Top 12 Korean Language courses in Gurgaon


    Korean is currently one of the 20 most spoken languages in the world. Read on to know the top 12 Korean language courses in Gurgaon on offer.


    Learning foreign languages is becoming more critical as the world becomes a global village. Ten years ago, when students thought about a course to learn a foreign language, it was a course in French, Spanish or German. 

    Whether it’s the influence of K-dramas and K-pop songs, or the desire to elevate your career to the global stage, the demand for learning Korean is outstripping all other languages ​​today. The need for Korean language courses has increased tenfold.

    In this blog, I will not only cover the top 12 Korean language courses in Gurgaon but also give you multiple reasons why you should check out a Korean language course.

    Top 12 Korean Language courses in Gurgaon

    Gurgaon or officially called Gurugram. It is the second-largest information technology and third-largest banking and financial center in India. With many large multinational companies based in the city, learning a foreign language is essential and takes your career opportunities to another level.

    As a result, many educational institutions now offer Korean language courses in Gurgaon. Read below to discover the top 12 Korean language classes in Gurgaon.

    1. Henry Harvin : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Let’s start our list today with the best enterprise training platform ever. Henry Harvin not only offers online Korean language courses but also runs a full-fledged academy that teaches the in-demand foreign languages.

    That’s why Henry Harvin’s Korean language course in Gurgaon offers three levels (based on the Test of Proficiency in Korean {TOPIK}) to help you become proficient in speaking, reading, and writing.

    Beginner Level –  Read and listen to basic Korean grammar and Korean vocabulary.

    Intermediate Level – has three sections that include listening, reading, and writing the Korean language.

    Advanced level – covers reading, writing, and listening abilities to structure and form sentences as well as a wider vocabulary of the Korean language.

    Major Highlights

    So, what does Henry Harvin offer to sign up for the course?  Let’s take a look at the Henry Harvin Korean language course highlights.:

    • Mainly, it has six levels, each with different duration for immersive learning.
    • Second, online access to the necessary tools, video content, and evaluations as well as projects in the Korean language.
    • Third, monthly boot camp sessions for the next 12 months.
    • Finally, upon completion of the course, you will receive certification and placement support for the following year.


    • First, experience a new language and culture and learn while having fun.
    • Second, express yourself confidently in the Korean crowd.
    • Third, improve your career prospects by applying for jobs as a translator or language teacher.

    Fee and Duration

    The most important aspect of any training program is its fee. With six levels of course content, each level has a different duration and cost. So, depending on the level and duration, the cost will range from INR 15,500 to INR 19,500. Visit the website for a detailed breakdown of tiers and pricing.

    Other courses

    As mentioned above, Henry Harvin also offers courses in other languages ​​and has a dedicated academy to teach popular foreign languages. Find out more about Henry Harvin’s language courses such as:

    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
    • Korean
    • Japan
    • English

    In addition to accredited courses in these languages, Henry Harvin also offers graduate programs in French, Spanish, and German.  See the website for more information on these courses.

    2. Croma Campus : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Then, a little further east towards Gurgaon, there is another institution that offers accredited training in Korean language classes. Like Henry Harvin, Croma Campus too offers training and certification courses for individuals and/or professionals.

    The institute supports virtual instructor-led, self-paced as well as classroom training. So, I might as well classify it as one of the Korean language courses in Gurgaon.

    Key Highlights

    • Get expertise in speaking the Korean Language
    • Understand the fundamentals of the Korean language
    • Mater both, reading as well as writing the language
    • Grammar rules, phrases, and vocabulary; master all the nuances of the Korean language.
    • Lastly, prepare yourself for the role of a Korean translator or a trainer.

    Why choose Croma Campus?

    • Industry-based projects with real-time cases to validate your skills and knowledge
    • Plus, participate in mock interviews to familiarize yourself with the interview environment
    • 100% placement assistance.
    • Equally important is to expand your career horizons and opportunities.

    Fee and Duration

    Croma campus offers the 32-hour Korean language classes either on the weekdays or on weekends depending upon your convenience. The course fee is INR 33,000/-.

    Other Korean Language Classes

    Croma Campus offers accredited courses in a variety of languages ​​including French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and Indonesian. For more information, visit their website and check out their programs in foreign languages.

