Top 10 GST Courses in Bangalore: 2023 (Leaked)


You have landed at the right place if you want to learn about GST reforms and take GST training in Bangalore. I bring you the top GST courses in Bangalore in this article. You will find a list of institutes that offer a comprehensive GST course on this page. In addition to the mentors, the fees, duration, and curriculum of the course, I give you all the information you need about the course. I have therefore prepared a list of the top 10 institutes that offer GST training in Bangalore based on my research. 

Based on my research I find out Henry Harvin education academy is the best GST course provider in Bangalore. The rest of the institute’s aspects and details are also mentioned in this article. If you really want to enrol in the best GST training institute read the full article.

Why do we have to learn GST Course?

GST aims to consolidate various indirect taxes into one tax. As a national taxation structure, GST attempts to address a number of deficiencies of the previous tax regime. As a result of GST, the tax administration has been simplified and standardized.

The Goods & Services Tax is, no doubt, a massive reform for the Indian economy. GST disrupts various aspects of indirect taxation, including tax structure, tax compliance, tax incidence, tax payment, tax calculation, etc. GST has extensive implications for business processes; therefore, compliance with GST is now a requirement for all businesse

Explore the best GST practitioner course in Bangalore

GST benefits:

Businesses and industries can benefit from it in the following ways:

  • Easy compliance and transparency with online services like registrations, returns, and payments.
  • The manufacturers and exporters gain from a reduction in the cost of goods and services manufactured locally.
  • The tax structure and rates should be uniform.
  • Tax cascading is minimized, if not eliminated.
  • Reduced transaction costs improve competitiveness.

Benefits of GST at the state and federal levels include:

  • It is simple and easy to administer taxes after indirect taxes have been removed.
  • Compliance with tax laws is improved and there are better controls over tax evasion
  • Increased revenue

Among the benefits of GST for consumers are:

  • Transparency is the single taxation
  • An overall reduction in taxes

Let’s now see the top GST training institutes in Bangalore based on all the information you’ve just read on how GST impacts our nation.

GST courses in Bangalore: Top 10

A GST certification from a recognized institute will boost your career value as the demand for GST professionals is on the rise. You gain knowledge about the latest and most updated GST practice by attending this course in the GST world. The course expands your knowledge of GST-related activities.

Here are the 10 best GST certification courses in Bangalore. As you go through them, compare them with your criteria. Having read this article, you will be able to make an informed decision.

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

HH Logo

About Henry Harvin

As one of the pioneers of the industry, one of the Edutech has a vision of providing professional training and services to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Henry Harvin is always known for his efforts, quality, and uniqueness when delivering courses. Candidates are prepared for the industry by learning practical knowledge during the course.

In addition to reflecting the latest technologies, Henry Harvin Education syllabuses are internationally accepted. You will have a wide variety of internship and employment options available to you after you complete the program. 

Henry Harvin Education offers a range of advanced courses and has a very strong staff of highly skilled and experienced trainers. 

Due to their experience in their fields, future learners can benefit enormously from their knowledge. 

You will learn everything you need to know about GST in Henry Harvin’s course.

Is GST training from Henry Harvin in Bangalore is beneficial?

Henry Harvin Education offers an excellent GST course. Due to its superior service compared to its competitors, Henry Harvin is on top of the list of best GST courses in Bangalore. Comparatively to other platforms, Henry Harvin’s GST Course is credible and trustworthy. 

