HENRY HARVIN vs EY vs KPMG IFRS Course Review (Don’t Ignore)


Wondering which out of the above three mentioned should you be choosing?

Personally speaking, Henry Harvin Education has truly impressed me as a learner. It is that one platform I would happily be enrolled for and feel 100% secure and confident about making the choice. I found the IFRS course offered by Henry Harvin better than those offered by EY and KPMG. I am super-confident that Henry Harvin meets all the criteria of a good IFRS course that would help you get the certification.

Now let’s see why I feel so confident about Henry Harvin’s IFRS Course.

The modern world is seeking constant up-gradation on anything and everything. If you fail to remain up to date with the speed of the world, you then eventually tend to lose your path. Thus, to constantly keep growing you will constantly need to keep learning. 

The Finance world is currently booming with opportunities, let’s say not just opportunities but global opportunities. But nothing comes without hard work and knowledge. Do you think anyone and everyone can apply for these booming global opportunities? Unfortunately, NOT. The Opportunities seek experience, knowledge and reliability, which you as a learner need to win it. 

Ever wondered, what is making the finance world boom so much? What is it that is getting globally accepted? Well, unfortunately, there is no rocket science to that. The global platforms are accepting IFRS certified candidates. Yes, you heard that right. International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) has taken the world of finance ablaze and is wonderfully blooming. 

Want to enrol in for the course? Trust me, Great Choice. But what platform or institute are you planning to enrol in? Not Decided? Not Sure? Don’t worry we have something in store for you today. 

The students who recently got into the IFRS course have a long list of names to suggest for the institutions you could enrol in for. I reviewed them and also personally made every possible research to figure out the best one. Well, I’m not a failure at that but just got institutions more than one. 

Every aspiring IFRS course candidate has these institutions as their subject conversation but this conversation has somewhere led to several confusions among them. And we are here to clear them. There are three institutions that are excelling extremely high with their quality offerings. EY, KPMG and Henry Harvin Education. But which out of the three is worth going with? You will find that soon, just keep scrolling and you will find everything that you should know about IFRS Course EY vs KPMG vs Henry Harvin Education. 

IFRS Course by Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is another responsible online learning platform that has the introduction of almost everything that the modern world of education demands. This platform is a great opportunity for anyone who is willing to take a specialised course or begin a career at any point in their life. Henry Harvin is a platform that is accessible to anyone and everyone if you are willing to learn, explore and grow. The best thing about the platform is it doesn’t rush the content it instead waits and readdresses anything that the learner has failed to access. 

Enrolling at Henry Harvin Education gives you exposure to a variety of courses, trained and celebrated industry-relevant trainers, globally acclaimed certifications, placement assistance, internship opportunities and many many more. 

Henry Harvin Education has always managed to understand the need and the demand of the learners and the business world. Henceforth it stays alerted at any new introduction of knowledge or opportunities in order to effectively serve its learners and open doors for unlimited opportunities. 

Henry Harvin IFRS Course is definitely worth your time. It has introduced the program in the best possible way with the best trainers serving on the board. The module of the program is extremely descriptive and informative which makes it easier for the learners to understand and perform. 

Along with the access to the IFRS course by Henry Harvin Education, you will also receive access to several benefits like recorded lectures, internships, placement assistance and many more.

So let’s continue to scroll down and check-in detail what Henry Harvin Education has us to offer. 

  1. Henry Harvin Education is ranked as the No.1 Course provider throughout India. 
  2. As a learner, you get to explore 9 constructive benefits just in 1 simple course. 
  3. The curriculum you will receive throughout the tenure will be globally accepted and updated with the latest additions.
  4. Chance to receive 1 Year Gold Membership of Finance Academy. 
  5. 24X7 Lifetime Support & Access for any and every required assistance. 

The IFRS course at Henry Harvin Education is thoroughly designed and updated with the recent guidelines that are accepted globally. As the program is made mandatory to the enthusiasts who wish to pursue global careers, Henry Harvin Education has made sure that they do not miss up on anything that can cause a setback. 

Thus, using highly formulated techniques and experienced trainers the academy is simply trying to offer its best. The academy will successfully train you for the examinations conducted by ACCA and set you free to explore the careers that are waiting for you globally. 

Now wonder who according to Henry Harvin Education can be a part of this program? Let’s find it out, together.

  1. Professionals serving as CA, CS, ICMA and other related finance positions. 
  2. Semi qualified Finance professionals, CA, CS. 
  3. Professionals working as Accountants, Finance Managers, Private Entity & M&A
  4. Candidates with MBA in Finance Professionals.

