Top Content Writing Agencies in India 2023


    Content Writing has become one of the massive businesses in this digital era. Even during the Pandemic time, it was still booming and never let its craftsperson down. Because content is everywhere and all businesses need it, which sounds good.

    The Content writing agencies provide outstanding services to a Business to increase its quality leads and create a brand value through satisfactory content to boom their sales, by adding attractive keywords. It also helps you to make the audience revisit your business services.

    Not every Writer can provide good content to their clients, as it requires plenty of skills in research, and getting the perfect keyword for your business needs little experience in the field. To prevent these things, businesses chooses Content writing agencies to be on point with what they want.

    Why Content writing agencies?

    Creating an idea is not a big task, but bringing it into action is where the challenges begin. To bring an idea into existence requires experts to craft that work. 

    Content writing agencies have experience in outsourcing to many firms generating a huge impact in marketing with the accurate keyword and research skills that cultivate quality content, So it’s better to have a Content writing agency to take care of the job. This blog will help you with information about the Top Content writing agencies in India (2022). 

    1. Write Right :

    Write Right is a Content writing agency based out in India that holds 6+ years of experience servicing globally with a high grade and customer satisfaction. It is not that easy to give consistent quality service with such stature, they stand among the top three agencies despite their opponents in the field. The founder – CEO of Write right, Bhavik Sarkhedi is one of the top Content Writers across the country.

    It consists of 50+ Professionals and dedicated writers delivering content that satisfies their clients.

    They are formal about time management and offer quality deliverables which made them gain a good relationships with clients namely E27, Airbex, Info Campus, Bajaj Finserv, Wings to mind, Devx, and many other leading companies.

    They offer services that cover 360 degrees of Content writing such as  Ghostwriting, script writing, blog writing, web content writing, SEO writing, etc.

    2. Content Whale : 

    It is one of the other well-known Content writing agencies providing 42 types of content writing services for its clients across the globe. It is based out in Mumbai. The Content whale house consists of young talents with great professional skills with a motive to deliver quality output. They are specialized in Blog writing, Technical writing, Website Content writing, Public Relation writing, Press release, and Copywriting.

    The reliable teamwork helps the clients increase their organic traffic through their flawless workflow. It also stands unique in delivering effective product descriptions to broaden sales.

    Here are some important features listed below to consider Content whale.

    • Hire Professionals across niches
    • Provide an Error-Free content
    • Providing free SEO synchronization along with the right keywords
    • Have no limit to providing revisions
    • Have Real-time delivery within 2 days.

    3. Just words : Content writing agencies or services

    Adding up to the table here enters the Just words content writing agency based out in Gurgaon which was ignited in the year 2010, holding up 12 years of experience in the industry. The team consists of 11-50 professionals providing tremendous outcomes which helped them to be one of the top Content writing agencies in India.

    They have a talented team which led them to get recognized by Google awards for two consecutive years for offering quality work and being the top profitable company.

    Their ultimate aim is to satisfy the user by focusing on what makes them optimistic and realizing the client’s desire to bring them into action.

    4. Estorytellers :

    It is the subsidiary company of Write Right having SOP writing as its primary service. Estorytellers established in the year 2020 has its headquarters in Ahmadabad. It proved to be one of the high rated Content writing agencies in India by Clutch and Good firms. Their main objective is to deliver content by prioritizing their client’s deadline No matter what. 

    A single person can’t accomplish the work within the deadline; it requires a bunch of talent and hard work to do so. Including the CEO Bhavik Sarkhrdi,  they have 50+ professionals specialized in providing content with no sacrifice in quality. The founder is also an author of four critically acclaimed books. Their consistency in actions made them sustain business with their hirers like Airbex, Aspire square, Flyy, Perfomics, Yourstory, Edvista & ifs.

    They are peculiar in delivering 100 percent plagiarism-free content.