  • In prestigious publications such as India Today and Tribune India, the GST course taught by Henry Harvin is ranked among the top GST courses in India. 
  • Two courses are offered by Henry Harvin, the Post Graduate Program in GST lasting 12 months, and the live online GST course lasting 32 hours.
  • In addition to theory, there is practical training in the program. 
  • From just one GST course, you can reap nine substantial benefits. 
  • An annual Gold Membership is available to members of Accounts Academy. 
  • With more than ten years experience, their trainers are award-winning 
  • Their 24/7 support and assistance is available for life
  • Aaj Tak, NDTV, and numerous other notable platforms employ highly skilled professionals to train and guide the students.
  • If you need career guidance, you can ask henry. Mobile learning is available, and there is an e-learning facility.
  • In the course, the relationship manager assists in all processes and handles all questions.
  • Previously recorded sessions can be accessed. Furthermore, Henry Harvin offers lifetime access to the course material, with the first year being free and a nominal fee starting from the second year.
  • A practical understanding of GST regulations is provided in this course, which includes GST registration, GST returns, TDS compliance, claiming input tax credits, and claiming refunds.
  • Both classroom and online training last 32 hours.
  • The course costs 12500 rupees
  • During this course, you will learn practical skills. Additionally, joining the Finance Academy is free for a year. Videos are recorded and interview skills are taught, as well as career services.
  • By taking this certified course, you will learn about the latest trends and regulations. A live project and an internship are also included.
  • With this GST Certification course, you will be able to access experts who have appeared on NDTV and Aaj Tak. Also included in the course are GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, and GSTR 2A, as well as ITC claims for electronic invoices and non-reflecting items.

Topics covered in GST courses include:

For each topic, four modules are offered

  • During the first module, students learn about E-waybills, exports and imports, and the value of supplies
  • In the second module, registrations, input tax credits, and transitional provisions are covered.
  • Module 3 of the course examines invoices, tax payments, time of supply, returns, and refunds.
  • Managing litigation, assessing offenses, assessing penalties, and managing demand and recovery are the topics provided in the fourth module
  • In addition, to resume building, they offer a skill development module on resume writing.

Some of these delightful assistances are sure to please you. Among the top GST-related institutions in Bangalore, it stands out for many reasons. You can find more information about enrollment on their website. 

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2. RIA Institute –


RIA Institute

The GST Training Institute in Bangalore is well equipped with advanced labs and provides the best GST training in Marathahalli, Bangalore. To provide high-quality GST Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore, they carefully select GST trainers with more than 5 years of experience so that students can benefit from real-world scenarios. GST Training in Bangalore instructors have practical experience as they apply their knowledge and expertise to their daily work. 

A well-designed GST training course from one of the top GST Training Institutes in Bangalore will meet the needs of the industry. GST Training covers the best and latest real-time examples that help students land the right job after they complete the course. Students will gain confidence while attending job interviews by our expert instructors highlighting the key points of GST training based on possible questions asked by the interviewer.

RIA Institute offers classroom and online GST training in Bangalore, as well as weekend and fast-track classes. Students can choose their course timings based on their convenience. Students are required to complete GST Training courses by the scheduled timings agreed upon with the instructor. For students unable to attend GST Training in Bangalore on weekends due to their work schedules, they provide training in the morning and evening on weekdays.

Is GST training from Ria Institute in Bangalore beneficial?

  Course Name is Diploma In Goods And Services Tax Expert Course.

There are between 70 and 120 classroom hours in the classroom training. 

Upon registering in the Institute, you will have access to free learning for a year. 

A high school diploma or an equivalent is required to take the course. 

A course on the goods and services tax is ideal for understanding its fundamentals. 

If you want to pursue a higher diploma in GST, you can do so after completing this course.

There is a diploma course in good and services tax for beginners.

All of the facilities that are available in expert courses are also available here. GST training lasts between 24 and 40 hours.

Topics covered in the course curriculum include:

  • Tax Exemptions and GST Fundamentals 
  • GST Registration, Meaning, And Scope 
  • Payment of GST based on supply-time valuation
  •  The electronic commerce industry 
  • Tax credit for inputs 
  • GST Overview 
  • Bringing GST to you 
  • Providers of goods and services
  • At the RIA Institute of technology, you have an intermediate GST training course as well. The training requires 60 hours of training, and eligibility is based on completing the GST Beginner course. 
  • Students, accountants, and tax managers can benefit from taking this intermediate course to learn the practical aspects of GST. 
  • You will learn all the terms, formats, regulations, and classifications of GST in the course, which will help you file returns and fully comprehend the GST act. 
  • Tally ERP 9 GST is a classroom course lasting 18 to 30 hours. 

3. Inventateq –


Inventateq is one of the most popular names in various domains of training. In addition to the best DevOps training, they have several job-oriented courses including digital marketing, data science, big data Hadoop, and big data analytics. 

