Top 10 Technical Writing Courses Online in 2023 (Don’t Ignore)


Technical writing courses help you to comprehend technical documentation. Moreover, you can expedite your prowess in writing technical documents like laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, and consulting reports. Technical writing online courses can teach you different forms of writing. Technical writing online course is the perfect course for the candidates who want to learn from home during this pandemic. Moreover, you get exposure to technical writing online courses from any part of the world.

Technical writing online courses can allure learners to learn technical writing. Technical writing online course will help you to enhance your knowledge in practical segments. There can be many examples of technical writing courses, for instance, user manuals, software installation guides, standard operating procedures, Service level agreements, Requests for proposals, company reports, etc. Technical writing online courses can help you to move forward in your career. Technical writing online courses can inculcate different ways of writing.

Aspiring learners can hone their skills after reading this blog. You can get explicit information about technical writing courses from this write-up. Technical writing online courses foster the seed of technical writing in your mind as you can learn according to your convenience.

1. Henry Harvin Writitng Academy

Henry Harvin provides you with the number one technical writing course that propels you to become a successful technical writer. It teaches you the art of transforming technical data accumulated through a process or experiment into technical documentation and guides. Henry Harvin is stringent while selecting the technical trainers. They select veterans for the learners. It also ensures a hundred per cent success in achieving goals for technical writing. Technical writing online course is the best option to fulfil your dreams in technical writing.

Henry Harvin endeavours to augment learners’ performance. It helps you to cultivate the potential to understand the core concepts of technical writing. 

  • Henry Harvin provides 24 hours of online interactive sessions, where you can interact with the instructors and erudite yourself.
  • It helps you to comprehend technical documentation and become proficient in technical writing.
  • You can be able to indite comprehensive research papers. You can streamline your writing process and imbibe qualities of writing with specialized subject matter experts.
  • You can use free citations in seconds with Henry Harvin. It covers technical writing courses in ten modules and gives you exposure to tools.
  • Ten Modules of technical writing are as follows that provides you full-fledged knowledge of this course.
  • Introduction to Technical writing- This module is the pioneer that teaches you the fundamentals of technical writing. You can be aware of the goal of technical writing.
  • Documentation process- This module will cover comprehending the needs of the audience/ readers. Moreover, it alludes to the gathering, organizing, and drafting of information. Eventually producing information.
  • The technical writing process- In this module, you can get a full-fledged understanding of the technical writing process. You can understand the development document process, estimation of technical documentation, documentation planning, selection of tools, templates and page design, audience profiling, task analysis, etc.
  • Grammar and Editing- You can understand the grammar and punctuation segment.
  • Technical Writing software tools- You can use different segments of software like Ms. Word, Ms. PowerPoint, Adobe Framemaker, etc.
  • Components of technical documents- You can learn to create a TOC, a LOF, a documentation plan, etc.
  • Technical writing techniques- They can learn to reduce variance. Moreover, they will understand active voice and passive voice.
  • How to create technical documents- You can learn how to create a Ms word template, paragraph style template, etc.
  • Overview of technical documents formats- You can evolve novel ideas about the format of technical documents.
  • Advanced writing tools- you can learn advanced writing tools from experts of Henry Harvin.

Technical writing online courses can give you the way to learn at your own will.

2. Udemy

Udemy helps learners write structured data. Udemy gives you the radical approach to exploring more in technical writing courses. Technical writing online courses can give you a chance to learn at your own pace. Trained instructors can expedite skills development in technical writing. It gives you the perfect chance to hone your writing and move ahead in your career. 

You can contemplate different benefits provided by Udemy.

  • Udemy helps you to comprehend novel ideas of using technology.
  • It helps you to do accurate documentation and inculcate different facts of technical writing.
  • You can learn at your own pace. It gives you an incredible opportunity to understand the core concepts of technical writing. This is the platform from which you can comprehend different types of writing formats.
  • Udemy courses will help you to get success. In addition, you can create meaningful documentation. You can write technical documentation by applying the principles of technical writing.
  • You can strengthen your skills in writing software documentation. Learners can also understand how to write using DITA XML. Technical writers transform complex technical documents into simple ones for the target audience.
  • They guide new users through the process of using the software to accomplish their tasks. They also teach learners how to document medical procedures in educational documents, articles, and marketing copy. You can explore the demand for technical writing across several industries like the aerospace industry, biotechnology, engineering, energy, and many more.
  • You can also learn the vital segments of technical writing. Technical writing online courses can be accessible for learners.

3. Tech-writer Certification

Tech-writer increases your understanding of technical communication and helps you to prepare successfully for project management assignments. It helps you to understand novel technical communication. Technical writing online courses are a perfect way nowadays to learn effectively.

You can take advantage of many benefits in technical writing courses from the Tech-writer certification institute.