    3. Talk to me in Korean : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Another online website that offers Korean language courses is Talk to me in Korean. This website offers easy, comprehensible courses that anyone can understand, from beginners to advanced Korean speakers.

    Interestingly, the curriculum is designed to accommodate learners of varying levels.

    Why Talk to me in Korean?

    • This site offers a mix of engaging digital resources and physical study books.
    • Moreover, it has an elaborated curriculum that supports long-term learners
    • Additionally, it includes social media in the curriculum that introduces the learners to informal idioms/phrases and famous K-dramas.
    • Lastly, there is no dearth of reading materials and new courses to master the Korean language. 


    Talk to me in Korean offers a tutorial subscription for $12.99/month, and $93/year.

    4. Langma School of Languages :Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    The next institute on our list of Korean language classes in Gurgaon is the Langma School of Languages. This institution is located in Delhi but offers Korean language courses through a virtual medium.

    In particular, the Langma School of Languages ​​cooperates with several national ministries of education and culture. From children to professionals, from doctors to lay people, anyone can take a Korean language course.

    Key Highlights

    • This institute believes in being the ‘facilitator’ of knowledge rather than a ‘transmitter’. 
    • In addition, international standards regulate the teaching methods of the institute.
    • Furthermore, faculty members are individuals with extensive experience in teaching and interpersonal development.
    • Lastly, you can not only learn the language, but also the culture and traditions that make up the Korean language.


    • Not only will you develop excellent Korean language skills, but you will develop your overall personality.
    • At Langma School of Languages, they teach you how to manage your time and learn.
    • You will also improve your decision-making skills by learning to overcome language barriers in any situation.
    • In addition, students will gain a deep understanding of Korean-specific expressions, behaviors, and intonations, and develop a correct attitude toward learning.

    Fee and Duration

    The general Korean language course offered is divided into levels, each of varied duration. See the website for details of course fees and duration.

    Other courses

    As an institution specializing in language teaching, Langma School of Languages ​​offers many courses in other languages ​​such as:

    • Sanskrit
    • Sinhala
    • Spanish
    • Swahili
    • French
    • German
    • Russian etc.

    5. The Language Network : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Let’s move on to the next Korean language course in Gurgaon from The Language Network.

    This is an EdTech platform that offers live online 1:1 and group classes for the Korean language course. From beginner level to advanced, they offer courses in adherence to all the CEFR levels.

    Key Highlights and Benefits

    • Advance your proficiency with a bespoke study plan prepared by all international exams and government bodies.
    • In addition to the above, learn in small groups and enjoy maximum benefits.
    • Also, learn while having fun. Fun learning that incorporates the concepts learned.
    • Also, familiarize yourself with the culture and social behaviors to better understand the Korean language.
    • Finally, not only learn the language but also get assistance to prepare for job interviews after the course.

    Fee and Duration

    This virtual Korean course in Gurgaon from The Language Network Institute has different levels. Duration, syllabus, and fee structure vary depending on the level chosen. More information on the above aspects can be found on their website.

    Other courses

    In addition to Korean language courses, The Language Network also offers courses in other languages ​​such as:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Mandarin
    • Japanese etc.

    6. Future Learn : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Future Learn is a massive open online course platform that offers certification courses and other leading degrees through a virtual medium.

    Speaking of its Korean language course, Future Learn offers 6 courses related to the Korean language, culture, Hangul script, tourist language, and Korean philosophy.

    Why choose Future Learn?

    • From beginner to expert, Future Learn offers courses for all learning levels.
    • Plus, a global platform that enables collaborative learning with learners around the world.
    • Moreover, learn when and where it’s right for you.
    • Furthermore, international teaching experts set the quality of education quite apart from others.
    • Courses are by 260+ universities around the world.

    Fee and Duration

    The six courses offered to vary in terms of duration and fees. You can choose the course that best suits your needs. For more information about Korean courses offered by Future Learn, please visit their website.

    Other courses

    What makes Future Learn to stand out is that in addition to Korean courses, they also offer courses in other lesser-known languages ​​such as Dutch, Irish, Malay, Frisian, etc.