Is GST training from Inventateq in Bangalore beneficial?

  • GST certification courses are one of the best in Bangalore, and Job Placement is a guarantee after completion of the course. 
  • Besides getting access to a lot of useful information, the course provides you with offline and online resources that will assist you in understanding GST and Tally ERP 9.
  • The course is a combination of theory, practical work, and real-world assignments. 
  • The GST course provides training in resume writing and soft skills interviewing along with a certification. 
  •  Training and auditing class time for the Tally and GST course ranges from 35 to 40 hours.
  •  Practical training is incorporated into the GST class in plenty. Batches can be selected on either the weekend or the weekday. 
  • The coaching centers are located in Bangalore, and you can also apply for online courses. 

Topics covered include: 

  • How to create manual accounts in Tally ERP 9 
  • An Introduction To Tally 9 Real-Time 
  • Financial Management, Inventory Management 
  • Reports based on advanced MIS 
  • Accounting for GST 
  • Taxes on income 
  • Inspecting 
  • Governance & Compliance 
  • Payrolls and taxation
  • The course is ideal for commerce graduates, new finance graduates, professionals in the financial sector, and retired professionals. 
  • In addition, different projects are included in the training
  • Tally GST integration: Understanding how it works 
  • How to create a sales ledger 
  • Stock Groups as well as Stock Items: GST Compliance
  • A free demo class is provided before you join to help you understand how courses are conducted. 
  • After completing the course, you will also receive free technical assistance. 
  • Live examples are provided in class so you can understand GST and its application in depth. 
  • During the internship, you will take mock tests and interviews that will prepare you for the interview process for the job positions. 

4. GST Centre –

GST Centre

A reputed GST certification course is offered by the GST center in Bangalore. A financial, accounting, and marketing professional can learn from this institution. GST center is one of the precious projects of top man’s education and career horizon limited, which has received approval from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Is GST training from the GST Centre in Bangalore is beneficial?

  • Their goal is to inspire the next generation of finance professionals to pursue their career goals by providing the best education possible.
  • Offering direct training, corporate workshops, on-campus programs, and distance learning. 
  • GST learning kit is the most talked-about GST certification course in Bangalore.
  • GST courses are offered in two sections
  • Degree in Goods and Services Tax offered by the DGST
  • Training in GST Practitioner
  • Explore these two courses in more detail
  1. Graduates of the diploma program in GST will be able to access integrated study materials, video tutorials, simulation software, and live interactive classes. 

It costs Rs 6500 for the course. GST is taught in depth through a variety of assignments, case studies, & practical projects. All GST Training sessions, videos, and tutorials are available to you on our learning management system. 

There are four sections to the diploma program in GST

  • GST For Beginners 
  • Intermediate GST 
  • Adding GST to Tally 
  • Assignments related to GST

These four sections cover a variety of topics

  • GST Framework 
  • Procedures for registering, collecting, and levying taxes 
  • Credit for input taxes 
  • GST Payment
  • Accounting and Audit 
  • Supplies for E-Way Bills 
  • Returns on GST 
  • Getting a refund 
  • In the case of an appeal, revisions will be made
  • Deficiency and Recovery 
  • GST Activation and Creating The Company 
  • Establishing revenue and expense accounts 
  • Recording payment vouchers 
  • Returns of goods 
  • Others include reverse charge mechanisms. 

It enables you to gain hands-on experience in GST implementation. 

  1. Training in GST Practitioner

Someone interested in becoming a successful GST practitioner, running a business, or joining an organization that manages accounting and taxes should take this course. 

The syllabus consists of the following concepts: 

  • Act on CGST 
  • Act on the IGST
  • CGST & UTGST Rules 
  • Amendments To Every SGST Rule, Notification, Circular, And Order. 

In addition to working on a variety of complex topics, you will also deal with crises during the coursework. From the GST center, you can obtain the accounting and tax software that you need for GST filing. The GST practitioner course puts you in touch with a wider network of people who work in this field for discussions and brainstorming. 

5. CFO Next

CFO Next

A world-renowned GST certification course in Bangalore is offered by CFO Next, another Institute. A team of highly trained professionals trains students from different domains such as CPAs, CMAs, CFAs, GST specialists, and IFRS personnel.

