Top 15 Paramedical Institutes in Yamuna Vihar


What is a Paramedical course?

Health and hygiene are indispensable in our lives in the current situation. The health industry and its services are prominent in leading a normal life. There is an equal demand for paramedical trainees along with doctors and other health professionals. Paramedical institutes play a vital role in preparing the eligible and ambitious candidates to serve the purpose. 

If you are a native of Delhi and looking for the best paramedical institutes in Delhi and confused to decide which one to choose, do not worry! I brought the top 15 paramedical institutes in Yamuna Vihar in Delhi. 

  • Henry Harvin
  • SV5 Health care & consultant Pvt ltd
  • GD Goenka Health care Academy
  • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical institute
  • Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for health care
  • Cradle of Management Institute courses.
  • Institute of Public health and hygiene.
  • Phoenix Medical Education and research services PVT ltd
  • CRIBS Institute of Paramedical Sciences.
  • Delhi Paramedical Institute.
  • Institute of Paramedical Technology.
  • Institute of Paramedical Science and Management.
  • Ozone Health Care Institute Of Paramedical Science.
  • National Institute of Healthcare Management & Technology
  • Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied sciences

1.Henry Harvin: 

Henry Harvin is one of the most entrusted paramedical institutes in Yamuna Vihar to get trained in the Emergency Medical Technician course. The institute has a track record of providing industry-required skills to hundreds of aspirants and helping them to land their dream roles. The course curriculum, the syllabi are framed and curated by experts, who are in the medical industry for 20+years. 

If you are serious about your career as an EMT,  the best option is to enrol  @ Henry Harvin. 

Your takeaways from the course are:

  • Certificate:      Your certificate adds value as Henry Harvin has global wide recognition. 
  • Other benefits: projects, case studies, hackathons, internships, and personalised job support. 

You access e-learning portals through LMS; you receive updated study materials and recordings of other batches too; Bootcamp sessions to support and enrich soft skills and resume-building skills. 

Course Curriculum and its benefits: 

The course curriculum mainly focuses on – Foundational skills and Technical skills. 

Foundation skills deal with Anatomy, Physiology, Medical terminology, and medical ethics. You acquire knowledge on biomedical waste management, how to provide emergency services for patients in critical conditions. 

Technical skills aim at developing basic computer skills and communication skills. It helps you to familiarise yourself with patients and to assess their condition. 

Course Duration :

Henry Harvin provides you a Customised class schedule- A minimum of six months to 1-year. 

After the course, you can attend boot camp sessions for a year. 

Course fee:

Two types of training facilities are available. 

  • If you enrol in a self-paced program fee is -59,400rs
  • If you enrol in a live online program, the fee is -66,000rs.
Other courses @ Henry Harvin Health academy :
Henry Harvin Paramedical institutes at other places:
  • Agra,
  • Gurgaon
  • Indore
  • Jaipur
  • Noida

2. SV5 Health care & consultant Pvt ltd paramedical institute :

SV5 health care institutes provide technical and job -oriented courses in the healthcare industry. The most demanding course at SV5 health care is the EMT course, which takes less time to complete and is an easy road map for the aspirants to settle quickly. 

Key Features of the Institute:

  • Multi-modern learning spaces for live classes.
  • Highly- developed Laboratories to enhance practical learning. 
  • Online classes are available.
  • Library facility.

Takeaways from the course:

  • Focussing on functional skills and ethical behaviour in the aspirants. 
  • Able to perform cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary  resuscitation. 
  • Perform basic airway management.
  •  Able to use Automated External Defibrillators.

Course curriculum :

  • Anatomy & Physiology.
  • Patient assessment. 
  • Monitoring vital signs and neurological status
  • Recognition and management of shocks.
  • Geriatric emergencies.
  • Trauma in Pregnancies.

Basic qualification to pursue the EMT course is that the candidate must pass 12th standard with biology and chemistry as their main subjects.

Course duration:

Two types of courses are available. ( Basic and advanced)

Minimum of six months to 12 months. 

Course fee: 

 Approximately 50000.

Other Paramedical Courses at SV5 Health care Paramedical institute:
  • X-ray Technician
  • Radiology Technician
  • Pathology Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Hospital front desk coordinator.