  • You can earn an accredited certification that has value in the market. The objective of this institute is to expand the program of technical writing courses and enhance your knowledge.
  • You can upgrade your technical skills with well-qualified trainers. You can intend to advance your prowess in technical documentation and other technical positions.
  • The course is designed in such a way that naive technical writers can also understand the concepts of technical writing. You can learn many technical concepts from industry experts and take good initiative for your career.
  • They provide online technical writing courses for aspiring learners, corporate employees, technical writers, and consultants.
  • Certification programs from tech-writers can propel your career in the right direction. Furthermore, you can cultivate technical writing with the help of veterans. You will be able to import projects from other sources CHM, Framemaker, word, and DITA. The objective of this course is to evolve continuously and meet market demands.
  • You can learn technical drafting easily with the subject matter experts. Technical writing online courses can propel candidates to become optimistic in their careers. You can embark on your career with technical writing courses.

4. Coursera

It helps you to determine the technicality of technical writing courses. You can learn the way of writing technical reports, laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, consulting reports, etc. They offer many facilities for the learners. They select perfect instructors to infuse propensity towards learning in your mind. Instructors deliver lucid presentations to the students for their better understanding.

Coursera endeavours to motivate candidates and give them full-fledged knowledge of technical writing.  Technical writing online courses can help you to reach the epitome of the course. 

Coursera gives you a plethora of benefits to move forward in your career.

  • It provides four modules to cover the entire syllabus of technical writing.
  • The Introduction module entails an introduction to the technical writing process. In the introduction session, they give one video and 6 reading materials to explore.
  • The first module introduces technical writing precisely. Moreover, it alludes to the issues related to workplace research that you have to apply as a technical writer. This model highlights the audience, purpose, and measure of excellence in technical documents.
  • The second module teaches you general guidelines for using graphical tools. Moreover, you can use it to design visuals with the output process in mind.
  • Module Third teaches you to investigate and gather information on your subject. This module focuses on gathering accurate information about technical documentation. Technical writing online courses can be easily available for the candidates.
  • Technical writing courses can foster the development of technical writing.

5. Society for Technical communication.

Society for technical communication is widely recognized across the world. It is one of the topmost associations for technical writers, editors, engineers, and managers that prop up technical communication. STC does it by organizing several events like educational events, network opportunities. Furthermore, it also provides online technical writing courses. It offers many benefits for technical writing courses.

  • Every year it comes up with novel ideas in technical writing. It helps to comprehend the core skill set of technical writing.
  • You can learn the basics of technical writing. Moreover, you can understand how to conduct technical editing.
  • You can expedite your skills in technical writing. Technical writing comprises the largest segment of technical communication. Technical writers work together with editors, graphic designers, and illustrators.
  • They provide workshops on software and technical writing. Furthermore, career-enriching seminars can accelerate your knowledge. You can acquire more information about technical writing courses on the website.
  • It provides upgraded study materials. It motivates students to gain an in-depth knowledge of technical writing. Technical writing online courses can be the best mode of learning. So, you can opt for technical writing online courses to improve your professional life.

6. Oregon state university

Technical writing is in demand nowadays. That’s why it became one of the popular courses for Oregon State University. It helps you to prepare instructional, informational, persuasive documents which are based on achievable outcomes. 

This course inculcates your processes for analyzing writing contexts. You can understand how to write a coherent task. Technical writing online courses are an easily available mode of learning.

You can get an exotic journey of technical writing from Oregon State University.

  • They provide online training for technical writing courses to build targeted skills. Moreover, it also helps you to comprehend the key skills of technical writing.
  • They can learn at your pace. Furthermore, you can create a document layout. You will learn to craft a document that resonates with your audience.
  • You can learn novel techniques of technical writing that will propel you to get in-depth exposure to this course. Weekly assignments can reinforce your talent.
  • You can learn technical writing as a distinct practice from different styles of writing. You can comprehend UX design and its importance for technical writing documents. In addition, you can know about your target audience. It covers many topics of technical writing.
  • Introduction to technical writing (Self Paced-program)
  • Manuals allude to instructions and overviews.
  • You can learn technical editing.
  • You can understand the concepts of single-sourcing and methodology.
  • It will be easy for the learners to comprehend usability and user-centred design.
  • Portfolio creation can boost up your confidence. Technical writing online courses can give you holistic development.

7. Communicaid

Communicaid teaches you the secrets of technical writing. Moreover, learners will be able to elucidate complex technical concepts and ideas apparently and effectively so that naive audiences and veterans both can understand. It will provide candidates with the practical framework and prowess essential to transforming complex write-up into reader-friendly.

 It offers a plethora of benefits for your better future.

  • Attending the courses of technical writing can give an in-depth understanding of writing technical documents.
  • You can learn to comprehend audience needs.
  • Awareness of principles of the English language will help you to plump for this course.
  • Learners can learn to ascertain identifying and proofreading techniques.
  • You will get a good understanding of how to use visuals. Online technical writing courses help you to learn as at your convenience.
  •  A technical writing course entails a detailed curriculum to ramp up the skills of candidates.
  • Understanding the needs of the audience.
  • Comprehend planning techniques.
  • Structure and layout of technical documents
  • Appropriate use of jargon, and many more benefits.

