Top 10 Medical Writing Courses in Bangalore (Don’t Ignore)



Medical writing courses help you to comprehend medical terminology. You can acquire an in-depth understanding of medical writing. Moreover, it helps you to gain valuable knowledge of health-related content, drugs development, and scientific methods. Medical writing courses give you an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical regulatory as well as medico-writing. Medical writing courses in Bangalore provide you exposure to medical writing explicitly.

1. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

Henry Harvin is one of the topmost institutes in medical writing courses. They help students in evolving skills of medical writing. Medical writing courses in Bangalore can expedite your knowledge of medicines and allow you to learn at your own pace. Medical writers have to create scientific documents. Medical writers tend to work with scientists, doctors for the effective creation of documentation.

Henry Harvin provides many facilities in medical writing courses.

  • It will help you with the precise understanding of medico-writing as well as pharmaceutical regulatory writing.
  • Henry Harvin hones the prowess of candidates in medical writing. It also equips you with the knowledge of all kinds of documents required for regulatory submissions in a drug and medical device development process like protocols, study reports, annual safety updates, etc.
  • Henry Harvin provides seven modules to complete the entire course of medical writing and reach the milestone of your career.
  • Introduction module- These modules help learners to comprehend the fundamentals of this course. You will get a conducive learning environment to get adept techniques of medical writing. You can understand the planning, layout, and format of this course. The introduction module is the pioneer of a medical writing course. 
  • Investigation-based writing- with the help of this module you can write scientific reports, scientific documents, scientific reviews, etc.
  • Drug Development- Henry Harvin props up candidates to expand their knowledge in the drug development process from Pre-clinical development to clinical development.
  • Clinical/ Non-clinical writing- Candidates can perceive the knowledge of clinical and non-clinical writing. You can comprehend different types of writing styles in medical writing. 
  • Clinical Trials medical writing- Learners can gain the knowledge of product Dossiers, the investigator’s brochure, protocol writing, Development safety update reports, report amendments, and updates. It helps you expedite your prowess in clinical trials medical writing.
  • Post-marketing medical writing- This will help you write about the marketing segment in medical writing.
  • Guidelines to publish medical Data- It will help you to make aware of consolidated reports trials, technology recreation, etc.
  • Henry Harvin strengthens your quality of medical writing. Moreover, instructors can motivate to reach the epitome of this course. You can touch the skyscrapers in your career.

2. ICBio

ICBio has collaborated with Mysore University to offer recognized medical writing courses. Medical writing courses in Bangalore help you to acquire precise knowledge at your own pace. You can learn innovative skills in medical writing. It will make you job aspirants so that nothing can impede your career. You can learn the core concepts of medical writing such as healthcare, pharma, biomedical industries with ICBio.

ICBio provides you with an educational journey of medical writing courses in Bangalore.

  • Well-trained instructors foster the creativity of medical writing through experiential learning.
  • Regular workshops, mock interviews help you in the enhancement of knowledge. Moreover, you will gain experience in designing products, data handling, regulatory submission, and essential documents. It encourages you to explore medical writing.
  • You can learn all aspects of medical writing that enable candidates to comprehend imperative skills of medical writing.
  • The course duration is for ten months and gives you full-fledged information on medical writing. Trainers are proactive and provide you exposure to medical writing. 
  • They provide practical knowledge of this course.
  •  They accomplish the course in two semesters.
  • They split the course semester-wise for a better understanding of this course. Medical writing courses allude to the introduction of clinical research, guidelines, ethics in clinical research, quality control in clinical research.

3. Coursera

Coursera proffers online medical writing courses for learners’ convenience. This course fosters candidates to become more successful and efficient writers. Moreover, it helps scientists to write effective scientific papers, scientific reports, scientific journals, etc. It gives you a chance to learn this course by offering different facilities. Medical writing courses in Bangalore can help you to gain valuable information at your convenience. 

The curriculum of this course entails different topics.