GD Goenka Healthcare Academy paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar:

GD Goenka was established with a vision to create men and women to empower by gaining life skills; the motto is to prepare young aspirants as responsible, empathetic, and skilled social beings to serve society. 

The young aspirants who want to become an emergency medical technicians, can choose GD Goenka.

Course Highlights:

  • Industry experts as trainers.
  • Live classroom sessions and online sessions.
  • Theory and practical learning
  • (200 hours for each).
  • Internship( 600 hours).
  • A merit scholarship is available. 

Takeaways from GD Goenka after the completion of the course:

  • Certificate
  • Internships. 
  • Observations and case studies to get hands-on- experience. 
  • Projects.
  • Can perform Cardio-Vascular resuscitation

Scope after the course :

  • Can work in Mobile bike ambulance services
  • Clinics
  • Hospitals.

Course duration :

  • Minimum of 8 months to 12 months
Course eligibility:
  • Candidates should pass 10 +2 with sciences as main subjects.
Course fee:
  • Approximately 50,000Rs.
Other paramedical courses at GD Goenka:
  • Certificate in Phlebotomy Technician.
  • Diploma in Medical Nursing assistant.
  • Certificate in Patients relations associate.
  • Diploma in Cardiac Care Technician.

Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute:

Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute in Yamuna Vihar is a value-based institution that contributes to preparing skilled paramedics.


  • Well infrastructure classrooms which are accessible for theory and practical learning.
  • Highly experienced trainers whose aim is to develop leadership skills, along with job-oriented skills.
  • Online and live classroom sessions are available.

Takeaways from the course :

  • Be a responsible and empathetic human being with sophisticated skills.
  • Globally Valid certificate.
  • Internship program.  
  • Project to gain hands-on experience.

Course Duration: 

  • Minimum of six months to eight months.
Course fee:
  • Approximately: 45,000rs.
Other Paramedical courses at RGIP
  • Radio Imaging Technology.
  • Medical Lab Technician Course.
  • Optometry.
  • Dialysis Technician.

Tech Mahindra SMART Academy for health care Paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar:

Why Tech Mahindra Smart Academy

The academy focuses on providing services in the healthcare industry. Tech Mahindra academy is associated with hospitals and laboratories to aid better student- learning. 

Trainers are themselves healthcare professionals who have been working in the healthcare industry and working as trainers as part of their learning. 

If you join EMT @ Tech Mahindra your takeaways from the course : 

  • Imparting industry required skills via live classroom learning.
  • Theory and practicals sessions.
  • Certificate.
  • Internships.
  • Job assistance.

Course and the skill set overview:

  • Focus on handling emergencies by assessing patients and administering first aid in various cases. 
  • Handling patients in cardiovascular, respiratory emergencies, abdominal pain, and diabetes.
Course duration :
  • One year

You must complete your 12th standard in any stream.

Course fee: 
  • Approximately 55,000Rs
  • Special scholarship.
Other paramedical courses at Tech Mahindra :
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Medical Record Technology
  • Operation Theatre Technician
  • ICU Technician

Cradle of Management Institute :

Paramedical courses at  Cradle of management paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar are in demand. This institute has the advanced infrastructure to reach the needs of trainers and is tied up with multi-specialty hospitals in and around Delhi. 

Key features:

  • Hundred percent placement support.
  • Live classroom sessions and practical learning.
  • Providing internships to get hands-on-experience.

Course type and overview:

  • Emergencies occur at any time and any place. At the cradle of management institute the trainees get training in Emergency Medical services in Ambulance, hospital wards and ICU units. 
  • Medical Ethics and Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology; aim at the trainee’s communication skills and computer skills. 

Course Duration:

Minimum of six months to 12 months.


The aspirant must possess a 10+2 certificate.

Age limit :

18 years and above.

Course fee :

Minimum 27,000 Rs

Other paramedical courses @ Cradle of Paramedical institute:
  • Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  • Certificate in Medical Imaging Technology
  • Diploma in Operation theatre Technician. 
  • Optometry

Institute of Public Health & Hygiene:

IPH&H paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, at Delhi, is a member of the Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). IPH&H has been recognized by the Govt of India, for providing vocational training and management training in various fields like IT, Healthcare, and Hotel management. 


