Top 10 GST Course in India: 2023 (Exposed)

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Knowledge of GST can create new employment opportunities at the industrial level, as well as opportunities for self-employment. Any individual can benefit from a good GST course and open new doors to a better future by understanding the GST concepts. Among them, Henry Harvin offers the best GST courses in India. 

In this article, I list the 10 best GST courses in India.

What is it?

We know that the Goods and Services Tax, or GST, is an indirect tax on goods and services. India’s President along with the government of India launched the Goods and Service Tax on 1 July 2017. At midnight on June 30th – July 1st, it was presented as historical midnight. 

GST’s indirect tax categories

  • CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax)
  • SGST (State Goods and Services Tax)
  • IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)
  • UTGST (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax) 

What Should You Look for in GST Courses in India?

Before enrolling in any GST course in India, students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, experienced or inexperienced, should carefully consider the following factors:

  • Fees for GST courses
  •  Duration of the course
  •  Experience and specialization of teachers
  •  Coursework
  •  The subject matter
  •  Recognition
  •  Accreditation
  •  Training method
  •  Assistance with job placement

In GST training programs, candidates learn Tally ERP-9, the procedure for computing GST, submitting GST returns (GST-R) and Annual returns (A-R), as well as preparing and maintaining invoices.

Take a look at the Top 10 Online GST Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy : 100 % Job Oriented GST Certification Course in India

HH Logo

About Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education isn’t just another e-learning platform. This is one of the most renowned and highly rated platforms. As a learning professional, you can find many valuable programs to boost your career. 

These programs are highly updated with the latest technologies and the syllabus structure presented to you is internationally accepted. You will also be able to earn a living and experience the real working world by taking advantage of the numerous internships and jobs offered after you have completed the program. 

Henry Harvin Education has a very strong team of trainers who are both highly motivated and experienced in their fields, which makes it the top platform for several courses. 

The trainers hold a minimum of 10-15 years of experience in their respective fields, so their experience can shape the future learners tremendously. 

How does Henry Harvin GST training in India benefit you?

Henry Harvin Education is reputed to have offered one of the best GST course Online at the time. Due to its superior service compared to its competitors, Henry Harvin holds the top spot on my list of best GST Courses. Henry Harvin’s GST Course is credible and trustworthy compared to other platforms. 

How does Henry Harvin GST training in India benefit you?

  • The GST course is ranked among the  top GST courses in India by prestigious firms such as India Today and Tribune India. 
  • An important part of the program is practical training. 
  • You will receive nine substantial benefits from just one GST course. 
  • A year’s Gold Membership is offered to members of Accounts Academy. 
  • Experienced and award-winning trainers with above 10 years of experience 
  • Lifetime assistance and support are available 24/7
  • The course is more trained and guided by highly appreciated professionals who make appearances at notable platforms like Aaj Tak, NDTV, and many more.
  • This course provides students with practical experience in GST regulations, including GST registration, GST returns, TDS compliance, claiming input tax credits, and claiming refunds.
  • Classroom and online training last 32 hours each.
  • 12500 rupees is all that is needed for the course
  • This training is 100% practical. Plus, you can join the Finance Academy for free for a year. Videos are recorded, interview skills are taught, and career services are available.
  •  In this certified course, you will learn the latest and trendiest topics, as well as new regulations. Live projects and an internship are also included.
  • This GST Certification Course will give you access to experts who have spoken at Aaj Tak, NDTV, and other notable platforms. The course also discusses how to claim an ITC for electronic invoices and how to claim an ITC for non-reflecting items, in addition to GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, and GSTR 2A.

GST Course topics include:

There are four modules for each topic

  • Students learn how to read and write E-waybills, exports and imports, and value of supplies during the first module
  • Registrations, input tax credits, and transitional provisions are covered in the second module.
  • During Module 3, students will examine invoices, tax payments, time of supply, returns, and refunds.
  • The fourth module deals with litigation management, audits, assessments, offenses, and penalties, as well as demand and recovery
  • A resume-building course is also included as a complementary skill development module.

You will surely be satisfied with some of these delightful assistances. It stands out from the crowd as one of the best GST-related institutions in India for many reasons. Check out their website for more information and enrollment-related questions now! 