  • Principles of scientific writing.
  • You can comprehend scientific manuscripts and the importance of scientific ethics.
  • The course duration is 59 hours that covers core concepts of medical writing.
  • Instructors will equip you with precise information on theoretical and practical aspects of medical writing.
  • You can be a certified medical writer after completion of this course.
  • It covers eight units of updated study material for your reference.This course is comprehensive that inculcates you tricks of medical writing courses. It evolves medical terminology in your mind. It gives you the incredible quality of writing that will help to comprehend the techniques of medical writing.
  • Coursera gives you the best platform to rise in your career. It gives you a thorough understanding of medical writing and helps you to identify ethical issues and convert your write-up into easy language that can be understandable for the target audience.

4. James Lind Institute

This institute offers a professional diploma in a medical writing course. This is an online platform that proffers many benefits of medical writing. Medical courses in Bangalore can encourage you to learn at your own pace. It gives you an in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical as well as medico-writing.

 Ponder the below benefits offered by the James Lind Institute.

  • The course from this institute can propel you as a scientific and medical writer.
  • Sessions from instructors will be interactive that will perfectly guide their learners.
  • It will help in your career development via the student success team.
  • It provides a four to six months self-paced course that can be extended to eighteen months.
  • This course can be useful to new students and working professionals. It will help you write different formats of writing. Medical writing courses help you to write novel health updates. 
  • It gives you job assistance and molds you as a perfect medical writer. Moreover, they provide several online professional training programs in clinical research and allied healthcare.
  • Training from this institute is delivered through presentations with voice, interactive documents, videos, and discussions. The mission of this institute is to provide quality education to the candidates through comprehensive and integrated academic courses.
  • Mentors assigned challenging tasks to the learners that help them to untangle the challenges faced in reaching the milestones in their career.

5. Udemy 

Regulatory affairs and medical writing courses allow students to learn strategies, tricks, and action plans to gain expertise in collaboration with clinical research and the regulatory environment to create precise and clear documents. Udemy supports you in acquiring knowledge. After completing this course you can comprehend scientific communication.

Contemplate the below benefits offered by Udemy. Medical writing courses in Bangalore help you to expedite your writing skills.

  • You can find detailed information about necessary segments in regulatory affairs and the latest instances that will be helpful in dossier development.
  • You will get an explicit package of medical writing courses. The medical writing course in Bangalore inculcates you to learn at your convenience.
  • Udemy advent the journey of medical writing courses with the introduction. Moreover, you can cultivate your writing ability.
  • You can comprehend genres of medical writing and indispensable segments of scientific background. Medical writing course in Bangalore can help you to understand this.
  • Learners will get exposure to the necessary traits to succeed at freelance medical writing. Instructors apply a witty approach to get novel ideas of medical writing so that you can move forward in your career.
  • They equip you with the knowledge of software and paraphernalia. Furthermore, you can comprehend medical marketing and promulgate health-care products. You can get a good salary hike after completing this course with Udemy. A medical writing course in Bangalore can give you the best chance to shine like a star in this field.
  • Medical writing courses in Bangalore can give you an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of your career in this segment. Udemy ensures a hundred percent success in this course. You can get novel ideas of writing from this institute that propels a scientific attitude in your mind.

6. RAPS Online University

RAPS Online University gives you the platform to plunge into a medical writing career. It proffers this course in two tracks- pharmaceutical and medical devices. You can opt for both the segments together. You can explore more benefits in medical writing courses from this institute.

  • It offers flexible, well-discerned, and cost-effective regulatory education. A medical writing course in Bangalore can offer flexible timing for this course.
  • The regulatory certification program is delivered to meet your professional needs. You can heed to many benefits of this course for your better upcoming career.
  • You can gain specialization in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • You can learn regulatory essentials, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, quality, and clinical.

Medical devices entail a descriptive course curriculum.

  • Ethics in scientific writing
  • Global regulatory strategy for medical devices.
  • You can learn the definition and life cycle with the instructors.
  • You can build up an idea of a regulatory professional.

Pharmaceutical alludes to a precise course curriculum.

  • Ethics in Scientific communication.
  • You can gain expertise in the global strategy for pharmaceuticals.
  • You can comprehend pharmaceuticals’ definition and life cycle.
  • You can explore more about regulatory professionals.

