Top 10 Operation Theatre Technician Courses in Yamuna Vihar


An operation theatre technician is someone who looks after all the technical works and the management of everything inside the operation theatre. It includes taking care of the equipment, management of the surgeries, the doctors, the patients in the operation theatre. A technician would also be eligible to assist the doctor in the surgeries if required. The O.T. technician is also responsible to look after the patient’s medication while and after the surgery. The anaesthetic gases are to be taken care of by the technician. The setting of the operation table and the surgical equipment table is also a job role of operation theatre technician. Basically, the hospital, the management, doctors and the patients need good and efficient OTTs for proper functioning of the hospitals on the basis of surgeries and other treatments that are done inside an operation theatre.   

Trying to find a career that would give you satisfaction ethically and financially both is a tedious task these days. The eligibility criteria is, a student has to be 12th pass and 17yrs of age to get admitted to the course. Doing a course will elevate your career and hike in package. Being in a job where you are dependable gives you job security and satisfaction. But choosing a career in healthcare services is itself something very interesting and worth being proud of.

Listed below are top ten institutes that provide Operation theatre technician courses in Yamuna Vihar. Each listed institute here carries, it’s own remarkable achievements. The details of the institutes, such as the location where they are based, the facilities that they provide, the faculties that they employ for us, the fees structure, online and offline course details, the duration of the courses, the internship and placement details and facilities and any other information that you need is listed below. Taking a tour at the below mentioned data would give you all the details that one need to know before choosing a career as operation theatre technician.


  • Henry Harvin 
  • Tech Mahindra Foundation
  • Shri Ram Institute of Health and Management
  • Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Technology
  • Sv5 Healthcare and Consultant Pvt. Ltd.
  • GD Goenka Healthcare Academy
  • College of Education and Paramedical Courses
  • Delhi Institute of Technology and Paramedical Sciences
  • Arogya Institute  Health Science
  • Vivekananda Community College
  • Nimt Educational Institutions

Here below is mentioned the details of the Top 10 OTT courses available at Yamuna Vihar


About the institution 

 A reputation of being amongst the top 500 Global Edtech companies accompanied with 300,000+ Alumni, 900+ B2B clients and 500+ Award winning, efficient and sincere trainers and 200+ courses.

Course Details of Operation theatre technician

Duration : The duration of the course would be 12 months live interactive classroom sessions with 24 hours bootcamps for practical experience of handling and managing the work with technical perfection along with live projects and case studies.

Benefits of joining the institution:

  • Internship: Guaranteed Internship after the completion of the course  to attain  practical experience to work efficiently.
  • Certification: Make your profile stand out  with the global credential of Operation Theatre Technician and flaunt the expertise by adding the Hallmark of OT Technician next to your name. 
  • Placement: 100% Placement Support for 1-Year from an efficiently working team after successful completion of the course.
  • Access to E-learning portals accompanied with lots of  tools and techniques, video content, assessments, and more
  • Bootcamps: Frequent bootcamps over the next one year.
  • Membership: Get complete 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin® Healthcare Academy for the Operation Theatre Technician Course with lifetime access to the recorded videos of the classes.

Trainers at Henry Harvin®

  • Trainers/ Faculties  with 12+ experience in teaching and delivering education in the  Industry with Global Certification.
  • Expertise on the course and topics along with  the technical tools with expansive Teaching Experience of having trained 977+ Individual Globally .

Gold Membership Benefits

  •  1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin®️ Healthcare Academy  is inclusive of E-Learning Access through CPDSPe Studies, Projects, Recorded Videos, Games.
  • 1-Year unlimited free bootcamps.
  • Earn the status of being a  Prestigious Henry Harvin®️ Alumni  and get the opportunity to become one of the reputed 18000+Alumni worldwide.
  • Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin®️ or other connected firms.
  • Weekly 10+ job opportunities offered.
  • Get to work on live industry projects during the training.