    They also provide the following services

    • SOP (Statement of purpose) Writing
    • Email marketing 
    • Copywriting
    • Paper writing 
    • Resume services and
    • Web content Writing

    5. Pepper content :           

    Pepper content provides extraordinary services for websites and has

    the widest network building a larger connection to its users. They deliver content from India across the world to over 2000 + brands having a community with thousands of creators.

    It provides a platform that acts as a medium to connect skilled creators to serve the organizations that require content.

    It was commenced in 2017 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    They offer 60+ content types with a strong network of 1,00,000 + creators employed for them. It also provides real-time updates about your projects. They have gained business trust with companies like Face book, Adobe, Amazon, Swiggy, Indigo, & Directi.

    They are well known for taking up loads for instance – Last-minute requests, unrealistic delivery expectations, and difficult content requirements by their user and surprising them with ideal results.

    The following are a few Specialties of Pepper content: 

    • Language services
    • Social Media content
    • Graphic designing
    • Content marketing 
    • Content writing
    • Blog writing
    • Website content
    • Video editing

    6. Taletel – Content writing agencies or services 

    Taletel is another well-known company among many Content writing agencies in India. It has young professionals who have good experience offering top-notch write-ups within the deadline. Taletel is one of the best Content writing agencies which provide remarkably concise SOP Writing with great professionalism.

    They have 20+ creative writers taking their firm to the next level. Taletel has been hired by 1000+ companies that include leading corporations like Airbex, Aspire square, Qogent, ifs consults, Edvista, Bajaj Finserv, Blue Shark, Stan Ventures & Flyy.

    Taletel also extends its services like

    • Online content writing 
    • Copywriting
    • Social media and ads service
    • Web content writing
    • Product review & Comparisons
    • E-book writing
    • White paper Writing
    • Blog Post and so on which are involved in Content types 

    7.  Scatter – Content writing agencies / services

     Established in 2015, with its offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore & the UAE. It is one of the top advertising service providers in India. They are offering services to more than 200 brands collaborating with 700+ freelancers and provided 50,000 pieces of content so far. They are 50 in number consisting of smart talents who are well versed in Content, Media, Publishing, Infgraphic, Digital Media, Data design, Content distribution, and content workshops.

    Scatter has worked with many amazing brands such as – Cisco, Samsung, IBM, Birla Sun life, Lenovo, Microsoft, Ford & Colgate.

    It offers many other services and a few are listed below –

    • Content marketing audit
    • Blog creation and management
    • Newsletters
    • Web content &
    • Digital Presence Management 

    8. Italics :  Content writing agencies / services

    Italics is a Delhi based Content writing agency that is providing service since 2005 

    It has empowered nearly 2000 clients across the globe. They understand their client’s wants and nuances that benefits them to create strong communication to reach the target audience. They have 17 years of experience in the industry. Their services also include Market research, Developing tone of voice, Industry benchmarking, Creative content, and Content writing.

    Their content writing offers, Article writing, Blog Writing, SEO Content writing, Content editing, social media content, and Graphic design.

    They have empowered clients such as Upgrade, Groww, UTI, Airtel, ICICI Bank, Canon & many other happy clients.

    9. Inksplore :  Content writing agencies and services

    Inksplore has an incredible transition from its scratch. A passion of an individual with nearly 7years of tough grind in the industry has paid off. At present Inksplore consists of 40+ creative writers in the house for various categories such as Content writers, SEO analysts, Storytellers, and editors who have bagged amazing experience in the content field.

    They have served plenty of client’s right from start-ups to large-scale organizations.

    It has a tremendous squad of industry experts, writing for various niches.

    They are specialized in Blog Writing, Proofreading/Editing, SEO Writing, Copywriting, Ghost Writing, and E-Books.

    10. Das Writing Services Private Limited

    An industry founded in the year 2011 and having its headquarters in West Bengal at present has a team of 50+ Creative Writers and has 7 years of experience. They enhance your business by offering informative and engaging articles that keep your readers hooked and make them return to the website again. They also provide free samples for the users which can be availed by reaching them through the mail ([email protected])

    They have worked on over 700+ projects obtaining 100% client satisfaction which helped them retain repeated services.