You get dual courses in medical devices and pharmaceuticals. After completion of this course, you can be a certified medical writer. It will help you to reach the pinnacle of your career. Learners can gain experience in regulatory affairs. This course will lay a foundation for future professional development. Medical writing can help you to flourish in your career.

7. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India

Institute of Good Manufacturing practices India designed a medical writing course in Bangalore keeping in mind the gusto and enthusiasm in industry employees and gaining knowledge of other segments. This institute proffers an Executive Diploma course in medical writing. It provides an extensive training program for this course. It provides 14-course modules to complete the entire syllabus of medical writing. Medical writing course in Bangalore endeavors to make online sessions interactive for the acquisition of your knowledge.

  • Foundation course
  • Need of medical writing
  • Tools and techniques used for medical writing such as investigation, research, etc.
  • Clinical research writing (protocols, ICDs, CRFs)
  • Regulatory submission and drug development activities writing
  • Dossier preparation
  • Scientific writing like a manuscript, abstract writing, articles reviews
  • Medico-writing
  • Different writing formats, achieving flow and cohesiveness
  • Quality control and proofreading process
  • Ethics in medical writing
  • Ethical Guidelines for clinical trials and Good Clinical practice
  • Clinical trials Latest updates: New Drugs and clinical trial rules
  • Industry-based case studies to expedite your medical writing skills.  

Faculty members take initiative to provide you experimental learning. They give assignments in all modules of this course for practice. It makes sure of the flexibility of sessions for the candidates. You can enhance your level of competencies and prowess in medical writing with well-qualified instructors. Trainers strive to deliver the program effectively. Doubt clearing sessions and brush-up sessions are helpful to make you more knowledgeable.

8. Emediwrite Pvt. Ltd.

 You can use different writing styles from medical writing courses. It will assist you in understanding different types of articles. Comprehensive training will guide you on how to embark on the search, search methodologies, compilation of data and actual writing of the data. Medical writing in Bangalore can help you to comprehend the core concepts of medical writing. You can thrive as a medical writer.

Indispensable features provided by this institute are as follows.

  • It provides a practical way of medical writing. Moreover, it gives you a platform to learn through virtual platforms so medical writing courses in Bangalore can be as per your feasibility. It is an ideal course for medical professionals and those who are intrigued by this subject matter.
  • You can have a good knowledge of clinical research writing after the completion of this promising field. Talented trainers will hone your writing skills to untangle the challenging situation in medical writing.
  • Candidates who ought to venture into this field can opt for this course with Emediwrite. Emediwrite institute helps you to gain expertise in the medical writing segment. It helps global pharmaceutical, medical sciences, medical device specialists, integrating analytics, high-quality marketing content, and medical expertise. Medical writing courses in Bangalore can harness your prowess in medical writing. Moreover, it will help you to learn through virtual platforms at your own pace.
  • You can reach the pinnacle of your career. This is the right time to touch the skyscrapers of your career. With the advent of a new era, technology is flourishing in leaps and bounds so we can upgrade ourselves with the help of technology. Medical writing courses in Bangalore give you the best opportunity to utilize virtual platforms and move ahead in a progressive world.

9. Biomed Informatics Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad

It is a leading institute of clinical research. It proffers the best medical writing course. Medical writing courses in Bangalore entail the best online courses in India that impart knowledge about clinical trial documents. Medical writing courses are useful for the professional to excel in their career.

With the enhancement of the healthcare sector, the demand for medical documents is rising. Moreover, medical writers can indite different formats of writing. It is the promising field that enhances your prowess. Biomed informatics ensures a hundred per cent of success in medical writing through experiential learning. 

You can contemplate the many benefits of comprehensive courses from this institute.

Online Training Features

  • Virtual platforms enable you to learn and acquire knowledge at your own pace.
  • Flexible timing 
  • Placement support will be provided by the institute to make you more confident. Furthermore, you can get a rewarding certificate after completing the course.          

Course Curriculum alludes to different modules.