    It is also important to note that Future Learn courses are divided into four distinct segments: Short courses, expert courses, micro-credentials, and online degrees. Depending on the nature of your requirements, you can choose the most suitable one.

    7. Jawaharlal Nehru University –Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) deserves a special mention in this list of the top 12  Korean language classes in Gurgaon. Interestingly, JNU has a completely different center devoted to Korean language studies.

    Besides being a separate institution, the institute also administers a degree program that offers a complete education in the Korean language.

    Why JNU Korean language courses?

    • 3 years of intensive training through the B.A. degree program equips students not only with language skills but also with Korean culture, customs, and traditions. A program to hone the Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW) skills of the applicant.
    • In addition, the Master’s program provides advanced linguistic competence through intensive coaching and specialized training in literature, culture, society, history, linguistics, translation, and interpreting.
    • Additionally, you can get an M.Phil or Ph.D. if you are interested in furthering your Korean language.

    For more information on tuition fees and the duration of awarded degrees, please visit their website.

    8. Prizma Academy : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    The next among the Korean Language Courses in Gurgaon is  Prizma Academy’s Online Korean Language Course.

    With online courses, training crosses the boundaries of Bangalore city. Korean language courses at Prisma Academy are just one click away from anywhere in the world.

    Main highlights of the course

    Now, let’s look at the main highlights of the Prisma Academy Korean language course.

    • Get an experienced and qualified trainer. In addition to their basic qualifications, they have a master’s degree and a Korean language teaching qualification.
    • Trainers not only create teaching materials but also are constantly researching and developing textbooks and teaching materials for optimal training.
    • Prizma Academy offers multiple levels for complete language mastery.
    • Student-centered interactive communication sessions support learning.

    Benefits of learning from Prizma Academy

    OK, now you know the highlights of the course. But what do you get after signing up for a Prisma Academy course? Read on:

    • Get a fun, motivating, and effective way to learn.
    • Plus, online scheduled courses let you learn conveniently at your own pace. No need for class-life balance issues.
    • In addition to teaching the language, it also teaches the proper polite way to start and end a conversation.
    • You will also receive the exact support you need during your training to achieve good results on your language tests.

    Other language courses

    Korean is one of many other language courses offered by Prisma Academy. In addition to Korean language courses, Prisma Academy offers courses in the following languages:

    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Japanese language courses. 

    Prizma Academy offers courses in Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic in addition to these languages.

    9. Udemy : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    So it’s no surprise that Udemy offers nearly 7000 courses related to the Korean language. From basic to advanced, from pronunciation to intonation, from history to culture, there are Korean language classes for every aspect of the Korean language. Additionally, since all courses on Udemy are virtual, they can also be classified as Korean courses in Gurgaon.

    Key highlights of the course

    With so many courses on offer, let us know the key highlights of the course. 

    • This course will teach you not only the spoken language but also the written and reading aspects of the language.
    • Also, familiarize yourself with the building blocks of Korean grammar.
    • Plus, the emphasis is on learning to pronounce words rather than listening to them and memorizing them.
    • Finally, learn a course that is one of the highest-rated courses trusted by big companies.

    Advantages of Udemy’s Korean Language course

    • Learn 600+ useful words.
    • Plus, learn at your leisure with 41.5 hours of on-demand video access.
    • In addition, you get lifelong access to learning materials.
    • Access and learn from your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere, not just on your laptop.

    Other courses

    As mentioned above, Udemy offers about 7000 Korean courses. Visit their website and check out courses that fit your needs.

    10. Coursera : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    I’ve mentioned Udemy, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Coursera, another online learning portal. However, Coursera offers a limited number of Korean language courses. Nevertheless, the ones on offer are in great demand.

    Speaking of this Beginner Korean language course in Gurgaon is an entry-level course specifically aimed at developing the applicant’s Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing (LSRW) skills.

    So, what will you learn in this course?

    • Understand simple everyday conversations.
    • Gain knowledge of Korean language culture and deepen your understanding of Korean language structure.

    Advantages of the course

    • Its virtual training method gives you some flexibility in your study plans.
    • Plus, you don’t have to juggle work and classes.
    • Also, a shareable certificate that you can proudly display on social media.

    Other Courses

    While not as many as Udemy, Coursera does offer beginner to advanced-level Korean language courses. For more information on the types of courses offered, please visit the Coursera website.