2. Taxguru Edu : GST Certification Course in india

Taxguru Edu

Online and classroom education are available through Taxguru Edu. Taxation, finance, accounting, audit, and corporate law comprise the bulk of the curriculum. Providers of courses and practical training are eminent professionals. Professionals such as CA, CS, ICWA, and finance rely on TaxGuru Edu to update their skills.

How does Taxguru Edu GST training in India benefit you?

  • Self-Learning GST Certification Course is the course name. 
  • This course can benefit finance professionals, business owners, tax officials, individuals, and beginners seeking a career change into taxation, GST practitioners, or professionals looking to switch from finance to taxation. 
  • The GST course fee is 10000 plus GST. 
  • GST basics to advanced knowledge are covered in this blended learning course. Learning management system sessions are pre-recorded.
  •  In the 14 sessions of the course, you will learn:
  • Compliances of major importance
  • Filing of GST Returns
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Returns for GST under the new law
  • Reducing GST department disputes
  • Managing assessments
  • Check-up and case studies of GST
  • On the website, you will find detailed session-by-session topics.
  • GST course duration is 40 hours, and you will have access to the course for 2.5 months.
  •  After passing the exam, students will receive an online certificate.
  •  GST assignments and a forum where questions can be discussed with the author are also available.

3. Oxford school of Accounting : Top GST Course in india

Oxford school of Accounting

Founded in 1997, Oxford School of Accounting is a leading accounting institute in Delhi. The company’s expertise spans over two decades, they have trained more than 80,000 students, and they have trained over 5000 batches.

Innovative technology-driven classes, in-depth research into teaching methods, and industry partnerships for placement ensure students receive the best education possible. As well as placement assistance, career guidance is provided. The institute offers a great GST certification program.

How does Oxford school of accounting GST training in India benefit you?

  • Course Name is Oxford certified computerized accounting, e-accounting, and GST professional.
  •  The following curriculum is included in the course:
  • Basics of computing
  • Accounting manual
  • Computerized accounting
  • Taxes on goods and services (definitions, registration, billing, and E-way bills, return filing, GST updates).
  • Online filing of tax returns
  • ROC Overview
  • The Internet banking system
  • Forex and stock market overview
  • Soft skills (resume writing, mock interviews, extempore, etc.).
  •  Students receive the Oxford certification after completing the course.

4.ISEL Global : GST Training in india

ISEL Global

ISEL Global offers government-accredited courses and certifications. The program offers courses in quality management, marketing management, project management, technology management, operations management, and business management.

The company has an international presence and is partnered with job portals to help people get hired and certified. ISEL Global has a vibrant community of certified experts and professionals who provide high-quality training. It provides GST certification courses that are valuable to professionals.

How does ISEL Global GST courses in India benefit you?

  • GST Practitioner Certification Course is the course name
  • The course is open to CAs, CS professionals, MBA finance majors, and graduates or postgraduates with a degree in commerce, law, banking, auditing, or business management. 
  • It costs INR 7,600 for GST course fees.
  • The course covers beginner to advanced levels and includes:
  • GST and taxation basics
  • Concepts related to GST
  • The registration process
  • Billing
  • Getting a return
  • Credit for input taxes
  • Valuation of GST
  • Provisions of the law
  • The GST course lasts for three months.
  • After passing the GST practitioner certification examination, participants receive the certificate. MSME (Govt. of India) recognizes the course.
  • An e-learning program with 35+ hours of quality material
  • Interactive sessions and lectures will be held on Sunday
  • GST books are couriered to candidates in hard copy
  • Manuals and guides for offline use
  • Updates on GST every week by email

5. ICSI : Best GST certification centre in india


Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) offers a high-quality CS (Company Secretaries) degree in India. In addition to its headquarters in New Delhi, it has four regional offices across the country.

As part of the ICSI’s certification and crash courses, it offers courses after membership qualification. An integrated course for Company Secretaries is also provided at the institute. For banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies, ICSI offers GST Accounts Assistant training. GST certification courses are aimed at teaching and implementing GST’s nuances.

How does ICSI  GST courses in India benefit you?

  • The course is called the Certificate Course in Goods and Services Tax
  •  Participants must be professionals
  •  This course costs 7500 INR in addition to GST
  •  In addition to providing insights into GST and other indirect tax regimes, the course is comprehensive. GST concepts are explained, along with GST implementation and development. All study materials are provided in soft copy to candidates.
  •  There are five weeks of the weekend, Saturday, and Sunday classes during the GST course
  •  Candidates who complete an online MCQ examination receive a certificate from BSE Institute Limited in conjunction with ICSI.