  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Clinical Study Protocols
  • Patient safety narratives
  • Investigator Brochure
  • Informed consent form
  • ICH Guidelines
  • Aggregate Safety Reports
  • CRF
  • Regulatory Submission Documents
  • Periodic Safety Update Reports
  • Periodic Benefit-Risk Evaluation Reports
  • Periodic Adverse Drug Experience Reports
  • Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier

Well-qualified instructors will motivate you to rise in your career. You can explore different techniques of medical writing from this institute that can be advantageous for your upcoming career. Candidates can get extensive experience in this course from the Biomed Informatics institute. Online training can help you to gain expertise in this course.

10. Symbiosis Six Month Certification Program in Medical writing

Symbiosis provides an incredible platform to become a successful medical writer. You can comprehend healthcare domains like pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical research organizations, for alluring career paths for the learners. Medical writing courses in Bangalore can help you to expedite your dexterity through virtual platforms.

  • It gives you 360-degree insights into medical writing courses.
  • They provide comprehensive exposure to regulatory writing and medical documents of different formats. This program aims to enhance your knowledge in medical writing.
  • It gives you explicit information about the latest updates of health that enable you to gather information and publish.
  • The course duration is only six months in medical writing. Moreover, they give guidance in writing scientific writing, research reports, science journals, etc.
  • Medical writing is a leading option in scientific research that can mold you from naive to expert and infuse a scientific attitude in their minds. You can be a successful medical writer after completion of this course from Symbiosis.
  • Trained facilitators foster you to enhance your knowledge in this course. Medical writing courses in Bangalore are for the students who graduated in life sciences or medical sciences. Medical writers work with doctors and scientists.
  • Writing professionals precisely script and interpret intricate complex clinical research and statistical data are in demand. Medical writing courses in Bangalore give a way to success. Aspiring learners can learn the core concepts of medical writing courses. 
  • Instructors facilitate the learners by exposing them to the explicit information of health. They give you the courage to untangle a challenging situation. Even they encourage learners to work with doctors, scientists, and other medical experts to create documents that elucidate research results, product use, and other medical information.


Medical writing courses assist you to explore more in medical writing. Medical writing is an indispensable segment. You can hone your prowess by investigating facts of medical writing. The purpose of medical writing should be precise, unambiguous, and scientific. Learners can infuse a scientific attitude and gain expertise in medical writing from any institute. Medical writing courses in Bangalore strive to reach your destination.

This blog is to give you explicit information about medical writing institutes. A plethora of benefits is given by different institutes to make you proficient in this course. Medical writers indite all types of documents required for regulatory submissions in a drug. Moreover, it also helps you to prepare medical device development processes like various clinical trial documents, protocols, study reports, annual safety updates, etc.

Medical writing courses curriculum can be curated by medical experts. You can imbibe the qualities of a medical writer and you will get hands-on experience of medical writing after completing the course with different institutes. If you are intrigued to pursue this course, you have to be an avid reader to gain valuable knowledge. This course is fascinating for proactive learners interested in the medical field.

Medical writers who work for communication agencies need to evolve their understanding of in depth-medical writing. Basic understanding of life sciences and comprehending technology is very important. Expert medical writers can get a good salary hike. You can satiate your curiosity about the medical field after completing the course. You can attain success in medical writing after explicit exploration of this course.

Being a professional scientific writer is a fascinating job. You will flourish in medical writing. Medical writing can give you an opportunity to rise high in your medical writing career. Medical writing gives you an overall understanding of health-related content, drugs development, and scientific approach. It entails the creation of coherent scientific documents. Medical writing can be categorized into regulatory writing and educational medical writing. 

The profession of a medical writer can be very profitable and exhilarating. Moreover, they can find employment in pharmaceutical companies and they also work with healthcare journals, healthcare online portals, hospitals, newspapers, etc. Medical writing courses in Bangalore prop up the candidates in medical and scientific writing.

 It is the right time to reach the epitome of your career and become compatible with the contemporary world for a better future. Medical writing courses in Bangalore highlight the medical writing key points for in-depth knowledge. Medical writing course in Bangalore can accelerate your dexterity.


  1. Medical writing is perfect for anyone interested in both medicine and writing. I did this course from Henry Harvin and loved it. Would totally recommend it to everyone.

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  3. Very complete and I could learn some new tools and methdologies and remember a lot of others. I really recommend. Thank you for such a great Medical Writing course in Bangalore.

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