    They offer services for YouTube video description, Google optimized Content, Siri Optimized content, Alexa optimized content, Cortana optimized content, SEO Article writing, Technical articles, and Informative Article.

    At Das Writing Services clients also get

    • Voice Search optimized content
    • Keyword optimization &
    • A team with professional skills for website content

    Why choose Das Writing Services?

    They have a well-qualified team who understands your requirements and provide the following website content –

    • Shorter paragraphs
    • Short and crisp sentences within 15 words
    • Making the keyword appear in subheads

    You can refer to their samples and decide for yourself!

    Also please check out Henry Harvin for the best education to upgrade your skills.

    Henry Harvin

    Firstly let’s grab a glimpse of Henry Harvin. It was initially launched as an Organization to provide professional training courses to the college students with the motive of establishing an educated employable. It has experienced Mentors offering quality coaching and providing guidance throughout your learning process. It has its offices in US and India servicing customers in more than 97 countries offering 200+ courses both in online and the classroom.

    The fee for the CDCW course is ₹ 17500 which comes with a 1-year gold membership. 

    They also help you provide access to all the E-learning tools and materials with regards to the course opted.

    They also conduct Boot camp sessions every Month, even if you miss out on the class you need not worry because every class is being recorded and they provide access to all the recorded videos in the LMS throughout the year.

    One of the important services that Henry Harvin provides is 100% placement support post completion of the course via E-mails and Message alerts.

    Other Benefits of Gold membership are

    • E-learning Access 
    • Boot camp sessions
    • Internship &
    • Job opportunities 

    The Course Curriculum is as follows

    • Languages skills
    • Internet skills
    • Business & Marketing writing
    • Content Strategy 
    • Technical and Research writing
    • Academic writing 
    • Creative Writing
    • Copywriting
    • Email writing
    • Earn online and Get International projects 

    Some of the other courses offered by Henry Harvin are listed below:

    • Cyber Security Academy
    • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
    • Digital Marketing
    • AWS
    • Advanced SEO course.

    Henry Harvin is recognized by Leading Publishers like Hindustan Times, Business World, Hans India, and statesman for providing quality work.

    It also carries Institute awards for having a well-organized curriculum, Boot camp sessions, & Academic experts.

    It also offers you a 9-in-1gram – Providing 8 added benefits along with the base course at no extra cost.

    So don’t miss out to book your demo session at Henry Harvin.

    Tips for choosing the right Content writing agency

    As you are now aware of the Top 10 Content writing agencies in India, It is easy for you to choose one from the information given above. 

    Yes, of course, you can go by the ratings and reviews but that is not a stand-alone reason to select the best one.

    Here are some tips that save your time and help you make a perfect decision.


    Everyone has a habit of checking for product reviews on Amazon or any such e-commerce site before buying any product. Likewise, when it comes to Content writing agencies you should not miss out on checking out its reviews and testimonials. This not only helps you in understanding the work of the particular agency but also makes you improve how to evaluate and pick the efficient one among the Content writing agencies.


    Post the consideration of testimonials, communication is what matters while hiring an agency for your business.

    The communication of Content writing agencies should be comfortable for you to express your thoughts and requirements and getting a quick response is a crucial thing. Hence it is important to consider communication to be comfortable for your requirements.


    We all have a pattern of comparing the price of one product with another because no one wants to be charged more or feel unsatisfied with hard-earned money.

    So pricing and quotes play a vital role in hiring the best Agency for business.

    Writing Process:

    Right from understanding your requirements and delivering the output, Content writing agencies should analyze each and every detail mentioned and be flawless throughout their writing process.

    The writing tone and techniques also take up an important role in the Content.

    Research Process:

    A right company will start its research before even they start to write the first letter about your Business.