  • Dedicated teaching staff, who has 20+ years of experience in the industry.
  • The library is a part of a Conducive learning environment. 
  • Fully equipped audio-visual & skill laboratories to enhance practical learning. 
  • Online and live classroom sessions. 
  • Residence facilities like hostel accommodations are accessible for the candidates.
  • Transportation facility for the candidates who reach the institute from far away places. 
  • OPD services. 

Takeaways from the Course:

  • Enter the society with real-world learning experiences. 
  • Able to assess patients’ emergencies and provide the service.

Course Duration:

  • Minimum of 12 weeks
Course fee: 
  • Approximately 35thousand to 40 thousand. 
  • Separate charges for transportation and hostel accommodation. 
Course eligibility :

Candidates must complete 12th standard with a minimum science background.

Other paramedical courses @ IPH&H:
  • Medical Record Management.
  • Renal Lab Technician.
  • Medical administrative assistant.
  • Ultrasonography.
  • Intensive Care Unit Technician.
  • X-ray and ECG technology.

Phoenix (Feenix) Medical Education and research services Pvt ltd Paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar: 

  In India, the death rate has been increasing as the diseased are not receiving help on time.

Phoenix institutes’ focus is to train adequate people to save lives in emergencies. 

The institute is an approved training centre associated with the American safety and health institute.

 Key features:

  •  Mobile training centres- bringing training to your doorstep.
  •  Customised schedule for individuals throughout the year. 

Courses at Phoenix: 

CPR and AED provider course

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider course.

Course duration is two days, six to eight hours per day.

CRIBS institute of Paramedical Sciences:

CRIBS Paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi, is a one-stop destination for various medical and paramedical courses. 

The institute is established with a vision to learn, discover, and heal the world. 

 Key features:

  • Experienced teachers, available to help and guide trainees 
  • Well-developed and sophisticated laboratories.
  • Transportation facilities.

Takeaways from the course:

  • Certificate
  • Internships
  • Case studies
  • Projects
  • Act as an accountable, responsible, and empathetic human being.
  • Able to identify and assess the disease and the procedures to apply at an emergency. 

Course Duration:

Two years as they are offering a diploma program.

Eligibility :

Aspirants must complete 10 +2 , with biology and Chemistry as their main subjects. 

Course fee:

For Indian students : 20,000 per year.

Other Paramedical Courses:

CRIBS institute offers a huge variety of Paramedical courses –

  • Regular courses like Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Nursing assistant and Dialysis Technology. 
  • Radiography Technology
Other Courses: 
  • Audiometry Technician 
  • Hearing, Speech and Language Therapy
  • Acupuncture & Acupressure
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Psychological counselling with flower remedies. 

Delhi Paramedical Institute: 

DPMI paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi, is renowned for its infrastructure and diverse curriculum in vocational courses. 

  Key Features:

  • Dynamic learning spaces and modern technology. 
  • Sophisticated paramedical laboratories to enhance practical learning.
  • Trained and experienced staff members.
  • Library facility.
  • Audio-visual community rooms.
  • Wide-spread branches in Delhi.
  • Transportation facility.

 Takeaways from the course:

  • UGC-approved institute; globally recognised and valid certificate. 
  • Internship program.
  • Case studies and project works to gain hands-on experience.
  • The institute is tied up with multi-speciality hospitals in and around Delhi. 
  • They provide a hundred percent placement support.

 Course Duration:

One year.

 Eligibility :

The candidate must complete the 10th standard.

Course fee:

approximately 35,000 Rs.

Other paramedical courses @DPMI
  • Dark Room Assistant
  • Blood Bank Technology
  • Cardiac Care technology,
  • Dental Hygienist.
  • Diabetes Educator. 

Institute of Paramedical Technology:

IPMT is one of the most reliable paramedical institutes in Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi. The institute’s vision and mission are to prepare young Indians as self-employed by providing career-oriented skills in various sectors.

With out having doubts any one can choose a Paramedical course at IPMT.

Key Features available at IPMT:

  • Highly reputed and experienced staff members. 
  • Fully equipped laboratories to enhance practical learning.
  • Audio-visual & skill laboratories.
  • Library facilities.
  • Lodging and boarding facilities for the candidates who prefer to stay in the hostel.
  • Transportation is available for those who are reaching college from farther places.
  • A scholarship facility is provided for the eligible candidates.