E-learning platform Apna Courses is a leader in the industry. Individuals can take advantage of video lectures conducted by top instructors, which will enhance their skillset and career prospects.

To advance your career, Apna Course offers various courses and certifications. In addition to global certifications, there are also knowledge courses available. Financial, project management, and business analysis are its main areas of focus.

Apna Course offers over 167 courses in live and self-paced formats, an advanced learning management system, and customized dashboards for individual users and teams. GST certification courses are also offered on this platform.

How does Apna  GST courses in India benefit you?

  • Tax on Goods and Services is the course name
  • A finance professional, a chartered accountant, and a postgraduate student interested in finance would benefit from this course.
  • With an interactive discussion forum, this is a comprehensive online course. Topics covered include:
  • How to move forward with GST
  • Aspects of the GST:
    • GST: A brief overview
    • Preparedness for a situation
    • A few thoughts to ponder
    • Services based on mobile devices
    • FAQs about enrolment on the GST portal
  • Students have 180 days to watch the HD video lectures by industry experts.
  • After passing the GST final exam, a course completion certificate is issued.

 7. EduPristine : GST practitoner Training in India


Established in 2008 by multinational industry professionals, Edupure is a premier finance training company. The five verticals it offers are Accounting, Analytics, Finance, Marketing, and Healthcare.

Furthermore, the organization offers online courses in addition to classroom classes. EduPristine offers customized corporate training to meet the needs of the organization.

How does EduPristine GST courses in India benefit you?

  • Currently, GST is being taught.
  • The program is open to undergraduates, graduates, working professionals, and candidates seeking a career in accounting or taxation.
  • The course lasts 32 hours.
  • There are weekend and weekday classes.
  • As part of online support and learning resources, learners can access presentations, recordings, and practice files.
  • Employability skills are incorporated into the course content from the very beginning by industry experts.
  •  In this course, you will learn everything. In Tally, you can find modules on GST and how GST compares to previous indirect taxes.

8. VSKILLS : Best Online GST Course in india


Vskills offers online certification exams and skills tests to enhance a candidate’s hiring potential. Courses in GST professional training are available online. For those interested in becoming a GST professional, you won’t be disappointed with this online GST course.

You can register for the GST Training program in this self-paced program. The study material will be sent to you in hard copy as well as access to the online learning management system once you register. Upon completing the learning process, you can take the online test from anywhere. A higher percentage will qualify you for certification, which will increase your employability.

How does Vskills  GST courses in India benefit you?

  • This GST professional course is certified by GST.
  • The program is open to accounting and finance students.
  • It takes 28 hours to complete the course.
  • There is a fee of 3,499Rs
  • The program is available online.
  • Candidates have access to the learning management system as soon as they register. Additionally, hard copies of the study material are available. Whenever you want, you can learn online. Tests can be taken for free.
  • An exam with 50 marks may be taken at any time and anywhere. Negative marks will not be given. India has about 70 centers.
  • In addition to GST registration, GST returns, email, valuations, monetary values, and legal provisions, the course will cover a variety of miscellaneous topics.
  • Lifetime certification is included in the course. Candidates with Vskills certification are automatically identified as such on and As a result, their chances of being hired increase.

9. ICMAI : Top Training centre For GST Course in india


ICWAI (Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India), formerly known as the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, is a statutory professional accounting body. This is also the only organization in India that regulates and licenses Cost & Management Accounting.

A number of government and regulating authorities in India collaborate with ICAI on various matters such as internal auditing, management accounting, etc.

 ICMAI, formerly known as ICAI, now offers GST certification courses.

How does ICMAI  GST courses in India benefit you?