Now a lot of you might be wondering what possible growth opportunities could be associated with the IFRS by Henry Harvin Education, right? So let’s stop wondering and start exploring, maybe you find the opportunity you are looking for. 

(1) After successful completion of the course you will be open to several global opportunities. As this certification is highly acclaimed globally. 

(2) You will surely hold a better understanding and experience in managing your accounting policies. 

(3) The IFRS Certification will make you eligible to work in 100+ Nations. 

(4) The Finance sector witnesses huge changes at every point in time. Having this course done is surely going to keep you updated with a lot of needed inputs.

Opportunity to Gain an Understanding of the Framework of IFRS. 

Expert in applying relevant Financial Reporting Standards in preparing reports associated with Finance Reports. 

Able to apply Disclosure Requirements and prepare Financial Statements for the companies. 

Explore everything about Interim Financial Reporting and Operation Segments and Financial Instruments. 

Get known to the world of the reporting period, calculating earning per share, and separate financial statements.

Let’s continue moving ahead and try to understand the training methodology used by Henry Harvin.

(1) Live Projects 

Live Projects are one the finest ways introduced by Henry Harvin Education for their learners to analyse their understanding of the subject and concepts discussed during the tenure of the course. 

(2) Unique Pedagogy

The academy uses unique G.C.A.O pedagogy which enables the learners to focus well and come out as gainers. 

(3) End to End Engagement

The engagement of learners throughout the course is something that the academy cannot just compromise. Thus, as learners you will be engaged with several presentations, group activities, brainstorming sessions and a lot more.

Talking about the trainers that are going to train you and supervise you throughout the course tenure are exceptionally well trained and celebrated with 15+ years of working experience. 

These trainers are the recipient of several awards and acclamations and have been invited for 150+ keynote classes for IFRS Training Classes.

Last but not least is your Takeaways that you will be taking along after the completion of the course. 

(1) 60 Hours of Online Training 

(2) Free monthly Bootcamp sessions

(3) Access to the Learning Management System ( LMS ) 

(4) Recorded videos of the sessions

(5) 100% Placement & Internship assurance by the Academy

(6) Hallmark of IFRS Training Certified Professional.

This is what your favourite institution has to offer you as a learner for the IFRS program. Choose the one that best fits your needs and demands. 

EY – Building A Better Working World! 

The platform of EY has a lot to offer to the dedicated and responsible learners of today. It ensures to keep everything updated as per the current demand of the world. So that the learners enrolling here don’t miss even the slightest update of the modern business world. 

The programs here are formulated with utmost care and responsibility. The platform of EY has simply managed to bring the best of EY under one roof just to let their learners avail maximum possible benefit out of it. 

Well trained Trainers, Quality Study Material, Access to Global opportunities are a few of the benefits that the learners here can avail here. 

IFRS Course by EY

EY has recently introduced the IFRS Course that is designed around the syllabus of the Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ). The program is in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

The demand for EY IFRS Course has surged higher as the global opportunities have opened doors for IFRS certified candidates. Thus, a lot of Finance associated professionals are taking a keen interest and graduating through the program and are successfully getting placed at global platforms. 

But it is observed that candidates often find it hard to decide which platform to choose for the program to pursue. Therefore to help these enthusiasts learn and explore several opportunities, EY came up with this special course. 

The Diploma in IFRS is one of the most renowned and appreciated courses in the world of Finance, or rather can say is the most seriously taken certification. While going through the course you will get to learn several aspects of International Financial Reporting Standards. Not only that you will also be made one to one with several associated concepts, principles and their applications. 

As the world of Accounting & Finance is looking for Professionals with polished skills and reliable information the course just has the perfect taste of both. So personally and professionally the course is surely going to shape you and your career visions. 

Moving forward let us take a moment and explore what aim does the course offer and how can it shape our professional career. 

  1. The basic concept of the course is to understand the structure of the framework of the IFRS course. 
  2. Applying relevant Financial Reporting Standards to the key elements of your Financial Reports. 
  3. Identifying and Applying disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports & notes. 
  4. Get a gist of preparing Group Financial Statements which includes Subsidiaries, Associates and Joint Ventures. ( Excluding Group Cash Flow Statements ) 

Now that you are well aware of the key concepts of the IFRS Course by EY let us get into little detail and figure out how exactly the program is supposed to function. 

  1. The total program is 75 hours long. 
  2. You will be having 10 Live interactive sessions, each session consisting of 6 hours. 
  3. Throughout the course, you will get access to 15 hours of recorded videos. 
  4. Receive comprehensive study material from BPP Learning Media. 
  5. Experience EY Presentations. 
  6. Receive access to EY Learning Management System after successful completion of the course. 
  7. Also at the end, you will receive, “Certificate of Participation” only if your attendance is at least 80% throughout the course. 
  8. Exploration to Globally celebrated opportunities. 

