistance as a part of the course. 
  • In order to allow more flexibility and convenience, the medical writing course here is self-paced. Above that, students are given 24/7 professional assistance on the e-campus in case of any help or query. 

Fees: Rs. 80,000

3. The University of Central Florida Course

medical writing courses in Mumbai

The University of Central Florida is a US academy with 9 regional campuses. The UCF continuing education unit at this university offers both credit and non-credit programs. In either case, these programs render re-education, professional growth and personal advancement. One of their best courses includes the medical writing course.  

Advantages of the medical writing course by this university

  • The learning outcomes include medical and science writing and its types, the language of medical literature, abbreviations and terminologies. Furthermore, it teaches ethical issues and technological solutions to medical writing. 
  • The course is designed to train you for a smoot-sailing career. Therefore, you will learn about various career paths available as a medical writer. In addition to freelance writing and strategies to get an interview. 
  • The medical writing course here is available online in many countries, including India. Hence, it is considered to be the most trusted institution for online training in Mumbai. 
  • The University of Central Florida offers you 2 enrollment options: instructor-led and self-paced. Both training options include study material, quizzes, assignments and supplementary links. 
  • This course prepares you to write for patients, practitioners and agencies ensuring the integrity of your work. Besides, it teaches you the right way to write documents.
  • Since this is a recognised university, the medical writing certification holds huge importance for a medical writer. 

Fees: Rs 10,500  

4. Biomed Informatics 

Biomed Informatics is a first-class clinical research institute in India. It is a part of the Medwin Hospital. This institute provides high-quality training for medical writing and all other healthcare-related courses. The organisation is run by industry experts ensuring professional training. On the whole, this institute enjoys global recognition. 

Benefits of Biomed Informatics

  • Since this company offers flexible timings and experiential training, it proves to give one of the most efficient medical writing courses. 
  • Placement assistance to every student helps them boost their career and brings better opportunities. 
  • The medical writing course here focuses on ICH-GCP/FDA (US)/EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa)/ Canada (Health Canada)/ TGA (Australia)/ MHRA (UK) guidelines. 
  • Besides medical writing, this course equips you with safety writing, medical affairs writing, clinical medical writing, and medical regulatory writing.
  • This institute offers fast-track, regular and weekend courses for your convenience. Moreover, every learner gets personal assistance and attention.
  • At last, the course certificate and experience certificate adds to your CV and hence, improve your credibility. 

Other related courses here

  • Medical devises Regulatory Affairs
  • Healthcare Analytics 
  • Data Analytics in Pharma

5. The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is one of the most trusted institutions in the world. With a global customer base, it offers the most efficient and professional medical writing courses in Mumbai. It helps the students to master the fundamentals and best practices of medical writing, editing and communication. 

Why choose the University of Chicago?

  • The University of Chicago will give you a deep understanding of the unique characteristics and communication styles of medical writing. 
  • It will also train you to proofread and edit your work, ensuring quality. You will learn how to organise and present medical information to different kinds of audiences. 
  • The medical writing course allows you access to events and webinars hosted by the university. These valuable sessions will prepare you for a future in the medical field. 
  • The university focuses on creating professional medical communicators. The experts here will train you in writing, editing, reporting and analysing data. 
  • They also offer a specialised track course in freelancing for every subject. This will simultaneously help you create a career as a freelancer in medical writing. 

 Duration of the course: 9 months to 3 years

Price of the medical writing course: Rs 1,17,500

Price of the specialised track course in freelancing: Rs 1,47,000 

6. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practice India

medical writing courses in mumbai

IGMPI is approved by the Quality Council of India, and the Life Science and Food Sector Skill Council of India. This famous institute renders a number of online courses in India. The medical writing course in Mumbai is the most famous course by IGPMI. It gives you detailed knowledge of the subject and also lets you explore its various fragments. On the whole, the Institute of Good Manufacturing Practice India has expertise in online training programs. 

Advantages of IGMPI 

  • The medical writing course here is well-structured and put together by medical industry experts. 
  • This course includes assignments, study material, an online database and exam preparation modules. These are easy to use and browse. 
  • Besides, the online tools make the learning process much more flexible, convenient and hence, easier. 
  • Some of the major topics covered under this course are introduction, role and basis of medical writing, tools, documents and ethical guidelines. Along with that, this course trains you in scientific writing and writing for regulatory submissions and drug promotion activities.
  • Interactive learning, doubt-clearing sessions, feedback sessions and assessments help you gain knowledge efficiently. Even if IGPMI provides only online courses, it makes sure that every student gets personal attention and feels connected to the trainer. 
  • In fact, the institute has collaborated with numerous organisations. It results in better job opportunities for the students, as they render placement assistance to each.  

Duration: 1 year

7. Clini India 

Clini India is one of the leading clinical research training providers in India. It is ISO certified and renders the best online medical writing courses in Mumbai. Other related courses at Clini India include clinical data management courses, clinical SAS and pharmacovigilance courses.

