10 Best Staffing Services in Michigan( Don’t Ignore)



Staffing is the procedure of recruiting suitable candidates for the association or company for specific positions. The appropriate meaning of staffing is the procedure to hire the employees by analysing their skills, and knowledge, and then grant them a job according to their specific job roles. An employment Agency hires and matches the employers with their employees. In first world countries, there are many private businesses which act as employment agencies. 

The 5 main types of staffing activities are :

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Employment
  • Training
  • Retaining

In this article, you will find all the staffing services related information. This article is particularly dedicated to staffing services provided in Michigan. 

1. Entech Staffing Solutions 

Entech Staffing Solutions is a Michigan based Staffing agency which hires employees for providing staffing services. Entech Staffing Solutions has an experience of over seven years in this field. Entech is established by a woman. Entech Staffing solutions is completely owned by a woman. Entech Staffing Solutions is WBNEC certified. Entech hires, screens, interviews, analysis and qualifies all their candidates in preparing them into being successful employees. Entech Staffing Solutions have been bestowed with 4.7 stars on google and people have posted positive and honest reviews on them. Entech Staffing Solutions is reputed to be very professional in their work. Entech makes sure that wherever their candidates are hired, they are paid properly. Entech is popularly known to be helping its candidates find a job they are fit for. People have been highly recommending Entech Staffing Solutions for training in staffing services, working under Entech, and also anyone needs to find a proper staffing service job. 

Entech Staffing Solutions provides a lot of services, those are as follows :

  • Temp-To-Hire
  • Temporary Assignments
  • Temporary Jobs
  • Temporary Employees
  • Temporary placement 
  • Temporary Work
  • Temporary Workers
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Jobs
  • Employment
  • Direct Staffing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Administrative Jobs
  • Candidate Placement
  • Candidate Screening
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Options
  • Contract Staffing
  • Customer Service Jobs 
  • Direct Hire Positions
  • Direct Placement
  • Employee Management
  • Employment Solutions
  • Executive Search
  • Hire Workers
  • Hiring Employees
  • Hr Solutions
  • Hr Staffing
  • Job Boards
  • Job Placements
  • Job Postings 
  • Job Search 
  • Long Term Staffing 
  • Medical Staffing 
  • Payroll Process
  • Permanent Placement
  • Personalized Service
  • Personnel Services
  • Resume Assistance
  • Skill Assessment
  • Special Events
  • Staffing Agencies 
  • Staffing Firms
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Work Option

2.MeritHall Staffing

MeritHall Staffing is a staffing agency based in Detroit, MI. MeritHall Staffing Agency guides people for their Job prospects in construction, landscaping and manufacturing. MeritHall Staffing is a segment of the Employment Services Industry. MeritHall Staffing recruits, screens, and employs candidates. These candidates are then assigned to their particular clients based on their work requirements for different time periods. These hired employees have their own responsibility and which are based on their competency from, entry-level to mid-level management. MeritHall is very professional at its job. MeritHall Staffing is a very old and well-known Staffing Agency. It is a very authentic Staffing Agency. MeritHall has been marked with 4.7 stars on Google. MeritHall staffing has an experience of over 10 years in its field. MeritHall Staffing has a very high amount of positive testimonials from people. People trust MeritHall Staffing provides multiple services to its clients. 

Few other services provided by MeritHall Staffing to their clients are listed down below :

  • Client Services
  • Construction Staffing  
  • Direct Hire Staffing
  • Direct Placement Services
  • Facility Maintenance
  • General Labor Staffing
  • Hiring Process
  • Hr Solutions
  • Property Services
  • Manufacturing Staffing
  • Recruiting Solutions
  • Shipping and Recieving
  • Skilled Trades Staffing
  • Staffing and Recruitment
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Temp-To-Hire
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Workforce Management
  • Workforce Solutions

3. Ultimate Staffing Services

Ultimate Staffing Services is Staffing Agency in Michigan. Ultimate Staffing Services are in 100 different locales too. Ultimate Staffing Services are reputed to be one of the best Staffing Agency to provide staffing services to its clients. Ultimate Staffing Services is known to be working remotely with their team to support local businesses and connect job seekers with employment opportunities. Ultimate Staffing Services is experienced with over 10 years in this field. Ultimate Staffing Services prioritizes health and safety over anything. Ultimate Staffing Services is the best Staffing Agency in its area. Ultimate Staffing Services is rated with 5 stars on Google, so it’s probably the best out there. Ultimate Staffing Services also has a very humongous amount of positive testimonials on behalf of the people working there,  training there, and seeking consults there. Ultimate Staffing Services provides different types of staffing services to its candidates and provides them with clients if the employees are competent enough to prove their capability in their job roles. Ultimate Staffing Services will be a very good choice for its candidates as well as clients because it gives utmost priority to health and safety. Ultimate Staffing Services is also known for its professionalism in work. 