Wondering what might be the cost of the Program? Let us find it together. 

Your Program of IFRS is concluded around INR 30,000 plus taxes per participant. If you are wanting to appear for the Diploma in IFRS exam conducted by ACCA then you will be requested to pay the applicable amount directly to ACCA. 

The IFRS course is especially for the Accountants and Finance related professionals but again not anyone and everyone can enrol for the program. You will need to understand the filter that decides if you are a perfect fit for the program or not. 

So let’s explore the professionals who are eligible to participate in the program. If you match any of the points mentioned below, you easily qualify for the program. 

  1. Professionals serving as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Management Accountants and several other similar finance professionals. 
  2. Accountants, Finance Managers, Chief Accountants. 
  3. Private Equity and M&A Professionals. 
  4. MBA finance professionals in Accounting Domain. 
  5. Semi Qualified CA, CS, Management Accountants serving in Accounting domains. 

Do you qualify for the eligibility criteria with ACCA for Diploma in IFRS examination? 

There are certain eligibility criteria that are required to be fulfilled if you wish to qualify for the Diploma in IFRS Examination. Below mentioned are the criteria that you will be requested to meet. 

  1. If you are serving as a professional accountant or an auditor in a practice or a business and are qualified according to the national accounting standards then you are a fit for the program. 
  2. Even if you are just a working professional and not qualified according to the national accounting standards, you will still be eligible for the program but will need to prove at least one of the following. 
  3. 3 years of relevant accounting experience ( prove it by submitting a letter from your employer. ) 
  4. Relevant Degree plus 2 years of work experience. 
  5. ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting + 2 years of working experience. 

If you successfully meet the above-mentioned requirements you can begin your process for the program enrollment. Once enrolled, your journey towards a global career begins too. 


KPMG is another mesmerizing learning platform that is surely going to amaze you at every scroll. KPMG’s Learning Academy has been serving several programs down the line to their enthusiast learners and recently has also introduced IFRS Course to their list. 

The Learning Academy of KPMG has been sincerely promoting quality education to their learners and has always ensured to send their learners in a far better condition than they came back here. And to do so successfully, the team of KPMG has worked tirelessly for years now. 

As the KPMG IFRS course has been quite in demand recently. KPMG also introduced the program in order to help the learners of today secure global opportunities for the coming tomorrow. Henceforth, the IFRS program by KPMG is a detailed explanation of everything that an aspiring learner should know. 

IFRS Course by KPMG

The KPMG Learning Academy has proudly introduced a 75 hours programme that effectively prepares the candidates for the ACCA examination in order to attain the Diploma in IFRS. 

The International Financial Reporting Standards ( IFRS ) issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) is opening unlimited doors to global opportunities. 

People from different territories are opting for candidates that have successfully qualified for the IFRS program. Thus, the need and the emergence of the program is tremendously increasing. 

Moreover, the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS) in 2014 was converged with IFRS, which led to a primary shift in the regulatory and reporting landscapes for the companies in India. The program, Diploma in IFRS which is based on the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants is one such qualification that provides you with every possible detail on IFRS. 

Receiving a Diploma from ACCA (U.K.) will open several unpredictable doors for your career as the certification is the most celebrated and acclaimed one in India as well as in the western territories. This program can prove to be beneficial for any professional who is pursuing or wanting to pursue a career in Finance or Accounts. The program gives you a detailed explanation of the principles, applications, facts and several other associated subjects with it. Thus, this detailed information on several subjects allows you to enhance your knowledge and feel confident in everything that you do. 

Now let us keep moving ahead and explore what as a learner you get to explore here. Below mentioned are a few key points of the Programme that will make you feel confident about choosing the program. 

  1. The entire program is based on the Diploma in IFRS program from the ACCA syllabus. 
  2. This Program by KPMG will prepare you for the examination of the Diploma in IFRS which is conducted by the ACCA. 
  3. The total program duration is 75 hours. 
  4. 4The learners will get to witness intensive & interactive online sessions. These sessions will be operational during the weekends. 
  5. 5This special program will not only cover different topics associated with IFRS but will also help you to differentiate between IFRS, Ind AS & Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles ( GAAP ). 
  6. The learners are under constant monitoring and are made to go through several tests and mock examinations in order to keep their progress in check. 

The above-mentioned program highlights for IFRS Course by KPMG is truly worthy. But ever wondered what makes this platform better than others? Curious to know? Let us find out. 