    11. Multibhashi : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    The name alone suggests that this is a learning platform that offers training in several foreign languages. The institute has a physical presence in Bangalore, but the learning method is online. It, therefore, falls under the scope of Korean language courses in Gurgaon.

    Multibhashi offers audio-video learning and app-based learning as well as customized services.

    Key Highlights and Benefits

    • A knowledgeable and helpful personal tutor will walk you through each step.  
    • Additionally, you can test the ease of learning by choosing a free demo.
    • Also,  a well-defined course structure accelerates your learning speed.
    • Moreover, you can study freely with a flexible schedule.

    Other Courses

    In addition to Korean language courses, Multibhashi also offers courses in other languages ​​such as French, Russian, Chinese, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Persian, Tibetan, Italian, and Spanish.

    12. 90-Day Korean : Korean Language course in Gurgaon

    Next, we come to a website that is solely dedicated to the Korean Language. As it is with most of our Korean Language courses in Gurgaon, this too offers the course through the virtual medium.

    As the name suggests, the focal point of this website/app is to make you proficient in the Korean language in 90 days. With this in mind, they have curated courses to deal with various elements of the Korean language such as Hangul-The Korean Alphabet, Korean Phrases, Korean Numbers, Korean Culture, etc.

    Key highlights and benefits of 90-day Korean

    • Because the Korean Language course material is sent to your mailbox, you are free to go through them at your own scheduled time. Set your schedule. No bondage!
    • Your learning coach regularly checks on your learning. You stay focused and on track. 
    • Subsequently, that means personal one-on-one attention. Learning is easy and hassle-free. 
    • Plus with the 80/20 learning methodology, retain information that is required while discarding unwanted chapters. Save time and energy!

    Other courses

    Since it is a website that is completely dedicated to the Korean language, it does not offer courses in any other foreign language. 

    However, I have to point out its Online Web Program. Once you are an inner circle member, you are eligible to get weekly lessons and unlimited email support. Moreover, your work is proofread by native Korean speakers. You may visit the website for more detailed information on this.

    Significance/ Benefits of Korean language courses

    Having seen the Korean language courses in Gurgaon, I would like to briefly explain why learning Korean is becoming more and more popular in India today.

    South Korea in particular is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. In terms of exports, South Korea is the 7th largest economy. Trade ties between India and South Korea have strengthened in recent years.

    South Korea is not only economically prosperous, but Korean companies such as LG, Samsung, Hyundai, and Kia have also started investing in India. These companies will prefer candidates who speak Korean over others. With that in mind, it makes sense to invest in learning Korean.


    In conclusion, sign-up! Even if you don’t learn the Korean language professionally, there are many other benefits. Being bilingual promotes intellectual growth and promotes mental development.

    As it anonymously quoted, ‘Time spent learning is never a waste.` Likewise, learning Korean will prove beneficial at some point in your life. If nothing else, it shall help you enjoy the famous K-dramas and K-pop songs in their real essence without subtitles! So, gear up and keep learning.

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    Q.1. Do I need to know Korean to study in Korea?

    Ans.Knowledge of Korean is not required, but it is an advantage if you plan to study in South Korea. If you master the Korean language, it will be easy for you to enter Korean universities and interact with local people. Exploring a new city is easy if you know how to converse in the native language!

    Q.2. Will signing up for a Korean course help me professionally?

    Ans.Certainly. Translators, trainers, and interpreters are some of the most attractive and highly-paid jobs you can apply for after completing a Korean language course.

    Q.3. Is Hangul easy to learn?

    Ans.The Korean Alphabet System Hangul is easy to learn, but of course, with a little practice.

    Q.4. Tell me about TOPIK.

    Ans.Test Proficiency in Korean is a Korean government test for non-Korean speakers. It measures the ability of non-Korean speakers to express and understand Korean. It will come in handy when applying to universities or looking for career opportunities in Korea.

    Q.5.  Are there any scholarships for the Korean language course?

    Ans. If you are applying for your degree through a university, you may have this opportunity. It depends on the institution. Many institutions that offer Korean language courses offer financial support to cover course costs. To do this, you will need to visit their website or speak directly to them.


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