In the areas of finance, taxation, and accounting, they work hard to provide you with the required knowledge and help you further your career. Its purpose is to prepare the next generation of chief financial officers, which is why the institute is called CFO Next.

 Is GST training from CFO Next in Bangalore is beneficial?

  • You will learn GST fundamentals and advanced concepts during GST training at the institute.  
  • Developed by industry experts, the curriculum is well-structured and helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the goods and services tax.
  •  For this course, you must have a basic knowledge of computers and pass your 12th grade in any subject.
  • CFO Next offers online GST concepts learning from any location. They utilize the latest technology to offer you the best services. 
  • The learning management is smooth. 

This course includes the following curriculum:

  • GST: A Basic Overview
  • Amendments to the GST Act 
  • Council on GST 
  • Defining Areas And Other Areas 
  • GST Administration
  • Refund of tax paid in the payment 
  • Tax credit for inputs 
  • Assessment Returns Inspection Audit 
  • GST Demand 
  • GST recovery
  • Appellate authority for GST 
  • Penalties And Offenses 
  • Miscellaneous Acts Regarding State Compensation.
  • You can take the GST classes at the level that suits you best.
  • The course fee for each level is as follows:
  • It is priced at Rs 999 for the Beginner’s Course in GST
  • Practicing GST is priced at Rs 2999
  • Getting GST certified will cost you Rs 4999

 6. CaclubIndia


A number of GST certification courses are offered by CA Club India in Bangalore. Developed by industry professionals, the course gives you a complete understanding of the revolutionary indirect tax structure. 

Is GST training from CaclubIndia in Bangalore is beneficial?

  • There are 61 hours of video tutorials, eBooks, and other materials on GST at CA club India. 
  • You receive a certificate at the end of the course. 
  • Fees for the course are Rs 6599

The following concepts will be covered in detail in the course

  • Goods And Services Tax: Scope And Supply 
  • Supply from both composite and mixed sources 
  • GST Intrastate And Interstate 
  • Registration Threshold Limits for GST
  • Who Is Taxable 
  • Value And Time Of Supply 
  • Tax credit for inputs 
  • Utilization of available resources
  • An Input Service Distributor (ISD) and The Input Tax Credit Concept 
  • Provisions for transition 
  • Goods and Services Supply Location 
  • Provision of goods and services to special economic zones 
  • GST Refunds 
  • Zero-rated supplies: What they mean 
  • Invoice under GST
  • Existing GST Returns 
  • System of Returns Under GST 
  • Providing Clause By Clause Detail In The GST Form GSTR9 Annual Return 
  • Inspection Power Advance Ruling Under GST Appeal 
  • Questions & Answers for Revision 
  • Audit Report on GST 
  • The Intricacies of Supply 
  • Cross Charge vs. ISD and Others
  • The course is ideal for chartered accountants, company secretaries, graduates in business, postgraduates, and retired officers from the financial sector.

Chartered Accountant of India Mr. Bimal Jain is the faculty’s head and a prominent member. He has two decades of experience as a lawyer and financial consultant. He has advised different corporate organizations including LG Electronics, Honda, Khaitan, and Company, among others. 

7. Mytectra – GST Course in Bangalore


Among the most intensive GST certification courses in Bangalore, Mytectra offers GST training. GST concepts are clearly explained by the institute’s excellent training sessions that are interactive and prove to be very productive. 

Is GST training from Mytectra in Bangalore beneficial?

  • GST Certified Professional Training is the name of the course
  • GST Certification emphasizes comprehensiveness and compliance with industry standards among its key features. 
  • The trainers also have extensive knowledge of both technical and advanced GST models. 
  • You can gain better career opportunities with their assistance. Mytectra provides 24/7 support and instant tips wherever you are.
  • To see what the course involves, the institute provides a free demo. 
  • The following is the course curriculum
  • Overview of the Goods and Services Tax in the Present
  • Accountant’s Requirements for GST 
  • An Overview Of GST Types 
  • What it means, when it happens, and where it happens 
  • How to Implement in an Effective Way 
  • Plan and recommend an efficient approach 
  • A refund, an exemption
  • Concerns related to the transition 
  • Tax Rules and Regulations You Must Follow When Filing GST 
  • Besides GST training, they also offer cloud computing, data science, programming, big data, project management, blockchain, and leadership programs. 
  • Among the business, courses are accounting, finance, human resources, digital marketing, and enterprise services.