  • The course name is certificate course on GST and advanced certificate course on GST
  • Members, professionals like CS, CA, MBA, M.Com, Lawyers, tax practitioners, and students either pursuing or CMA qualified are eligible for this course
  • The certificate course is 10000 Rs and the advanced course fees are INR 14,000 + GST
  • A certificate course includes basics, classification, input tax credit, refunds, records and returns, demands, penalties, imports and exports, as well as taxable events, valuation, registration, assessment, and audit, and miscellaneous provisions. Additionally, live sessions are held for clarifying doubts.
  • In addition to the basic certificate course content, the advanced course contains advanced course content. The system consists of records and returns, E-way bills, advance rulings, and anti-profiteering as well as E-invoicing and credit and job work reconciliation. There are live sessions for clearing doubts in this course as well.
  • The certificate course lasts 72 hours and is available online and offline.
  • The advanced course is 40 hours long and only offered online.
  • Upon successful completion of both courses, candidates are awarded certificates.

10. BSE Institute Ltd : Best Institute For GST Centre in india

BSE Institute Ltd

BSE Institute offers knowledge and insight into the capital markets industry, as well as training from industry professionals and market experts. Every year, more than 10,000 participants obtain certifications through the platform.

As the world’s fastest stock exchange, BSE Ltd has been in operation for over 144 years. A subsidiary of BSE Ltd, the BSE Institute offers training programs. As a center of learning, it brings together financial experts to design programs for the learners.

Students can enroll in professional courses, student training courses, certification courses, and corporate training programs at BSE Institute. A GST certification course is also available.

How does BSE Institute Ltd GST courses in India benefit you?

  • The course name is certificate program on GST
  • This course is intended for new entrants to the finance industry, existing professionals of the finance industry, stockbrokers, investment bankers, and students.
  • Topics covered in the course include:
  • GST Overview
  • Determination of the nature of the supply
  • Value and time of supply
  • Location of supply of goods and services
  • Tax credit for inputs
  • The registration process
  • Demonstrating how to register for GST online
  • Invoices, credits, and debits for tax purposes
  • Records and accounts
  • Tax payment
  • Getting a refund
  • The self-assessment, audit of returns, and accounting entries in GST are all part of the assessment process.
  • Over 20 hours of instruction will be covered over four days (10 am to 5.30 pm).
  • Assessing and certifying are done by the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Limited.


Most of the institutes provide weekend batches as well to accommodate the skill development requirements of working professionals. The best online GST courses in India are ranked based on factors such as reviews, course structure, practical training, fees, faculty expertise, etc. As a result of analyzing all aspects, I recommend Henry Harvin as the best GST training institute in India

Hope you find the perfect match that meets all your preferences and criteria. Those who still have doubts or questions can use the comment section below to voice them. The best information available on the same will be provided to you at your earliest convenience. Best wishes for your future endeavors.

Continue to learn! Continue to shape your career!

Most of the institutes provide weekend batches as well to accommodate the skill development requirements of working professionals. The best online GST courses in India are ranked based on factors such as reviews, course structure, practical training, fees, faculty expertise, etc. As a result of analyzing all aspects, I recommend Henry Harvin as the best GST training institute in India

Hope you find the perfect match that meets all your preferences and criteria. Those who still have doubts or questions can use the comment section below to voice them. The best information available on the same will be provided to you at your earliest convenience. Best wishes for your future endeavors.


  1. 1.   What will I learn in a GST certification course in India?

    Ans. After doing a GST certification course from India, you will be skilled enough to file GST, file GST return and calculate slab calculation on GST.

  2. 2.    Are there good job opportunities after completing the GST course?

    Ans. After completing the GST certification course, one can apply for roles like Tax Manager, Taxation Research Analyst, Reconciliation, GST Compliance Practice, GST Consultancy Practice, GST Legal practice, GST Practitioner or GST Trainer.

  3. 3.    What career benefits will I get from a GST Certification Course?

    Ans. Having a GST certification helps to increase the number of job opportunities offered to you. With this certification, one can also start out their own practice. It helps develop the skills of various finance, taxation, and accounting professionals.

  4. 4.  What does the GST certification course cover?

    Ans. The GST certification course provides a complete guide to all the Goods and Service Tax regulations. GST certification courses usually cover the practical aspects of Good and Service Tax that include registration, detailed accounting, returns, and recording GST transactions.

  5. 5.  What are the good institutes that offer GST certification courses in India?  

    Ans. If you are looking for a good institute for doing a GST certification course in India, Henry Harvin’s GST certification course is one of the best options. There are many other institutes too that are known for their GST certification courses like Accounting Solutions, Impact Education India, ICA Edu Skills, EduPristine and more.

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