Benefits of Clini India’s medical writing course 

  • In order to serve better training, Clini India is run by experts focusing on real-life learning. The assignment-based evaluation process helps you understand better. 
  • The e-learning portal and LMS provides content which was carefully researched and smartly designed. 
  • Notably, this organisation provides access to resume services and alumni support. The career mentors and job support prepare you for a career in medical writing. Beyond that, the course also gives complementary soft skills lessons. 
  • Besides all the detailed knowledge of medical writing, this course will also give you a glimpse of clinical data management and trial management.  

Duration of the medical writing course at Clini India: 4 months 

8. Health Writer Hub 

medical writing courses in mumbai

Health Writer Hub provides one of the finest online medical writing courses in Mumbai. It offers training programs designed exclusively for medical writers. They aim to teach them how to produce high-quality content with integrity. Health Writer Hub has the Principles of Health & Medical Editing course, which includes editing processes, methods, strategies, etc. This course is an approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course and hence, its certificate is recognised. 

Why learn from Health Writer Club?

  • You will have lifetime access to all the study material on the Health Writers Hub platform. Moreover, you get access to these from any device. They also provide personalised feedback to each student. To conclude, learning from this company is super convenient. 
  • The medical writing course here includes insightful lessons, quizzes, assignments and free webinars. 
  • You will get a course completion certificate from CPD which is highly notable. 
  • There are courses for both new and experienced medical writers who want to pursue this. 
  • The Principles of Health & Medical Editing course will teach you the editing process and techniques for research. Furthermore, you will get a detailed knowledge of consumer health referencing techniques and their best practices. At last, the experts will train you on how to use the medical grammar and punctuation rules.   

Price of the medical writing course: Rs 16,000 

9. Udemy 

Udemy is a massive and global Ed-Tech company with 1 lakh+ course and 68K+ professional teachers. Having a student base from all over the world, Udemy continues to be a sought-after online training provider and teaching app. It provides diverse courses like marketing, photography, personal development, languages, etc. Therefore, Udemy serves one of the best medical writing courses in Mumbai. If you wish to freelance as a medical writer or start a business, Udemy is perfect for you! 

Perks of learning from Udemy

  • Learning programs- Udemy provides learning and development pieces of training each day to its students for overall growth.  
  • Guest Speakers- This company regularly host speakers from diverse backgrounds to provide complementary knowledge. 
  • Company events- Through extracurricular activities like cooking classes, karaoke, yoga, dance, etc, Udemy allows its students to enjoy themselves while studying. 
  • Groups and clubs- At Udemy, there are numerous groups for people with the same interest to share ideas and help each other with personal growth. 
  • Career support- This global platform will help you build a medical writing business from scratch. It’ll train you on how to write more efficiently.
  • Unlimited choices- There are 4000+ medical writing courses. Hence, you can choose what suits you and your requirements.  
  • Besides all of this, Udemy promises to give you all the necessary knowledge. You will learn how to write for the web as well as CE monographs and presentations. In addition, you will learn the basics of taxes and law. Hence, this course will train you to start a business of your own. 

10. Coursera 

Coursera is a global platform where anyone can learn any course from world-class universities. It provides different learning programs depending on the type and number of courses you want to attend. For a subject like medical writing, every learner’s needs are different. Thus, Coursera and its numerous choices allow you to find what’s best for you. Since it is an online learning site, one can access it from anywhere. Hence, it offers the most suitable medical writing courses in Mumbai. 

Why learn from Coursera?

  • Affordability- Coursera lets you explore hundreds of free courses and start with a free trial. 
  • Flexibility- It allows you to choose a certified course and get on-demand classes in accordance with your schedule. 
  • Job relevant- You can master essential skills for a better career by choosing different programs and courses under Coursera.  


The healthcare sector is growing, and so is the competition. In order to pursue a career in this industry, having supreme knowledge is a must. The rest of the requirements are secondary. Therefore, one must always research how and where one wishes to train. The correct knowledge can help you define your personality. Hence, it’ll help you create a name for yourself. That is why I’ve put together all the top-tier medical writing courses in Mumbai.   

Amongst all of them, my personal favourite is Henry Harvin. This institute ranks among the top 500 Ed-tech companies in the world. Hence, a certificate from here can be very beneficial at the beginning stage of your career. 

Reference reads 


1. What is an example of medical writing?

Research-based documents and scientific papers are some basic examples of medical writing. For instance, educational writing on diseases, vaccinations, drugs, side effects, scientific applications, etc comes under this. 

2. What is the salary of a medical writer in India?

In India, the salary of a medical writer ranges between Rs 2 Lakhs to Rs 10 Lakhs. 

3. Do I need to do PhD to become a medical writer?

A PhD is not a necessity in order to become a medical writer. However, it can be advantageous when applying for a job.

4. What writing style is used in medical writing?

Medical scripts are edited in AMA style.  



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