Learning Benefits

  • Understanding the job responsibilities of an OT Technician.
  • Practising Detailed documentation and reporting.
  • Acquiring the knowledge of nursing care and management.
  • Learn the setting of Operation theatre table and other technical works.
  • Signify the importance and process of working of reputed bodies like NABH in the medical field.


About the institution

A reputed institution delivering quality education since 2016. It works in collaboration with Harijan Sevak Sangh. It’s known for its highly qualified staff and updated infrastructure with all the facilities, to give the best experience to the students while learning. 

Course details of Operation theatre technician

Duration : The duration of the course would be 24 months  interactive classroom sessions  for practical experience of handling and managing the work with technical perfection along with live projects and case studies.

Benefits of joining the institution  The Operation Theatre Technician course curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Anatomy
  • Pathology
  • General surgery
  • Paediatric care
  • Operation theatre setup
  • Operation theatre care
  • Basic nursing skills and critical care
  • Patient rights and consent, medical ethics
  • Physiology
  • General pharmacology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Operative care
  • Equipment care and maintenance
  • Positioning and assistance for operation theatre procedures
  • Medicolegal aspects of anaesthesia

Expert Faculties

The classes are taken by highly qualified healthcare professionals accompanied by learning as part of live training in leading hospitals.

Learning Benefits

  • Operating Theatres setting and arrangements of equipment in hospitals.
  • Operating Theatres in private nursing homes.
  • Emergency rooms and Intensive care unit.
  • Assistance to the surgical team during any surgery or operation.
  • Providing guidance and taking care of the technical requirements of the patients in the recovery room/ post operations.


About the Institution

A  well-known establishment at Gurgaon since 2011 is one of the leading businesses in the paramedical institutes. The institute focuses on imparting quality education and believes in customer satisfaction.

Course details of Operation theatre technician

Duration :  The duration of the course would be 24 months with interactive classroom sessions to impart knowledge about handling and managing the work with technical perfection along with live projects and case studies.

Benefits of joining the institution The course includes detailed study of the following topics:

  • Anatomy
  • Pathology
  • General surgery
  • Paediatric care
  • Operation theatre setup
  • Operation theatre care
  • Basic nursing skills and critical care
  • Patient rights and consent, medical ethics
  • Physiology
  • General pharmacology
  • Anaesthesia
  • Operative care
  • Equipment care and maintenance
  • Positioning and assistance for operation theatre procedures
  • Medicolegal aspects of anaesthesia

Efficient Teaching Staff

The quality of education is taken care of by the experienced and efficient teaching staff and faculties. Doubt clearing is given preference.

Learning Benefits

  • Operating Theatres setting and arrangements of equipment in hospitals.
  • Operating Theatres in private nursing homes.
  • Emergency rooms and Intensive care unit.
  • Assistance to the surgical team during any surgery or operation.
  • Providing guidance and taking care of the technical requirements of the patients in the recovery room/ post operations.


Virohan Institute passionately works to create a generation of mature individuals who are efficient enough to grow their technical skills into a career. They focus on imparting the best learning techniques to students to encourage a career in the healthcare industry. It has its presence in Ahmedabad, Delhi- East of Kailash, Delhi- Kalkaji, Faridabad, Meerut, Nagpur, Pune, and Raipur.  It has 650+ instructors/ trainers who taught 5000+ students in the various healthcare fields.About  90% of learners got job opportunities in  various healthcare sectors. 

Related courses on healthcare by Virohan:

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • Hospital Administration
  • Radiology Technician

Key features of the OTT course

  • It has got an accreditation of being an NSDC affiliated institute.
  • It has tie-up with 650 organisations for the course
  • Virohan provides the Diploma in OT technician.
  • Learners get 24*7 assistance from the facilitator’s end for doubt resolution.
  • A weekly revision facilty is emmbedded to check the progress of the learners.
  • A flexible payment of fees facility is provided to the students.
  • Students can use the “ MyCareer App” to get access to their course.


CEDP is India’s one of the renowned and leading  skill development institutes. The major focus of CEDP is to motivate skilled minds to expertise their career and growth. CEDP has been putting efforts to make the industry grow since 2010. It imparts short-term professional courses along  with on-job internship and training , making sure that students acquire the technical and practical skills to make a mark in their chosen fields.