8. IIM Skills

IIM skills are  one of the most renowned institutes in technical education. It conducts an excellent mode of technical writing courses to build up analytical and creative skills. It helps you to become a successful technical writer. The prerequisites for this course are comprehensive knowledge of the English language, good internet skills, and effective communication skills. Technical writing online course will boost up your confidence.

IIM skills provide the course that comprises several benefits.

Technical writing courses from IIM Skills include the following curriculum.

  • Necessary skills for technical writing
  • An important role of a technical writer
  • Understanding the process of writing
  • You can learn to create the content with flowcharts, mind maps, and infographics
  • Technical writing reports
  • Different types of writing format
  • White papers, journals
  • Scientific writing
  • It provides a month of live interactive sessions with 20+ hours of lectures.
  • Versioning of documents
  • Case studies and assignments can help you to enhance your knowledge in technical writing.

IIM Skills give you comprehensive knowledge of technical writing. Mentors can help you to simplify jargon into user-friendly language. Moreover, they will help you to become prolific technical writers. It gives you internship opportunities. Technical writing online courses make you proficient in technical writing. Technical writing courses help you to flourish in the technical field.

9. Nanoscience and Technology Consortium

NSTC offers one of the elite courses in technical writing. It alludes to all the fundamentals of technical writing along with tools, software, and applications that are helpful to ease your work. The course of this institute offers six modules.

  • The first module is designed to deliver an overview and introduction to technical writing. You will learn about primary and secondary documents, analyze tasks, and understand the needs of the audience. Moreover, it will also help you to make the strategies for technical writing.
  • The second module can help you to comprehend the usage of the English language in the technical writing domain.
  • The third module of this course elucidates the components of layout structure and indispensable tools for technical writing.
  • The fourth module describes design aspects.
  • Module five can inculcate ethics in technical writing documents like user manuals, electronic mails, software requirements, and specifications.
  • Module six deals with the introduction of Darwin Information Type Architecture.

10. Tech Total

Tech total offers the best technical writing courses. They are top-notch service providers and it also equips you with the precise knowledge of technical education. They offer technical comprehensive documentation training to make you proficient in technical writing.

The courses offered by Tech Total comprises practical projects for different projects like web programming, accounting, software and hardware, biometric technology, internet skills, etc. You can acquire detailed knowledge of technical skills.

  • This course will give you an overall understanding of technical writing.
  • The course is helpful for the beginners as the tutors’ advent from the basics
  • They tell you myriad case studies, so that you become inspired and become a capable technical writer.
  • They make you well-trained professionals in technical writing. Moreover, you can cultivate skills in technical writing.
  • Tech total aims to adopt the best technical writing practices. It is cost-effective and provides premium technical writing. Instructors are well-qualified to enhance your knowledge. Technical writing online course is an easy way to grab incredible opportunities in the technical writing segment.


Technical writing is flourishing in the present scenario. Everybody is alluring to opt for technical writing. It helps you to enhance your dexterity. Technical writing courses can increase your cognitive skills. Moreover, an online technical writing course aims to learn the majestic side of technical writing at your own pace.

Technical writing courses help you to understand the practical aspects in detail. Technical writing courses help you to draft technical documents. Technical writing online courses can give the opportunity to explore more in content writing. Technical writing courses can hone your skills in technical writing. Technical writing online course is the best method of learning as you can learn according to your convenience. Technical writing online courses can help you reach the pinnacle of your career.


Q1. What is Technical Writing?

Ans. Technical writing is a process where you document all the complex technical processes. These include reports, summary statements, and briefs. Any type of technical information given or explained in writing is called technical writing. Technical writing includes high-tech manufacturing, biotech, energy, aerospace, finance, IT, engineering, and supply chain. Technical writing is now a full-time job for many. We also need to know that technical writing is not business writing as there is a difference between the two.

Q2. How do I get the best Technical Writing course online?

Ans. Henry Harvin writing academy provides an excellent Technical writing course. It ranks number one as per the Tribune. It is a 9 in 1 course that provides training, projects, Internship, and placement support. It provides certification that can help you enhance your job profile. If you already are a content writer, a technical writing course online with Henry Harvin can help you broaden your writing.

Q3. What are the benefits of learning Technical Writing?

Ans. A Technical writing course provides many benefits. You know about the ethics in communication. You increase your ability to prepare comprehensive research. You get to explore and identify different types of literature reviews. The best thing is, you can communicate the technical details to a non-technical audience. You can learn to write a thesis and research. The course can help you to master English expressions that professional writers use.

Q4. How can I learn Technical Writing if I do not have any technical knowledge?

Ans. You can learn Technical Writing even if you do not have any technical knowledge. You need to be a writer and interested in writing. You will be taught in the Technical Writing courses online about all the knowledge required. So you need not worry about any technical difficulties. Your writing abilities, terminology and understanding helps you in Technical Writing.

Q5. Can I take the Technical Writing Courses online?

Ans. Yes, You can take the Technical Writing Courses online by Henry Harvin writing academy. The course is considered the best. It is an online course that gives you access to a lot of learning. You get access to LMS that provides videos and class recordings. You can submit your assessments and get feedback online from your trainer. Online is the best option to take the course as you can take it in the comfort of your home.


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