    They have to understand their competitor’s research techniques and Audience research taste before starting the writing process.

    A well-researched content always stands ahead among its adversaries.

    Customer service:

    A good user experience occurs only when the Company has a comfortable communication channel to interact with its customers.

    They should give proper guidance throughout the service to its users.

    Delivery Time:

    This is an important key factor you should consider when it comes to choosing the right agency. No one likes to waste their time, as we all have lots of work to do in a day. Almost every company promises to deliver content on time, but only a few can offer it with top-notch quality. In the above mentioned information, you might gain some tips to decide.

    Attributes that help to create a quality content 

    • Firstly identify your Target audience, and find a way to reach them easily through your blog by addressing them.
    • Provide a factually correct and a content that is free of plagiarism 
    • Keep the readers engaging with the content through likes, shares, and comments.
    • Be Entertaining and seek the audience’s attention
    • Upgrade your skills in the field of SEO, AI, Digital Marketing, and social media to run a bit longer.

    Final Words

    It is a challenging task for a business to run and implement marketing strategies at the same time. These Content writing agencies help your company to achieve your requirements and make sure it quickly reaches your target customers. 

    Outsourcing is a big trend in recent times. The rise of Globalization is also an important reason for the growth of the online business.In this modern era, a revolution has taken place in the Marketing Tradition. The technology helps a writer to convey a message digitally with a simple blog without the use of other Marketing modes such as Banner prints, ads, pamphlets, etc which are money-consuming. This helps in the growth of Digital Marketing and also attracts many industries to have the Top Content writing agencies tied up with them for their marketing purpose. 

    Every Business requires Content writing agencies/Services for its marketing amongst its adversaries to stand unique. The need for digitization is one of the reasons for accelerating the content writing market with breakneck speed in India. Despite having enormous competition, Content Writing is still roaring in the market with a huge impact and career expansion.


    Do I need to have a degree to become a Content Writer?

    To serve as a content writer, one need not have a formal degree, instead, He or She should have good vocabulary knowledge, research skills, and proficiency in grammar will help you kick start your career in this field. To run longer you have to keep your thoughts creative and add unique value to your content to be a victorious writer in demand.

    What is the importance of Content Writing in Digital Marketing?

    Content writing is termed as a powerful tool to use for your business to keep your customers welcoming and make them repeat the service. It is profound as it markets your business online across the countries.
    Great content will always help you in increasing traffic on search engines and social media platforms through hyperlinks. Here are some important SEO techniques that can help your organization –
    Helps to build conversations
    Wonderful content will surely help you to gain trust with your target audiences and build your business through several forms
    Offers value to its readers
    Any blog or website should make its audience engaged and provide useful values and influence them.

    Is content a king?

    With the evolution of digitalization, almost all industries have chosen to take the digital path in their journey. Their key role in success depends upon how attractive the content is presented on the Company’s website and social media. Content plays an important role because information about a product can create a huge impact on your brand value. It helps you to be on top, boosting your SEO ranking and gaining traffic for your website. With the above-mentioned aspects, we can indeed also say that it created a whole kingdom. Statistics say that Digital Marketing strategies are utilized by 91% of B2B markers for their growth.

    Does it cost a lot to hire a Content Writer?

    Well, it all depends upon the type of content you require and also based on the number of days you are going to work with them.
    A writer with less than a year of experience may offer you service at cheaper price. Likewise, an agency with good experience may charge you more based on their reach in the market. It is not only cost that decides the quality, it’s one of the important aspects of work when it comes to Digital Marketing.
    You can ask for their samples and choose accordingly.


    1. Content writing courses are in high demand in India, and this article provides valuable insights into the top agencies offering such courses. Aspiring writers can enhance their skills and gain industry knowledge from these reputable institutes.

    2. Thank you so much for the information of the courses of content writing agencies from HENRY HARVIN institute it made so easy to grab it.


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