A few other services are provided by Ultimate Staffing Services are mentioned below :

  • Accounting Staffing
  • Business Solutions
  • Contingent Labor
  • Direct Hire Services 
  • Finance and Accounting 
  • Legal Staffing 
  • Payrolling Services
  • Project Management
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Strategic Solutions
  • Temp-To-Hire
  • Temporary Services
  • Workforce Solutions

4. Masterson Staffing Solutions

Masterson Staffing Agency is based in Westland, MI it provides staffing services to the people looking for employment. Masterson Staffing Solutions has many branches. The one in Westland is designed for hiring and staffing various light industrial jobs which consists of Warehouse Jobs, Manufacturing jobs and many more. Masterson Staffing Solutions have been matching the quality workers with great companies together. Masterson Staffing Solutions was discovered in 1968 and since then it had been working professionally to help job seekers with rewarding employment opportunities. Masterson has an experience of over 10 years of in this field. Masterson Staffing Solutions has a goal of filling the employees’ workforce with talent or moving the individual’s career forward. Masterson Staffing Solutions is very THC friendly. Masterson has a particular dress code for employees working under them which is jeans and tennis shoes. Masterson makes their employees work in climate-controlled weather. Masterson Staffing Solutions is a very good choice for an individual because it is known for its experience and professionalism in the staffing service field. Masterson Staffing Solutions has a 4.2-star rating on Google. Masterson Staffing Solutions has received numerous positive testimonials from people. Masterson is also known for providing great staffing services to its clients.

Few other staffing services provided by Masterson Staffing Solutions are as follows :

  • Client Services
  • Community Recruiting 
  • Day Staffing
  • Dental Insurance
  • Direct Hire 
  • Employee Benefits
  • Fire Protection 
  • Full-time Employment
  • Hiring Process
  • Industrial Services
  • Job Search
  • Job Seeker Services
  • Jobs Employment
  • Recruiting Strategies
  • Recruitment Practices
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Technology Training
  • Skill Development
  • Skill Assessments
  • Specialized Services


PrideStaff is a staffing Services agency located in Troy, MI. PrideStaff’s expertise is in placing qualified employees with proper jobs. PrideStaff works very professionally. PrideStaff can even place the individuals with a proper job in less than a week’s time. People conclude that staffs in PrideStaff are actually very people-friendly. It is even said that people walk in with their applications and the very same day they have walked out with a job. PrideStaff is recommended by numerous people. People conclude that PrideStaff is very good at providing their employment services. PrideStaff analyses an individual’s goals, talents and specific interests and then matches them up with a job. PrideStaff is extremely skilled in the field of staffing services. PrideStaff is very original and authentic in its job. PrideStaff believes in matching and guiding its candidates with proper jobs and providing client satisfaction. PrideStaff is very professional in its job. PrideStaff is also known to provide various kinds of staffing services to its clients. 

Services provided by PrideStaff to its clients are as follows :

  • Commercial Staffing
  • Contingent Labor
  • Customized Recruiting Strategy
  • Direct Hire Placements
  • Direct Hire Recruitment
  • Job Shadowing
  • Jobs Hire
  • Labour Solutions
  • Local Staffing
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Staffing Offices
  • Temporary and Contract Staffing
  • Vision Plan 
  • Workforce Management
  • Workforce Solutions