Its ambition is to elevate and integrate technology into the contemporary world. Its target is to revaluate and make a curriculum that is effective enough. It has been working in  training processes, and professional fields to reach 1 million personnel by 2022 and a remarkable number of 1 billion by 2030 respectively.

The Operation Theatre Technician course in Yamuna Vihar is provided by CEDP. It helps students to enhance their skills in the paramedical courses. The Operation Theatre Technician course duration is 12 months which includes degree courses as well. They provide practicals in stimulated labs which are decked with latest and updated versions of the equipment for hand-on technical training and to elevate student’s learning.

Learning skills from the Operation Theatre Technician course

  • You will have the scope to learn pre and post-surgery procedures after the course.
  • There will be technically efficient and reputed surgeons inside an operation theatre to guide you.
  • Technical skills to maintain and prepare an operation theatre pre and post surgery.
  • It gives you basic knowledge of how to cleanse and disinfect the surgical equipment after the surgeries.
  • Post surgery, shifting the patient to the wards and explaining all the procedueres and how to manage things after the surgery will be explained.

Unique features of the OTT course

  • Eligibility criteria to get addmitted for the course is 10th pass.
  • It offers a diploma course of 12 months and a degree course of 3 years.
  • Practical learning is given preference to attain practical knowledge about the course. 
  • Theory classes are also given equal importance.
  • Students gain technical skills while on-job training.
  • Training for pre and post surgery management, critical care management, nursing training is imparted.
  • Students will be an active part  of health check-up camps to improve their technical skills.
  • Easy EMI plans for operation theatre technician courses are provided by CEDP.


DPMI is popular amongst all others for its Paramedical quality. It offers quality paramedical and Technical Management education for students  under 10th, 12th, who are graduates, and postgraduates. DPMI has more than two and a half decades of experience in the paramedical as well as technical industry. It has a highly experienced team who are highly qualified and take care of each and every student out there Imparting knowledge. 

Their focus is to provide career-oriented high quality education and technical training in various other streams in a motivating environment.  The main motive of DPMI is to take  paramedical Health Education, Hotel Management, Catering Technology, Tourism, Veterinary Sciences, etc. sectors to a different height.  It highly aims at  providing quality education with advanced technical programs. 

With the help of the Operation Theatre Technician course, students are eligible to assist the surgeon and anaesthetist during an operation. Setting of the OT pre and post surgeries.

Unique features of the Operation theatre technician course

  • OTT course training focuses on the knowledge and technicalities of detecting infection control policy and procedures in the operation theatre.
  • It prepares students technically for the important responsibilities at the operation theatre for example, Preparing OT for operations, setting up of OT tables, checking, and maintaining equipment quality, etc.
  • 1 year duration for  Certificate of Operation theatre technician course.
  • 2 year duration for Diploma of Operation Theatre technician course.
  • Learners will get proper guidance from experienced and senior doctors.
  • The OTT course offered by the institute is  government approved.
  • Flexible fees structure for placement-oriented programs.
  • It  guarantees internship and placement as it has tie up with various healthcare organisations.


Vivo Healthcare is an outstanding  institute in the healthcare industry. It offers a bouquet of programs related to healthcare services. Vivo healthcare has many career options to prepare the students for long-term professional careers in the healthcare industry. It imparts theoretical, simulating, and practical, technical skills to guide students to achieve success in the technical field of healthcare. 

It has tie up with various placement partners hence it guarantees placements to the students. Vivo Healthcare programs are differently designed to deliver theoretical knowledge along with technical skills. They offer OTT course training to the learners to guide them in their professional life.

The  institute focuses on healthcare so,  the Operation Theatre Technician course is the main course that is offered by Vivo Healthcare institute. They deliver with  the certification regarding the work and technical skills. Students get an opportunity to prepare operation theatre, assist surgeons and nurses in the period of pre, while and post surgery.