 8. Institute of practical accounting and taxation (InPAT) –

Institute of practical accounting and taxation (InPAT)

In addition to providing one of the most intensive GST training courses in Bangalore, the Institute of Practical Accounting and Taxation also provides practical training. Mentors at the Vijayanagar branch have relevant experience in the industry and are proficient in the subject matter. Besides teaching you how to implement GST in practical projects, they also provide the means to learn the core GST concepts. The course also enables you to understand the different software that can help you to make things easier with GST practice. 

Is GST training from the institute of practical accounting and taxation in Bangalore is beneficial?

  • The course name is GST Computation for Return Filing. 
  • You will have two weeks to complete the course following your enrollment. 
  • Following are the topics covered in the curriculum:
  • Invoices for GST 
  • Returns From Input And Output 
  • Credit And Debit Notes
  • GST Fundamentals 
  • The GSTReturn can be filed online as well as offline

9. Innovation Institute – GST Course in Bangalore

Innovation Institute

Innovation Institute or innovator provides one of the top-notch GST certification courses in Bangalore along with Tally ERP 9. It has a course that covers everything about Tally, including Excel and GST. India has a huge demand for Tally. Together, understanding GST and accounting can give you a competitive advantage in finance, taxation, and accounting. 

Is GST training from Innovation Institute in Bangalore is beneficial?

  • A high-quality GST training course is provided by them in Bangalore. 
  • The company also offers Basic computer courses, MS Office, web designing, C, C++, Java, Oracle, Graphic Designing, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Among the topics covered in GST are:
  • Management of a business 
  • An interface for users 
  • Invoices & Payments 
  • Understanding the inventory 
  • Credit And Debit Notes 
  • Transferring stocks 
  • Points of sale 
  • Bank and Cash Reports 
  • Trade-import 
  • Restore and backup 
  • A number of currencies are supported.
  • You can become a project assistant, accountant, audit manager, finance executive, inventory control executive, and many more high-profile positions. 

10. GST Masterclass –

GST Masterclass

An overview of GST and its facets is offered in the GST masterclass. There are many reasons why this GST certification course in Bangalore is one of the most efficient courses for people of all walks of life, including accountants, freelancers, GST practitioners, graduates, new job aspirants, and startups. 

Is GST training from GST Masterclass in Bangalore is beneficial?

  • GST Masterclass Training is the course name.
  • The course fee is Rs 5000, every weekend for one month, and each session lasts two hours. 
  • The course offers a comprehensive overview of the taxation and helps you implement software like Tally effectively. 
  • Included in the curriculum are
  • Provisions of the TDS 
  • Process of TDS Payment 
  • Tally Invoice and Billing
  • Schema of GST Composition 
  • Returns to be filed 
  • Calculating GST in Excel 
  • Using Tally ERP 9 for accounting 
  • Concept and understanding of reverse charging.
  • Candidates and students will leave the course with an in-depth knowledge of tally and GST, as well as how to apply them. 
  • The act also entails rules, regulations, compliance, and enforcement provisions. You will be ready to handle the business activities of finance companies after you complete this course.
  • GST masterclass workshops are also available for professionals, startups, and entrepreneurs.

Final Thoughts

To strengthen your skills and make you job-ready, I have listed the top GST certification courses in Bangalore that help you to learn all the facets of GST. The advantage of these courses is that they offer a variety of modes of learning, and you can choose to take either on-campus training or online certification based on your preference. There are many courses available, but the Henry Harvin GST course appears to be the best choice.

It’s also important to note that, in Bangalore and India as a whole, many of the GST certification courses come with Tally ERP9. Fortunately, financial professionals and accountants find Tally an extremely convenient tool. It is not only important for smooth tax and payment records, but it also facilitates payment processes and makes it easier to implement business activities. Therefore, if you take up GST with tally, it will be beneficial to your career development and business enterprise as well.

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