6. Nesco Resource Staffing Services

Nesco Resource Staffing Services is a staffing agency based in Chesterfield, Michigan. Nesco Resource is considered a national firm. Nesco Resource contributes to Staffing, Direct Hire, and also hosts other Staffing and recruiting solutions. Nesco Resource is one of the best Staffing Agencies in 2022 as it received the Staffing Award for providing exceptional service to its clients. Nesco Resource has a primary goal of creating meaningful connections between employees and companies. There are countless job seekers out there wanting opportunities and companies that are eager to see fresh talent, that’s where Nesco Resource steps in. Nesco Resource wants to form a long-term alliance based on trust and integrity. Nesco Resource believes in the proverb that, “Time is money” so they take time and analyse the needs of employers and the job seekers so they can distribute exquisite value to both parties. Nesco Resource Staffing Services are known for their professionalism. Nesco Resource is rated 4.7 stars on Google. Nesco Resource has honest and positive testimonials from countless people who have worked with them. Nesco Resource Staffing Services has been in business for over 60 years. Nesco provides various other staffing services to their client’s satisfaction.

Services provided by Nesco Resource Staffing Services to their clients are as follows :

  • Direct Hire
  • Employees Services
  • Management Services
  • Onsite Management Services
  • Permanent Placement
  • Recruiting Solutions
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Staffing Services
  • Temporary Employees
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Us Staffing

7. Intelligen – Ashlor Staffing

Intelligen Ashlor Staffing is a Staffing Agency based in Owosso, Michigan. Intelligen Ashlor Staffing contributes to providing an organization with a host of human resource and personnel management solutions. Intelligen also focuses on client satisfaction. Intelligen ensures the employee’s specific job roles and also the client’s specific needs. Intelligen Ashlor staffing helps an individual out by providing a comprehensive contract personnel administration to the individual’s organization making it hassle-free from posting jobs, calling resumes, setting up interviews, payroll, employee health insurance, employees’ compensation and unemployment benefits paperwork. Intelligen Ashlor Staffing can arrange staff positions on one’s specific talents it consists of a range of various industries such as light industrial work, All Hospital Personnel to office administration. Intelligen Ashlor also contributes to hires, interviews, drug tests, and reference checks to assign a place as a full time or part-time qualified candidate to various organizations. Intelligen Ashlor Staffing is a professional in the field of Staffing Services. People conclude Intelligen Ashlor Staffing as outstanding professionals. Intelligen is also known to be very responsive, quick to help, and also goes to great lengths to allow candidates to operate at capacity. Intelligen Ashlor Staffing is rated 4.6 stars on Google. Intelligen Ashlor Staffing has a lot of positive testimonials from people. Intelligen Ashlor is quite experienced in the field of Staffing Service. Intelligen Ashlor Staffing has an experience of over 7 years. It is a quite good suggestion for Staffing Services. There are various staffing services provided by Intelligen Ashlor Staffing.

Services provided by Intelligen Ashlor Staffing are listed down below :

  • Employee Services
  • Employment Services 
  • Staffing Services
  • Workers Compensation

8. Transnational Staffing

Transnational Staffing is one of the Staffing Agencies based in Southfield, Michigan. Transnational Staffing is a segment of the Employment Services Industry. Transnational Staffing ensures an individual’s temporary or direct staffing anywhere within the state of Michigan. Transnational Staffing has an experience of over 50 years in the staffing service field. Transnational Staffings’ top priority is to fulfil the specific needs of each client they serve. Staffs in Transnational Staffing are available 24/7 to assist with an individual’s staffing needs. Transnational Staffing is one of the most effective efficient staffing companies in the South-east area of Michigan. Transnational Staffing is not based on minimum or maximum quota on a staffing job personnel which makes it easier to connect people with their needs on any scale. Due to its experience in the staffing service field, Transnational Staffing is one of the best agencies in Michigan. Transnational Staffing is known for its professionalism. People conclude that Transnational Staffing is a great company along with great pay and great experience. Transnational Staffing is a premium quality staffing agency. Transnational Staffing also contributes to various staffing services for their customers. It is rated 4.5 stars on Google which makes it quite trustable and authentic. There are countless positive testimonials on behalf of people.