Key Points that Differentiate KPMG IFRS Course by others:- 

  1. Enrolling for the program will allow the learners to have access to the Learning Management System for a year right from the date of commencement. 
  2. The access will include the following aspects:- (a) Session Presentation

                (b) Summary of Standards 

                ( c ) Session Videos 

                (d) Modules on the difference between IFRS / Ind AS / Indian Gap

3.You will be receiving guidance from the most trusted & experienced professionals of KPMG. 

4.By now the platform of KPMG Learning Academy has trained more than 9000 corporate participants. 

The differentiator points of the KPMG Learning Academy on the IFRS course surely might have amused you. Now it’s time that we get one to one with its Learning Objectives:- 

Learning at KPMG is surely going to be fun and a lot more informative due to the quality & opportunities it has to offer to its learners. 

  1. Learning here will help you understand and analyse the structure and the framework of International Accounting. 
  2. Tactics to apply relevant financial reporting standards to several key points of Financial Reports. 
  3. Identifying & Applying disclosure requirements to several companies in financial reports & notes. 
  4. Learning to prepare group financial statements that include Subsidiaries, associates and Joint Ventures. ( Excluding Group Cash Flow Statements. ) 

Now that you are clear with the learning objectives of the IFRS course by KPMG. Let’s move ahead and explore who should attend the course to enhance their learning and job opportunities. 

Who should be enrolling for the IFRS by KPMG? 

  1. Professionals who are Chief Financial Officers ( CFOs ), Finance Directors and Strategic Planners. 
  2. Accountants, Analysts, Consultants. 
  3. Chartered Accountant Practitioners ( CA ) Cost & Management Accountants ( CMA ) 
  4. Professionals well versed in Finance & Accounting. 
  5. Graduates or Postgraduates who are related to the Finance or Accounting team. 

The next important stage involves checking the eligibility criteria for the course. Not anyone can apply for the course. It has certain limitations and requirements that as a candidate you need to fulfil. 

  1. If you are a working professional, involved in accounting or auditing and are successfully qualified according to the National Accounting Standards then you are a true fit for the program. 
  2. If you tend to be a working professional but not qualified with National Accounting Standards, still you can be eligible for the program if you qualify for at least one of the below-mentioned criterias. 
  3. 3 years of Accounting Experience that is duly filled, signed and stamped ACCA experience form by the employer. 
  4. A relevant degree with 2 years of work experience. 

© ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting along with 2 years of work experience. 

Well, these were the eligibility criterias that you need to meet up to in order to join the program. Now let us move ahead and figure out the most awaited section of the IFRS course by KPMG, Fee Structure, Assessment and Certification. 

Beginning with Fee Structure, the overall fees can be concluded to somewhere around INR 32,608, which includes all the necessary study materials of the learners. Note that the above-mentioned fee structure does not include the exam registration fee that is applicable to ACCA for the Diploma in IFR examination. 

If you register by 20th of July’21 you might avail surprising discounts. So Hurry, NOW! 

Moving ahead let’s break down the Assessment part to understand what exactly we as learners are required to offer and prepare for. 

The Diploma in IFRS will be assessed by a single written exam that will be scheduled for 3 hours. The exam will be held twice a year, one in June while the other in December at ACCA’s exam centres. 

The minimum required marks for the examination is 50%. The entire examination will be segregated into two sections, where the first section will talk about Calculations while the second will be required to write casual text related answers. 

The Certification Of Participation will be given to all the students who have registered for the course and recorded at least 90% attendance in the sessions throughout the tenure. 

If you are registering for the ACCA Diploma in IFRS examination then do ensure to have done your Online Registration by September 2021 for the examination in December 2021. The documents should reach the ACCA office by the above mentioned time in order to successfully appear for the examination. 

So this is what you will get to experience and explore while pursuing your IFRS course at KPMG. 


Whenever pursuing any program there are certain aspects that cannot and should not be ignored. Relevant Modules, Quality Study Materials, Globally acclaimed Certifications and Opportunity exposure after the completion of the course are a few of the most important fundamentals of a good program. And surprisingly, Henry Harvin Education offers every single aspect of it responsibly. 

Moreover, the trainers here are truly brilliant in every sense. They have the rock-solid experience to share and train their learners in the best possible way. You as a learner are personally watched, guided and explored in your area of a career that you wish to excel in. Altogether it’s your stage where you are constantly learning every bit of your field.

The benefits that you receive during the course tenure and even after are life-changing. The knowledge that is fed to you is extremely updated and globally celebrated, thus open numerous doors of global opportunities for you as an individual. 

Guaranteed placement assistance is simply what makes it even better. Thus, I cannot think of any other option than Henry Harvin Education. 

Hope you make a choice you are proud of too. Choose wisely! 

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