Course Duration :

  • minimum of 8 months to 12 months.
  • Course fee: 
  • Approximately 35,000- 45,000.
Other Paramedical courses at IPMT:
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology.
  • Diploma Optometry.
  • OPeration Theatre Technology.
  • Dental Assistant.

Institute of Paramedical Science and Management.

IPSM paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, in New Delhi. The institute is established with a vision to provide quality and value-based education across skill-oriented courses.

Key Features:

  • The institute is managed and run by The Intellectual Society of India.
  • Globally valid Certificate as the institute is recognized and approved by UGC, DEC govt of India. 
  • The paramedical institute has a separate placement wing and is under the process of tying up with hospitals and clinics. 
  •  Compulsory Internship program.

After the completion of the course: 

You assess the condition of the patient and follow the procedures. 

Course Duration:

a minimum of 18 months or one and half a year.

Eligibility to join the course:

The candidate must possess a 10+2 certificate, with sciences as background.

Course fee:

Approximately 50,000 Rs. 

Other Paramedical Courses:
  • Medical X-ray Technician
  • Anaesthesia Technician
  • ECG Technician
  • Community Medical Services and Essential drugs.

Ozone healthcare paramedical Institute:

Ozone healthcare paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi provides a wide range of services in the health Industry. 

Key features:

  • Experienced trainers.
  • Laboratory facilities for practical learning.
  • Placement support.

Course duration:

One year

Eligibility :

  • Must complete +2 with sciences as one of the major subjects.
  • Other courses at Ozone Health care:
  • Radio imaging technology
  • Medical laboratory technology.
  • Optometry.

National Institute of Healthcare Management & Technology

NIHM&T is a paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, New Delhi, one of the most popular institutes to provide quality education. 

Key features:

  • Computer-assisted learning 
  • Audio-visual laboratories
  • sophisticated laboratories to enhance practical learning-experience.

Course Duration:

Minimum of 8 months to 1 year.

 Course fee:

approximately 35,000 to 40,000 Rs

Other Paramedical courses @NIHM&T
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Auxiliary Nurse
  • Radio Imaging Technology.

Lord Krishna Institute of Paramedical and Allied sciences:

Lord Krishna Paramedical institute in Yamuna Vihar, is famous for its diverse course structure for vocational training. 

Key Features:

  • Providing placement support. 
  • Well-organised and modern classrooms. 
  • Laboratory and library facilities.

Course duration:

One year

Course eligibility:

Candidates must complete +2.

Course fee:

Approximately 30,000rs

Other Paramedical courses @Lord Krishna
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Optometry.

Why one can choose Paramedical courses after 12th:

 Who does not want to reach the desired goal quickly and comfortably in the career race? 

Many of us nod our heads to say yes. Opting for paramedical courses after the 12th standard is one of the best choices to experience success.

Easy to get job offers: 

As discussed, paramedical courses are the most demanding jobs. Candidates can get placements in hospitals, clinics, ambulances, and can have a private practice.

Steady and diverse Career growth: 

As one upgrades the required skills, there will be multiple opportunities to grow.  

As a beginner, your salary ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 rs.

 Short-term training period:  

To gain adequate skills, the duration of courses ranges from days to months.

Challenging job roles. 


Paramedics are saviours of life in emergencies. Their role in hospitals and ambulance services is appreciable. The career graph is always rises rapidly with the self satisfaction. Start your career as a paramedic and play your role to save lives of people.

1.What is the minimum qualification to get admission in ParaMedical Stream?

Ans: For any Para Medical course, the basic eligibility is 10+2 with Sciences as a major subject.

2. Can I get into the ParaMedical stream with a non-science background?

Ans: There are chances of getting admitted into a few courses, whereas colleges take a call by conducting an entrance examination.

3. How long is the duration of an EMT Course?

Ans: For a certificate program, the minimum duration is 6 to 8months.
For a diploma program, one year to one and half years.

4. What are the chances of getting placements after completion of the course?

Ans: Every institute promises placement assistance, but at the end of the day it depends on your acquired skills. 

5. How much will it cost to finish the EMT Course?

Ans: Approximately Rs 45000 to Rs 65000. 


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