Services provided by Transnational Staffing for their clients are as follows :

  • Application Service
  • Assembler Jobs
  • Clerical Jobs
  • Customized Service
  • Data Entry
  • Direct-Hire Employees
  • Employment Apply
  • Employment Company
  • Employment Recruiting Agency
  • Facilities Management
  • General Labour 
  • Janitorial Service
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Long Term Employment
  • Long-Term Staffing
  • Reference Checks
  • Retail Services
  • Room Clean
  • Shipping/Recieving
  • Special Events Clean
  • Staffing Agency
  • Staffing Agents
  • Staffing Companies
  • Staffing Employment
  • Staffing Job
  • Temporary Staffing Solutions
  • Word Processing

9. Forge Industrial Staffing

Forge Industrial Staffing is a staffing agency based in Holland, Michigan. Forge Industrial Staffing is reputed to be the most responsive staffing supplier in the entire industry. Forge Industrial Staffing is very experienced in the field of Staffing Services. It has experience of over 25 years. Forge Industrial Staffing’s primary goal is to provide professional recruiting services to companies that cooperate with not only its own business values but the values of the candidates that it provides. As we know that companies seek fresh talent and people want job opportunities Forge Industrial Staffing works in collaboration with renowned employers to provide the opportunity to showcase the job seekers’ skills and help find them their next great career. Forge Industrial Staffing meets the need of every other job seeker. Forge Industrial Staffing has a very work-friendly environment. Forge Industrial Staffing is rated 4.5 stars on Google. People have written numerous positive testimonials for the staffing services provided by Forge Industrial Staffing. Forge Industrial Staffing is one of the most trusted and authentic Staffing Agencies out there in Holland Michigan. Forge Industrial Staffing provides countless staffing services to its customers.

Services provided by Forge Industrial Staffing to its clients are as follows :

  • Customized Staffing Solutions
  • Hiring In
  • Industrial Staffing
  • Job Placement Services
  • On-Demand Staffing 
  • Personnel Management
  • Recruiting and Selecting
  • Staffing Agency
  • Staffing Company
  • Staffing Support
  • Temporary Employees
  • Temporary Job
  • Temporary Staff
  • Workforce Management
  • Management Services
  • On-Demand Staffing
  • On-Site Staffing
  • Payroll Services
  • Permanent Staffing Solutions
  • Placement Services
  • Staffing Management
  • Staffing Service 
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Temporary Personnel
  • Temporary Staffing

10. Cornerstone Staffing Solutions

Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is a staffing agency based in Grand Blanc, MI. Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is quite experienced in the field of staffing services. Cornerstone has an experience of over 7 years of in this field. Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is well known for creating extraordinary experiences in accommodation to meet their customer and employment needs. It matches the employee and employer’s specific needs from a single candidate search to a complete onsite management solution. Cornerstone Staffing can connect each job seeker to the right job opportunity in fields like- administrative, industrial, technical or sales. Cornerstone is the perfect mediator where fresh talent and jobs meet. Cornerstone is reputed for the efforts it put into both its customers and employees. Cornerstone bends above and beyond for its people. Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is very professional in its work. Cornerstone Staffing Solutions is rated 4.3 stars on Google. Cornerstone is rewarded with numerous positive testimonials on behalf of people for their exceptional staffing services. Cornerstone provides various range of services to its clients.

Services provided by Cornerstone Staffing Solutions to its clients are listed down below :

  • Call Center Staffing
  • Clerical Staffing
  • Clerical Staffing Agencies
  • Customer Service Hiring
  • Engineering Recruitment
  • IT Staffing
  • Industrial Staffing
  • Light Industrial Staffing
  • Light Industrial Staffing Agencies
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Logistics Recruitment
  • Manufacturing Recruitment
  • Sales Recruitment
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Technical Recruitment


Staffing Services have been in business for years. Staffing Services are quite popular in the modern days too. There are countless job seekers out there in the world, these staffing agencies help these people in finding different types of jobs and also they hire these candidates in their own agency. Staffing Agencies are basically the mediator between job seekers and companies, employees and employers. Staffing Agencies also focus on meeting the specific needs of the candidates and matching them with an accurate job.  


 Are staffing Services still popular in the modern-day?

Ans. Yes, staffing services are quite popular in modern days too because there will always be job seekers out there. 

Do Staffing Agencies honestly help out job seekers?

Ans. Yes, Staffing Agencies do help out job seekers because it’s their job and responsibility.

Do Staffing Agencies pay worker’s compensation?

ns. Not all Staffing Agencies pay workers’ compensation few of them do pay that should be checked while going into that staffing agency. 


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