Key features of the OTT course

  • Institute provides the certificate of OT technician to get the job.
  • You commence your career as a junior operation theatre technician.
  • Students will get the chance the prepare themselves individually.
  • It provides the different placements institute to start your career.


It is an international educational body for the paramedical and healthcare industry. AIIS is focused  on global improvement within the standards of health through research,consultancy,education,training and encourages excellence in the area of public health. The institute has very precise, innovative and interaction oriented online programs. 

Institute offers Operation Theatre Technology courses that are designed to make sure that the candidates acquire enough expertise to be a part of the surgical team. Institute offers OTT course training where they learn to keep a track of  the OT equipment and instruments, check the infection control practices and record the frequency of sterilisation of the OT.

Unique features of the Operation theatre technician course

  • E-Learning is used to provide reference by the institute.
  • Study materials are personally made by the experts.
  • The course duration for OTT is 12 months or 1 year.
  • It evaluates the assignment only after the culmination of every block.


This institute is well known as IPSM. The main aim of IPSM is to provide advanced, developed courses to the learners to bring out their technician skills. The institute holds very flexible and affordable fees in the area of paramedical and Hotel management for the students who completed 10th, 12th, graduation, and Postgraduate levels.

It is one of the leading Institutes for Operation Theatre Technician courses. Faculties of the Institute suggest and guide students to maintain the equipment of surgery pre, during, and post surgery. IPSM has diploma, Bachelor, and certificate courses for which the duration is two years, three years, and one year respectively.

Key features of the OTT course

  • It offers different OTT course training, internship and placement for responsive candidates.
  • Students need to get through regular mock interviews, on-job live practical training, and a personality development program.
  • They have  a very strong network of customer service executives who constantly inform the learners about what is required.
  • It is mandatory to attend 8 weeks of live training in various different hospitals, private nursing homes, polyclinic, diagnostic centres, and pathology labs.


Impact paramedical and Healthcare Training Institute is one of the leading institutes for Paramedical sciences and ancillary healthcare services, in India. It has highly educated staff to train the students in each and every field. Trainers impart various information to the students to resolve their queries. It has certificates, diplomas, degrees, bachelor’s, and Master’s courses to educate the learners who intend to take up the courses.

The Operation Theatre Technician course is to be cleared by giving an exam for  4 semesters. Institute holds technically sound trainers who are always at a call and message away to support candidate personnel every year in each semester. Besides providing Professional training of Operation theatre technicians, the institute also  provides career counselling to the learners.

Unique features of the Operation theatre technician course

  • It has its own set of rules and regulations to keep the students focused and on track.
  • Practical, technical idea along with theoretical outlook.
  • Expert and experienced faculties who guide the learners about the operation theatre.
  • Submission of assignments that are given on time to qualify to the next semester of OTT course.

Persuasion of a career in the healthcare services is an option that none would think twice before adapting. But one has to be interested and focused. We were taught that “Service to mankind is service to God” and being in this profession would give an opportunity to achieve that. Choosing an institution that would justify your requirements is as important as selecting a course that one wants to do. So, out of these institutions that are listed above, one can get all that is required to work efficiently and with a lot of scope for a better tomorrow. All the best folks!


Q1. I’m 10th pass, am I eligible for an OTT course?

Ans. Yes, eligibility for a diploma course is 10th pass.

Q2. Are online courses as effective as offline ones?

Ans. Yes, online courses are more learner friendly and easy to access. They provide various new facilities with great innovations.

Q3. Can I attend the online classes on my phone?

Ans. Yes, classes can be attended conveniently anywhere over the mobile phone.

Q4. Is the certificate accepted in all the organisations as an achievement?

Ans. Yes, if the course is done from a reputed institute, then the certificate is as valid as any other certificate.


  1. Yamuna Vihar’s Operation Theatre Technician courses offer a promising pathway into the dynamic healthcare field. With a focus on practical training and theoretical understanding, students can develop a strong foundation in surgical procedures and patient care, preparing them for rewarding professional opportunities.

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